html about ukrepeaters web site - info, privacy policy & confidentiality
pdf Guide to Repeater and Internet Gateway Licensing [latest version]
pdf Packet Radio Frequencies png
pdf Linking a Voice Repeater to the Internet png
html Accessing Repeaters and CTCSS
pdf Voice Announcements on Repeaters [draft]
html Repeater Controller Systems
html ITU Emission Codes [external site]
pdf Coverage Modelling on
html IARU Locator Calculator
html Historic news item archive

html ETCC Privacy Policy Document - Updated May 2018
html Getting your Ofcom Licence - Slides showing how to go about this.
pdf "Getting started" RadCom article, Jan.2013
html Repeater Operating Procedure - How to use Voice Repeaters
html ETCC Committee Minutes
pdf D-STAR System Introduction
pdf D-STAR Powerpoint™ Presentation (2MB)
Video YouTube Video on UK Repeater growth
         by Lewis, M3HHY (remember to give him a "like"!)
Video North-West FUSION Group YouTube Channel

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