Channel Occupancy Listing for RV58

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GB3AGRV58 A 145.7250 145.1250IO86ON  FORFAR 94.8Hz webMM0XET OPERATIONAL
GB3BIRV58 A 145.7250 145.1250IO77RM  MUIR OF ORD 67.0Hz MM0GKB OPERATIONAL
GB3CGRV58 A 145.7250 145.1250IO81VU  GLOUCESTER 118.8Hz webG3LVP OPERATIONAL
GB3DARV58 AF 145.7250 145.1250JO01GR  DANBURY 110.9Hz webG6JYB OPERATIONAL
GB3LMRV58 AF 145.7250 145.1250IO93RF  LINCOLN 71.9Hz M0TEF OPERATIONAL
GB3NCRV58 AF 145.7250 145.1250IO70OJ  ROCHE 77.0Hz webG4WVD OPERATIONAL
GB3NIRV58 A 145.7250 145.1250IO74CO  BELFAST N.I. 110.9Hz MI1VOX OPERATIONAL
GB3SNRV58 A 145.7250 145.1250IO91LC  ALTON HANTS 71.9Hz webG4EPX OPERATIONAL
GB3TPRV58 A 145.7250 145.1250IO93CT  SHIPLEY 82.5Hz webG8ZMG OPERATIONAL
GB3TWRV58 AF 145.7250 145.1250IO94EW  GATESHEAD 118.8Hz webG7UUR OPERATIONAL
GB3VTRV58 D 145.7250 145.1250IO83  STOKE ON TRENT 103.5Hz webG8NSS OPERATIONAL

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