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GB3CDRV55 FUSION 145.6875 145.0875IO94DR  CROOK NZ165378 118.8Hz ROBERT JOHN DINGLE, G0OCB 54.7352,-1.7452  OPERATIONAL
GB3DCRV55 AV 145.6875 145.0875IO92GW  DERBY SK380377 71.9Hz webDOMINIC CAULTON, G7NPW 52.9354,-1.4361  OPERATIONAL
GB3EARV55 AV 145.6875 145.0875JO02GE  WICKHAMBROOK TL742577 110.9Hz webJAKE BEVAN, G1YFF 52.1907,0.5472  OPERATIONAL
GB3KERV55 FUSION 145.6875 145.0875IO75UV  GLASGOW NS558715 103.5Hz DOUGLAS HUTCHISON, GM7SVK 55.9153,-4.3077  OPERATIONAL
GB3SJRV55 AV 145.6875 145.0875IO83RF  NORTHWICH SJ656696 103.5Hz webSTUART JACKSON, M0WTX 53.223,-2.5164  OPERATIONAL
GB3WERV55 DM/DMR 145.6875 145.0875IO81MH  WESTON-SUPER-MARE ST338580 94.8Hz webANDREW COOMBS, G4SZM 51.3173,-2.9506  OPERATIONAL
GB3XPRV55 FUSION 145.6875 145.0875IO91VJ  MORDEN TQ265661 82.5Hz webMARTIN ROTHWELL, M0SGL 51.3801,-0.1832  OPERATIONAL
GB7DKRV55 FUSION 145.6875 145.0875IO74LV  STRANRAER NX046605 103.5Hz ANDREW ELLIS GASTON, GM0HPK 54.9008,-5.049  OPERATIONAL
GB7GDRV55 D-STAR 145.6875 145.0875IO87VE  ABERDEEN NJ888111   webGARY GRANT, MM0CUG 57.1912,-2.1857  OPERATIONAL
GB7WARV55 D-STAR 145.6875 145.0875IO93WM  GRIMSBY TA263044 Hz CARL FLYNN, G7EOG 53.5212,-0.0953  OPERATIONAL

10 records found


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