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GB3ACRU78 AV 430.975 438.575IO81SR  LYDNEY GLOS SO6702 94.8Hz webDR TONY HAWKER, G4CJZ 51.72,-2.47  OPERATIONAL
GB3DQRU78 AV 430.975 438.575IO70RI  POLPERRO SX213517 77.0Hz JOHN P CARPENTER, G1YDQ 50.3388,-4.5118  OPERATIONAL
GB3EZRU78 AV 430.975 438.575JO02GE  WICKHAMBROOK TL742577 110.9Hz webJAKE BEVAN, G1YFF 52.1907,0.5472  OPERATIONAL
GB3KKRU78 AV 430.975 438.575IO65VE  BALLYCASTLE ID119395 110.9Hz KEVIN MCAULEY, MI0CRQ 55.19,-6.2418  LICENSED
GB3KVRU78 AV 430.975 438.575IO75XX  KILSYTH NS731802 103.5Hz webSIMPSON WEIR, GM3SAN 55.9975,-4.0381  OPERATIONAL
GB3WORU78 AV 430.975 438.575IO90UT  LANCING TQ181040 88.5Hz webANDREW CHEESEMAN, G1VUP 50.8239,-0.3236  OPERATIONAL
GB3ZIRU78 FUSION 430.975 438.575IO82WT  STAFFORD SJ945240 103.5Hz webMR ERNEST GEORGE REYNOLDS, G4YFF 52.8131,-2.0836  OPERATIONAL
GB7FFRU78 FUSION 430.975 438.575IO83LT  BLACKPOOL SD319350 82.5Hz webALAN WALKER, G0WDA 53.807,-3.0345  LICENSED
GB7KERU78 DUAL 430.975 438.575IO92PJ  KETTERING SP853776   ROBERT SWANNELL, G3XFA 52.3906,-0.7468  OPERATIONAL

9 records found


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