This web site is produced and maintained by Colin Dalziel, GM8LBC who is the Proposals Manager of the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC)
The web site is produced in English and is regularly maintained.
Whilst this web site is the recognised presence on the internet of the RSGB's Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee it is nevertheless produced as a volunteer effort at no cost to RSGB members.
Repeater mapping material is provided courtesy GM8LBC and can only be reproduced with permission.
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why dot net?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
An amateur radio net is an "on-the-air" gathering of amateur radio operators.
Using the accepted definition of a radio amateur "net" the web domain .net was used though the normal definition of .net is for networks; usually reserved for organizations such as Internet service providers.

linking to this site

You may LINK to material on this web site but note that it is not acceptable to lift information and re-publish it on other web sites as this has over the years resulted in out-of-date and therefore incorrect data to be commonly found.
You are also not permitted to sell any of the information on this site without prior permission.
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Contact details are found on the CONTACTS page.
This web site is entirely charitable in nature. supercedes RMCWEB which closed in January 2006.

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The webmaster will take reasonable precautions to prevent any email addresses being subject to harvesting or other processes which could result in undesirable use of email, for example spam lists.
Click here to view our DATA PROTECTION AND PRIVACY policy in respect to application forms and handling your data.


The law which applies to how web sites use cookies and similar technologies for storing information on a user's equipment such as their computer or mobile device changed on 26 May 2011.
Most cookies are used for the purpose of targeted advertising for commercial purposes, though they can also be used in session control in form submission under which circumstances "implied consent" can be assumed under the EU legislation.
ukrepeaters DOES NOT SUPPORT ADVERTISING as part of our ethos, especially not the ubiquitous Google Ad Words that appears on a huge number of privately run web sites.
Our use of cookies therefore is LIMITED to just session control in application forms.
Cookies ARE NOT used for the purpose of targetted advertising as is the case with many other web sites.


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If you have any questions about the way personal data is processed, please make an enquiry to the webmaster of if it refers to this web site or data passed via this site, details can be found on this CONTACT page.


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