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The primary (and free) source of information on the UK amateur repeater stations.
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HOW TO CONNECT YOUR REPEATER OR HOTSPOT - How to connect your repeater Or Hotspot to DV Scotland Phoenix Network?
Connecting a MMDVM / Hytera / Motorola Repeater / Hot Spot to DV Scotland Phoenix:
MMDVM Repeaters:
Connect to DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh-A
Connecting a Hytera or Motorola Repeater:
Submit a ticket to the DV Scotland Phoenix Network via our Help Desk.
Summary (required) Hytera Repeater / Motorola Repeater connection Description (Required) Repeater Call Sign: Repeater DMR ID: Repeater Keeper Call Sign: Category: Hytera Connection or Motorola Connection The help Desk team will assign your ticket to the Network Admin.
Hot Spots Users:
Connect your Hot Spot to DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh-F /GM5DVS

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Current Status Updates

GB7MH near EAST GRINSTEAD reported by G7KBR as OPERATIONAL from Sun 1 Oct
[After a replacement SD card installed with a fresh OS install. All back up and running.]
GB7DJ near NORTHWICH reported by M0WTX as OPERATIONAL from Sun 1 Oct [All working now rebooted the Pi]
GB7DJ near NORTHWICH reported by M0WTX as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sun 1 Oct
[Unknown node issue but will hopefully be resolved soon. ]
GB7AR near NEW ASH GREEN reported by G6VBJ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Fri 29 Sep
[Power supply fault, repeater off the air until fault can be resolved.]
GB7GW near WASHINGTON reported by G1LBU as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 28 Sep
[Repeater offline due to Tranceiver fault. New Transceiver ordered. Should be out of service for less than a week.]
GB7MH near EAST GRINSTEAD reported by G7KBR as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 28 Sep
[Operating system corrupted, needs new SD card and re-build.]
GB7NXT near WENVOE reported by MW0NXT as OPERATIONAL from Thu 28 Sep [Antenna height restored post storm]
MB7IAD near CHATTERIS reported by G6OHM as OPERATIONAL from Thu 28 Sep
[Link back on using Echolink. Be on for a few hours a day. Until Raspberry Pi is fixed.]
MB7NBH near FARMBOROUGH reported by G4OTJ as OPERATIONAL from Tue 4 Jul
GB7NXT near WENVOE reported by MW0NXT as REDUCED OUTPUT from Wed 27 Sep [Node antenna lowered ahead of Storm Agnes]

Latest proposals received

MB7ABW near WAKEFIELD  Simplex Gateway on 4M [Renewal] on 1 Oct
GB7AR near NEW ASH GREEN DV Repeater on 70CM [Renewal] on 1 Oct
GB7CIP near CATERHAM ON THE HILL AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Renewal] on 29 Sep

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