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The Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC) assists Ofcom in the
processing of applications for Notices of Variation (NoVs) for repeaters,
internet gateways, beacons and mailboxes.

If you no longer run a repeater or gateway then you should formally close it down and release the frequencies (and callsign) for someone else to use.
Use the Permanent Closedown option from the ETCC FORMS CENTRAL area of this website.


GB7IV - problems GB7IV, with thanks to "Windows" threw a silly fault over the last week. John 2E0 ZBE noted a strong frequent carrier on the output 24 hours a day,.. normally fusion will send the callsign of the station, but on this occasion there was none, plus the gurgle of data seemed to be....[more]

GB7PC - The new South West Cluster 2m DMR repeater GB7PC has been installed and commissioned at the Marconi Centre, Poldhu Cove, West Cornwall. First switch-on was 15:00 on 3rd April. GB7PC now is fully operational on the Cluster. For full details and coverage look at the GB7PC QRZ page. /G3XOU

MB7PM - MB7PM Has been removed from service for a 2/3 weeks to resolve squelch threshold issue. Saves me driving back and forth to site. /G4WLI

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Current Status Updates

MB7IWG near  reported by M1DYP as OPERATIONAL from Sat 13th April
MB6CY near  reported by MM7KEL as OPERATIONAL from Sat 13th April
GB7CH near  reported by MM0JNL as OPERATIONAL from Fri 12th April
[Running local FM/YSF until WIRES-X registration completed.]
MB6OH near  reported by G3VPX as OPERATIONAL from Fri 12th April [No incident. Form completed as annual status report.]
G6HUI near  reported by G6HUI as OPERATIONAL from Fri 12th April [now operational reception reports welcome]
GB7CH near  reported by MM0JNL as REDUCED OUTPUT from Fri 12th April [Running reduced power for local testing on FM and YSF]
MB6MB near  reported by M0MZB as OPERATIONAL from Fri 12th April [MB6IMB now operating as MB6MB on increased power of 5W]
GB7YN near  reported by M0YDG as OPERATIONAL from Fri 12th April
[Repeater in full working order connect to the Yorkshire Net UK TS1 TG23450]
MB6KS near CANNOCK reported by M1CYR as NOT OPERATIONAL from Fri 12th April
[closed for short time owing to modifications to shack should be back on Air 19/04/24]
2E0SGG near GILLINGHAM  reported by 2E0SGG as OPERATIONAL from Thu 11th April
[I have been getting emails about my repeater saying it has choppy audio on fusion I have now fixed it thanks to a station it turns it it was denounce on the cps on the transmit radio audio is perfect and repeater happy enjoy using it reports please email]

Knowledge Sharing Forum

The ETCC has introduced a knowledge-sharing Forum using the open-access "Discord" Platform.
The Forum is intended to act as a place to come if you have questions to ask or can answer on many topics related to the work of the ETCC and has sections on low-power repeaters, gateways, items for sale, packet, and co-ordination in general.
If you are a Keeper, or actively involved in anything radio amateur that the ETCC manages, then you should join by clicking on the Discord image on the right.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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What's new!

MB7IBZ near WORKSOP AV Repeater on 2M []  on 13th April
GB7YS near SOUTHPORT DV Repeater on 70CM [DVU62]  on 13th April
G4IPE near SCUNTHORPE AV Repeater on 70CM [RU73] [NEW] on 13th April
GB3WR near UPPER DENBY Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [RB06] [NEW] on 12th April
GB3SY near BARNSLEY Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [] [NEW] on 11th April
GB3HU near HUDDERSFIELD AV Repeater on 2M [RV48]  on 11th April

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