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Repeaters & Gateways are licensed by means of a "Notice of Variation" (NoV) on an individual's radio licence. A Second NoV will CANCEL the effects of the first if you decide you no longer want to be responsible for the repeater/gateway.

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DV Scotland Phoenix Announcement: has now moved to a new domain.
The all new DV Scotland Phoenix web site - /GM5DVS

A helpful article has been created by Steve, G8SFR on linking a Voice Repeater to the Internet and the associated licensing requirements. Click here to view.

Hi All, I run a gateway MB6RU located in Hednesford, Staffs. And wondered if anyone else had experienced interference on or around 144.850MHz. This interference drifts up and down the band and has been monitored 144.320MHz to 144.875MHz. When strong enough the Blue local light on the Wires X software illuminates, effectively freezing the gateway. If you have experienced this I would be pleased to hear from you and compare notes Regards Rob G0DUQ /G0DUQ /G0DUQ

usually has a weather station and camera at the repeater site, however We are sorry to report the loss of both the weather station "ISouth502" and our camera. This was due to contractors working in a lift house somewhere in the west of Southampton removing cables and disposing of equipment which was in use!
The Contractors did not destroy or remove and dispose of our equipment, Thus we have to find another way.. The weather station should come back soonest, possibly this week as were fitting a "4G" link to overcome the problem. Due to the amount of data of the camera were looking for another "route" which we know is pending... hopefully soon!

Now Full operational. Please amend listing. /G6OHM

Dundee/Angus APRS Digipeater/Igate first switched on. looking for reports /MM0XET

We are delighted to report that former ETCC Chairman and current ETCC Member for Northern Ireland, John McCullagh MBE, GI4BWM has been elected RSGB President for the next two years. His term commences at the April AGM of the Society.

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GB3PB (WIMBORNE, 145.625000 MHz) 
is reported NOT OPERATIONAL 20 Mar 2023
Intermittent antenna system failure noted. Waiting for WX to settle before investigation.

GB7GW (WASHINGTON, 430.812500 MHz) 
is reported NOT OPERATIONAL 23 Mar 2023
Faulty MMDVM repeater board. Will be back on the air as soon as possible.

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Current Status Updates

GB3PB near WIMBORNE reported by G6AKG as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 20 Mar
[Intermittent antenna system failure noted. Waiting for WX to settle before investigation.]
GB7GW near WASHINGTON reported by G1LBU as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 23 Mar
[Faulty MMDVM repeater board. Will be back on the air as soon as possible.]
GB3RPE near CARMARTHEN reported by GW8KCY as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Mar
[GB3RPE - 10GHz Beacon off due to site power failure. Back soon hopefully.]
GB7FC near CLEVELEYS reported by G0GER as OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Mar [Repeater is now operational.]
GB3RPE near CARMARTHEN reported by GW8KCY as OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Mar [Site power restored. 10GHz Beacon operational.]
MB7IAT near ALFRETON reported by G7TYP as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Mar [ software problem]
MB7IAT near ALFRETON reported by G7TYP as OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Mar
MB6IMK near MILTON KEYNES reported by 2E0KOA as OPERATIONAL from Tue 21 Mar [Replacement ethernet cable installed. ]
GB3AR near CAERNARFON reported by MW0GCT as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 13 Mar [Off air for fault investigation]
MB6RU near HEDNESFORD reported by G0DUQ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 18 Mar
[the gateway is suffering from interference or other use on the frequency.]

Latest proposals received

GB7RW near WHITBY Dual-Modes Repeater on 2M [Renewal] on 24 Mar
MB7IGC near SHEFFIELD Simplex Gateway on 2M [Renewal] on 24 Mar
MB7NEX near EXETER AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 24 Mar
GB7FG near CARMARTHEN Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [Renewal] on 23 Mar
GB3CV-L near EXETER Simplex Gateway on 2M [NEW] on 23 Mar
MB7NBH near FARMBOROUGH AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 23 Mar
GB7SOU near BISHOPS WALTHAM AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 23 Mar
GB3TZ near LUTON BEDS TV Repeater on 13CM [Renewal] on 22 Mar

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