The "GATEWAYS ON THE AIR" Event - GB1GOA is QRV between 11TH-18TH June on the FreeSTAR Network. GOTA's aim is simple, to increase RF Simplex Gateway use and promote a increase in QSO's over a 8 day period. We are also encouraging fun Portable operation in a SOTA Style! If you would like to connect your Analogue or Digital Simplex Gateway for the event please contact:

SERVICE NOTICE : GB7XG GLENROTHES Is Currently Of The Air Due To Major Hardware Upgrade & Improvements To This Multi Mode Repeater WE WILL UPDATE YOU ONCE ITS BACK IN SERVICE MANY THANKS DV SCOTLAND

2m Cavities Wanted. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has a set of VHF cavities, suitable for a 2m repeater, which they no longer require. Contact g3zxx.mail(at) 73 Dave G3ZXX.

MB7AKX now operational on most evenings with new NOV to cover an analogue simplex gateway in the local area of Knighton, Powys. TX & RX is on 430.0125 using a 103.5 CTCSS tone narrow FM, please wait 3-4 seconds between overs. Currently on the FreeSTAR and/or East Coast Reflector network. All are welcome if passing.

When connecting your Repeater or Gateway to some type of internet server, it is not unreasonable that the service provider might request proof of you having a valid NoV to run the station to connect to their service. It is the responsibility of the NoV holder to supply the information/proof requested, this is not something that ETCC would respond to without the permission of the NoV holder. Thank you.

IPSC2-DVScotland :How to access the DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network: DV Scotland AllStar HUB - Node 53937 DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D D-Star, DMR, YSF FCS Reflector - FCS23584 YSF Reflector - 00-A-DVScotland Wires-X Room - 44195 EchoLink Node - MM1CXE / 672203 Ham Shack Hot Line - 94110 Peanut - DMR23556 RF Access: TG23556 on all DV Scotland Repeaters. RF Internet Gateways: MB7IDD - 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7ISM - 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB6AF D-Star Gateway DCS600D MB6ST D-Star Gateway DCS600D

Following a power outage in the area during April, the powerline system feeding internet to the shack has become unstable which is affecting MB7ICW's connection to FreeSTAR. I'm hoping to have this resolved within the next 1-2 weeks. The Gateway will be switched off only if necessary to comply with shutdown requirements as the system is connected to smart plugs which are also reliant on the internet.
9-May-22 - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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