Join us this Saturday evening on FreeSTAR International network for “TOP TALK” Net where we will be taking a look at MMDVM Repeaters & Gateways. The one stop shop for all your digital modes! QRV 21:30 BST. /M0JKT
(5-Apr-2024 to 7-Apr-2024)

Afternoon I made the Yorkshire Net UK its now been on the air for 2 years been my projected that ive enjoyed building it is a multi mode Linked repeater system in West and South Yorkshire and as DMR talkgroups on DVSPh and FreeDMR TG23450 also YSF Yorkshirenetuk. Dstar DCS354B. Allstarlink 59858. Echolink *QSOS-UK* . IRLP Reflector 0105. There is more info on M0XYN on QRZ this is my club callsign for the Yorkshire Net UK. I now think it's work well so it's time to let more hams know so I can get more activity. /M0YDG
(31-Mar-2024 to 10-Apr-2024)

GB3NT on Sheriff Hill, Gateshead is shut down for a minimum of 28 days and could be indefinite. OFCOM have been informed of a jamming signal or FM carrier in the area causing disruption to the frequency. A DF investigation is being carried out. /M0MNE /M0MNE
(25-Mar-2024 to 5-Apr-2024)

MB7IOK is still on and working great please make use of it it's had some use but that's what it's there for. /2E0SGG
(22-Mar-2024 to 27-Mar-2024)

2m cavity filter. Professionally made and stamped by the maker "W M T 2". It is silver plated with some silver components identical to the RSGB VHF/UHF manual page 6.7 except that it has solder connections rather than sockets. £70 inc postage G8VMP 07887545310 St Albans /G8VMP
(18-Mar-2024 to 3-Apr-2024)

MB7PM is on the air (29.610) for a testing period, on a temporary lowish efficiency antenna. We have yet to iron out several issues. But please take a listen it is currently voice identifying. Will be running for several hours during daylight only until finalised. /G4WLI
(15-Mar-2024 to 28-Mar-2024)

FOR SALE: set of 4 x 2m cavities, being the AFL "11 gallon beer keg" type. £250 the set. G3ZVI Exeter 07714198374 /G3ZVI
(14-Mar-2024 to 31-Mar-2024)

BridgeCom BCR-40U (400-470 MHz) 40W UHF Repeater For sale ( Can Be Used With Repeater Builder & Winters Boards) CONTACT Gordon 2M0BGK details on QRZ /2M0BGK /2M0BGK
(12-Mar-2024 to 25-Mar-2024)

I don't know if you can help me please. I am interested in putting a fusion repeater in Northampton. I know the rules of change with licencing and I'm not too sure if I can do it. Being a 20E0WSJ.I am already have the nov for MB6IAZ , but a lot of people are asking about a fusion repeater and I am willing to fought the cost. And putting on myself. Four people in northampton can you help me please thanks 2e0wsj jason woodroof /2E0WSJ /2E0WSJ
(4-Mar-2024 to 14-Mar-2024)

Gateway Callsigns
With the change of the licence allowing all stations to operate Unattended at all times, we are phasing out the MB7A+2 letter and MB6I+2 letter callsigns. MB7A+2 will become MB7I+2 letters (the same two letters you have now). And MB6I+2 letters will become just MB6+2 letters, again the same two letters as you have now. For example MB7ATT would become MB7ITT or MB6ITT would become MB6TT. The change over will occur at around the renewal/review date when your NoV becomes one of the new FAC documents. /G8SFR / / / /
(2-Mar-2024 to 22-Mar-2024)

MB7UCH is now operational in the Chelmsford area. /2E0XTA /2E0XTA
(2-Mar-2024 to 5-Mar-2024)

GB7VH first switch on - signal reports welcome! /G4ZWH
(2-Mar-2024 to 13-Mar-2024)

MB7R+2 RX Only APRS iGates
With the changes to the amateur licence we are now phasing out the use of MB7R+2 letter callsigns for APRS RX only iGates. These will all eventually change to MB7U+2 letter callsigns, or the licensees own callsign if they wish. The change over can be done now via the self declaration form or at renewal/review time. Contact Steve G8SFR for more details. /
(2-Mar-2024 to 22-Mar-2024)

(1-Mar-2024 to 12-Mar-2024)

Experimental system on test for the FreeDMR network system using a TDMA VHF capable radio as the repeater. Allowing single slot DMR using DMO simplex mode (this is similar to SFR however it does not require special radios to support) I am calling it DFR-DMO A transmission sent to the input frequency is relayed to the output frequency. However because this is a TDMA capable radio, this requires no duplexer. This a first for us at FreeDMR and paves the way to deploy quickly a full repeater very easily. User radios need to be able to set DMO mode for a pair of frequencies which is supported by some radios or contact us for a work around for other radios. Reports welcome to /G4TSN /G4TSN
(27-Feb-2024 to 4-Mar-2024)

2m port currently experimentally running 2400bps QPSK IL2P+CRC over FM, instead of plain 1200 baud AX.25.
Alternative legacy 1200 baud AX.25 ports are available locally. /M0LTE /M0LTE

(27-Feb-2024 to 4-Mar-2024)

Repeater GB3NT will be down for planned maintenance intermittently tomorrow from 11:00 Tuesday 27th February 2024. Normal operation will resume by 14:00. /M0MNE
(26-Feb-2024 to 28-Feb-2024)

GB7SV completed the changes to its new frequency allocation ( TX 439.5875 RX 430.5875 ) a -9Mhz split on the 24th of February 2024. The repeater is working well with good coverage of its intended service area. The team at The Stevenage Repeater Group regret that FM is no longer available from GB7SV however, we hope to bring GB3VV to air in the near future providing good coverage on FM for Stevenage and District. Gb7SV continues to provide C4FM and Wires x service. Please use and enjoy GB7SV. / /
(25-Feb-2024 to 2-Mar-2024)

New 4m beacon GB3MBD IO92RA operational from 23/2 on 70.05MHz. reports to G4FKI /G4FKI
(25-Feb-2024 to 2-Mar-2024)

Following on from the change to the Amateur Radio Licence Terms & Conditions recently announced by Ofcom, Dvsph is pleased to advise that low power repeaters (5W or less) are welcome to connect to our network via a new dedicated server - DMR+ IPSC2-DVSPh-M ( or The dashboard for this server can be found at:
Please use your standard DMR ID plus a 2 digit ESSID when connecting to this server.
*An ESSID is a 2 digit number (01-99) that is added to the end of your DMR ID to enable a user to connect more than one device to the network whilst still using the same user ID. Gateway and standard hotspot users should continue to use server F - DMR+ IPSC2-DVSPh-F ( or
We look forward to seeing you on our network. /G6FGY /G6FGY

(23-Feb-2024 to 1-Mar-2024)

With all of the new repeaters being organised. I thought it was a good time to mention that Adam M7SMI has come up with a tried and tested solution using Wiregard looped back to a uk based data center to get over the issues of any port forwarding needs. He uses IP address space from the ARDC/AMPRnet address space. we use this system to run now 5 wires x repeaters at a number of remote locations using various 4G connections and full HRI200 control. This system has also been used with our Allstar repeater. This does away with having to have an RF node and with 4G internet being very affordable may be a good solution if your would like to know more let us know. Adam M7SMI & Matt G7HMV / /
(23-Feb-2024 to 27-Feb-2024)

GB7WM in Astley (NW) is back on the air, running optimum settings. We are now running on Ernie's DR2 machine /G4WLI
(15-Feb-2024 to 23-Feb-2024)

Apologies if this is an inappropriate place to mention this. I have for disposal 3 off Storno Base Station Transceivers. Two are 403-470 MHz 12.5kHz channel, synthesized units. One is 66-88 MHz 12.5kHz channel. I believe that a number of UK 70cm repeaters are based on these re-purposed base stations. Before advertising them elsewhere - I thought I might see if they might be useful to one of the UK amateur repeater groups. /G8RIV
(15-Feb-2024 to 20-Feb-2024)

It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Bob Wilkinson, G3VVT on 13th February. Bob served as ETCC Manager for North England since 2006. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this sad time. / /
(14-Feb-2024 to 27-Feb-2024)

GB7WM will be off air Thursday 15th Feb afternoon to facilitate installation of the new DR2, kindly provided by Ernie G4YYB /G4WLI
(13-Feb-2024 to 16-Feb-2024)

GB3SA (Stamford) It is intended to close this repeater permanently in April as I will not be able to provide the shut down personnel as required by Ofcom. Activity on the repeater is almost zero and a number of locals have gone QRT on repeaters. /G8IOA /G8IOA
(12-Feb-2024 to 23-Feb-2024)

A Pair Of VHF Cavity Filters Item Located in Prestonpans East Lothian Contact Gordon 2M0BGK Details on QRZ /2M0BGK /2M0BGK
(8-Feb-2024 to 17-Feb-2024)

GB3BED 10GHz beacon on air from today 3 feb reports welcome on beacon spot. Or to G4FKI /G4FKI
(4-Feb-2024 to 15-Feb-2024)

After some time off the air GB7PD is coming back to life with increasing sunshine hours. We will have to install a more powerful wind generator as the one at the site hasn’t enough output to keep the repeater running at times of low Sunshine levels. We hope to address this in the spring. GW4OZU / /
(2-Feb-2024 to 14-Feb-2024)

GB7SR DMR as been installed at the new site after the change of the repeater keeper. I Trevor M0TWS and John M0ADS would like to thank Andy M0GAV for running the repeater for 5 years. there will be a web site asap I would also like to thank Darron 2E0LXY for producing our web site and also for getting permission to re locate the repeater at Blake UK. reports or welcome /M0TWS /M0TWS
(30-Jan-2024 to 13-Feb-2024)

Following a number of setbacks on site such as off grid power and then getting antennas up etc, plus work and life, we plan to get all running by beginning of Q2 2024. New Lithium batteries will be used in place of lead acid and additional solar. /G8PUO
(29-Jan-2024 to 13-Feb-2024)

A new facility is being offered by the team at Stevenage Repeater Group with the help of Matt, G7HMV. We are installing an APRS repeater at the GB7SV site. The APRS repeater is expected to go live sometime around the end of April or before. /G6YIQ /G6YIQ
(28-Jan-2024 to 12-Feb-2024)

Both repeaters are still affected by an intermittent antenna issue that seems to be temperature-dependent. The colder it is, the better the performance. A replacement antenna is expected to arrive next week, then we need to arrange a climbing team to replace it. In the meantime, repeater performance is a little variable but nevertheless usable for all but the weakest of stations. Further updates will appear here. Our 6m repeater GB3VI is unaffected. /G8PYT /G8PYT
(19-Jan-2024 to 26-Jan-2024)

First switch on and testing from mid day on the 13th January /2E0JML
(13-Jan-2024 to 18-Jan-2024)

The control device used for remote close down had failed. This has now been repaired and the repeater is fully functional. /G4WLI
(12-Jan-2024 to 17-Jan-2024)

GB7WM the fusion repeater in Astley is currently down with a suspected PSU failure. We hope to attend site over the next few days, hope to have running by Saturday 13th Jan. /G4WLI
(8-Jan-2024 to 13-Jan-2024)

It is with sadness that we learn of the passing of Mick Senior, G4EFO who served on the Repeater Management Committee (forerunner of the ETCC) for a number of years and Keeper of repeaters in the Horsham area. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.
(5-Jan-2024 to 20-Jan-2024)

A Very Happy New Year 2024 From All At DV Scotland Phoenix As we enter Another year we would like to thank all our Members, Our many Repeater & Gateway keepers and all the Admin team that keep the network running smoothly. See you in 2024

(31-Dec-2023 to 8-Jan-2024)

Does anybody have a Tait UHF 500 (model T555,2ch) that they can donate to GS please? Rx problem on site. Ta! /G0FHM
(24-Dec-2023 to 11-Jan-2024)

APRS Digipeater now operational /M0PHB
(21-Dec-2023 to 27-Dec-2023)

Christmas and New Year Closure
Please note that the website is closed for Christmas and New Year whilst the volunteers take their annual break. Normal service will resume in the New Year. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
(21-Dec-2023 to 3-Jan-2024)

MB6ILB near LADYBANK reported by 2M0BEC as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Tues 19 Dec /2M0BEC /2M0BEC
(19-Dec-2023 to 22-Dec-2023)

First Switch on. 19th Dec. Covering the northern end of Milton Keynes on 2M. This is a Fusion Gateway.

(19-Dec-2023 to 22-Dec-2023)

In response to user requests, “Mixed Mode” has been activated on GB7AC on 17 Dec for a trial period.
Users who usually operate in DMR mode will need to make no changes to their radio to use the repeater as before. If analogue FM mode is active the repeater will be unavailable for digital operation and they may get a notification dependant on the radio type on the display. Conversely, if the repeater is operating in digital mode, analogue operation is unavailable and the radio will give no notification.
The “hang time” to switch modes is set to 25 seconds, so be patient!
To use analogue FM mode a channel will need to be programmed with Tx 438.550 Mhz and Rx 430.950 Mhz with a CTCSS tone of 103.5 Hz on both the Tx and Rx channel to access the repeater and to avoid the digital signals being heard on the FM channel when it’s not in FM mode.
Reports of coverage on FM as well as DMR and audio quality are much appreciated . /GM7RYR

(17-Dec-2023 to 3-Jan-2024)

GB3BED Beacon switch on today 12/12/23 IO92SD Bedford Currently testing on reduced height of 10m agl. Frequency 24.048830 GHz ERP 2.5w Waveguide slot.(Thanks to G4DDK,G4BAO and G8IAY) /G4FKI
(16-Dec-2023 to 31-Dec-2023)

GB7PD is suffering from intermittent output at the moment and this is being caused by insufficient output from the solar panel and wind generator at this time of year. We hope to install a more powerful wind generator when the weather improves as access to the site is difficult even 4x4 vehicles. GW4OZU /GW4OZU
(10-Dec-2023 to 19-Dec-2023)

MB7IEY located near Eye in Suffolk is now operational. This is an analogue gateway normally connected to Hubnet UK. 145.2875 /G0JSV
(7-Dec-2023 to 18-Dec-2023)

(5-Dec-2023 to 19-Dec-2023)

MB7ISH is now on air but antenna is temporarily at a reduced height.
Signal reports welcome. /G4ZWH

(1-Dec-2023 to 11-Dec-2023)

MB7IDL is now operational....located in Dalbeattie DG5....2Mtr 145.2375 CTSS 103.5simplex gateway. /MM1BHO
(21-Nov-2023 to 3-Dec-2023)

and GB7MT are back on air after two temporary 13.8 Volt, High current power supplies were fitted to care for each repeater. The off air causing fault has been put down to ae faulty DC relay distrubution unit. The unit allowed auto relay change over for 6 DC fused outlets from 13.8 volt power supplies to Battery backup. This unit was seen to have sparks inside it, while GB7MT almost shock in the rack! Thus, The DC PDU will be upgraded, all the DC wiring will be upgraded to thicker cable as a part of a rewire of the DC system rebuild of the system soonest. GB3SH is time of writing behaving, and showing no signs of deafness and the aerial has a perfect SWR match. /G4MYS
(18-Nov-2023 to 25-Nov-2023)

has been switched off due to a power supply related problem, as this also effects GB7MT, and that is off as well.
We will be looking into this problem, and the accute deafness of GB3SH soonest.
The visit was first organised to return the weather station, "ISOUTH 502" Southamptons highest weather station to full operation, which were pleased to say is now fully opertional. /G4MYS /G4MYS

(17-Nov-2023 to 18-Nov-2023)

We are pleased to announce that MB7NED, our 1st remote AREDN node is now operational. /G4EKM
(16-Nov-2023 to 27-Nov-2023)

the VHF FM Repeater of the South Hampshire Repater group, based in Southampton, has gone exceptionally deaf as from sometime on the 11th November 202 soonest to fault find. /G4MYS
(13-Nov-2023 to 19-Nov-2023)

First switch on this evening (Friday 3rd)
For info on how to use the relay go to my website. /G6OHM

(3-Nov-2023 to 7-Nov-2023)

The Port Glasgow fusion gateway is now on air. I'll monitor performance for the first few days but any coverage reports welcome. /2M0ROT
(2-Nov-2023 to 9-Nov-2023)

GB3NL near Enfield The old Storno CQF614 has been replaced with a Yaesu DR-2XE FM only repeater. Access is either 1750 Hz tone as well as 82.5 Hz CTCSS. It should be a lot more reliable. /G4DFB
(27-Oct-2023 to 20-Nov-2023)

Dv Scotland Phoenix are happy to announce we now have a WiresX Room . Room Number 06076 DVSPH we would like to invite yaesu fusion users to give it a try and give us your feedback on this many thanks. PLEASE NOTE : This project is still under test and development and we may from time to time be updating this for the better of the user thank you for you support and understanding /2M0BGK
(26-Oct-2023 to 15-Nov-2023)

GB7EB, GB7BE and GB7TX are all currently off air but to a mains issue. UK Power Networks are investigating and have yet to advise us when power will be restored. /M0JGX
(26-Oct-2023 to 28-Oct-2023)

MB7IAG is now Fully Operational as of 12.00 Bst on Wednesday 25/10/23 /GM1TCN
(25-Oct-2023 to 30-Oct-2023)

The new ax25 port on 144.9375Mhz 1200baud has now been licensed and is now switched on. Please make use of the node to expand our network in the North East. 73's Steve /G4EKM
(25-Oct-2023 to 3-Nov-2023)

First Switch On, 10.00 bst on 21/10/23 /GM1TCN
(21-Oct-2023 to 24-Oct-2023)

Unfortunately, we have our first power shutdown of the winter period. We have reached the point in the year when the Wind and Solar facilities on the site can no longer support the continuous operation of GB3JB and GB3USK (23cm Beacon). The beacon will be re-set to off at the next opportunity, to improve power support for GB3JB. From now until early February GB3JB availability will be somewhat intermittent. It all depends on the Sunshine and the Wind. 73 Dave G3ZXX. /G3ZXX
(21-Oct-2023 to 30-Oct-2023)

Dv Scotland Phoenix would like to announce that we are no longer using MM1CXE as our Echolink connection. And that we are now using GM5DVS-L Node - 184993. Can we advise all users who have the old Echolink details saved to now use GM5DVS-L from now on you will see it listed in the Echolink System . Many thanks for your co operation in this . /2M0BGK /2M0BGK
(21-Oct-2023 to 26-Oct-2023)

The FreeSTAR Network will be hosting a AllStar Link Activity Weekender this Sat 14/Sun 15th. They will be encouraging all AllStar enabled repeaters & Gateways to connect up to 2196 or 2167 to increase AllStar traffic and showcase the system's benefits to UK Amateur radio operators. SES GB1ASL & GB2ASL will be QRV over this weekend too. /M0JKT
(13-Oct-2023 to 16-Oct-2023)

Pleased to say that owing to the hardwork of Josh M0WYP, GB7VO is now internet enabled.
Users can use DSTAR Reflectors, and Fusion YSF rooms.
Please make sure you unlink the repeater after you have used it.
The Hope Bagot Repeater Group are still working on DMR and NXDN connectivity./G8XYJ /G8XYJ

(12-Oct-2023 to 21-Oct-2023)

Just a quick note to say Thank You to all those Amateurs that have supported and assisted with Upgrading GB3FV to being a Multimode Repeater.
I'm pleased to say that it's fully operational on Analogue, Allstar, DMR & YSF at this time.
We are continuing to range test and develop the repeater further as time allows. /GM0WUR

(11-Oct-2023 to 13-Oct-2023)

At approx., 3 pm local time on the 9th October 2023, GB7DW, Located at Dunkeswell Aerodrome, near Honiton, was switched on and became the 19th operational repeater in the South West Cluster of linked DMR repeaters. GB7DW is a 2m system, RV50, with Slot 2 TG950 linked to the SWC and Slot 1 TG9 providing the Dial-On-Demand facility for connection to external networks. Further information on GB7DW and the SWC is available at the NEW SWC web site. /G3ZXX /G3ZXX
(10-Oct-2023 to 25-Oct-2023)

DV Scotland Phoenix. Fife Repeater Update : All 4 of the Fife Multi Mode Repeaters GB7SM , GB7KY , GB7XG & GB7GX are fully functioning and working well . we were not effected by any power issues or the recent bad weather at the weekend More details available at our main website /2M0BGK /2M0BGK
(10-Oct-2023 to 22-Oct-2023)

At approx., 3 pm local time on the 9th October 2023, GB7DW, Located at Dunkeswell Aerodrome, near Honiton, was switched on and became the 19th operational repeater in the South West Cluster of linked DMR repeaters. GB7DW is a 2m system, RV50, with Slot 2 TG950 linked to the SWC and Slot 1 TG9 providing the Dial-On-Demand facility for connection to external networks. Further information on GB7DW and the SWC is available at the NEW SWC web site. /G3ZXX (Title error in earlier submission) /G3ZXX
(10-Oct-2023 to 20-Oct-2023)

Oscar Wood 2E1HWE will give a lecture on the Allstar Link System at the the RSGB Convention on Saturday 14th October in Room 3 at 10:30am. Allstar - "Working the world on a Analogue Radio" will take a look at the low cost internet linking of amateur radio Repeaters & Gateways from around the world and how you can utilise your existing VHF/UHF radio to communicate with operators in other countries without propagation! /M0JKT /M0JKT /M0JKT
(9-Oct-2023 to 15-Oct-2023)

and GB7IV are back on air. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(8-Oct-2023 to 10-Oct-2023)

The South Hampshire FM VHF repeater, and GB7MT the UHF Fusion repeater which is normally linked to GB7PO are both off air. They share a common PSU and Battery back up system. We are aware that was a thunderstorm within 5 miles Monday afternoon and thats all we know, until We go to site soonest. However both GB7IV and GB3SU are on air as usual from the same site. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(3-Oct-2023 to 10-Oct-2023)

GB3OV now repaired an operational.
(22-Sep-2023 to 24-Sep-2023)

GB3OV off Air. Repeater Tech going to site to sort problem. Hopefully be back on in the next few days. /G6OHM /G6OHM
(22-Sep-2023 to 23-Sep-2023)

MB7IAD Off Air. Due to lightning. System not firing up.821fc8
(19-Sep-2023 to 25-Sep-2023)

First switch on - running on a test antenna for a few days before going to full height.
Reports welcome. /G4ZWH /G4ZWH

(12-Sep-2023 to 17-Sep-2023)

MB7NEG, Packet Node is on, 7 Miles from Gatwick Airport. 144.925. Digipeat is Enabled. /G7KBR
(10-Sep-2023 to 15-Sep-2023)

How to connect your repeater Or Hotspot to DV Scotland Phoenix Network?
Connecting a MMDVM / Hytera / Motorola Repeater / Hot Spot to DV Scotland Phoenix:
MMDVM Repeaters:
Connect to DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh-A
Connecting a Hytera or Motorola Repeater:
Submit a ticket to the DV Scotland Phoenix Network via our Help Desk.
Summary (required) Hytera Repeater / Motorola Repeater connection Description (Required) Repeater Call Sign: Repeater DMR ID: Repeater Keeper Call Sign: Category: Hytera Connection or Motorola Connection The help Desk team will assign your ticket to the Network Admin.
Hot Spots Users:
Connect your Hot Spot to DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh-F /GM5DVS

(7-Sep-2023 to 3-Oct-2023)

I am on the lookout for some additional Aerial Facilities SC-140-2N VHF Cavity Filters so that I can embark on a refurbishment of the ones in use on GB3DC 2m Repeater. If anyone has any I would be interested to make contact.

(5-Sep-2023 to 27-Sep-2023)

How to connect your repeater to DV Scotland Phoenix Network?
Motorola, Hytera, & MMDVM/Pi-Star Repeaters are all Welcome to join.
STEP 1. Motorola and Hytera Repeaters Only.
Contact us via the Contact DV Scotland Phoenix Website and make yourself known to us. Post that you wish to join DV Scotland Phoenix Network,in the subject box , along with your Repeater Callsign and the Type of Repeater it is. “Moto or Hytera.” And someone from our Admin will get back to you.
MMDVM Repeaters Do not need to request access, they just have to connect to DVSPh-A.
HotSpot users just need to connect to DVSPh-F.
That is you all set-up on DV Scotland Phoenix Network. /GM5DVS /GM5DVS

(5-Sep-2023 to 8-Sep-2023)

**** DV Scotland Phoenix **** Do you run a Node or Gateway ? Then why not link it up to the DV Scotland Phoenix Network via our Allstar System on 53937 /GM5DVS /GM5DVS
(4-Sep-2023 to 7-Sep-2023)

DV Scotland Phoenix Would like to Announce the new Multi Mode Repeater For Dumfries GB7GM ( Gold Medal ) This Repeater is Being Hosted By Bruce Lenton M0UKB . Some might wonder why the callsign GB7GM. This is to celebrate Bruce`s Mother Rosemary Lenton winning Commonwealth Gold medal hence why Bruce chose to have that as the repeater Callsign . REPEATER SUMMARY DETAILS FOR GB7GM
Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop: M0UKB
Band: 70CM (RU78) Output frequency: 430.9750 MHz RX Frequency: 438.5750 MHz
This repeater is licensed for ANALOGUE VOICE repeat mode and uses CTCSS tone of 118.8 HzThis repeater is licensed for the proprietary Yaesu FUSION DV Mode. This repeater is licensed for D-STAR. This repeater is licensed for DMR and uses c.code 3 and connectivity to DV Scotland Phoenix /GM5DVS

(26-Aug-2023 to 4-Sep-2023)

There are a qty of Sinclair 10 inch cavities becoming available. Superb for a 2m repeater. £150 each.
Email [] for info. /G1MAW /G1MAW

(26-Aug-2023 to 9-Sep-2023)

Further information on recent interference report on GB3SP output and 'food for thought'. The 'offending device' was OBM-LoRa-223 £79.99, easily found on web. With its supplied aerial, it was giving 'good coverage' around village and beyond. Consider the RK's tests some 10 years ago with an amateur friend running just 50 mW from Yaesu VX1 hand held. Good QSO possible via the repeater, 40 miles away in Swansea! /GW3XJQ
(17-Aug-2023 to 23-Aug-2023)

For information of 70 cms Repeater Keepers; to be aware of. Recent heavy QRM on repeater output 433.100 MHz investigated by RK and located by DF, to a wide band data transceiver, running 19 dBm (79 mW) centred on 433.100 MHz - the default frequency for most of these so called 'low powered devices'. I can only envisage the situation getting worse with a proliferation of such devices and some advertised for little money, and running 1 Watt or more! This one was providing a data link for a solar PV installation and a transmitting range of just three metres to its associated receiver. Could easily have been hard wired. Reported to EMC committee and Ofcom; yet to receive any assistance or interest. /GW3XJQ /GW3XJQ
(16-Aug-2023 to 23-Aug-2023)

The South Wiltshire 2m repeater returned to service at approx., 4:55 pm today, 9th August 2023, having been awaiting the arrival of it's new 4G Router. GB3JB is part of the South West Cluster of networked DMR repeaters. More info is available via the website. 73 Dave G3ZXX.
(9-Aug-2023 to 15-Aug-2023)

Isouth502, located at GB3SU,will be off for maintenance, Weather underground report: that They will " be upgrading our systems from 1500BST local time (10 am EDT) on July 31, 2023 to 2200BST ( 5 pm EDT ) on August 2, 2023. During this time you won't be able to sign up for a new account, log in, or manage a personal weather station. Sorry for any inconvenience." /G4MYS
(31-Jul-2023 to 3-Aug-2023)

Hi all, The GB7MBC packet BBS is now available on 144.950MHz and is based in the Morecambe area. Reports welcome. The station offers a BPQ node, FBB BBS and WWConvers. We have a FaceBook group for North west Packet Group and a website with information and downloads, dedicated to packet radio.
73 Ian /G0VGS

(31-Jul-2023 to 8-Aug-2023)

The RSGB ETCC is pleased to welcome two new members to help with the work of committee. They are Steve Powell, G8PYT who takes on the role of Central England vetting agent, and James Colderwood, M0ZAH who will assist with various technical and data related issues as Data Manager.
(29-Jul-2023 to 15-Aug-2023)

and the others facilities of the South Hampshire repeater group has acheived our best internet connectivity, this has been acheived by connecting to TOOB, Southamptons fastest and newest internet provider, who provide Optical conductor to the home, with speeds of around 900 Mb/s.
During the past years We have used a mix of Wifi hopping across the city, over a distance of 5.5 miles using 3 wifi repeaters!
Readers will be aware this has been subject to interruption including contractors scrapping some of the equipment!,.. "interference" from other wifi users, and Virgin T Media, turning off the connection for non payment! To improve this facility, Our suporters provided Sim Cards, and paid for the equipment so We can connect directly to the Mobile phone masts at their own expence, to those Sugar Dadies the rest of us say: Thank you! For they have kept us going for some time.
Benefiting from the new fast effective connection is GB7IV / Southernfusion; GB7SU the DMR UHF repeater; Weather station "Isouth502" which is on top of the tower block; and our weather camera.
The current works were down to the diligent efforts of Jason and Marcus, Thank You Lads. /GE4MYS /GE4MYS

(26-Jul-2023 to 31-Jul-2023)

The UK DMR+ Master has topped over 100 connected Hotspots & Repeaters! What an achievement! Thank you to all that supports a more diverse and pro-active DMR UK community! DMR+IPSC2-FreeSTAR. /M0VUB
(13-Jul-2023 to 31-Jul-2023)

GB7TX is on air connected to DV Scotland Phoenix DV Network. Repeaterbook will show the repeater as off air until they update the listing from FM Simplex to TETRA.
The DVSPH repeater dashboard shows the real time status of this repeater.

(9-Jul-2023 to 21-Jul-2023)

To Celebrate the New Town of Glenrothes Fife Scotland being 75yrs old this month, the team behind GB7XG have done a full service on this Repeater and can report its working great and serving the people of Fife and the East Coast well. This repeater is connected to the IPSC2-DVSPh-A Provided by DV SCOTLAND PHOENIX and is part of the 79+ UK Wide Repeaters & 200+ UK & World Nodes we manage and run for the users /GM5DVS
(9-Jul-2023 to 26-Jul-2023)

is now back on the air after power was removed from this remote site.
We have installed a 245w solar panel and controller kindly donated by GW4AKZ.
We’re using 2x 90ah leisure batteries for storage.
We may install a wind turbine at some point. /GW4OZU

(3-Jul-2023 to 11-Jul-2023)

Maintenance work wascompleted at 18:30 on Saturday so the gateway is back online. The Internet feed to the shack has been upgraded from a powerline system to a lan feed direct from the hub to improve stability and speed. /2E0UCW
(2-Jul-2023 to 5-Jul-2023)

Maintenance work is planned to take place over the weekend. During this period, the gateway may be taken offline. Normal service should resume on Sunday evening. /2E0UCW /2E0UCW
(1-Jul-2023 to 2-Jul-2023)

Delay in processing applications
Due to illness there will be a slight delay in the processing of gateway and packet radio applications and any renewals in the next few days. Thanks for your patience de Steve G8SFR
(1-Jul-2023 to 5-Jul-2023)

We turned off GB7IV yesterday as it has behavoural problems, the percise fault is not known, We will return it to service as soon as possible. /GE4MYS /GE4MYS
(30-Jun-2023 to 30-Jun-2023)

is back on air. /GE4MYS /GE4MYS
(30-Jun-2023 to 3-Jul-2023)

has been returned to air. To achieve this the new filters and the UHF/VHF combiner have all been checked, showing all is well with the duplexers and they did not need tuning. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(27-Jun-2023 to 30-Jun-2023)

GOTA2023 is now closed. All special events callsigns GB1GOA are now closed. The event was a massive success! We would like to thank all the Gateway & Repeater keepers for connecting to FreeSTAR on all the various modes available! A community was built on participation and love for the hobby! Until next year.. #GOTA2023
(26-Jun-2023 to 28-Jun-2023)

The Bishop Auckland Radio Amateurs' Club are running a Special Event Station which is part of the Crank It Up! Event at Beamish Living Museum on 1st and 2nd of July. They will be operating the Special event station GB4BM from the 1950’s Welfare Hall. They will be operating a range of Amateur Radio equipment covering HF Voice, HF Data, VHF FM & SSB, DMR and Internet Assisted modes. The Extended Freedom Network M0XFN Team will be on site to provide Technical Support, Data Connectivity and most of all access to their Multimode & Digital Networks, Which along with DV Scotland Phoenix FreeDMR and the International Radio Network will all be joining together to carry traffic from Beamish around the world. Keep an eye / ear on this page for further updates as we will be releasing details of TWO Special Nets that we will be running from Beamish over the two days and yes - by popular demand, certificates will be available to anyone who logs a contact with GB4BM over the weekend. /GB4BM
(26-Jun-2023 to 3-Jul-2023)

The New 6m Gateway is now on TEST connected to the ALLSTAR network NWAG node /G5HVH
(24-Jun-2023 to 28-Jun-2023)

After a long shutdown the UHF repeater GB3CI is now back on air. As of 23/06/2023 Malcolm G7HPE /G7HPE
(23-Jun-2023 to 1-Jul-2023)

Ofcom Consultation
An Ofcom consultation Updating the Amateur Radio Licensing Framework has now opened.
According to Ofcom, the proposals set out in the consultation aim to “provide greater operating freedom for radio amateurs; and make the process of getting and using a licence simpler, clearer and more responsive.”
The closing date for responses is 4 September 2023.
Link here to Ofcom for further information.

(23-Jun-2023 to 4-Sep-2023)

The gateway is suffering from a low quality internet connection due to using powerline adaptors.
Equipment has been procured & donated towards the installation of a lan cable from the house to the shack - the installation will take place over the next few weeks. /2E0UCW /2E0UCW

(22-Jun-2023 to 1-Jul-2023)

Get On Air
20th - 27th June 2023
The aim of GOA is simple...... To increase and encourage people to "Get on Air"
This can be by any radio, band or mode, communication is after all the spirit of amateur radio.
We support ALL forms of communications, this is after all "The Hobby of a Thousand Hobbies", so let's embrace it and "Get on Air".
Participating callsigns will be:
GB0GOA - HF Voice
GB5GOA - HF Digital
GB6GOA - Digital Voice
GB8GOA - Various inc. CW
GB9GOA - 2m / 70cm Voice
We aim to be active on many modes, bands and networks including:
HF Voice, HF Data modes e.g. FT8, 2m / 70cm Voice, Internet assisted modes e.g. Allstar, Echolink, YSF, DMR etc
Multimode Networks that we promote Extended Freedom Network
Allstar Nodes 2195 and 2197
Echolink *XFREEDOM* or M0XFN-L
Extended Freedom Network DMR (FD_GB_XFreedom_Net): TG23525
DVSPh IPSC2 Network: TG23525 TGIF Network: TG23525
FreeDMR Global Network: TG23525
YSF - GB-XFreedom - 23525
Peanut - YSF-XFN
Hamshack Hotline 94115
Hams Over IP 25005
International Radio Network's Teamspeak System - Extended Freedom Network SIP: Dial 2195
International Radio Network
Allstar Nodes 552360 and 552361
Echolink KC1MUV-L
IRN DMR Master Server (FD_US_IRN): TG31320
Extended Freedom Network DMR (FD_GB_XFreedom_Net): TG31320
TGIF Network: TG31320
YSF - USIRN - 31320
Peanut - TGF31320
Hamshack Hotline 94136
Teamspeak 3 - KB1 MULTIMODE LINKS KC1MUV Zello - ZMR 851.900 and KB1 Channel /GB0GOA /GB0GOA /GB0GOA

(21-Jun-2023 to 26-Jun-2023)

The Gateways On The Air 2023 event is QRV this Saturday 17th-25th June, All Simplex Gateways are welcome to connect up and join via Allstar 2196/2167 and Echolink M0JKT-L 662666. SES GB0GOA & GB4GOA will be active from the east midlands. The event is hosted by the FreeSTAR Network. /GB0GOA /GB0GOA
(16-Jun-2023 to 26-Jun-2023)

Event kicks off this Saturday 17th - 25th June 2023 for the "Gateways On The Air" annual event! All Repeaters & Simplex Gateways are welcome to connect! The event is hosted by the FreeSTAR Network and is a sposored event! /M0VUB
(16-Jun-2023 to 26-Jun-2023)

The South Hampshire Repeater Group Fusion repeater was found dead in the rack, however the repeater itself has no fault, the likely cause yet to be investigated and repaired is the Remote shutdown unit. /G4MYS
(13-Jun-2023 to 26-Jun-2023)

The gateway will be offline from 2130 tonight for approximately 24 hours due to work at the house. /2E0UCW
(7-Jun-2023 to 10-Jun-2023)

was found to be dead in the rack, its therefore been removed from site to be repaired, the fault likely caused by the high SWR of the previous aerial. Before being refitted we will go through all the duplexers and filters with the correct test kit and realign. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(6-Jun-2023 to 13-Jun-2023)

GB7PD fusion repeater off the air while the site is converted to wind/solar power and disconnected from mains supply by the commercial owners of the site. I will give updates when I have them. GW4OZU
(6-Jun-2023 to 21-Jun-2023)

the South Hampshire Fusion repeater is totally off air while we establish what is wrong, and what to do about it. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(4-Jun-2023 to 13-Jun-2023)

There is local work on the internet which will affect service on Wednesday 31st May 2023 - the Gateway will be offline for the day. /2E0UCW
(30-May-2023 to 1-Jun-2023)

The repeater has now had its duplexer aligned and reception is much improved.
Reports would be much appreciated via email. Please refer to the QRZ page for contact details. /M0DIT

(26-May-2023 to 6-Jun-2023)

New Keeper for GB7IN & GB7RR Bob M0NGT part of the East Midlands Repeater Team Fully operational /G0LCG
(21-May-2023 to 7-Jun-2023)

DV Scotland Phoenix : Are happy to announce that GB7CH Chirnside in the Scottish Borders is now on the air:
Details for GB7CH
Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop: MM0JNL
Band: 70CM (RU66) Output frequency: 430.8250 MHz RX Frequency: 438.4250 MHz
FM ANALOGUE VOICE repeat mode and uses CTCSS tone of 118.8 Hz
Yaesu FUSION DV, D-STAR. DMR and uses c.code 3 and connectivity to DV Scotland Phoenix /GM5DVS /GM5DVS

(19-May-2023 to 25-May-2023)

on going noise was finally resolved yesterday when We had a team of three to site yesterday to do the bi-yearly aerial change. We also improved the preformance of GB7IV.
The fault with GB3SH was found to be the little allen screw that holds the N socket firmly in the base of the aerial, thus the racket on occasions.
GB7IV has been inproved by work on the links to site which although tempoary should do the trick until our wifi liks can be made operational, with grateful thanks to Alan G8IPG Jason M0MZF and Andy G4MYS for their efoorts under a warm sun. /G4MYS

(18-May-2023 to 30-May-2023)

The site has had an upgrade. One of two stacks has been replaced to accommodate 2 repeaters. GB3NF & GB7NR now run through one antenna which has been replaced, hardware, coax, and filtering for a more efficient antenna system. GB3NM (433.175Mhz ) has also been returned to the first stack collinear which will result in better local performance. GB3NF (145.625Mhz) & GB7NR (439.4375Mhz) (IPSC2-FreeSTAR) are both connected to the FreeSTAR Network’s AllStar and IPSC2 networks. The upgraded efficiency on antenna system will provide for better wide area performance. /
(16-May-2023 to 31-May-2023)

Gateway is now back up and running in Poole, Dorset. Frequency has changed to 144.825 /M5PDL
(14-May-2023 to 18-May-2023)

RSGB club insurance, and beacon and repeater insurance have now been renewed for the year to April 2024.
Club insurance certificates can be downloaded from the RSGB website and you will need to log in to obtain your certificate.
Beacon and repeater insurance certificates are available for an admin fee of £12 from the RSGB shop.
Please allow a couple of days after renewal for your certificate to be dispatched.

(5-May-2023 to 23-May-2023)

GB7FB is in test on DMR only (low power) slot 1 TG 9 slot 2 Brandmiester /M0MFS
(30-Apr-2023 to 11-May-2023)

GOTA. Will your Gateway / Repeater be connected to the FreeSTAR Network for this years event? For Gateways On The Air, connect to node 2196 AllStar! Event runs 17th - 25th June 2023! GB7NR, GB3NF, GB3NU & GB3NM. /M0VUB
(25-Apr-2023 to 19-May-2023)

Good news for GB3YT. The repeater now has new owners. The NOV is currently being transferred and the new owners will update as things progress.
73 from the old owners Kay (G8NZR) and Graham (G8POK) and good luck to the new owners with the future of GB3YT /G8NZR

(23-Apr-2023 to 17-May-2023)

First switch on. Reports welcome. /G4ZWH
(20-Apr-2023 to 27-Apr-2023)

The gateway will be off from Thursday evening (20th April) until Friday evening (21s April) due to internet service provider maintenance in the area. /2E0UCW
(19-Apr-2023 to 22-Apr-2023)

Southampton's new APRS digipeater / iGate is up and running in its final configuration. Set your path to WIDE1-1,WIDE2-1 and posit away! Comments & reports welcome. /M0MZF
(17-Apr-2023 to 30-Apr-2023)

There are currently intermittent issues with the internet connection to the Gateway which may result in a drop in connection from the FreeSTAR Network. The issue is being worked on. /2E0UCW
(15-Apr-2023 to 18-Apr-2023)

It has been decided that at sometime during this summer (2023) GB3YT will be permanently shutting down. This is due to several factors, but mainly because the repeater owners are getting older and finding it more difficult to climb ladders, also finding the time to be able to get to site when things go wrong. Other factors include general lack of use and interest in a TV repeater in West Yorkshire, along with the current expense of annual running and maintenance. Long term, we would also be looking at having to spend money in new equipment to reduce the transmit bandwidth - money, time and energy which we no longer have. GB3YT has been on air for over 8 years and has seen low use and low interest, but we have had a few 'regulars' and hope you have enjoyed the time the repeater has been on air. If GB3YT breaks down before its switched off during the summer, then that will be the end of transmission - permanent closedown. 73s Kay & Graham /G8NZR /G8NZR
(12-Apr-2023 to 26-Apr-2023)

and our nest of repeaters are off yet again thanks to SSEN. Timed at 0932, MoBank holiday Monday 10th April, We plan to go to site today later on, in an attempt to get our links not to fail when twitching to battery power! /G4MYS /G4MYS
(10-Apr-2023 to 11-Apr-2023)

and our nest of repeaters... and MB7UV will come back on now SSEN has condresended to reconnect the power to the tower block were in. We are due on site later on to find out what problems the 3 power cuts, totaling 13 hours over the last 4 days of the bank holiday weekend has done to our equipment, which included 10 minutes of 167 volts, and some 60Hz! /G4MYS /G4MYS
(10-Apr-2023 to 11-Apr-2023)

and our nest or repeaters power outage news: The problem started off site during Wednesday afternoon with a 3 phase supply failure which initially tock out much of te east side of Southampton for a while, automatic switching brought it down to an area surrounding our repeater site which remained without power untill 1530 ish the next afternoon some 12 hours later,.. by which time power was restored by bringing in 1,500 Kw of diesal generators, which were parked in the car park, paired up together, One of which kept on dying on peakloads,(!) thus the ongoing blackouts! Our Battery system and its charging system faired well, we noted even on Monday afternoon after a spat of power cuts during the morning, and an on going one which ment We had to walk up the 14 flights of stairs, lugging our kit with us when we had arrived.. We found on arrival at the top floor power was on yet again!, and the charger was charging at just two amps and the volts were well up. We have introduced a higher current battery for GB3SU & 7IV, and upgraded support equipment DC supplies. All of this meant that the next power cut which happened while we were on site ment, everything carryed on working with only the battery fail indicators chirping away being the only way we knew there was a problemI In an attempt to sort out the semi beaconing problem with SH, the repeaters were swoped around. We are operating again on the first Eclipse repeater unit. GB3SH repeater is working well, however despite Alan afforts the SH noise persists, we have ruled out SH ( the mobile Taits ) , The aerial, and the duplexers. We both feel something else is going on and will return to site next week for another "go". Note the better peformance from SH is that it does beacon every 15 mins! and that CTCSS is not sent with the CWID meaning it can be monitored with CTCSS in for silent monitoring. /G4MYS
(10-Apr-2023 to 19-Apr-2023)

Due to site redevelopment and no other local sites available we have taken the decision to permanently close GB3NX. This has been supported by the fact that the repeater has little or no use. The closure has been discussed with members of the Crawley and Horsham amateur radio clubs. /G4EFO
(8-Apr-2023 to 17-Apr-2023)

and our nest of repeaters were subject to another power cut today Saturday 8th April. Repeaters were restored to air and fully linked up by 1230local. Monitoring shows that for a while SSEN supplied us with just 167 volts AC, for 10 minutes on the 6th April between 00:10 & 00:20 local. We will be vising site during thge next few days to sort out the lack of weather station which is likly due to the 60Hz element of the suppy voltage (!) upsetting the UPS. As yet we have no idea what happened to the supply or why. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(8-Apr-2023 to 9-Apr-2023)

is fully on the air following the power outage which affected the area yesterday, Thurday 6th April. However GB3SU & GB3SH are only beaconing for reasons for which a visit to site can only clear. Likewise GB7MT is totally unresponsive this morning. We understand SSEN restored power to site at 0315 this morning after 11 & 3/4 hours, the weather station "Isouth 502" is also still off. /G4MYS
(7-Apr-2023 to 10-Apr-2023)

GB3TR and GB7TQ now running on solar power affter issues withe the battery storage on site. /G8XST
(7-Apr-2023 to 12-Apr-2023)

GB7GX near GLENROTHES reported by MM0DXE as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Fri 7 Apr DMR Mode only - all reports welcome via /GM5DVS
(7-Apr-2023 to 25-Apr-2023)

and GB7IV are off air due to a very localised power cut, and failure of the battery. Likewise lack of internet linking prevents GB7SU communicating with the rest of the world,and GB7MT is on air but is not talking with GB7PO in Portsmouth. Same applies to the APRS station MB7UV as it too cannot talk to the internet. reports power expected back on by 23:59, likewise our weather station Isouth502 is off air. We suspect the GB3SH battery will NOT hold till the morning. /G4MYS /G4MYS
(6-Apr-2023 to 9-Apr-2023)

First switch-on 2 April 2023. RV55 Connected to the South West Cluster FreeDMR Virtual Server. TG9 TS1 Local repeater, TG950 TS2 SWC area wide broadcast. Current PXe is 13dBW. A few tweaks to the Beer Barrel Duplexer required next weekend due to some RX de-sense. See QRZ page for more info and coverage map. /G3XOU
(2-Apr-2023 to 20-Apr-2023)

GB3TR IRLP is down to equipment CTCSS issue on site.Will fix asap to get back on. /G8XST
(31-Mar-2023 to 6-Apr-2023)

Today was a busy day working on the tower and rechecking the new cavities for GB3NA in line with the switch on of the fusion repeater, this will be in dual mode on 145.6125 MHz.
There are 6 cavities, 3 in the receive side and 3 in the transmit side giving over 110db of isolation.
Also there are an additional 2 cavities in the receive side with over 70 db of isolation from the Dstar repeater GB7NA-C which is directly above the fusion repeater.
The same as been done on the Dstar repeater, to reject the Fusion transmitter.
Tomorrow we will lower and tilt the tower again, to adjust the antennas, they are slightly tilted. When we will put the bird spikes on the tower we will be ready for the to spray the tower and re grease it.
Finally on Monday we should be ready to test the Fusion repeater setup, if all is well the fusion should be on the air without the internet connection by Friday. Ernie G4LUE.

(30-Mar-2023 to 4-Apr-2023)

MB7IZZ is now operational. Located in Halewood, Liverpool. IO83NI. TX/RX on 144.900 ctcss 77hz.
Ensure narrow modulation is selected.
For more info please see QRZ /M0OAU

(29-Mar-2023 to 11-Apr-2023)

GB3NA work is almost complete on the tower. We have fitted replacement antennas on the tower fro GB3NA and GB7NA 2m, 70cms, and 23cms.
Work is still continuing on the tower and tomorrow a new set of TX/RX cavities will be checked and installed on site.
It is hoped the fusion repeater will be operational within the next 10 days. Later when we get the wires x box it will be connected to the network. Ernie G4LUE /G4LUE /G4LUE

(28-Mar-2023 to 31-Mar-2023)

DV Scotland Phoenix Announcement: has now moved to a new domain.
The all new DV Scotland Phoenix web site - /GM5DVS

(24-Mar-2023 to 10-Apr-2023)

A helpful article has been created by Steve, G8SFR on linking a Voice Repeater to the Internet and the associated licensing requirements. Click here to view.
(24-Mar-2023 to 11-Apr-2023)

Hi All, I run a gateway MB6RU located in Hednesford, Staffs. And wondered if anyone else had experienced interference on or around 144.850MHz. This interference drifts up and down the band and has been monitored 144.320MHz to 144.875MHz. When strong enough the Blue local light on the Wires X software illuminates, effectively freezing the gateway. If you have experienced this I would be pleased to hear from you and compare notes Regards Rob G0DUQ /G0DUQ /G0DUQ
(23-Mar-2023 to 31-Mar-2023)

usually has a weather station and camera at the repeater site, however We are sorry to report the loss of both the weather station "ISouth502" and our camera. This was due to contractors working in a lift house somewhere in the west of Southampton removing cables and disposing of equipment which was in use!
The Contractors did not destroy or remove and dispose of our equipment, Thus we have to find another way.. The weather station should come back soonest, possibly this week as were fitting a "4G" link to overcome the problem. Due to the amount of data of the camera were looking for another "route" which we know is pending... hopefully soon!

(19-Mar-2023 to 5-Apr-2023)

Now Full operational. Please amend listing. /G6OHM
(13-Mar-2023 to 26-Mar-2023)

Dundee/Angus APRS Digipeater/Igate first switched on. looking for reports /MM0XET
(13-Mar-2023 to 29-Mar-2023)

A document has been produced by ETCC Data Manager, Steve, G8SFR to explain the frequencies available for Packet Radio. Click here to view.
(5-Mar-2023 to 24-Mar-2023)

It has been reported that GB3TR is having QRM and or audio issues.We are investgating this issue at this time, and hope to get to the bottom of the problem asap. Bill G8XST
(24-Feb-2023 to 2-Mar-2023)

GB7CU Near Maryport, Cumbria is now LIVE.
3 ways to connect to the repeater.
C4FM, WIRES X & YSF / PISTAR etc. Frequency on website /GB7CU

(24-Feb-2023 to 20-Mar-2023)

Correction. The link to the dashboard is- /G4HFG
(22-Feb-2023 to 13-Mar-2023)

i. The GB7DLdashboard is now working again. Paste into the address bar in your browser to see who is using the Skegness repeater.
ii. The dPRS allows Google 'Street View' once again. Click on dPRS from the dashboard.

(21-Feb-2023 to 28-Feb-2023)

GB3PZ (Manchester) is now back on the air after several weeks waiting improved weather and is now running at full power, after replacement of feeder cable. /G4WLI
(21-Feb-2023 to 6-Mar-2023)

MB7IAD now operational. On very low power at the moment. /G6OHM
(18-Feb-2023 to 23-Feb-2023)

Tonight the FreeSTAR International "Tech-Talk" Net is back. We are proud to announce our Special guest, Chip Cuccio W0CHP, Developer of W0CHP-Pi-Star-Dash. QRV Saturday 18th Feb 2130 UTC.#freestarnetwork. Visit our website on how to connect to this net. Allstar 2196, Echolink M0JKT-L. Also on Gateways & Repeaters. /M0JKT
(18-Feb-2023 to 20-Feb-2023)

We are delighted to report that former ETCC Chairman and current ETCC Member for Northern Ireland, John McCullagh MBE, GI4BWM has been elected RSGB President for the next two years. His term commences at the April AGM of the Society.
(14-Feb-2023 to 12-Apr-2023)

MB7ISC has now joined the Extended Freedom Network (M0XFN).
A Multimode Network with International Connections cross multiple modes.
Something different for users in the locality to tune into. /GM0WUR

(9-Feb-2023 to 27-Feb-2023)

After 35 Years the GB3KBQ and GB3VS sites have been lost ..however successful negotiations are in place to re-site both beacon and UHF repeater on a utility site in the same area /G4UVZ
(3-Feb-2023 to 28-Feb-2023)

We are proud to report that former ETCC Chairman, and current ETCC Member for Northern Ireland, John McCullagh, GI4BWM has put his name forward for the upcoming election to the RSGB Presidency.
(27-Jan-2023 to 14-Feb-2023)

The Upper Deeside digi-peater MB7UAZ will be turned off from 17th January until 28th January due to home renovations. /MM0EFI
(17-Jan-2023 to 31-Jan-2023)

This repeater is now part of the UK repeaters that are accessible through Echolink.
(16-Jan-2023 to 8-Feb-2023)

MB6TS is back on air from 15/01/2023, power supply replaced and illness of the gateway keeper has delayed the relaunch. /G5HVH
(14-Jan-2023 to 24-Jan-2023)

Hi folks. If anyone has a set of 2m cavities they are looking to dispose of, please contact me via g3zxx.mail(at) 73 Dave G3ZXX /G3ZXX
(11-Jan-2023 to 3-Feb-2023)

Dv Scotland Phoenix Network are happy to announce another repeater has come onto our system GB7AI Located in Hawick Scottish Borders
Band: 70CM (DMU27), Output frequency: 439.3375 MHz, RX Frequency: 430.3375 MHz
This repeater is licensed for ANALOGUE VOICE repeat mode and uses CTCSS tone of 103.5 Hz
This repeater is licensed for DMR and uses c.code 3 and connectivity to DV Scotland Phoenix Network Signal Reports are very welcome.

(5-Jan-2023 to 25-Jan-2023)

GB3PL is not delivering to the area intended. I will be putting in a transfer to Plympton so it can be used locally to cover all of Plympton and most of Plymouth and Saltash. There are several people who can’t get one another or other repeaters but they all hit me at a s9 so the trial will be at my QTH. We have some nearby repeaters that are good for longer distance but I am wanting to provide a local repeater to Plympton and surrounding local areas. /M0WMB
(1-Jan-2023 to 17-Jan-2023)

The FreeSTAR Network will today be hosting a 24hour NYE event “GB0NYE! If you have a RF Repeater or a Simplex Gateway either on Analogue or Digital your are most welcome to directly connect to create some activity on the airwaves. Happy New Year for 2023 Allstar 2195,2196 & 2197. Echolink M0JKT-L. /M0JKT
(31-Dec-2022 to 2-Jan-2023)

Amersham repeaters update - Due to marginal 3G/4G signal levels on site, all internet connected repeaters on the Amersham site (GB3AL, GB7AU & GB7WL) have intermittent network connectivity issues. The Amersham and Tring Repeater Group are looking into ways of resolving this as soon as is practicable, but meanwhile all repeaters remain accessible to local users /G6FGY /G6FGY
(28-Dec-2022 to 12-Jan-2023)

My latest video explains the types of callsigns that can be used with a Notice of Variation in the UK and which licence classes can hold them.
73 Ian /G0VGS /G0VGS

(22-Dec-2022 to 16-Jan-2023)

temporary change in ctcss frequency due to interference. from 88.5hz to 118.8 /MW0XTK
(22-Dec-2022 to 18-Jan-2023)

The FreeSTAR Network will be hosting a 24 Hour Worldwide New Year Eve Net GB0NYE. This net of nets spanning from New Zealand to San Francisco will bring everyone together to celebrate the start of 2023. Connection details on QRZ page or via website. Allstar Users 2195,2196 or 2197, Echolink M0JKT-L. /M0JKT
(21-Dec-2022 to 2-Jan-2023)

Please note that the ETCC will not be processing applications from 21st December until the New Year due to the usual seasonal break. The Status and News Forms however will remain active.
(8-Dec-2022 to 2-Jan-2023)

has been taken off air due to going extreamly deaf. However until we can visit site the quarter hourly beacon will operate as usual. We expect to have repaires finished by Wednesday 14th Deeember. /G4MYS
(8-Dec-2022 to 15-Dec-2022)

MB7UWC is now active. This is an APRS digipeater on 433.800mhz covering Worcestershire. It also listens as an iGate on 144.800mhz and allows seamless 2m to 70cm APRS usage as an alternative frequency to promote the use of APRS locally. This allows users of dual vfo radios to set the APRS on VFO B as 433.800mHz whilst having a chat on VFO A using 2m without any APRS affecting the 2m band whilst you chat !! This is ofcom approved for 24/7 use. Please enjoy & Seasons greetings.. /M1AEC
(6-Dec-2022 to 20-Dec-2022)

(5-Dec-2022 to 30-Dec-2022)

There seems to be some confusion with what callsign to apply for in recent weeks. From our guidance notes:
• Analogue Voice Repeaters: GB3??
• Digital Voice Repeaters: GB7??
• Simplex Analogue Internet Gateways
• MB7I?? for gateways with unattended operation eg 2 metres.
• MB7A?? for gateways which can only operate attended only operation in the physical presence of the NoV holder eg 70cms and 4 metres
• Simplex Digital Internet Gateways
• MB6?? for gateways with unattended operation eg 2 metres.
• MB6I?? for gateways which can only operate attended only operation in the physical presence of the NoV holder eg 70cms
• Repeater RF Links: The same as the repeater callsign
• Packet Radio Mailboxes: GB7xxx
• Pagers MB7Pxx
• APRS iGates: MB7Uxx
• RX Only APRS iGates MB7Rxx
• APRS Digipeaters: MB7Ux or MB7Vx

(27-Nov-2022 to 22-Dec-2022)

MB7IAG Forfar : AllStar RF Simplex Node : Freq 145.2875 Mhz CTCSS Tone 94.8Hz Node Number:562280. Located In Forfar in the Angus Glens & Connected To The Dv Scotland Phoenix Network. /GM5DVS
(14-Nov-2022 to 30-Nov-2022)

Now on its own dedicated aerial and appears to be much improved. Connected as always to North West Fusion Group. Reports welcomed. /G0VGS
(14-Nov-2022 to 23-Nov-2022)

Now on a dedicated aerial. A little lower than the previous aerial but will hopefully still have a good footprint. Connected to North West AllStar Group. Reports Welcomed. /G0VGS
(14-Nov-2022 to 23-Nov-2022)

GB7WM at Astley has been restored and is running at full licenced power. Its main PSU had failed, a backup PSU is now in use. /G4WLI /G4WLI /G4WLI
(4-Nov-2022 to 14-Nov-2022)

MB7IAE gateway on 2m and 10m has been renewed today. Thanks to Steve and the ETCC team for the simple and effortless process. /M0UKB
(2-Nov-2022 to 5-Nov-2022)

GB7WM at Astley, West Manchester has suffered a power glitch and is currently out of commission. It will hopefully resolved on a pending visit and be back in service by 5th November. /G4WLI /G4WLI
(2-Nov-2022 to 4-Nov-2022)

The GB3PZ allstar gateway repeater in Manchester has not been heard for a couple of weeks. I am trying to contact the keeper for details. /G4WLI
(2-Nov-2022 to 8-Nov-2022)

and its linked Southernfusion room is back on air following a computer failure. The system was off for around 30 hours while fault finding was on. For the time being a temporary set up is running the southernfusion room. Meanwhile our computer technicians work out what happened, and even better why! 73 Andy G4MYS keeper GB7IV email to: /G4MYS /G4MYS /G4MYS
(16-Oct-2022 to 1-Nov-2022)

GB3MCB 28MHz Beacon is now qrv on 28.215 1/4 wave vertical 283m asl.CW FT8
G7KFQ Beacon keeper /G7KFQ /G7KFQ

(14-Oct-2022 to 16-Nov-2022)

GB3JB was re-activated at approx., 09:26 this morning, 1st Oct 2022, having been re-programmed to use the new Dial-On-Demand capabilities provided by the NEW SWC server, on Slot 1, TG 9. 73, Dave G3ZXX
(1-Oct-2022 to 19-Oct-2022)

Our 28.215 beacon is now qrv 1/4 wave vertical 8 watts Mode CW FT8 / /
(30-Sep-2022 to 5-Oct-2022)

GB3JB, the linked SWC 2m DMR repeater, was switched off at approx., 14:50 local time today, 29th Sept.
This was in preparation for the change over to the NEW SWC Cluster server, which will provide Dial-On-Demand capability via slot 1 TG 9. It is anticipated that the new server will go live on the 1st October.
GB3JB is now being reprogrammed, as is the router, and it is anticipated that both will return to the site, and re-activated, some time between the morning of 30th September and the evening of the 1st October.
73, Dave, G3ZXX

(29-Sep-2022 to 3-Oct-2022)

Unfortunately, we have had to postpone the antenna installation work scheduled for 29/09/22, due to access difficulties. This is now rescheduled for Wednesday 19/10/22, weather permitting. Other work on site continues and we remain determined that VI will be on the air in the near furture. /G8PYT
(28-Sep-2022 to 20-Oct-2022)

GB3VI - 6 Meter Repeater co-sited with GB3BM and GB3RR at Rowley Regis, near Dudley in the West Midlands. Output 50.860 Input 51.360 CTCSS 67Hz. After yet more setbacks and unavoidable delays, we are now planning to get the antenna rigged on Wednesday 28/09/22. Other equipment for the repeater is already installed and ready to switch on for initial testing. GB3VI will initially operate in Engineering Beacon Mode whilst we get an idea of coverage. That means the transmitter will remain on-air, whether the repeater is in use or not but will only radiate CTCSS (67Hz) when in use. This allows listeners, by enabling their CTCSS Decode, to monitor the repeater for normal traffic but not hear the regular beacon callsigns and engineering test announcements. /G8PYT /G8PYT
(24-Sep-2022 to 28-Sep-2022)

GB7DL in Skegness, spec updated & license re-issued in Sept, thanks to the ETCC. DL is co-joined with other DStar Repeaters on Reflector DCS102S. Activity on DL includes the VK Net on Tuesday at 11.30 BST & the Tuesday ARRG.US Net at 14.15 BST etc. Come and join us on GB7DL ! /G4HFG
(22-Sep-2022 to 18-Oct-2022)

GB3DC & GB7DC Repeaters Will Now Be Operating On Reduced Hours Due To Electricity Cost Increase From October. Proposed Hours Of Operation Are 7am to 10pm. 73 de Dom G7NPW
(22-Sep-2022 to 31-Oct-2022)

We have experienced interference on the output of GB3TR in the form of a C4FM signal.At this time we are investigating. We have the C4FM node owner call and we are trying alert him. /G8XST
(21-Sep-2022 to 11-Oct-2022)

This gateway will be off air on Wednesday 21st September 2022 - due to planned work in the area affecting the internet connection. /2E0UCW
(17-Sep-2022 to 22-Sep-2022)

Internet / network connectivity has been restored at the CRG Barkway site.
All previously affected repeaters are now back online.

(14-Sep-2022 to 22-Sep-2022)

The ADSL Router on site has failed so the repeaters on site that had network connectivity are currently in standalone mode only.
They are: GB3PI (AllStar)
GB3PX (AllStar)
GB7PI (DStar Icom G3)
GB7PT (Fusion)
GB7PX (DMR/P25/non-Icom G3 DStar)
Hopefully a repacement router (Draytek 2860) will be configured and put on site in the coming week. Our Madingley and Washingley based repeaters are still fully operational.
vy73 Rob M0ZPU - CRG Chairman /M0ZPU

(10-Sep-2022 to 15-Sep-2022)

Next Thursday morning 15th September We will shut off GB7IV only, for much of the morning, in an act of respect to a keen SWL called Micheal, who died on a steam train excursion at Victoria station in London, on Thursday 8th September. Micheal kindly loaned us the funds needed to purchase the much needed high performance Procom duplexers which are expected here in England during the next two weeks. He had also been on our stall at rally's to keep an eye on the materials being offered. His kind offer made the purchase of the duplexers happen around three months earlier then may have been. His death ment that some 600 folk on an steam train excursion to Swanage missed out on a much looked forward too mainline steam railway experience, our thoughts go out to them too, his family, and the train spotters, hams in Southampton amongst them, who waited in the rain for a non existent train to pass. /G4MYS
(9-Sep-2022 to 17-Sep-2022)

The RF Link for GB3AG is now online for DV Fusion. The Link allows DV Coverage over a wide area of Fife, Angus & Perth Twice weekly Net's Wed/Sun 1930hrs (Local) on FM, DARC Room DV. /MM0XET
(6-Sep-2022 to 28-Sep-2022)

Now returned to normal service.After a Micro USB card failure. /G6OHM
(5-Sep-2022 to 11-Sep-2022)

FIRST SWITCH-ON from Sat 3 Sep The Gateway will be connected to the NWFG repeater network each morning from 0700 - 0830 to join the Squirrel Net. On Tuesday evenings it will be connected to SuesNet from 1930-2130. Reception and coverage reports are most welcome either on air or by email. /G5HVH
(2-Sep-2022 to 20-Sep-2022)

The Cardiff and District Raynet group have a new website address for their repeaters GB7CD & GB7RB
Please note this correction to previous URL. /GW6CUR

(31-Aug-2022 to 22-Sep-2022)

MB7IAD Off Air
Not sure of the problem.
Might be the Pi. 73 Andy G6OHM. /G6OHM

(21-Aug-2022 to 2-Sep-2022)

Hiya mb7iok is back on air and changed Freq I would love signal reports with it being changed locations to Gillingham.. for signal reports thanks
2e0sgg /2E0SGG

(14-Aug-2022 to 23-Aug-2022)

Amersham repeaters
All repeaters on the Amersham site have now been restored to full service. The router has been re-sited and now has a reasonable 4G signal. /G6FGY

(7-Aug-2022 to 17-Aug-2022)

Due to issues with 4G signal levels to the wireless router at the site, all network linked repeaters will be operating in local mode only until further notice. This affects: GB3AL, GB7AU and GB7WL /G6FGY /G6FGY
(6-Aug-2022 to 8-Aug-2022)

Will be offline on Thursday 4th August 2022 due to maintenance work on the Internet systems in the area. /2E0UCW
(3-Aug-2022 to 5-Aug-2022)

We have recently sold 6x cavity filters for the 2m band, and have 4 more cavity's for sale. If you are interested Please email us, it would be great to know they are in use for another repeater. /M1CMN
(3-Aug-2022 to 22-Aug-2022)

Can we request that repeater keepers with MMDVM boxes that are currently linked to DVSPh-K (used to be Phoenix-K) consider moving them across to the DVSPh-A server. Also could we request that hotspot users, including MB6 Gateways etc, currently on the DVSPh-A server, migrate across to the DMR+_IPSC2-DVSPh-F server instead. Both these changes will help to even the load between the various servers to ensure that we can maintain a good level of service across the network. Thank you for your co operation. DVScotland-Phoenix Admin Team /GB7DVS
(2-Aug-2022 to 23-Aug-2022)

NoV renewed. Normal operation, dual mode - analogue FM and Yaesu C4FM. /GM3SAN
(1-Aug-2022 to 6-Aug-2022)

We are pleased to announce that our DMR Pheonix Repeater GB7SU has moved to join the rest of our repeaters at Hightown, in Thornhill, Southampton.
The coverage will be slightly better then that of GB3SU, with slightly higher RSSI readings.
The move from the west side of the city will increase the coverage area significantly, and bring Pheonix DMR to most of Hampshire, parts of West Sussex, South east Wiltshire, East Dorset and the northern half of the Isle of Wight.
GB7SU is on 439.450Mhz, with a - 9Mhz Transmit split, it uses “colour code 8”, and is permitted 24.5 Watts ERP,... with an aerial 54M ( 177 feet ) above the leafy suburbs of Hightown, overlooking the City, Southampton Water, The Forest, Portsmouth and much of the Island.
further details from our website under GB7SU /G4MYS

(31-Jul-2022 to 20-Aug-2022)

The repeater is currently in YSF mode (FM disabled) as part of the investigation into a possible tx issue. /2E0UCW /2E0UCW
(31-Jul-2022 to 6-Aug-2022)

Repeater maintenance is taking place on Saturday 6th August 2022.
Due to the nature of the work taking place, we will be switching the repeaters off till late afternoon.
This will affect GB7WL (70cm DMR), GB7AU (70cm D-Star), GB3AL (2m FM/YSF), GB3AU (70cm FM) and GB3AM (6m FM). /2E0UCW /2E0UCW

(31-Jul-2022 to 6-Aug-2022)

There are some issues on the transmit side of the repeater resukting in a drop in power. We will be going to site during August to do some investigation work. /2E0UCW /2E0UCW
(29-Jul-2022 to 6-Aug-2022)

What talkgroups are available on FreeSTAR UK DMR+. Well you will find out all about IPSC2 here. A new kind of DMR, Quality, Reliability. FreeSTAR DMR+ IPSC2-FreeSTAR. The UK’s Official! #DMRplus #DMR #Motorola #Hytera #MMDVM /M0VUB
(29-Jul-2022 to 30-Aug-2022)

For some weeks the DV Scotland core team and the administrator of the Phoenix UK DMR network have been discussing a possible merger and management of the two networks into one single DMR network.
DV Scotland manages a network of 14 MMDVM repeaters operating on DMR, D-Star and Yaesu System Fusion. They also operate a DMR IPSC2 Server, a YSF Reflector GB-DVScotland, the XLX600 multimode reflector. 4 Allstar hubs and 2 analogue simplex gateways are also supported.
Phoenix manages a network of 4 IPSC2 servers and 64 DMR repeaters operating as either Motorola, Hytera and MMDVM systems.
The 2 networks are therefore complementary and a merger of the management will be a sensible step forward.
The core team of DV Scotland Phoenix will consist of MM0DXE, GM7HHB, GM4AUP (from DV Scotland) and GM0RDI (from Phoenix). G6FGY will be handling help desk enquiries and assisting with social media. Other duties will be split up between the DV Scotland Sub Admin Team.
Initially it is not planned to make any changes to the current network infrastructure although clearly where there are sensible changes to be made these will be discussed with the repeater operators. For example, it would make sense to rationalise the linking to other networks.
A new helpdesk / ticketing system will be introduced to assist in the management of issues. This new system is currently under final test.
For further information please contact the DV Scotland Phoenix core team via the email address on the DV Scotland website /GM5DVS /GM5DVS

(25-Jul-2022 to 2-Aug-2022)

MB7IAD is now back on air. Now that it has cooled down Enjoy. 73 Andy G6OHM /G6OHM
(23-Jul-2022 to 27-Jul-2022)

The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth repeater group (LYRG) recently undertook a survey of local users. We have published the results on our website which could be of interest to other repeater groups and keepers. /M0JGX
(18-Jul-2022 to 28-Jul-2022)

Due to the extreme heat expected in the Heathrow area on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July 2022, I may have to turn the Gateway off for a period of time on these two days (possibly mid day to early evening) to avoid overheating. /2E0UCW
(18-Jul-2022 to 20-Jul-2022)

MB7IAD off air due to high temperatures. Will be back on when cooler. /G6OHM /G6OHM
(18-Jul-2022 to 24-Jul-2022)

GB7PD will be off air on Saturday 16th of July to allow us to carry out routine maintenance and tests. We will try to keep the outages to a minimum. GW4OZU
(14-Jul-2022 to 17-Jul-2022)

GB3AL (Amersham 2m FM & YSF). The repeater is currently experiencing tx/rx issues on both FM & YSF. Further investigations are required as to the reason for this outage. /G6FGY
(12-Jul-2022 to 31-Jul-2022)

MB6GW is now operating on D-Star only until a new DMR-ID can be obtained. Hopefully DMR will return within a week. /G1LBU
(11-Jul-2022 to 26-Jul-2022)

I will not be available to process gateway or packet applications between the 16 and 24 July inclusive.
During this week I will be in a remote location with very little internet access, yes such places do still exist!
As no NoVs expire in that week, it shouldn’t have too much of an impact.
I will catch up in the week commencing 25 July /G8SFR /G8SFR

(8-Jul-2022 to 26-Jul-2022)

DV SCOTLAND COAST TO COAST NET DV SCOTLAND COAST TO COAST NET EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT FROM 21:00-22:00 UK & WORLDWIDE VIA THE DVSCOTLAND SYSTEM NETWORK Using The Group Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) RF Access: All DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556. TIME SLOT 2 MB7IDD – 145.2375 MHz – CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7ISM – 144.9625 MHz – CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB6AF – 144.825 MHz D-Star XLX600D MB6ST – 144.8375 MHz D-Star XLX600D Network : DV Scotland Allstar HUB – 53937 Ham Shack Hot Line - 94110 DMR Network – TG23556 XLX600D – D-Star, DMR, Star, DMR, YSF YSF – 00-A-DVScotland FCS – FCS23584 Wires-X – 44195 Phoenix UK – TG23556 EchoLink – MM1CXE Peanut – DMR23556 /GM5DVS
(8-Jul-2022 to 10-Jul-2022)

On Sunday 3rd July the West Manchester Radio Club working party dropped GB7WMs mast and replaced the antenna and coax on the repeater. Now using Messi & Paoloni coax. Some users on the margins reporting improvements to service. Reports welcome. /G4WLI
(4-Jul-2022 to 21-Jul-2022)

DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net. Live from 20:00 - 21:30 Using Group Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) Available Via All DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 ( * Please Ensure Your Radio Is Set To Time Slot 2 * ) MB6AF ( Lumphanan ) On 144.8250 MHz ( Multi-Mode Gateway ) MB6ST ( Aberdeenshire ) On 144.8375 MHz ( ** D-STAR DIGITAL GATEWAY ONLY ** ) MB7ISM ( St Monans Fife ) On 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7IDD ( Dundee ) On 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network: Analogue : DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 Digital : DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D Reflector - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland - Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 DV Scotland YSF Reflector 00-A-DVScotland Other ways to connect to the DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network : Echo Link Node - MM1CXE / 672203 ( St Monans Fife Scotland ) PEANUT SYSTEM - DMR 23556 ** HAMSHACK HOTLINE NUMBER 94110 ** more details from /GM5DVS /GM5DVS /GM5DVS
(3-Jul-2022 to 5-Jul-2022)

GB3AU is receiving some abuse and will be turned off for a period should this happen. Unfortunately, this will also result in GB3AM (6m FM) going off during these periods as both are on the same remote access mains plug. /2E0UCW
(30-Jun-2022 to 4-Jul-2022)

GB3BR received frequency clearance from OFCOM on 28/6/22
The repeater was switched on at 14:00 29/6/22
Good reception reports have been received from the predicted coverage area. /G4WTV

(29-Jun-2022 to 13-Jul-2022)

Operational /G4HDS
(29-Jun-2022 to 4-Jul-2022)

GB3AL has been receiving abuse on the FM side. We will be turning off the FM side of the repeater should this happen and the repeater will remain YSF only for this period. /2E0UCW
(29-Jun-2022 to 4-Jul-2022)

is back on air after a very careful retune of the Sinclair duplexers, however as these can not handle very much power, (a few watts) the repeater is Running QRP until we can get the QRO duplexer. /G4MYS
(28-Jun-2022 to 7-Jul-2022)

Today's planned work went well with GB3BM & GB3RR both being back on the air at 1530, with a downtime of less than 6 hours. All equipment is now relocated to a 40U (2 metre tall) EMC-sheilded cabinet, so at long last we have a much tidier installation than the 'temporary' table-top rush job that was done before the second lockdown. There is now also rack space available for GB3VI, and the equipment will be installed over the next couple of weeks, so we are a significant step further towards getting our 6M repeater on the air. /G8PYT
(22-Jun-2022 to 26-Jun-2022)

UHF Repeater for Sale
The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group has a Nokia BSR450n base station repeater for sale.
This unit has been fitted with a matching ctcss module and G1YFF logic.
A new logic ship and be programmed with your repeaters Morse identity at the cost of postage.
The group would like £80.00 for this unit.
Kind regards, James M1TES
Chairman of the Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group. /M1TES

(21-Jun-2022 to 13-Jul-2022)

GB7AU is now connecting to reflectors - we will keep a check on it over the next few days.
(20-Jun-2022 to 30-Jun-2022)

This repeater is currently not connecting to any reflectors. We are currently looking into the issue.
(20-Jun-2022 to 22-Jun-2022)

I am planning to carry out maintenance on GB3BM and GB3RR on Wednesday 22/06/22. Both repeaters will be off the air for much of the day, but should be fully operational again by late afternoon/early evening.
The main reason for this work is to move the equipment from it's current rather makeshift table-top setup into a 40U EMC-sheilded cabinet and also to begin the installation of the equipment for GB3VI, our forthcoming 6M Repeater. /G8PYT

(18-Jun-2022 to 23-Jun-2022)

On its final day the GOTA Event will be hosting three special events stations on "Aviation Sunday" 19th June. The callsigns are GB2VUL Vulcan XL426 at London Southend Airport, GB2NAM Vulcan XL319 at North East Aircraft Museum & the event concludes with GB0GOA on the New Hams Net at 20:00 BST on the FreeSTAR Network.
(18-Jun-2022 to 20-Jun-2022)

First switch on and testing of gateway.
(13-Jun-2022 to 18-Jun-2022)

Now running a beacon every 7 minutes, due to removal from site of the troublesome duplexers. The duplexers are pending ordering soonest.
(12-Jun-2022 to 22-Jun-2022)

The “Gateways On The Air” event will be QRV this Saturday between the 11th -19th June and is hosted by the FreeSTAR Multimode Network. The aim of GOTA is to promote increased RF voice communications via analogue & digital Simplex Gateways while encouraging portable & mobile operation from a location of public interest. For more connection info please visit the GOTA website.
(10-Jun-2022 to 20-Jun-2022)

GB7OR first switch-on from Thursday 9 June
(9-Jun-2022 to 16-Jun-2022)

GB3GS permanently closed down due to insurmountable noise problems on input. GB7GS has taken it's place, with DMR (Phoenix & BM) and C4FM Fusion connectivity.
(25-May-2022 to 2-Jun-2022)

GB7IV our Fusion repeater is rather deaf following weeks of frustrating adjustments of our second hand filters. . Alan G8IPG & Myself feel the best way foreward is to remove IV off air as its both Deaf and on low power TX due to loss of RF in the filters. The "Southern fusion" room is operational as usual, and is accessible via the other repeaters, nodes and hotspots. We are in the process of obtaining for ourselves a set of new duplexers which allow GB7IV to preform excellently, while living peaceably with GB3SH.
(25-May-2022 to 15-Jun-2022)

Does anyone have a spare single cavity UHF filter we could borrow to try and notch out an interfering signal ? e.g. an old Pye SA450 type or equivalent. If the trial works, we will buy one to use permanently. Many thanks Regards Peter G3YXZ Radio Society of Harrow Mob: 07713 155580
(25-May-2022 to 13-Jun-2022)

DV SCOTLAND COAST TO COAST NET EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT FROM 21:00-22:00 UK & WORLDWIDE VIA THE DVSCOTLAND SYSTEM NETWORK Using The Group Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) RF Access: All DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556. TIME SLOT 2 MB7IDD – 145.2375 MHz – CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7ISM – 144.9625 MHz – CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB6AF – 144.825 MHz D-Star XLX600D MB6ST – 144.8375 MHz D-Star XLX600D Network : DV Scotland Allstar HUB – 53937 Ham Shack Hot Line - 94110 DMR Network – TG23556 XLX600D – D-Star, DMR, Star, DMR, YSF YSF – 00-A-DVScotland FCS – FCS23584 Wires-X – 44195 Phoenix UK – TG23556 EchoLink – MM1CXE Peanut – DMR23556
(24-May-2022 to 13-Jun-2022)

The "GATEWAYS ON THE AIR" Event - GB1GOA is QRV between 11TH-18TH June on the FreeSTAR Network. GOTA's aim is simple, to increase RF Simplex Gateway use and promote a increase in QSO's over a 8 day period. We are also encouraging fun Portable operation in a SOTA Style! If you would like to connect your Analogue or Digital Simplex Gateway for the event please contact:
(18-May-2022 to 19-Jun-2022)

SERVICE NOTICE : GB7XG GLENROTHES Is Currently Of The Air Due To Major Hardware Upgrade & Improvements To This Multi Mode Repeater WE WILL UPDATE YOU ONCE ITS BACK IN SERVICE MANY THANKS DV SCOTLAND
(18-May-2022 to 25-May-2022)

2m Cavities Wanted. We would be very interested in hearing from anyone who has a set of VHF cavities, suitable for a 2m repeater, which they no longer require. Contact g3zxx.mail(at) 73 Dave G3ZXX.
(18-May-2022 to 4-Jun-2022)

MB7AKX now operational on most evenings with new NOV to cover an analogue simplex gateway in the local area of Knighton, Powys. TX & RX is on 430.0125 using a 103.5 CTCSS tone narrow FM, please wait 3-4 seconds between overs. Currently on the FreeSTAR and/or East Coast Reflector network. All are welcome if passing.
(18-May-2022 to 28-May-2022)

When connecting your Repeater or Gateway to some type of internet server, it is not unreasonable that the service provider might request proof of you having a valid NoV to run the station to connect to their service. It is the responsibility of the NoV holder to supply the information/proof requested, this is not something that ETCC would respond to without the permission of the NoV holder. Thank you.
(18-May-2022 to 31-Jul-2022)

IPSC2-DVScotland :How to access the DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network: DV Scotland AllStar HUB - Node 53937 DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D D-Star, DMR, YSF FCS Reflector - FCS23584 YSF Reflector - 00-A-DVScotland Wires-X Room - 44195 EchoLink Node - MM1CXE / 672203 Ham Shack Hot Line - 94110 Peanut - DMR23556 RF Access: TG23556 on all DV Scotland Repeaters. RF Internet Gateways: MB7IDD - 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7ISM - 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB6AF D-Star Gateway DCS600D MB6ST D-Star Gateway DCS600D
(11-May-2022 to 24-May-2022)

Following a power outage in the area during April, the powerline system feeding internet to the shack has become unstable which is affecting MB7ICW's connection to FreeSTAR. I'm hoping to have this resolved within the next 1-2 weeks. The Gateway will be switched off only if necessary to comply with shutdown requirements as the system is connected to smart plugs which are also reliant on the internet.
(9-May-2022 to 25-May-2022)

GB7GW now operational on new frequency with new NOV to cover analogue as well as its digital modes.
(6-May-2022 to 17-May-2022)

DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net : Live from 20:00 - 21:30 UK Time Every Monday Night Using The Group Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) Via All DV Scotland Repeaters on Talk Group 23556. MB7IDD – 145.2375 MHz – CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7ISM – 144.9625 MHz – CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB6AF – 144.825 MHz D-Star XLX600D MB6ST – 144.8375 MHz D-Star XLX600D DV Scotland Allstar HUB – 53937 Ham Shack HotLine - 94110 DMR Network – TG23556 XLX600D – D-Star, DMR, Star, DMR, YSF YSF – 00-A-DVScotland FCS – FCS23584 Wires-X – 44195 Phoenix UK – TG23556 EchoLink – MM1CXE Peanut – DMR23556
(2-May-2022 to 10-May-2022)

DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net. Live from 20:00 - 21:30 Using Group Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) Available Via All DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 ( * Please Ensure Your Radio Is Set To Time Slot 2 * ) MB6AF ( Lumphanan ) On 144.8250 MHz ( Multi-Mode Gateway ) MB6ST ( Aberdeenshire ) On 144.8375 MHz ( ** D-STAR DIGITAL GATEWAY ONLY ** ) MB7ISM ( St Monans Fife ) On 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7IDD ( Dundee ) On 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz GB3AG-L Output 145.725 MHz Input 145.725 MHz CTCSS 94.8 Hz DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network: Analogue : DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 Digital : DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D Reflector - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland - Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 DV Scotland YSF Reflector 00-A-DVScotland Other ways to connect to the DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network : Echo Link Node - MM1CXE / 672203 ( St Monans Fife Scotland ) PEANUT SYSTEM - DMR 23556 ** HAMSHACK HOTLINE NUMBER 94110 ** more details from /GM5DVS
(25-Apr-2022 to 27-Apr-2022)

GB3JB. The 2m Analogue FM repeater located in South Wiltshire, is changing mode. With effect from, on or around, the 1st May 2022, GB3JB will be a TDMA DMR system. It will continue to use the same input and output frequencies, RV63. The Colour Code will be 5, Slot 1 will use TG9 and Slot 2 will use TG950. Slot 2 will be connected to the existing South West Cluster of 9 70cm DMR repeaters, bringing the total up to 10 interconnected systems. Further information is available via our web site or via gb3jb.dmr(at) - 73 Dave G3ZXX /G3ZXX
(24-Apr-2022 to 18-May-2022)

Both GB7MB and MB7IMB are now back to normal service after building works have been completed. Reports welcomed /G0VGS
(21-Apr-2022 to 26-Apr-2022)

GB7EB (Beccles DMR) & GB7BE (Beccles D-Star) will be off-air on Saturday 30th April to facilitate building, mast and antenna maintenance. It is hoped that both repeaters will be back on air later the same day. Further details will be at on the groups website /M0JGX
(20-Apr-2022 to 1-May-2022)

GB3HE IN HASTINGS IS Ready to be turned on waiting for the new site NOV to be approved /2E0TXI
(20-Apr-2022 to 30-Apr-2022)

Do you have a Allstar node ? Do you live in Scotland ? Do you want more traffic via your all-star node ? **If you answered yes to the above then have you considered linking up to Node 53937 GM5DVS Scotland if so speak to us about it ** DV Scotland /G5DVS
(18-Apr-2022 to 3-May-2022)

GB3AG-L Internet Simplex Gateway Linked to ( GB3AG Angus Glens Repeater ) Frequency :145.1250 MHz CTCSS Tone 94.8 Hz RF ANALOGUE SIMPLEX GATEWAY More Info: /GM3DVS
(17-Apr-2022 to 10-May-2022)

FreeSTAR Network M0JKT is hosting a special Easter POP UP Youngsters On The Air
Net is QRV this Sunday 1500 to 1700 BST. This net is for youngsters under the age of 25 and encourages a friendly laid back QSO with fellow youngsters on the air.
See our website for details and connection information /GM0WUR

(16-Apr-2022 to 18-Apr-2022)

GB7CO and GB7RN off-air temporarily while work takes place on the power supplies to both. Expected to be back on air 20-04-2022. Joe G3ZDF /G3ZDF
(12-Apr-2022 to 22-Apr-2022)

Both the repeater and gateway will be operating on a lower level antenna for a week or so while building work is completed on our house. Apologies for any inconvenience /G0VGS
(10-Apr-2022 to 18-Apr-2022)

DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net. Every Monday Night ** NEW START TIME NOW ** from 20:00 - 21:30 UK TIME Using The Club Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ). /GM5DVS
(9-Apr-2022 to 12-Apr-2022)

A MMDVM repeater has been installed and is now dual FM and YSF. No default room has been selected which prevents blocking FM use and there is a 15 minute time out where any connected rooms will disconnect.

(9-Apr-2022 to 29-Apr-2022)

This repeater is no longer dual mode and is running D-Star only. No default reflector has been selected and there is a 15 minute time out where any connected reflectors will disconnect. /2E0UCW
(9-Apr-2022 to 29-Apr-2022)

Just a reminder that all personal licences are only valid for 5 years. Please check that yours is up to date. /G7UZN
(6-Apr-2022 to 27-Apr-2022)

DV Scotland Peanut System.
We Have Our Own Peanut Service Available via DMR 23556 This will allow members who may not have a DV Scotland Repeater or Node Near them to join in on our Network.
The Peanut system can be used either on your Computer or your Mobile phone. We feel this is a fantastic service Provided by David PA7LIM who has been working with DV Scotland For Many Years in its development. /GM5DVS

(3-Apr-2022 to 21-Apr-2022)

Work is planned to take place at the Amersham repeater site on Saturday 9th April 2022 from around 10am lasting a few hours. This will involve shutting down all the repeaters on the site for most of this time which includes GB3AL (2m FM), GB3AU (70cm FM), GB3AM (6m FM), GB7AU (70cm D-Star/YSF) and GB7WL (DMR). /2E0UCW
(2-Apr-2022 to 10-Apr-2022)

(28-Mar-2022 to 5-Apr-2022)

The Fort Widley, GB3FW DATV repeater, is looking to get on air, very soon. The transmitter, PA and receivers have been tested and are being built into racks. The PA has taken much longer than planned due to thermal testing and various tweaks to remove the need for any fans where possible, in order to conserve power and maximise TX uptime – target 24/7. As the site is running totally on batteries, we have designed and added a new RMIS IoT remote voltage and current monitor and subsequently noted some issues with the wind generator. Despite time spent trying to repair the generator, it was decided to buy a new one, which culminated in a lot of trawling and finally we are now just awaiting delivery so it can be installed ASAP and tested. We have also increased the battery capacity to over 600Ah and phase installing a comprehensive remote monitoring for the solar, wind and batteries – which is currently partly reporting to our website, alongside the new CWX weather station. The new coax has now also been purchased for both RXs and TX, so it is hoped to get the antennas mounted on the main mast very soon. A test Portsdown BATC stream was added to site but appears to be misbehaving in configuration, so some remote investigations are needed – pending time. Posts are now also being added to our new twitter page @ScartATVGroup, which will get automatic Power/RX/TX status updates from the repeater site too when fully operational. /G8PUO
(28-Mar-2022 to 14-Apr-2022)

The Gateway is now going on 24/7 operation following a period of testing and implementing additional cooling. The Gateway is also accessible via MB7ICW-L on Echolink. /2E0UCW
(27-Mar-2022 to 12-Apr-2022)

DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net. Every Monday Night ** NEW START TIME NOW ** from 20:00 - 21:30 Using The Club Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) Available Via All DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 ( * Please Ensure Your Radio Is Set To Time Slot 2 * ) MB6AF ( Lumphanan ) On 144.8250 MHz ( Multi-Mode Gateway ) MB6ST ( Aberdeenshire ) On 144.8375 MHz ( ** D-STAR DIGITAL GATEWAY ONLY ** ) MB7ISM ( St Monans Fife ) On 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7IDD ( Dundee ) On 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz GB3AG-L Output 145.725 MHz Input 145.725 MHz CTCSS 94.8 Hz DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network: Analogue : DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 Digital : DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D Reflector - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland - Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 DV Scotland YSF Reflector 00-A-DVScotland Other ways to connect to the DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network : Echo Link Node - MM1CXE / 672203 ( St Monans Fife Scotland ) PEANUT SYSTEM - DMR 23556 ** HAMSHACK HOTLINE NUMBER 94110 ** /GM5DVS /GM5DVS
(24-Mar-2022 to 28-Mar-2022)

Gateways On The Air (G.O.T.A) event is back for 2022! Save the date 11th-19th June, kindly hosted by the FreeSTAR Network(Multi-Mode). Press release and event schedule to announced on the 23rd April. /2E1HWE
(22-Mar-2022 to 24-Apr-2022)

Off air at South Hampshire repeater Group site in Hightown, Southampton, We are sorry to report that today weve lost Camera and weather station data link at 0425 AM, this morning, Friday 18th March 2022 We are pleased to say that "GB7IVsouthernfusion" has a short term "private" arrangement, and will not be disturbed by this data circuit failure. At this stage we have no idea on how long it will take to restore the link. We know however there is no power cut on site or the alarms would have been evident to all users ! /G4MYS
(18-Mar-2022 to 27-Mar-2022)

First Switch on for GB3HL, Analolgue and Digital C4FM repeater in Hull. 17th March 2022 1200. 430.9875 MHz (RU79) +7.6 MHz Split CTCSS 88.5 Hz. Reports Welcome to /M0ORH
(17-Mar-2022 to 4-Apr-2022)

MB7ICW is now operational in West Drayton (UB7) just north of Heathrow Airport.
The 2m Gateway is linked to the FreeSTAR network via AllStar - no digital radio required - just add a simplex channel using 145.2125MHz, CTCSS 77Hz and NFM.
Currently running 09:00 - 22:00 daily (approximate times) whilst monitoring the system then I plan to run it 24/7. Coverage reports welcome - there is a QRZ page with details.
Thanks to Shane M0VUB & Bruce M0UKB for the assistance in setting up the gateway. /2e0UCW

(12-Mar-2022 to 24-Mar-2022)

MB7IDD near DUNDEE reported by MM0TMG as OPERATIONAL from Thu 3 Mar [All Reports welcome to DV Scotland Group.] /GM5DVS
(10-Mar-2022 to 28-Mar-2022)

MB7RKF North Glenrothes APRS RX Only Gateway. This Gateway will be active 24hrs 365 to provide Aprs Mobile & Home Locations to the Internet. Coverage will be very good in the Fife , Tayside & Lothians Areas due to the Excellent location of the Receiving Station at 420 Mtrs ASL The Keeper hopes this will be a added addition to provide analog Aprs in the area and will be used by the Mobile & Home Stations in the coverage areas. /GM5DVS
(10-Mar-2022 to 28-Mar-2022)

When you get your shiny new NoV to operate your repeater or gateway, the initial Status is of course Not Operational. Don't forget to update this when you switch it on for the first time, using the STATUS FORM link on this page. /ETCC
(8-Mar-2022 to 19-Mar-2022)

GB3CB Returns to full service from Its Old site 20 floors above Highgate, Birmingham. On RB14 67Hz Please use Narrow Dev on your radios now. /G8NDT
(28-Feb-2022 to 4-Mar-2022)

GB3DZ in Derby is now operational 430.9875MHz Output 438.5875MHz Input CTCSS 71.9Hz. Coverage reduced until a site visit with good weather can be arranged to fully commission repeater. Reports welcome to keeper direct. 73 Dom G7NPW
(24-Feb-2022 to 8-Mar-2022)

DMR+ IPSC2-FreeSTAR is a rapid growing UK DMR Network. The server has interlinks with Phoenix UK, DV Scotland & BrandMeister. For somthing different and UK connected.. Get connected! Google IPSC2 FreeSTAR #FreeSTAR #DMR #HamRadio /M0VUB
(15-Feb-2022 to 10-Mar-2022)

GB7PR is now fully operational. The station has been set-up with all new coax, antenna, connectors and a new mast. It's operational parameters are TETRA, Frequency 434.0500Mhz GSSI = 1 (talkgroup ID) and the MCC = 901 MNC = 16383. Please use your DMR ID as your radio ISSI. The repeater is located in Preston, Lancashire and is connected to echolink also. Licence reference is AM0004869/4. Any issues please contact M0VXT directly. /M0VXT
(14-Feb-2022 to 3-Mar-2022)

the C4FM repeater in South Hampshire is back on air following yet another brown out which drops out the on site RCB socket. We also lost for several hours the weather camera and weather station, (Isouth502) We are pleased to report "southern fusion" stayed on, as is feed from a non-RCB source. Were pleased to report the on site "spy bot" reported the fault within a minute which ensured a quick responce to the fault, with thanks to G7POC, G8IPG, M0XIX, 2E0ZBE, G4MYS, G0WFQ all whom played their part Andy G4MYS
(13-Feb-2022 to 17-Feb-2022)

& GB7PO link has been restored. The problem was caused by a malfunction with the UPS machine which powers the Microwave link between the two repeaters. The UPS machine has been reset and hopefully this is a one off problem. We thank Alan G8IPG & Andy G4MYS and in particular Wes G7CHO the keeper of GB7SO in Gosport for his in depth knowledge of UPS machines. /G4MYS
(7-Feb-2022 to 25-Feb-2022)

The GB7MT & PO Link has failed together with the Camera and Weather station as a result of mains voltage low dips at the Southampton end, the first voltage dip was at 0930 this morning, Sunday 6th Feb.
Our engineers will attend on Monday to investigate and hopefully correct the problem. Our speech repeaters are operating normally as is GB7IV and Southern Fusion, We're grateful to Wes the keeper of GB7SO for reporting this problem. /G4MYS

(6-Feb-2022 to 8-Feb-2022)

(5-Feb-2022 to 8-Feb-2022)

Thank you to the ETCC and Ofcom. GB3VW is now live from the new site in Wymondham. Initial reports are encouraging. /M0ZAH
(4-Feb-2022 to 24-Feb-2022)

associated web site "" has gone live today, the site contains a lot of information about the Yaesu C4FM Fusion system, our network of repeaters and gateways in Southern England, and general radio amateur radio interest material the site will be expanded over time. 73 Andy G4MYS
(3-Feb-2022 to 8-Mar-2022)

Internet restored on GB7GT reconnected to TG75 on slot 1 of Salop Cluster network. /G3PWJ
(28-Jan-2022 to 7-Feb-2022)

The SCART team are really pleased and thrilled to announce that our OFCOM application and Notice Of Variation (NoV), for the GB3FW DATV Repeater, at Fort Widley, has been successful and approved. Further details will be updated on our website in due course.
We would like to thank RSGB UK Repeaters, Noel Matthews, G8GTZ, and OFCOM for the work involved in the licencing process and will now press forward in the repeater build and getting on air ASAP. /G8PUO

(28-Jan-2022 to 16-Feb-2022)

THE DVSCOTLAND BURN`S NIGHT NET : Tuesday the 25th Jan 19.00 till 21.00 pm Utc Hosted By Gordon MM3XGP Available Via All 13 DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 (* Please Ensure Your Radio Is Set To Time Slot 2 *) GB7AY, GB7DA, GB7DM, GB7EY, GB7FE, GB7GD. GB7GG. GB7KN, GB7KY, GB7LV, GB7MM, GB7SM, GB7XG. MB6ST (Aberdeenshire ) On 144.8375 MHz (** D-STAR DIGITAL GATEWAY ONLY **) MB7ISM ( St Monans Fife ) On 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7IDD ( Dundee ) On 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 DV Scotland XLX600D - D-Star, DMR, YSF YAESU Wires-X - 44195 YAESU SYSTEM FUSION FCS23584 YAESU SYSTEM FUSION - 00-A-DVScotland Echolink Node - MB7ISM-L (St Monans Fife )Number 822128 PEANUT SYSTEM - DMR 23556 ** HAMSHACK HOTLINE NUMBER 94110 ** WEBSITE - /MM3XGP
(23-Jan-2022 to 26-Jan-2022)

Steve Morton G8SFR/F4VTF will be special guest on this Saturday's TOP TALK Net on the FreeSTAR Network. Steve will be discussing the ETCC & Simplex Gateway applications. For connecting details please go to website: /2E1HWE
(21-Jan-2022 to 24-Jan-2022)

** GM5DVS Update ** Access via Ham Shack Hot Line has now been added to the DV Scotland Network. Connect to: 94110 from your Ham Shack Hot Line phone. This will Give full access to the Whole of the Dvscotland Multimode Repeater system Any issues please contact the DV Scotland Admin Team. /GM5DVS
(18-Jan-2022 to 2-Feb-2022)

Repeater now on the air with the addition of C4FM (Fusion) which is internet connected. Can users please send any comments to me at /G1LBU
(14-Jan-2022 to 24-Jan-2022)

Please check the date that your NoV expires.
Please set yourself a calendar alert on your phone/pc to apply for renewal at least a week before it is due to expire.
If your NoV expires it is not the fault of ETCC, it is the responsibility of the NoV holder to apply for renewal on time. Yes we do send out reminders, but these are often not received, end up in junk folders or ignored!
Operating the station without a valid NoV is technically illegal.
When an NoV expires the data is removed from our system and you will have to reapply from scratch.
Save yourself and us a lot of work by setting yourself a reminder today for one week before the expiry dates on your NoV or NoVs.
Thank you. / G8SFR [ETCC Data Manager]

(10-Jan-2022 to 31-Jan-2022)

** DV Scotland Update **
Access via Ham Shack Hot Line has now been added to the DV Scotland Network.
Connect to: 94106 from your Ham Shack Hot Line phone.
Any issues please contact the DV Scotland Admin Team. /GM5DVS

(9-Jan-2022 to 24-Jan-2022)

LOCH LOMOND SUNDAY NIGHT NET Via Echo Link MB7IBH-L & Locally In The Vale Of Leven & Clyde Areas On 145.33750Mhz Tone 103.5 From 8pm -9pm UK Time.
We will have The Dvscotland Who Will Be Connected across the there system covering most of Scotland via there 13 Multimode Repeaters For The Duration Of The Net. Net logger will be operating as Normal
RF Access via all DV Scotland Repeaters on DMR - TG23556.
DV Scotland DMR - TG23556 Peanut - DMR23556 DV Scotland All-star HUB - Node 53937 DV Scotland XLX600D Reflector - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland - Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 Echo Link Node - MM1CXE / 672203 DV Scotland Admin Team - GM5DVS

(6-Jan-2022 to 31-Jan-2022)

Hi, just to say GB3BK 70cm repeater on 430.900 (7.6 split) has now been switched on. If you want to send a report please send it to,
73 Dave, G0WYG

(5-Jan-2022 to 27-Jan-2022)

Ian M0CAG, please contact Steve G8SFR, the email address you put on your application for an SSTV repeater doesn't exist.
Your application is declined until we can establish contact! /G8SFR

(5-Jan-2022 to 8-Jan-2022)

Prior to Christmas the old home made DStar repeater was retired.
In its place is a modern TB7100 Tait analogue repeater which I converted for DStar using the dvrptr modem.
The Tait is working very well and in particular its receiver is demonstrating much better sensitivity. /G4HFG

(3-Jan-2022 to 26-Jan-2022)

Following the gale force winds a few weeks ago, the antenna for GB7DZ was knocked from vertical. It has now been restored to its proper position! Original coverage resumed. /M0XDR
(2-Jan-2022 to 13-Jan-2022)

** FRIDAY, 31 DECEMBER 2021 FROM 15:30-16:30 ** THE DVSCOTLAND NEW YEARS EVE DAY HOOTENANNY NET JOIN GORDON MM3XGP @ 15.30PM TILL 16.30PM UK TIME FOR THE SPECIAL POP UP NET KICKSTARTING 2022 USING THE GROUPS CALLSIGN GM5DVS ACROSS THE DVSCOTLAND NETWORK , FREESTAR , PHOENIX & IRN NETWORKS WORLD WIDE on all DV Scotland repeaters TG23556. DV Scotland DMR Network TG23556 Multi-Mode DV Scotland Peanut DMR23556 DV Scotland Reflector - XLX600 - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland Reflector - FCS23584 Fusion II DV Scotland - YSF Reflector - 00-A-DVScotland DV Scotland Wires-X Room 44195 DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 EchoLink Node - MM1CXE / 672203 We will Hopefully be linked up with Loch Lomond Echo link MB7IBH-L 145.3375 103.5ctcss /GM5DVS
(24-Dec-2021 to 2-Jan-2022)

Please note that the ETCC will not be carrying out Vetting of applications from Tuesday 21 December until after the New Year public holiday.
However the STATUS and NEWS forms will still be available during this period.
We all here at RSGB ETCC wish you a Very Happy Festive Season.

(20-Dec-2021 to 4-Jan-2022)

MB7IDD DV Scotland AllStar RF Gateway 145.2375MHz CTCSS 103.5Hz The Gateway is connected to AllStar Link Network and linked to DV Scotland HUB 53937 /GM5DVS /MM0TMG
(16-Dec-2021 to 11-Jan-2022)

MB7ISM Simplex Gateway St Monans Fife Frequency: 144.9625 MHz CTCSS: 103.5 Hz The Gateway is connected to AllStar Link Network and linked to DV Scotland HUB 53937 /GM5DVS
(11-Dec-2021 to 20-Dec-2021)

The new MB7RKF ( Rx Kingdom Of Fife ) Aprs Rx Only Gateway is now up on 144.800 at the moment. And if anyone who has aprs on there radio wishes to give it a test this would help the Keeper ( MM3XGP ) Know how well coverage is . The coverage should cover most parts of Glenrothes and north east fife with coverage also into the Lothians and parts of the central belt it is hoped this iGATE will provide much needed aprs coverage for users in Fife. And other areas and show the received data on the mapping system, Text messages and other functions can be sent via this iGATE PLEASE NOTE : This iGATE is a private Run venture hosted by Gordon Kelly MM3XGP And as such Could i ask you to please only contact Gordon MM3XGP Directly regarding this your cooperation in this would be very much appreciated /MM3XGP
(9-Dec-2021 to 30-Dec-2021)

DV Scotland Monday Multi-Mode Net live from 21:00 - 22:30 UTC Every Monday Night using Call Sign GM5DVS. RF Access via all DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 MB7ISM 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz. DV Scotland AllStar HUB - Node 53937 FreeSTAR Allstar Nodes: 2195 / 2196 DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D D-Star, DMR, YSF Phoenix UK - TG23556 FreeSTAR DMR System X - TG23556 Peanut XRF600D Echo Link Nodes MM1CXE / 672203 MB7ISM / 822128 more info : /MM3XGP
(6-Dec-2021 to 21-Dec-2021)

DVSCOTLAND ** FUSION II REFLECTOR F Have a dedicated YSF Reflector ** Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 ** For all the users that are on System Fusion. Please add it to your radios and enjoy the new system provided /MM3XGP
(6-Dec-2021 to 18-Dec-2021)

On Monday the 6th December we will be changing internet providers, this will enable us to have a fixed IP address. This will allow the group to run a reflector similar to Ref 005A. The changeover will disrupt GB7NA connection to the trust server, the IT person will need to re program the new rooter. ue to the groups IT officer is very, very busy due to her work load so it could be off until the new year. Ernie G4LUE
(4-Dec-2021 to 30-Dec-2021)

im looking for a set of vhf 2M cavity filters to put GB3YA on air at cwmbran in south wales if anyone can help us out my email is thank you Ashley GW0UXJ
(3-Dec-2021 to 29-Dec-2021)

will be internet connected as from 1600 Hours Friday 3rd December, With digital fusion. We'd like to thank in particular Alan G8IPG, Nigel G7POC, John 2E0ZBE, Peter G6GFA, Andy G4MYS for their persistence in getting IV working. /G4MYS
(3-Dec-2021 to 20-Dec-2021)

On Monday the 6th December we will be changing internet providers, this will enable us to have a fixed IP address. This will allow the group to run a reflector similar to Ref 005A.
The changeover will disrupt GB7NA connection to the trust server, the IT person will need to re program the new rooter.
Due to the groups IT officer, she is very, very busy due to her work load so it could be off until the new year. Ernie G4LUE

(2-Dec-2021 to 12-Dec-2021)

GB3KT has been shutdown due to lack of use. The equipment is going to Bromley in Kent for the new GB3BK repeater.
Dave G7UZN

(27-Nov-2021 to 15-Dec-2021)

GB7SM & MB7ISM ** Are currently of air due to power outages at site hopefully this will be resolved after 19.00 on 27/11/2021 more information can be found on or via the groups Facebook page sorry for any inconvenience caused this is out with our control /MM3XGP
(27-Nov-2021 to 30-Nov-2021)

will be connected to the internet as of Friday 3rd December 2021. The room is called "Southern Fusion" and We invite groups, in particular in Southern England connect with us. The NODE I.D. is 41893 The Wires X I.D. Is 31893 further info: /G4MYS
(26-Nov-2021 to 4-Dec-2021)

** DV Scotland Update ** The DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network can now be accessed via YAESU SYSTEM FUSION SYSTEM FCS Reflector. DV Scotland FCS23584 The New Reflector is directly linked to Talk Group 23556 Multi-Mode. Access to FCS Reflectors is available via Pi-Star, Open SPOT Etc. More information can be found at /MM3XGP
(25-Nov-2021 to 7-Dec-2021)

MB7RKF North Glenrothes APRS RX Only Gateway. This Gateway will be active 24hrs 365 to provide Aprs Mobile & Home Locations to the Internet. Coverage will be very good in the Fife , Tayside & Lothians Areas due to the Excellent location of the Receiving Station at 420 Mtrs ASL The Keeper hopes this will be a added addition to provide analog Aprs in the area and will be used by the Mobile & Home Stations in the coverage areas. More details available via /MM3XGP
(22-Nov-2021 to 8-Dec-2021)

DV Scotland Monday Multi-Mode Net live from 21:00 - 22:30 UTC Every Monday Night using Call Sign GM5DVS. BROADCASTING LIVE FROM DUNDEE THE CITY OF DISCOVERY USING THE GROUPS CALLSIGN : GM5DVS RF Access via all DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 MB7ISM 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz. DV Scotland AllStar HUB - Node 53937 FreeSTAR Allstar Nodes: 2195 / 2196 DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D D-Star, DMR, YSF Phoenix UK - TG23556 FreeSTAR DMR System X - TG23556 Peanut XRF600D Echo Link Nodes MM1CXE / 672203 MB7ISM / 822128 /MM3XGP
(21-Nov-2021 to 7-Dec-2021)

The GB7EC Dual mode repeater in Aberdeen will be operating in FM Echo Server mode from 10.30 to 11am on Saturday 20th November 2011 in order to complete “real life” coverage plotting and Rx / Tx balancing. DMR operation will not be available during this time. The aim is to have saturation coverage with in the A90 City bypass with a 4W hand portable and mobile coverage 10km outside the A90 in the “Near Shire” with a 20W Mobile in to an externally mounted ¼ wave antenna. Reports welcome to /GM7RYR
(19-Nov-2021 to 29-Nov-2021)

On Monday, 6 December 2021, RSGB's Tonight @ 8 will feature Noel Matthews, G8GTZ, ETCC Deputy Chairman and TV Manager who will be presenting on the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of amateur TV.
Noel will give an overview of ATV activity in the UK and, in particular, how the use of reduced bandwidth signals has enabled ATV QSOs on the lower VHF bands.
This free webinar can be seen on the RSGB’s website at, or on the RSGB YouTube channel and special BATC stream where you’ll be able to ask your questions live. [GB2RS]

(19-Nov-2021 to 7-Dec-2021)

GB3RW is now Internet connected to the Sussex AllStar network. Currently the network consists of GB3CC, GB3EB, GB3LR and GB7ZE. This means that when any of the repeaters are accessed, the others in the network are also activated. /G4WTV
(11-Nov-2021 to 7-Dec-2021)

and GB7IV currently off air due to RCCB tripping out after a series of power cuts in the Thornhill area of Southampton. The battery back up has also died. Engineers will be going to site shortly to fit a much smaller 40 Amp hour battery(!), and reset the RCB. We were alerted by our cleverly designed M0XIX logic which produces a "B" at the end of overs to signify the CTCSS tone, of 71.9Hz, but also when on battery it sends a second "B" for battery in a lower assenting tone, which as was noticed today is very distinctive! All four of our repeaters should be back on air by 1400 provided the SEB have their act in order too! /G4MYS
(9-Nov-2021 to 12-Nov-2021)

is on air again, the outage which also affected GB7IV was caused by power supply dips and " distorted inputs " according to the UPS machine on site. This in turn was due to the SEB doing work in the "area" The repeaters went off at 1030AM and the power supply problems went until 1148AM. The repeaters were returned to air at 1330PM.
(9-Nov-2021 to 12-Nov-2021)

FreeSTAR Network are looking for Repeaters and Simplex Gateways that would like to connect to our multi-mode network..... We will be running special events over Christmas and New Year and want to promote the hobby to all..... /M0UKB
(9-Nov-2021 to 30-Nov-2021)

All at the ETCC are welcome to join the Ham Radio Network Zoom Presentation his evening (Monday 8th) @ 19:30 GMT. Oscar 2E1HWE will be discussing Analogue Simplex Gateway MB7ISX , Allstar & FreeSTAR Network. Zoom Room: 5249312563 Zoom ID: 524 931 2563 /M0IRU
(8-Nov-2021 to 25-Nov-2021)

Original repaired logic installed 30/10, with many thanks to Ian G0TJH for loan of his logic snd to Roy G4WTV,Ian and Jonathan 2E0SAJ for re-installation. /G3UEQ
(30-Oct-2021 to 11-Nov-2021)

GB7RMS Packet BBS is now active in the Romney Marsh area of South Kent. /G0GCQ
(25-Oct-2021 to 10-Nov-2021)

Is on air, at last, in its new format as a C4FM repeater based at Hightown, nr junction 8 of the M27, Southampton. IV will be a stand alone repeater for the time being as we sort out teething problems, We want to get it internet connected soonest. GB7IV uses a DR2 repeater from Yaesu, 4 of 8" filters, and a duplexer from Sinclair , the aerial is a colinear which is perched on top of the 4 stack UHF aerial of GB3SU some 170 ft above the leafy suburbs of Southampton. Website:
(18-Oct-2021 to 10-Nov-2021)

I’m currently in the process of putting a 2M repeater so air in Cwmbran South Wales GB3YA we have everything except a set of vhf cavity filters if anyone could help us out that would be excellent My email If you could send me make model and some pictures and the cost I can arrange collection anywhere in the uk 73s Ashley GW0UXJ /GW0UXJ
(15-Oct-2021 to 27-Oct-2021)

We have some 2m cavity filters for sale, if you are looking to put a 2m repeater on the air please get in touch. /M1CMN
(7-Oct-2021 to 28-Oct-2021)

Thank you to all our radio friends, supporters and users of GB3SP for all the signal reports and generous words of encouragement, during and following the reinstatement of the repeater; to include a new mast and aerial installation, carried out in the summer. We are encouraged and after a year of worry, which could have resulted in the demise of the repeater after 43 years of service. We must not forget the help from ETCC with the scrolling news, which is great. Thank you all, 73/88, Martin GW3XJQ and Barbara MW0RLD /GW3XJQ
(4-Oct-2021 to 31-Oct-2021)

We are busy updating our website over the next week or two. If any repeater or gateway keepers want their details and frequencies adding to the list of access points to North West Fusion or Allstar Group then please contact us on here or via the website. Thank you.

(2-Oct-2021 to 27-Oct-2021)

Allstar node number changed to 55338. /G3UEQ
(1-Oct-2021 to 20-Oct-2021)

GB3CC is now connected to AllStar network using node number 48907. /G3UEQ
(28-Sep-2021 to 1-Oct-2021)

The RILGES Hasting site is now back in operation as a new school (Flagship School’s new campus on the site of the former Ark Helenswood Upper School). This is great news. A special licence is underway to allow RILGES to re-install the repeaters (GB7HE, GB3JT, GB3HX), and re-erect the main mast on top of the tower block. Around two days work is required for this, so once we have a green light Dan M0HOW and myself can plan the works. This is currently in legal processing and we hope to get back very soon. /G8PUO
(22-Sep-2021 to 14-Oct-2021)

GB3CC returned to service at 11:45am 17/09. With grateful thanks to Jonathan 2E0SAJ, G4WTV and G0TJH. It is proposed all being well to implement AllStar at a future date. Because of this can users please turn off Tone Squelch so ident and changeover acknowledgement (K) can be heard. /G3UEQ
(17-Sep-2021 to 6-Oct-2021)

GB7VAX is now operational. The DXCluster has feeds from Canada, UK, Netherlands, Slovakia, Uruguay, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Software and system are running stable. Open for business!! /G0VAX
(15-Sep-2021 to 2-Oct-2021)

Users of Peter Kendall’s excellent G7RPG Allstar node should note to now connect to 53573 not 40338 for North West Allstar Group. Thanks /G0YLM
(6-Sep-2021 to 24-Sep-2021)

GB3SP is back on the air after a three month closedown and rebuild with new mast, single stacked array aerial, filtering and other technical modifications; which seem to have improved overall performance. Signal reports and comments on receive access, from all stations, near and far, would be much appreciated via the website:- or email to GW3XJQ (QRZ.COM) thank you all for your support and vy 73, Martin GW3XJQ
(6-Sep-2021 to 30-Sep-2021)

As of today, the NoV for GB7VAX was approved by Ofcom. It was extremely quick in processing,, to the point of the Internet DXCluster is available,, but the 2mtr access (144.950MHz) is not ready.
Telnet address for the cluster is port 8000
It is running the VE7CC software. /G0VAX

(1-Sep-2021 to 15-Sep-2021)

GB7YL Reprogrammed and operating on the new frequency allocation. Output: 145.7875 Input: 145.1875 CC: 1

(26-Aug-2021 to 16-Sep-2021)

Can we ask that all users of GB3BT use the correct deviation when accessing the repeater?
Some people sound really chopped and noisy through the repeater and it sounds like they are using excessive deviation.
The max deviation the repeater accepts for clean audio is 2.5khz or the narrow setting on your radio.
We think the output deviation from BT is possibly also slightly on the high side and we hope to correct this soon along with a slightly longer hang time. /GM7LUN

(22-Aug-2021 to 9-Sep-2021)

We had the 70 cms Dstar repeater go down resulting in low power, 0.7watt in low or high power, removed the repeater from the Dstar rack, checked RF output from the transmitter direct. It’s the transmitter at fault.
Downloaded the service manual, not a lot of use.
Removed duplexer, slightly adjustments now 80 dB boathouse sides, so this put in to a spanking brand new ID-RP 4000V, removed the RG58 leads from the transmitter and receiver, made correct lengths of leads in to duplexer with RD45 cable cut to correct lengths 3/4 wave lengths. Up and running.
After speaking to ICOM UK Service department, shipped the Dstar 4000V to them.
Is it the PA or something else, hand on heart how much.
Got a email, 1/2 hour labour 20 pence parts £7.00 shipping back to me with detailed repair and repeater checked over under £50, gobsmacked.
I asked my friend Richard if he would check the standby duplexer, if you look at YouTube rfmanrfman, he as done a very nice video of the setup. Almost 100 db isolation both sides.
This now put back in the original repeater, new cables to and from the duplexer, all ready to re-install.
Thank you Icom UK, for the prompt service of our 70 cms repeater prompt honest service and return to us.
Richard also repairs test gear.
Ernie G4LUE.

(19-Aug-2021 to 30-Aug-2021)

Had to replace 4000v uhf Dstar repeater, the unit installed in rack I believe the PA unit is faulty. 0.7 wats on low or high power. Fitted new ID-RP 4000v. Removed duplexer from old unit, checked the alignment all above 80db fitted in to new module, all back up running reports welcome. Ernie G4LUE
(2-Aug-2021 to 23-Aug-2021)

Silent hour for a silent key. Simon G8ATB GB7SJ will be switched off for 1 hour between 8-9pm Tuesday 3rd August. This is the usual time for the Mid Cheshire Amateur Radio Society club net every Tuesday. Normal service will resume after the hour is up. RIP Simon. /M0WTX
(2-Aug-2021 to 4-Aug-2021)

GB7AB is now C4FM and is working well around the Aberdeen Area. The DR-2XE connects to the YCS235 Server via the internet. At the moment it is locked to DG-ID 25 CQ-UK. You can also connect via YSF Reflector 23501 GB CQ-UK YCS235. Dmr users can also get in using TG 2351 Phoenix network. /GM7KBK
(1-Aug-2021 to 20-Aug-2021)

GB7AU has returned to service as a MMDVM repeater. It's currently on YSF (not linked to Wires-X) but is due to go dual mode with D-Star.
If anyone would like to donate to the Amersham and Tring repeaters and the costs associated with running these sites and providing 4G internet, please do so via www dot 77hz dot com

(31-Jul-2021 to 11-Aug-2021)

Site testing is now completed. The repeater is now dual mode on D-Star and YSF (not linked to Wires-X). /2E0UCW
(31-Jul-2021 to 11-Aug-2021)

Since upgrading GB7DS to MMDVM we no longer require our UHF DR3000. If anyone is interested in purchasing the unit please contact me. /M0ZAH
(27-Jul-2021 to 14-Aug-2021)

We are removing the -C from the end of GB7PD-C because GB7PD-B was never completed & the equipment sold and it’s therefore irrelevant. There was originally to be -C VHF Dstar and -B UHF Dstar. There were technical problems getting -B on the air and -B has now been abandoned. -C also causes confusion with the ctcss tone frequency. We still have VHF Dstar on site that will be switched over from time to time. The ID will read GB7PD - F for 94.8 tone in future. /GW4OZU /GW4OZU
(25-Jul-2021 to 8-Aug-2021)

GB7MM and MB6FU will both be off air for one week from Sun 18th July until Mon 26th July /GM0RML
(18-Jul-2021 to 27-Jul-2021)

GB7PD-C will be temporarily off the air this morning due to the coax feeder needing replacement due to damage. Hopefully this won’t take too long as we have to take advantage of the good weather. /GW4OZU
(17-Jul-2021 to 21-Jul-2021)

The Repeater seems to have a problem on it's input. You can not access it even if your located near the power station in Corby it'self. This has been the case for about 14 days or more from 17/07/2021. /G1KDU
(17-Jul-2021 to 21-Jul-2021)

The MMDVM repeater is back in service, connected to the Phoenix network. /2E0UCW
(10-Jul-2021 to 21-Jul-2021)

MB7IMB ( North Lancashire) is now back on North West Allstar Group apart from 10am-12pm when it will be connected to Blind Veterans UK. It is on 145.237.5 CTCSS 110.9 /G0YLM
(9-Jul-2021 to 26-Jul-2021)

GB3ER update - a Yaesu DR-2XE has been installed with AMS set for digital inputs. No internet linking at present /G6JYB
(8-Jul-2021 to 30-Jul-2021)

The MMDVM repeater has had some software modifications and upgrades. It's currently on bench testing to check if the technical issue has been resolved. The hope is that it will return to service in a few weeks. /2E0UCW
(6-Jul-2021 to 10-Jul-2021)

Unfortunately, the Thames Valley Repeater Group (TVRG) has to announce that the GB3AW UHF repeater located 7 miles SSW of Newbury in Berkshire has to move site. The existing site at Ashmansworth has been sold and is being developed. We have managed to find another site fairly close at a similar height. There is a fair amount of work to be done, taking down the existing mast and erecting a new one at the new site. The equipment is being rehoused to occupy less room and we will probably take the opportunity to update the control logic. Timescales at the moment are flexible but it is most likely that the existing GB3AW will go “off-air” by the end of July. When it returns is dependent upon on a number of factors, not least when we receive approval from OFCOM for the move. Although the new site is fairly close to the old one, the distance is such that it has to be regarded as a new repeater application. Having said that, we would do not expect there will be any problem is obtaining approval. As a guess, we would hope it could return by the end of September. GB3AW has been on air from the present site since 1978 and has been run by TVRG since 1992. Still, all good things come to an end, and we hope you will find the “new” GB3AW useful to you. /G8DOR
(4-Jul-2021 to 31-Jul-2021)

After much work today erecting the antennas and testing, GB7PD-C was switched on at 15:00 this afternoon. Initial signal reports appear to be very good and will be trying different locations in the coming weeks. Thanks to Ian MW0RRW for all his help. /GW4OZU
(3-Jul-2021 to 29-Jul-2021)

GB7WL's new repeater was installed on 19th June however there have been a few techical issues which we are unable to figure out remotely.
Therefore, the repeater was removed from site on 26th June so it can go for further testing.
It's expected to be off air for a couple of weeks.
If anyone wishes to donate to the Amersham & Tring sites, please go to the 77hz dot com website - the page will also contain updates as they become available. /2E0UCW

(27-Jun-2021 to 12-Jul-2021)

The Wires-X RF Link GB3WG-L is now active and being tested. /MW0KJN
(24-Jun-2021 to 29-Jun-2021)

An upgrade was made to the GB3SH logic and that was fitted on Sunday 20th June. This modification to the M0XIX logic tells us importantly if we are running on batteries. Thus in normal conditions at the end of an over We get pairs of pips. However when running on battery's we are greeted by a "B" in morse at the end of an over. Problem for us of course the "B" also is an indicator of our 71.9Hz CTCSS tone! We also need to know even when the repeater is idle what is going on, thus when GB3SH beacons every 15 minutes when idle running on either AC or DC, it sends "GB3SH B" - should it be running on batteries them another "B" is sent in a different octive (tone) to alert us to its operational state. /G4MYS
(22-Jun-2021 to 7-Jul-2021)

We would like to thank all that participated in the FreeSTAR UK - Gateways On The Air event. On behalf of GB3NF & the FreeSTAR team. Thank You! /M0VUB
(21-Jun-2021 to 23-Jun-2021)

"Gateways On the Air" would like to thank all the Gateway keepers who connected for the 8 day event to increase QSO Activity and rinse awareness which will hopefully encourage others to use the local Gateways. Also big thanks to the FreeSTAR Network for hosting the connections. We will be back again next year! /2E1HWE
(21-Jun-2021 to 3-Jul-2021)

At the request of our local users MB7IMB,that serves the Morecambe Bay Area, will be connected to HubNet. However, it will automatically connect to the Blind Veterans UK room between 9.45am and 4pm. Please note the gateway can be still be moved to North West Allstar Group or any room of your choice at anytime by using dtmf tones. The gateway is on 145.237.5 and uses a CTCSS of 110.9 /G0YLM
(19-Jun-2021 to 30-Jun-2021)

We are supporting The Gateways On The Air Event (GOTA) by connecting to theFreeSTAR Network for this Weekend. Cheers Chris @ Moonraker /G0WTZ
(18-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

Will be joining the GOTA Event. Also Wires X repeater GB7DM in the Lock Lomond area. /MM3DDQ
(12-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

MB7IMB in Morecambe is now connected to Blind Veterans UK on a trial basis for the next 2 weeks. The gateway can still be moved to another room if needed. /G0YLM
(11-Jun-2021 to 23-Jun-2021)

I will be parking on WIRESX room 41729 for the duration of GOTA Gateways On The Air. Covering Northern Milton Keynes Area. /2E0KOA
(10-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

MB7AAE Simplex Gateway will be connecting up to Gateways On the Air Event (GOTA) 12-20th June. /M0UKB
(10-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

The FreeSTAR Wires X room is now live! connect via 41729. Thank you to CQ UK for hosting the room, just in time for the GOTA Gateways On The Air Event. / GM7KBK
(7-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

We now have the new NOV for GB7PD-C and we hope to put it on the air within the next 2-3 weeks. It’s a very remote site that requires much planning But at over 800 ft asl it should be worth it. Will report progress soon. /GW4OZU
(7-Jun-2021 to 17-Jun-2021)

We are pleased to be connecting GB3CD to the Gateway On The Air Event. /G7OCK
(6-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

GB3NF & GB7NR will be taking part in the Gateways On The Air Event. GOTA. /M0VUB
(4-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

MB7IZR Simplex Gateway will be connecting up to Gateways On the Air Event (GOTA) 12-20th June. /M0TZR
(3-Jun-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

With building access now sorted, the internet is restored. GB7WM at Astley is now running Wires-X again. We are now using separate node radio and the repeater running it's full licenced power. /G4WLI
(29-May-2021 to 17-Jun-2021)

MB7IAE has confirmed its connection for the GOTA -Gateways On The Air event. 12-20th June. /M0UKB
(28-May-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

MB6INB, covering a large section of the Northern part of the Norfolk Broads (Wayford Bridge, Stalham, Sutton, Barton Broad, River Ant), is active.
The Wires-X Gateway will normally be parked on CQ UK UK so there should always be some activity to listen to and join in with. Feel free to move the Gateway to another Wires-X Room if you wish. (There is a 15 minute time out.)
The Gateway will be active most of the time throughout the May Bank Holiday weekend and the remainder of the half-term week.
(As this is an "attended gateway", there may be times when it is not active, but do please try again later in the day. Enjoy your holiday in the Norfolk Broads safely and with consideration for others. G6NLX

(28-May-2021 to 2-Jun-2021)

GB3PO is experiencing very low output at the moment. Our team is investigating /G7CIY
(26-May-2021 to 3-Jun-2021)

MB7ISX will be connecting to "GOTA" Gateways On The Air Event (12th-20th June).
(25-May-2021 to 21-Jun-2021)

Dear ETCC, It would be great to talk to you about the inaugural Gateways On The Air Event (12th-20th June) that I have organised. The Main aim of GOTA is to increase RF communications and “Portable/Mobile activity” over a 8 day period though linked Analogue & Digital Simplex Gateways which are accessible to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators. More details can be found at . Anything you can do to help us would be greatly appreciated. I looking forward to hearing from you. /2E1HWE
(24-May-2021 to 20-Jun-2021)

Post COVID work on GB3SU involved fitting a circulator in an attempt to keep GB7MT from causing blocking. We also fitted a circulator to GB3SH to try and rid ourselves of the data QRM from the co sited Southampton City Council system, hopefully that will do the trick. We will only find out as the week goes by as We cannot stimulate the SCC transmitter in to operation! ( and rightly so ) On the 3rd of May our onsite weather station recorded a peak windspeed of 72.5 MPH... during all of this an abandoned TV aerial which was left in situ, and was unknowingly about to fail, curiously the fitters who put the new one up last year simply cut the coax to it, and connected that coax to the new one further down the domestic aerial mast and left the old one to its own devices. Friday afternoon shortly after 1300 the rear half of that TV aerial fell off!, landing on the roof, and rolled into view of our weather camera! As the windspeed this morning were low enough for us to access the roof and check our aerials and the others, We Recovered the rear half of the aerial before it went any further. We will never know why it was replaced but - the F plug aerial connector had no weather proofing! /G4MYS
(24-May-2021 to 31-May-2021)

MY new Gateway MB6IGG is on air as from 19/05/2021. All the best Colin Santer G6JVT.
(19-May-2021 to 27-May-2021)

The NOV was granted by Ofcom on Monday 17th May 2021. /G6JVT
(17-May-2021 to 21-May-2021)

GB7AB Aberdeen working as normal. DMR + on slot 1 with Brandmeister on slot 2. Contact GM7KBK if you require a static talk group set up on repeater. /GM7KBK
(15-May-2021 to 26-May-2021)

We are hoping to install GB7PD-C in an excellent location near Milford Haven on a commercial mast. When we have applied for and received the new NOV we will put it on the air. There are some holdups at the moment but we are making progress and hope to have some more news soon. /GW4OZU
(15-May-2021 to 31-May-2021)

Please note that GB3SP is NOT OPERATIONAL as of 3.37 pm today 13th May 2021. All information as to status will be available at website GW3XJQ
(13-May-2021 to 21-May-2021)

I am pleased to report that GB3GS is now fully operational. I'd like to thank Rob M0ZPU and the CRG for their kind loan of the filters which had made GS possible. Now working on DMR & FM. Reports welcome to /G0FFM
(12-May-2021 to 19-May-2021)

GB3SP will be switched off on Thursday 13th May 2021 for aerial dismantlement and maintenance. Further information will be provided in due course. GW3XJQ
(12-May-2021 to 21-May-2021)

GB7GW now covers TGIF network on timeslot 1 & Brandmeister on timeslot 2. See GB7GW QRZ page for further details. /G1LBU
(10-May-2021 to 18-May-2021)

first switch on of MB7AME allstar node within the merthyr tydfil area NODE NUMBER 469300 GW0UXJ
(10-May-2021 to 26-May-2021)

GB3OV squelch problem has now been fixed by Richard 2E0FRQ and Alan M0FDA.
Repeater busy as ever.
73 Andy G6OHM Repeater Keeper of GB3OV.

(4-May-2021 to 7-May-2021)

RSGB beacon and repeater insurance has now been renewed for the year to April 2022.
Insurance certificates can be downloaded from the RSGB website; please use your RSGB Membership Services login to obtain a copy of your certificate.
To ensure that your beacon or repeater is covered under the insurance, a £10 admin fee is required and you may renew this online at the RSGB shop.
Please allow a couple of days after renewal for your certificate to be dispatched.

(1-May-2021 to 20-May-2021)

Just inform everyone GB3OV has a squelch problem. In that it is being held open. Myself and Richard 2E0FRQ are aware. This problem will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks Andy G6OHM. Repeater keeper of GB3OV
(1-May-2021 to 12-May-2021)

MB7IWD at Widnes will be doing test on 144.900 mhz next week hope to be up and running by next week end 24 april /2E0MZF
(18-Apr-2021 to 30-Apr-2021)

Camera & Weather station at GB3SH off down.
Were sorry to report that there is a failure in the link somewhere which has downed our system. We have an unusual system as we have Wifi link across the city in two hops to access the internet.
We have good reason to believe thatthe problem exists with the Internet supplier who are changing cables and equipment in their network, this may be also associated with a vandalism attack on their equipment in Southampton city centre, on Monday 12th.
We are aware that our camera and weather station went down at 12:07BST on Monday 12th April 2021, at time of writing We have no news at all, of when We can expect a re-connection. GB7MT will operate as normal as it uses a Microwave RF link to GB7PO. G4MYS /G4MYS

(13-Apr-2021 to 20-Apr-2021)

Now fully operational after coverage tests. /M3JCA
(8-Apr-2021 to 12-Apr-2021)

GB7WM in Astley, Lancs is back on the air. It is now running optimum power, so should have a small range improvement. Internet connections however will have to wait a while, due to site provider partial power failure. Expected back by 17th April. /G4WLI
(7-Apr-2021 to 29-Apr-2021)

What is the difference between a repeater and a gateway? Ian G0VGS of the North West Fusion Group explains the difference in his latest video on their YouTube channel. Check it out:
(3-Apr-2021 to 2-May-2021)

First Switch on and coverage tests. Tests will be carried out over the next week. /G1LBU
(31-Mar-2021 to 15-Apr-2021)

Now Licensed and operational at Fleetwood, Lancs. /M0RGV
(30-Mar-2021 to 6-Apr-2021)

On air now - 2m Fusion DV gateway on 144.8875MHz
Situated on Cribden Hill above Rossendale with good take-off to the South. Overlooking the Rossendale Valley, Bury, Manchester and beyond.
Connected to North West Fusion Group.
Coverage reports welcome. /MB6RO

(30-Mar-2021 to 14-Apr-2021)

There is now a Facebook group for anyone holding a NOV for a Fusion repeater or gateway. Hopefully will be of use to keepers or anyone considering an application to run one. /G0YLM

(26-Mar-2021 to 7-Apr-2021)

After an internet outage at West Manchester Radio Clubhouse the Wirex-X computer failed to recover, knocking out connectivity for GB7WM. After restoring services, it seems things are a bit worse than feared and we have lost power output from the machine. It is likely GB7WM will not be transmitting until we can arrange a power amplifier replacement. /G4WLI
(23-Mar-2021 to 7-Apr-2021)

Additonal Frequencies on 2M for gateways
ETCC have agreed to reuse 4 channels in the 2 metre band for DV and FM gateways 144.8750 MHz DV gateway 144.8875 MHz DV gateway 144.9000 MHz Analogue gateway 144.9125 MHz Analogue gateway Preference initially is being given to applicants that have had their applications refused in the last few months because of the lack of spectrum in their area. It is hoped that these extra channels will help fill in some of the coverage gaps, although we realise that we will never be able to satisfy everyone's demands in areas of high amateur population. Please be considerate about applying if you already have access to a 2 metre/70cms repeater in your area. Thank you Steve G8SFR/F4VTF
(21-Mar-2021 to 21-Apr-2021)

NOV received this morning and MB7IGL is now on line connected to the North West Allstar Group Network via Allstar. Reduced power at present but should cover Lancaster and some of Morecambe at the moment. 50.530MHz CTCSS 82.5 so crank up your big radio and join us. /G7CDA
(19-Mar-2021 to 4-Apr-2021)

The Yaesu Fusion Repeater GB7WH in Wrexham is now on air. The internet link to the Northwest Fusion Group is currently in beta testing. Coverage reports welcome. M0XDR /M0XDR
(19-Mar-2021 to 4-Apr-2021)

Hosted by the North West Fusion Group. Steve G8SFR was interviewed by Ian G0VGS in to his work on the RSGB ETCC. See his presentation on how NoV's for Simplex Internet Gateways are processed and reveals the black magic behind frequency assignment and why some applications get refused on the grounds of the lack of available spectrum. "The radio spectrum is already packed and unfortunately they've stopped making any more of it"!!

(18-Mar-2021 to 16-Apr-2021)

MB7INX-L now operational as of 17/03/ 2021 Cwmbach, CwmCynon.IO81GQ on 2m band 144.9625 . /GW4UAJ
(17-Mar-2021 to 31-Mar-2021)

APRS iGate now active in Hull. /M0ORH
(16-Mar-2021 to 8-Apr-2021)

MB7UAZ, the Upper Deeside 2m APRS digipeater and I-Gate has had some upgrades. The repeater has suffered from numerous mains outages over the past months, mainly due to the supply to the rural property being pole fed. The repeater now features a battery backed mains supply and UPS powered raspberry pi3b. At the same time, the opportunity was taken to upgrade the TNC software to Direwolf 1.6, and make minor changes to the beacon text. Finally, with permission of the XYL,some holes were drilled, conduit run and the Raspberry Pi is now hard wired to the home router via cat 6 cable. These upgrades should improve resilience massively. /MM0EFI
(12-Mar-2021 to 23-Mar-2021)

The Hope Bagot Repeater Group are pleased to announce that MB7RLE iGate has been moved to Woofferton Transmitting Station, helping to provide APRS RX Coverage up and down the A49 in Shropshire/Herefordshire /G8XYJ
(9-Mar-2021 to 30-Mar-2021)

Gateway MB7INX-L now operational at Cwmbach. /MB7INX-L
(8-Mar-2021 to 15-Mar-2021)

The gateway is now live most days between 9 to 5. Normally connected to the gateway room Node#44579.
Please connect and put out a call over the Norfolk Broads Area. Reception and coverage reports are welcomed to the keeper. /G6NLX

(8-Mar-2021 to 26-Mar-2021)

GB3KR is now switched on for testing and linked to GB3KA.
There is an echo on the audio locally and the installation needs tidying up. It will likely be taken down for works without warning over the next few weeks. /G7SAI

(7-Mar-2021 to 31-Mar-2021)

GB3RO - 70cm Analog Repeater now fully operational as from 6 March 2021. Allstar Node 54011 438.425MHz -7.6MHz 82.5Hz linked to NORTH WEST ALLSTAR GROUP on Node 40338. Running on Raspberry Pi 3+ with two Motorola GM360's and Diamond X-510 antenna. Overlooking the Rossendale Valley, Bury, Manchester and beyond. Hoping to persuade more people to use analogue repeaters and imporove coverage south of Rossendale, particularly for the North West of England users. /M0LMN
(7-Mar-2021 to 31-Mar-2021)

I have available a spare Key KF450 UHF repeater NOW SOLD Dave G7UZN
(24-Feb-2021 to 24-Mar-2021)

This new gateway is now licensed and expected to be operational on 1st March 2021. This Gateway is expected to provide coverage of the northern Norfolk Broads. Initially, the Gateway will be linked to CQ-UK 3, which is a DV only Wires-X room. It it hoped that this will provide some activity in the area to listen to, Reception reports are welcomed. /G6NLX
(23-Feb-2021 to 12-Mar-2021)

As some of you are aware, the old Ark Helenswood School site (location of the RILGES Hastings Repeaters), is going to be completely developed. Positive negotiation with DfE has concluded we can remain on site but whilst the site is completely redeveloped, and for safety and access reasons, power will be turned off. Although demolition works will take place, the tower block building itself will fortunately remain. However during the extensive site works (which could be for many months - no time details available), this will mean that the RILGES repeaters will be of air. The main mast has now been lowered for safety reasons but left on site. /G8PUO
(18-Feb-2021 to 11-Mar-2021)

The Hope Bagot Repeater group are saddened to announce that GB3VM's Repeater Keeper, Glyn Jones G4AIJ, has sadly gone Silent Key. Our thoughts are with Glyn's family. Glyn was a pivotal member of the HBRG and was the driving force in getting GB3VM on the air at Woofferton Transmitting Station - We are pleased to announce that Matt Porter G8XYJ has agreed to take on the repeater keeper position. /G8XYJ
(13-Feb-2021 to 5-Mar-2021)

Now operational but not connected to network at the moment. /M0UPM
(13-Feb-2021 to 23-Feb-2021)

The Upper Deeside gateway will likely be out of action until 11th February. The reasons are twofold. Firstly, a power surge took out the power input of the Yaesu ft-2980. This is awaiting parts. Secondly, the bedroom which houses the repeater is being redecorated. Perhaps it's a fortunate coincidence that the radio died when it was due to be disconnected at some point in the very near future! /MM0EFI
(4-Feb-2021 to 12-Feb-2021)

Normal service resumed GB3SP at 14:24 GMT, 2nd February, on completion of essential maintenance by WPD - well done, thank you. /GW3XJQ
(2-Feb-2021 to 4-Feb-2021)

Repeater testing to commence shortly. /M0ORH
(2-Feb-2021 to 17-Feb-2021)

GB3SP will be OFF THE AIR on Tuesday 2nd February from 08:00 until 17:00, due to essential high voltage network maintenance, by Western Power Distribution. Apologies for the inconvenience caused. The quoted times are approximate. /GW3XJQ
(28-Jan-2021 to 3-Feb-2021)

GB7ZE. We are seeking cavities for our new split which is 1.6Mhz. If anyone knows of a available set which is suitable please contact me. daniel(at) /M0HOW
(25-Jan-2021 to 18-Feb-2021)

After around five years of trying to get a set of working duplexers for GB7IV, the VHF digital repeater formally in Chandlers Ford, a brand new set has been successfully obtained privately. This gives us the desired opportunity to run a digital repeater on VHF in addition to GB3SH the FM repeater. Tests will be made as soon as COVID permits. /G4MYS
(21-Jan-2021 to 10-Feb-2021)

Both GB3SH & GB7MT broadcastify receiving stations are off line, pending moving to it's new location in Southampton. Unfortunately and despite having aerials over 50feet up, there was an ongoing QRM problem and low signal level on 70cM. This will now be gone, both should return later this week. They are accessible via Broadcastify themselves. And our Repeater website: by clicking on the callsign of the desired repeater. /G4MYS
(11-Jan-2021 to 30-Jan-2021)

Testing completed this morning for MB7VX and MB7UAR with both Aberdeen APRS stations operating well. Tested: remote shutdown, Internet connections, software configurations and updates, MB7UAR connections and visual inspection. (No access to MB7VX site.) /MM0ROR
(3-Jan-2021 to 13-Jan-2021)

GB7PX - UHF 439.775 o/p CC10, DMR / multi-mode has at last gone on air today from the CRG's Barkway site after two previous attempts, btinging full DMR coverage back to the M11 corridor and further afield. Connectivity Phoenix and Brandmeister using DMR Gateway (thanks to G4KLX as always). CRG Website will be updated soon with full details : This repeater does NOT support YSF, please use GB7PT (439.7125) for that. /M0ZPU
(31-Dec-2020 to 20-Jan-2021)

At long last, GB3PS has returned to site. The freezing conditions have affected the RX sensitivity, but it was showing gradual improvement after initial swich-on. We will monitor performance. Signal reports are always welcome via the CRG website - /M0ZPU
(31-Dec-2020 to 9-Jan-2021)

Whilst you can still submit STATUS reports, the ETCC shall not be receiving new applications from 22nd December until 4th January 2021.
(20-Dec-2020 to 3-Jan-2021)

Radio club MN0NWG would like to announce that MB6DY gateway in now fully operational and available for use to all amateurs in the NW of the Province. Operational on Yaesu Fusion, D-star and DMR on 144.8625mhz. /GI0LDI
(29-Nov-2020 to 9-Dec-2020)

GB7BX and GB3BX are now operational on DMR only from Brown Clee, currently on a temporary antenna system until rigger is able to attend site. We are still waiting for the Internet to be installed, so they are operating as a back-to-back pair, Slot 1 is linked across both repeaters, Slot 2 is local to the repeater being used. Please adhere to the Salop Cluster convention of Slot 1 / TG75 and Slot 2 / TG9.
Please note, GB3BX is CC13, and GB7BX is CC11. /G4VZO

(27-Nov-2020 to 18-Dec-2020)

GB7DB is now live on the Phoenix DMR network Please send reports to /G0WTZ
(25-Nov-2020 to 15-Dec-2020)

The south Hampshire Repeater group is pleased to announce that the long awaited weather camera which is co sited with GB7MT and almost under the aerial of GB3SU is now working, this offers excellent 720 quality pictures in colour of Southampton and of its current weather. The camera updates every 1 second! Traffic can be seen to move! Go to select LINKS then select WEATHER & SPACE WEATHER select MT WEATHER CAM LIVE and see for yourselves! Enjoy! 73 Andy the keeper /G4MYS
(14-Nov-2020 to 30-Nov-2020)

Hi all just to inform the renewal of the 6 meter irlp node in Sheffield is up and running. after the renewal of the NOV just like to say thank you to ofcom and Steve Morton part of the rsgb team who takes care of the novs and gateways. Take care everybody and thank you. Trevor M0TWS /M0TWS
(2-Nov-2020 to 11-Nov-2020)

The aerials for GB3CN are lowered during the current high winds. /GW6JSO
(1-Nov-2020 to 3-Nov-2020)

(29-Oct-2020 to 1-Nov-2020)

MB7IUE in Corsham Wiltshire on 50.530Mhz was switched on at 21:00 BST on Monday 12th October. Status Operational. Thanks to Peter G7RPG, Jamie 2E0MHG and Brian G6HUI for help with the initial tests. /G0IUE
(13-Oct-2020 to 27-Oct-2020)

GB3SP in Pembrokeshire will be off the air on Wednesday 21st October 2020 from 08:00 until 17:00 (local BST); times are worst case and approximate; as reported by Western Power Distribution who are carrying out essential refurbishment on their high voltage network. For latest information see website : /GW3XJQ
(10-Oct-2020 to 22-Oct-2020)

The Northwich based dual-mode Fusion repeater GB7DH is now operational on RU71.
This provides Wires-X connectivity and extends the Northwest Fusion Group's coverage further south. The repeater can be connected to other systems, e.g. HUBNet, CQ UK etc by using the Wires-X menu on Yaesu Fusion radios. It will return to the North West Fusion Group after a period of inactivity. Furthemore, the C4FM Voice Wide full rate mode is supported.
Thanks to Stuart M0WTX for help erecting the antenna.
Darrell (M0XDR)

(8-Oct-2020 to 29-Oct-2020)

Should the fine weather continue to next weekend, then our engineers will be on site Monday 28th September to find out more about the interference which is on GB3SH most weekday mornings. ( We do know where its coming from ) These tests will result in short off periods, low power output, and different ( test ) aerials being used, and weak test carriers for periods of time, resulting in a noisy output. While this work in itself wont cure the QRM it could tell us how its getting in to GB3SH. /G4MYS
(19-Sep-2020 to 28-Sep-2020)

GB7HX is now back on as of 15:00 today. GB3HD is now back to full coverage any reports to
Malcolm G0ISX. /G0ISX

(19-Sep-2020 to 23-Sep-2020)

Repeater now fully operational after replacement of storm damaged feeder on RX antenna /G0FHM
(16-Sep-2020 to 19-Sep-2020)

Hi all, I have started a FaceBook group to help with coordination of Fusion gateways and repeaters in the UK. If you are a Fusion sysop in the UK, we would love to have your input. The group is there to help with all aspects of setting up and running a Fusion Gateway or Repeater. We also are happy to share knowledge in order to improve and expand the Fusion Network in the UK.
I hope to see you there :) 73 Ian /G0VGS

(15-Sep-2020 to 24-Sep-2020)

The new upgraded G.P.S.CLOCK time source for our RC210 that was fitted 17th July continues to provide accurate timing for our beacons. thanks to #technoloya for the solution to our annoying onboard clock. #recommended /G7FBD
(11-Sep-2020 to 29-Sep-2020)

GB3EY the DATV repeater in East Yorkshire is now accepting inputs using any mix of DVB-S,DVB-S2, H262, H264, 1000kS/s or 2000kS/s with any valid FEC for the mode in use. The repeater is now running full power on 1308MHz, DVB-S, H262, 2000kS/s and FEC 3/4. Please send reports to
Clive, G3GJA

(9-Sep-2020 to 29-Sep-2020)

Repeater will be off-air this afternoon 3rd Sept for a short while for electrical work on the supply. /GW6TKK
(3-Sep-2020 to 4-Sep-2020)

Two AFL filters suitable for 70cms that were left over from a repeater project. Please see pictures in Website URL (OneDrive shared album) for details.!At2UutJy8RxQjuQ7jBpFqGNmkCQ4sg?e=cM48J9
£130 collected from Nottingham or could deliver within 100 miles for a fuel consideration. I'm also looking for a Icom FL-100 CW filter to fit an IC-706Mk2G.
Nick G4IRX Nottingham (zero)(7)858 938 133 /G4IRX

(1-Sep-2020 to 16-Sep-2020)

Due to a major problem at the site GB7HX is temporary off-air and GB3HD is on a reduced height antenna. This will affect the coverage and the accessibility of the repeater. /G0ISX
(30-Aug-2020 to 4-Sep-2020)

BrandMeister UK New Talk Group structure layout and Wiki page.

(27-Aug-2020 to 3-Sep-2020)

and GB7MT back are on air after rewiring of the DC PDU to enable GB7MT to operate on battery back up. Both repeaters were back on air and tested by 1145 Monday 24th August. Work today has done nothing to cure the ongoing interference to GB3SH whos cause has now been identified. Further work on site with interruptions to GB3SH service Wednesday afternoon may cure the QRM. /G4MYS
(24-Aug-2020 to 26-Aug-2020)

All Of our repeaters will be subject to service interruption on Monday 24th August, GB7MT & GB3SH in particular may be off for several hours late Monday Morning, this is to correct a wiring fault which left GB7MT off air after a "brown Out", a low voltage AC event last week. It is hoped all will be well by 1400 Local. /G4MYS
(23-Aug-2020 to 24-Aug-2020)

Today Thursday 20th August GB7HC was switch on for the first time. All is working fine except we have lost the internet link to Brandmeister under investigation. Should be connect to Salop Cluster. please use Slot 1 Tg75 and Tg 9 at the moment for Slot 2.
Reports please email

(21-Aug-2020 to 31-Aug-2020)

After 35 years on-air, GB3RMK on 50.060MHz was switched off at 1400hrs on Thursday 20th August 2020. We hope to reactivate GB3RMK in 2021, as part of the SBP, from a new site (IO77RM). 73 Chris GM3WOJ
(21-Aug-2020 to 11-Sep-2020)

Went off air around 2100 hours due to the RCB socket supply dropping out, as there had been a momentary drop of the AC supply, the RCB was reset at 1014 Wednesday morning, Having located a miss-wire to the DC supply buss, this will be corrected so MT can Join SH on the back up battery soonest, which had been happy to supply SH all night! Co sited GB3SU was also on air from its own battery power. /G4MYS
(19-Aug-2020 to 28-Aug-2020)

We have a heavy buzzing, at the end of overs sometimes. This seems to have started Tue 18th August, The effect of this is to slightly deafen the GB3SH receiver, fortunately the CTCSS receiver filter cuts out the QRM very quickly.
It is digital signals, likely coming from a co-sited communications system, We are fortunate in as much as we know who runs this system, and have already spoken to the manger who runs what we thinks is the system responsible. We hope to be on our way to resolve the problem week starting 24 August. /G4MYS

(18-Aug-2020 to 31-Aug-2020)

The GB7EC “East Coast“ Solar powered digital repeater was installed at the hilltop site above Fettercairn, Northwest of Laurencekirk in Aberdeenshire on Sunday 16th of August 2020
Click here for full story
Allister GM7RYR

(17-Aug-2020 to 2-Sep-2020)

For 1 month we will be switching GB7DS over to the Brandmeister network. Depending on the results we will decide which network GB7DS will remain.
If you need any help programming please contact Jim /M0ZAH

(2-Aug-2020 to 24-Aug-2020)

We would like to thank everyone who helped us get the repeater up and running from vetting to getting the Nov and those who have worked hard to iron the bugs out on the system we would like to say that everyone is welcome to use it and that it will be staying as an analogue repeater. It can be found on 430.925tx 438.525rx and 118.8 tone thanks again and enjoy /M0HEL
(30-Jul-2020 to 13-Aug-2020)

GB7PD-C is now operational and running C4FM Fusion and analogue voice. There is however an antenna fault and we are using a temporary receive antenna unit we can fit a replacement soon. /GW4OZU
(29-Jul-2020 to 6-Aug-2020)

Does anyone have a NHRC-2 for sale or a spare U1 chip for the controller?
Please drop me an email

(27-Jul-2020 to 5-Aug-2020)

MB6NM in Basildon now operational on 144.8375MHz from 24/07/2020 /G8OSG
(24-Jul-2020 to 6-Aug-2020)

New 70cm FM (narrow) Repeater, co-located with GB3BM, with coverage extending to much of the Black Country and some adjacent areas. /G8PYT
(20-Jul-2020 to 4-Aug-2020)

has now been fitted with its intended aerial, which is yielding excellent reports, the aerial changeover was on Wednesday 15 July. We had been running on a low standby aerial due to RF and funding issues. Andy /
(17-Jul-2020 to 23-Jul-2020)

GB3DU is now FM/DMR dual-mode. If you are listening on analogue use tone squelch on 118.8Hz to avoid hearing DMR traffic. The DMR side is not linked to any network. It is planned to have an echolink link back on the analogue side fairly soon. /GM7LUN
(13-Jul-2020 to 27-Jul-2020)

has been replaced with a TAIT 8110 repeater this afternoon. The CWID is generated internally, and timings are done on a PIC chip, we are grateful to Paul Fitzgerald of SMC for his efforts on this part of the project.
We've fitted an S meter to the RSSI facility, and fitted an Amp meter in the DC supply line for ease of monitoring. An SMC Repeater power supply runs SU and GB7IV, and battery charging facility is included. The old repeater, a Yaesu FTR5410 with G3RKL mk1 logic, had been our front line UHF repeater since 1999. /G4MYS

(11-Jul-2020 to 30-Jul-2020)

After difficulties with the gateway the first switch on will be 09:00 GMT UK on Friday 10-07-2020 thank you all for your patience enjoy 73s de David M0YBC
(9-Jul-2020 to 16-Jul-2020)

GB3SP celebrates 42 years in service at IO71NQ Pembroke. /GW3XJQ
(8-Jul-2020 to 14-Jul-2020)

Would Brandmeister UK Repeater & Gateway Keepers be so kind to join this group on Telegram
This group is for Brandmeister UK Repeater & Gateway Keepers Only. When you join this group, please post your Repeater or Gateway Callsign.
The group is to let all Keepers have direct access to each other and the Brandmeister UK Admins. /M6NBP

(2-Jul-2020 to 15-Jul-2020)

Our Weather station "ISouth502" the on site weather station specifically installed to monitor wind speeds close to the aerials, is now sending data after replacements of some of the linking equipment, We are pleased to say,.. and Thank those involved, one of whom is also a ham, for their hard work and diligence in sorting out what seemingly a complex fault, So go enjoy: You can look it up directly as "ISouth 502" go via "Undergroundweather" and follow the on screen instructions, which is hard work,... or go via our opening screen on: GB3SH.CO.UK and click tab "WEATHER" Andy the keeper /
(16-Jun-2020 to 4-Jul-2020)

Dear keepers and prospective keepers, I have a set of DPRE4-4 6M cavities for sale. Please contact for more information. /M0ZAH
(13-Jun-2020 to 30-Jun-2020)

(12-Jun-2020 to 18-Jun-2020)

Our trip to site was successful today (10/06). After a TX lockup experienced yesterday, the machine is now back running. The Wires-X has been successfully connected and is currently set to default to the NW Fusion group room. /G4WLI
(10-Jun-2020 to 18-Jun-2020)

I’m looking for a varinotch 2 meter cavity, to give at least 35db attenuation.
Ernie G4LUE 07984191873

(9-Jun-2020 to 30-Jun-2020)

Fully operational. Connected to the Phoenix network. Need test reports to see how accurate the footprint is. Visit for details. /G6SSN
(7-Jun-2020 to 11-Jun-2020)

We are hoping to have full building access on Wednesday 10th June. So Wires-X should be running from then. Fingers crossed. /G4WLI
(7-Jun-2020 to 17-Jun-2020)

The GB7MT Weather station is off air due to failure in telecomms linking equipment which is beyond our control. We understand from the engineers who run the comms system that It will be fixed in the week ending 12 June.
After COVID 19 is over, we plan to add a camera to the station, looking at the horizon, for weather observation purposes, which will make it significantly more interesting. /G4MYS

(6-Jun-2020 to 19-Jun-2020)

It is with sadness that we hear of the passing of Geoff Dover, G4AFJ on 28th May.
Geoff was the Chairman of the Repeater Management Committee (predecessor of the ETCC) for several years and Chairman of the Leicestershire Repeater Group.
Our thoughts and condolences go to his family and friends at this time.

(3-Jun-2020 to 8-Jun-2020)

MB6ILL NOV received, Gateway on air and in testing stages, Kind Regards, Lee (Keeper) /M0LJL
(3-Jun-2020 to 8-Jun-2020)

Repeater has now been optimised for best performance & is now back to default operation. Receiver and transmitter has been adjusted for optimum BER and sensitivity within specification to complement new antenna system. Visit for more info! /M0VUB
(2-Jun-2020 to 25-Jun-2020)

GB7HX is now back to being a dual-mode repeater on D-STAR and DMR. It is on the brandMeister network, TS 1 is for local-only TG 235140 and TS 2 is for user-activated TG's, see WEB site for list 20 seconds after the last transmission the repeater goes into standby at this time you can access the repeater in D-STAR or DMR. any reports would be appreciated. Malcolm G0ISX /G0ISX
(31-May-2020 to 13-Jun-2020)

GB7MM in Nairn IO87BN Now Operational.
Thanks to the DV_SCOTLAND Team /GM0RML

(30-May-2020 to 6-Jun-2020)

Repeater has had some major upgrades including a new antenna array. Signal reports welcome around the East Midlands! Visit for more info! /M0VUB
(23-May-2020 to 10-Jun-2020)

GB7DC in Derby moved to new channel RU70 providing analogue FM & existing Digital Modes made possible with advances in the MMDVM platform thanks to Jonathan G4KLX for this extra mode. Repeater still needs some tweaks & possibly a new antenna when funds permit as it is not as well suited to a 430MHz TX it seems but initial tests are good. Reports welcome & users reminded to only use narrow deviation or the repeater will mute the audio. This is very important as we do not wish to upset our new neighbours on adjacent channels including the new Burton repeater GB3SC 13 Miles SW. Updates to follow on website Thanks also to Jon G4TSN & Team for pushing this channel change through is record time! Cheers Dom G7NPW
(19-May-2020 to 7-Jun-2020)

I started a UK DMR Guide project in 2017 which stagnated for a while as the free website got plagued by advertising, but the project has been revived.
Thanks to Peter (G7OBK) for offering the services of his company in regards to obtaining a domain, e-mail and hosting the site.
---> /2E0UCW

(16-May-2020 to 2-Jun-2020)

Most equipment is ready for GB7WM. With the recent arrival of the NOV we will be ready to go operational as soon as we can safely access site, due to Covid-19 restrictions we expect this to be around the end of this month (May). /G4WLI
(16-May-2020 to 1-Jun-2020)

GB3FU is on air but not 100%, believe it may have a dodgy RX filter so if anyone has an old filter they want to part with Bp/Br pass low reject high VHF 2m then please let the keeper know. Thanks. /M5ADU
(15-May-2020 to 26-May-2020)

NOV received today. GB3SC Now active on RU70 CTCSS 67.0 Hz /G8EKG
(13-May-2020 to 23-May-2020)

The repeater is fully operational DMR/D-star. The team have now completed the new website for GB7NR. You can view the dashboard and stay up-to-date by visiting the website. /M0VUB
(7-May-2020 to 19-May-2020)

I have recently taken over the two said repeaters. I have done some minor changes to the hardware and software on both of them and must apologise for a few short interruptions we have had. Now I have GB3GC up and running in a way that I think is ok. GB3PL got the original unit at the moment. People prefer the second unit, I need to do some work on the spare to be able to have it as the main unit. /M0WMB
(5-May-2020 to 19-May-2020)

GB3XZ 23cm repeater located in Daventry is now working but operating at reduced performance due to the current restrictions. Repeater Tx 1297.025Mhz Rx 1291.025Mhz CTCSS 77Hz /G8KHF
(5-May-2020 to 18-May-2020)

I am aware of local repeater abuse by non licensed users within the Lincolnshire east coast. This abuse has now started to show up on my repeater GB3SR. Until further notice the repeater will be active sporadically, if the abuse continues I will close down for longer periods. Please note I am aware of the current local situation. /M0AQC
(24-Apr-2020 to 6-May-2020)

GB3BF has returned to service from a temporary site (as we cannot access our proposed new site due to the current restrictions). Coverage is "Bedford Area". /G8MGP
(22-Apr-2020 to 1-May-2020)

Echolink now working. /G7VAE
(20-Apr-2020 to 24-Apr-2020)

GB3SP supports and promotes GOTA2C; RSGB and NHS. Users near and far are encouraged to communicate, support the hobby and be proud to mention our NHS hero's. Use the Ofcom approved /NHS suffix after your callsign and Fusion/Wires X ID. /GW3XJQ
(20-Apr-2020 to 30-Apr-2020)

GB7GT DMR repeater part of the Salop Cluster has been turn on again at the new location on a low antenna. Work on the antenna cannot be completed till Covid-19 lock down is finished. Signals may not be same as old location reports would be welcome. TG75 slot 1 and TG9 Slot 2 connected to Brandmeister network. G3PWJ
(17-Apr-2020 to 24-Apr-2020)

is of air due to a fault in the receiver, and due to the Covid 19 infections were not in the position to do anything about it for some time, We do have another receiver of course but still we can't fit it! As this is a rx based problem the TX and logic sound fine, and hopefully the CWID will keep you and me company for many weeks, meanwhile service is normal on GB3SU ( with the exception of its CWID see below ) & GB7MT. Andy G4MYS keeper /G4MYS
(16-Apr-2020 to 30-Apr-2020)

We have noticed that the CWID is very LOUD, were sorry about that! As a quick work around set your CTCSS in decode so you will not notice the CWID Needless to say there is nothing were going to do about it for the time being - as its a fault in the audio generation of the pips & CWID which is likely to be a dodgy skeleton pot in the G3RKL mk1 logic board which is around 23 years old! which means the CWID & pips may totally misbehave: it may go loud or soft or anywhere in between before we get the chance to repair it. Andy The Keeper /G4MYS
(15-Apr-2020 to 20-Apr-2020)

We have a new set of TX/RX VHF been delivered Tuesday, these are hoped to be tested and installed on GB3NA within the next week taking out of service the cavities which are in use now. Today, I have ordered a Icom-ID-RP-2V voice and Icom ID-RP-2D data repeaters for the group. I have a new KBT 23cms antenna, this will be installed on the tower whenever possible. It is hoped to have the Data unit on first followed by voice unit at a later date funds for the 23cms cavIties later this year when we start doing rallies again. Ernie G4LUE Chris G0URG.
(11-Apr-2020 to 17-Apr-2020)

Just to report all 3 Corsham Gateways are operational, MB6UE (2m) on CQ-UK Wires X and MB7IUE (10m) plus MB7AUE (70cm) connected to Hubnet. /G0IUE
(10-Apr-2020 to 15-Apr-2020)

A major peak in the repeater NoV renewals timetable has just passed and the ETCC thanks all Keepers for participating. A handful decided however not to renew, including GB7GB and GB7FW in the Birmingham area, GB7EK (70cm) in Kent, GB3TO (2M) Northampton, and GB3RA (East Wales) on 2M amongst a few others.
(4-Apr-2020 to 15-Apr-2020)

MB6TB near Trowbridge is now operational - From 23/03/20 /M0JVY
(3-Apr-2020 to 10-Apr-2020)

We have been informed that, due to the current Coronavirus restrictions, there will be no processing of applications which require Primary User clearance.
Ofcom themselves are running with restricted staff and it is expected that there could be delays with all applications.
In the event that an application, is deemed by the authorities, such as blue light service or regional emergency planning departments, to be critical to their activities, applicants can submit a document to that effect from the relevant authority, and ETCC will submit it with the application.

(2-Apr-2020 to 30-Apr-2020)

GB3BM is back in operation on a temporary antenna system in order to provide service across Birmingham and the Black Country whilst we are all in Lockdown. We had intended to rig the permanent antenna on April 10th but of course this plan was thwarted by the situation we currently find ourselves in. Coverage will not yet be optimal but hopefully BM will still be provide a useful meeting place and will help stop folk going stir-crazy. Once the crisis is over, we will revert to Plan A at the earliest opportunity. Steve G8PYT, Keeper GB3BM. /G8PYT
(1-Apr-2020 to 16-Apr-2020)

Please note that there is a large backlog of NoV's currently with Ofcom for processing.
This is outside of RSGB ETCC control, we are doing what we can to find out why Ofcom are not processing NoV's.
You should not put your station in to operation before you have received your NoV from Ofcom. /G8SFR

(16-Mar-2020 to 2-Apr-2020)

GB3NS voice repeater back on air after power restored by site owner.
Likewise GB7NS is back up and connected to the Phoenix DMR system /G0OLX

(9-Mar-2020 to 17-Mar-2020)

GB3HE dual mode System Fusion repeater now running well but not quite finished. A 70cm preamp is needed and the coffers are low, so if you have one that is cheap and wish to sell please contact martin at Meanwhile please feel free to use the repeater if anywhere near the Hastings area of East Sussex. FM/C4FM. /M0ROK
(7-Mar-2020 to 31-Mar-2020)

7 lengths of LDF-750 coax available, about 5.5ft each which is ideal for making a 6M repeater duplexer. Free to anyone willing to collect from London NW5. /G7UZN
(7-Mar-2020 to 30-Mar-2020)

The dual-mode repeater as been removed from the site for invitations to see why it is not working on DMR. We are now using our backup repeater. This only works in DMR. We apologise to any D-STAR users it is hoped that full service will be restored shortly.
Malcolm G0ISX Keeper

(6-Mar-2020 to 25-Mar-2020)

The Repeater was off the air on Thursday and most of Friday due to the Virgin modem failure a ne and the repeater returned in service at 19-00 this eveningw modem was installed /G1EFU
(28-Feb-2020 to 1-Mar-2020)

Over the last three weeks, we have noticed that access to DMR is not possible. D-STAR is working 100% both locally and via the internet. We are waiting for the weather to improve to gain access to the site so that we can investigate the problem. My apologies for any inconvenience.
Malcolm G0ISX NOV holder.

(27-Feb-2020 to 11-Mar-2020)

Hi the rx antenna and feeder have been damaged in the gales need good wx to repair still on echolink and tx but no rf receive till fixed Jeff G4SOF /GB3ND
(24-Feb-2020 to 4-Mar-2020)

The 10 metre beacon GB3NSJ is now operational. /G4NSJ
(21-Feb-2020 to 5-Mar-2020)

The Newbury System Fusion GB7NT located in the ex USAF Control Tower at Greenham Common in West Berkshire is now operational in C4FM and FM mode. GB7NT output is 430.9250MHz input 438.5250MHz. FM mode access requires CTCSS 118.8Hz. /G3WYW
(14-Feb-2020 to 5-Mar-2020)

A new NoV for GB3HS was received on 13/02/2020. The repeater is now operational from the Cave Wold Radio Station site near Hull. D-Star operation will resume shortly. Reports welcome via /G3GJA
(13-Feb-2020 to 4-Mar-2020)

Mast lowered to 2m temporarily because of high winds. /M1BCB
(9-Feb-2020 to 12-Feb-2020)

MB6RI now active for anyone to use in Ringwood, New Forest and surrounding areas.
More info at /2E0KCL

(9-Feb-2020 to 19-Feb-2020)

GB3SJ GB7SJ and GB7DJ antenna mast at reduced height till winds die down. /M0WTX
(8-Feb-2020 to 13-Feb-2020)

GB3IW is intermittently experiencing some un authorised usage by what sounds like a small local group, foul language etc. has been heard!, Please could anyone experiencing this when using IW, completely ignore their comments etc. please , totally , do not engage at all , thank you for your co operation during these difficult times 73 G4IKI
(8-Feb-2020 to 12-Feb-2020)

I am pleased to announce that as of 28th January 2020 GB7KM and GB7WW have always on access to the Hubnet network on TG23526 Slot 1. This will may also be available from your local Phoenix DMR repeater on a user activated basis. Enjoy! /G0RMA
(4-Feb-2020 to 19-Feb-2020)

Ofcom has asked us to collect informaton regarding any incidents of abuse on GB3EM. For data protection they can only communicate with the keeper, but we can collect a list and send it to Ofcom of all the incidents as and when they occur. Please visit and fill in the form if you hear any abuse and submit it. Please also spread the word on the air. Many thanks /M1FJB
(2-Feb-2020 to 26-Feb-2020)

23cm Cavity filters For Sale
I have a set of filters for 23cms made by TX/RX systems for full specs look here, these also come with an Icom IC-RP 1210 23cm repeater which needs attention, No TX, RX was OK but cant say 100%. Please note collection only.
Please email me
73 Dave G0WYG

(1-Feb-2020 to 3-Feb-2020)

50MHz Cavity filters For Sale
I have a set of filters for 50MHz including a modified Low band Philips FX-5000 currently on 50.740, the freq can be changed by jumpers located on the back of radio this covers all repeater frequency’s.
Please note collection only. Please email me
73 Dave G0WYG

(1-Feb-2020 to 26-Feb-2020)

APRS iGate and Digipeater for the Black Mountains & South Herefordshire /M0SWV
(30-Jan-2020 to 5-Feb-2020)

You must ensure that we have a copy of your own licence re-validated within the last 5 years at the time of NoV renewal, and you should also make sure your own licence remains valid throughout the NoV period.
(28-Jan-2020 to 20-Feb-2020)

The Yeovil, Somerset, 70cm analogue repeater, which has been in service for some 40+ years, has been switched off. This due to a general lack of use and interest, in and around it's existing coverage area. No complaints or comments have yet been received. I am delaying the application for a 2nd NoV, till the 10th February, to allow any suitable interested parties to make contact, with a view to keeping the callsign active from somewhere in the region. It is possible that some or all of the existing hardware could be made available for any new venture, subject to the owners approval.
I may be contacted via
73's Dave G3ZXX

(26-Jan-2020 to 11-Feb-2020)

GB7HX is now a dual-made repeater. Today at noon a new repeater was installed at the site. It is now operating in DMR and D-Star using an MMDVM tophat bored on a Raspberry Pi running Pi-STAR. Reports to
Malcolm G0ISX

(25-Jan-2020 to 7-Feb-2020)

It could be some time since you had to be contacted by the RSGB ETCC concerning your repeater or gateway NoV licensing. In the meantime has your email address changed? We use email as the primary contact method for Keepers, so please make sure the data we hold for you is current and regularly checked.
(24-Jan-2020 to 1-Feb-2020)

First switch on from its new site. /GI4BWM
(23-Jan-2020 to 4-Feb-2020)

Greetings from the East!!! GB7YL is now connected to the Phoenix network and is performing very well.
Thanks to everybody involved. /M1TES

(23-Jan-2020 to 12-Feb-2020)

First switch on from its new site. /GI4BWM
(22-Jan-2020 to 22-Jan-2020)

APRS digipeater with coverage of Old Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Center switched on. Initial testing shows it is reliable for mobiles in the coverage area, and can reach MB7UAR for IGate. /MM0ROR
(16-Jan-2020 to 31-Jan-2020)

Hi All, I'm in the middle of constructing a backup repeater for GB3NZ. Does anyone have a G8CUL controller surplus to requirements now?
Kind Regards
James Colderwood /M0ZAH

(16-Jan-2020 to 6-Feb-2020)

Thank you for all those who have asked about the Clee repeaters, superb response and the new keepers/owners will continue the good works.Updates will occur on this website. /G1MAW
(2-Jan-2020 to 2-Jan-2020)

Thank you for all those who have asked about the Clee repeaters, superb response and the new keepers/owners will continue the good works.Updates will occur on this website. /G1MAW
(1-Jan-2020 to 6-Jan-2020)

GB7PY has been stolen from Madingley, Cambridge, on 23rd December at approx 2115hrs. Repeater info - Motorola SLR5500 UHF  - Model: R10QCGANQ1AN Tanapa : PMUE4392AA Serial: 478IRW1189 Also stolen Teltonika RUT950 4G router. IMEI on the Router is 3516220701486502 - which has been network blocked and will therefore not work on any network now. Any information please pass to Cambridgeshire Police on  crime reference number is 35/92597/19. /M0ZPU
(28-Dec-2019 to 11-Jan-2020)

We are extremely pleased to announce that GB7NA has been reconnected to the Icom trust server
GB7NA-B 439.450 (-9 MHz)
GB7NA-C 145.675 (-600Khz)
shutdown scripts in place an both APS’s to prevent damage to the replacement Dell 710 server. This took over 4 hours work.
GB7NA-C is on low power until vswr tests are done.
Thank you to Bret and Chris G0URG for your work today. Ernie G4LUE

(22-Dec-2019 to 3-Jan-2020)

I am coming away from ham radio in its entirety, the repaters at Clee Hill will be for sale and suitable person(s) for taking over the NoVs are sought, the kit and NoVs will go in one blob and not split, kit will include the 29MHz rptr, 50MHz repeater, filters (procom)50MHz, KF450H UHF anal repeater, zetron panels for all and anything else associated with the repeaters, note this is for the Clee Hill repeaters only....Those who have asked in the past are welcome to contact me, but ALL the kit goes in one, ie, no cherry picking!! /G1MAW
(19-Dec-2019 to 2-Jan-2020)

Please note that the ETCC will not accept new applications from Noon on 24th December until 3rd January due to a seasonal break. You will still be able to submit Status updates as per your licence obligations and news items will be welcomed.
We wish all Keepers and visitors to this site a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(18-Dec-2019 to 2-Jan-2020)

Today we have received a icom ID-RP200V DStar VHF repeater. Over the next few days we will install it in the rack-Mount, We now have the cavities and will install these after unpacking and testing to see that there is no damage during transit. It is hoped to be on air for next weekend time permitting, cables need to be made up. We now have a APC UPS installed in the rack 3000 watts, this is connected to the Dell 710 server, some work is required to complete the connection to the main server, this is hopefully will be done before Christmas. Thanks to TX/RX and Chris G0URG for their help. Ernie G4LUE.
(15-Dec-2019 to 23-Dec-2019)

GB7EU will be connected to the NX Core network on TG-23551 via the NXDN Scotland server for testing and experiments over the next week.
This NXDN Talk group is accessible on the Pi-Star pull down NXDN Server list.
Call in if you can manage it. I will be listening from 10.00 to 15.00 UTC most days.
Have a look at for more info -Allister GM7RYR

(10-Dec-2019 to 15-Dec-2019)

GB7FK-B now on test on low power. Will hopefully be running properly before Christmas. /M1CMN
(9-Dec-2019 to 29-Dec-2019)

Users can now see the connection status of both repeaters via a web browser. While the control of the system is login protected connection information is publicly available.
Both systems now connected using AMPR provided allocation with IPv4/v6 transit. /M0ZAH

(8-Dec-2019 to 22-Dec-2019)

GB7HX is now on the BrandMeistar network. The talk groups are dynamic user access please see the web site for further information at Also, GB7HX will be a dual-mode repeater shortly, it will be on DMR and D-Star. We would like to thank Michal G1XCC and the Northern Dmr Cluster for their help and the network link. We wish them all success for the future. Malcolm G0ISX & Kevin G1FYS
(1-Dec-2019 to 19-Dec-2019)

Today I received the NOV for MB6IWL, thanks to Steve G8SFR for his help! Just wanted to advise that a D-star Simplex Gateway in Hayes, Middlesx will become operational and available for use as of 26/12/2019 on a attended basis. To help identify if the node is active please check!call=a%2FMB6IWL-B&timerange=3600&tail=3600 and look at the time and date. /M0NYW
(25-Nov-2019 to 8-Dec-2019)

Wires X is now running on GB3FK, and working well. Reports welcome for the Folkestone Repeater Group Website /M1CMN
(22-Nov-2019 to 4-Dec-2019)

GB7SW D-Star Repeater is now fully operational in its new location West of Chippenham, Wiltshire. Should provide good coverage M4 corridor and into Bath and East Bristol.Coverage reports welcome. Thank you to Tim and James for their continued assistance and support. /G0RMA
(22-Nov-2019 to 10-Dec-2019)

MB6FT has had recent issues with power outages and has meant no service until manually restored. so i have installed a ups which should hopefully give less problems and should make the gateway more reliable /2E0KVJ
(21-Nov-2019 to 30-Nov-2019)

Today we have replaced the temporary repeater with a fully serviced repeater. It is working on a tri band antenna but with the cross band coupler removed. This is to elimate any other problems. It is hoped that as solved the poor receive on the repeater. Further work on the control logic will be carried out in the near future.
Please note users that if a tail squelch is heard on poor singles. Ernie G4LUE.

(18-Nov-2019 to 30-Nov-2019)

GB7HH is now dual network on dmr, Phoenix on slot one with TG801 on slot 2, Brandmeister is on slot 2. It also has D-Star enabled along with fusion. /M0UPM
(7-Nov-2019 to 24-Nov-2019)

Will be on test this Sunday afternoon, from roughly 1330 for a few hours, this is to provide settling down observations before the big switch on this Tuesday: 558AM 5th November, however even then due to high powered local QRM which we are now working on to suppress, We will have to use the aerial intended for GB7IV which has less gain. Reports are welcome! /G4MYS
(1-Nov-2019 to 9-Nov-2019)

GB7HX has, for quite some time been used rarely by local amateurs. It has been offering little to no traffic to the Northern DMR Cluster. It appears that the excellent coverage offered by the West Yorkshire Repeater Group is more than sufficient for amateurs both residing in West Yorkshire and also those travelling through the area.
Given this knowledge, a decision has been made to move GB7HX to the Brandmeister DMR Network in the hope that by offering amateurs in the locality, the option to use either network. The intention is to offer local amateurs the facility to use both DMR networks without the necessity to have a ‘hotspot’ to do so. Hopefully, GB7HX would also make more of a contribution towards amateur radio use in the area.
Further things are also in the pipeline and detail will be released as soon is practical both regarding the switch over to Brandmeister and also the other matters. Hopefully, local amateurs will welcome these changes and make greater use of GB7HX. /G0ISX

(24-Oct-2019 to 13-Nov-2019)

GB3BM is expected to be temporarily closed down on 18/10/19 due to the impending loss of it's site as a result of property redevelopment. Negotiations are ongoing to secure an alternative site but this is a slow process requiring discretion and diplomacy. In the light of this, we cannot say more at the moment but rest assured that BM will return to air in the foreseeable future although it may be a matter of months rather than weeks. On the up side, we anticipate that coverage will improve so it should be worth the wait. Steve G8PYT. Keeper, GB3BM
(18-Oct-2019 to 30-Oct-2019)

GB3BS is currently suffering interference from GB3TD in Swindon which has moved frequency today and its output is now 12.5KHz away from GB3BS input. /G4SDR
(18-Oct-2019 to 25-Oct-2019)

GB7IV the VHF Chandlers Fords D-Star repeater is now off air, pending moving to join the SHRG repeaters at Hightown, Southampton. Work needs to be done to make up its own set of duplexers, so GB7IV will take a few weeks to return to air. Andy G4MYS Front Man & Keeper /G4MYS
(10-Oct-2019 to 30-Oct-2019)

GB7MT will be subject to interruption's this coming Friday the 11th of October. This will effect the interconnectivity with GB7PO. The work will start after 0930 and should be done by 1700. This is so the Battery back up and Isolator cables can be fitted to the PSU. The SH Beacon will be off for most of the day, due to this battery work, it should return to air on its intended aerial which it will share with GB7MT, the beacon is using the GB7IV aerial until Friday. Andy G4MYS keeper.
(6-Oct-2019 to 12-Oct-2019)

In still on the lookout for a Icom ID-RP200 Dstar unit. I have a never used Icom ID-RP4000 UHF unit for swaps if anyone is interested.
Ernie G4LUE. 07984 191873

(6-Oct-2019 to 24-Oct-2019)

GB7CG now up and running and fully functional Wires X C4FM ! Room Room ID 27939 /G0WTZ
(3-Oct-2019 to 22-Oct-2019)

Little sister to MB6CY, MB6ICY DStar is running in Skegness on an attended only basis. If you cant sleep tune to MB6CY on 144.8625 MB6CY space space C. Operating 24/7. Why not activate the UK Hub Net on DCS477B, Quad Net XRF757A bridge, Ref001C, Ref030C etc. Better than a candy floss under the pier. /G4HFG
(3-Oct-2019 to 18-Oct-2019)

will go off air early next Wednesday Morning, 9th October, pending its move to its new QTH in Hightown, Southampton. The D-Star VHF Repeater will be off for a while Filter cables are made for its own set of caverty filters. It is planned to connect GB7IV to the network at its new QTH. G4MYS The keeper /G4MYS
(2-Oct-2019 to 11-Oct-2019)

Yesterday we fitted a band pass filter to the transmitter this as resulted in a big improvement. Reports are are welcome. Ernie G4LUE. Repeater keeper.
(30-Sep-2019 to 4-Oct-2019)

The Skegness DStar Gateway is now live on 144.8625, default Reflector DCS102B in Kissimmee, FL. Though not fully range checked it does seem to cover most of the residential area 24/7. ALL Worldwide Reflectors are available on CY and you do not need to downlink when you are done with it. So, bring your bucket and spade and bring your DStar radio too. /MB6CY
(29-Sep-2019 to 4-Oct-2019)

I'm after a set of UHF 70cm Cavity filters 6 can for a 1.6mhz split if anyone can help email me with what you have and the cost thank you Ashley GW0UXJ
(24-Sep-2019 to 11-Oct-2019)

Thanks to a speedy response from the RSGB ETCC (Thank you Steve), Ofcom have granted a license for the MB6CY & MB6ICY Gateways in Skegness. Currently operating on a dummy load the stations will go live soon. Both stations are DStar, with access to all Refs, DCS & XRF Reflectors. To check the Status send 'I', echo test send 'E'. Default Reflector is DCS102B in Kissimmee, FL, USA. Unlinking is not necessary. /G4HFG
(19-Sep-2019 to 2-Oct-2019)

Hubnet linked MB7AMH is now on the air from Melksham Wiltshire. Frequency 430.025 FM CTCSS 71.9hz. Good reports so far and many thanks to Peter G7RPG for all his help and assistance. 73s de Jamie 2E0MHG
(18-Sep-2019 to 2-Oct-2019)

GB3NZ will be unavailable over this weekend. The repeater receivers CTCSS board requires a rebuild to fix frequent drop outs. I'm hoping to have this fixed over the weekend and back on air by Sunday. /M0ZAH
(17-Sep-2019 to 23-Sep-2019)

UK Repeater Keepers are invited to join the newly formed forum on for UK Amateur Radio Repeater Keepers. The aim of the group is to provide a forum for UK Repeater Keepers to discuss repeater design, operation and related issues relevant to all types of licensed repeaters (i.e. digital, analogue etc) in the UK. This forum is independent from the RSGB/ETCC and is managed on behalf of the UK Repeater Keeper community.
Membership is by request, when joining please submit a short statement of interest, for example state the repeater you are responsible for. Prospective repeater keepers are also encouraged to join, please include an appropriate supporting statement.
To join the group visit:
Group Admin - Mark, G4MEM

(13-Sep-2019 to 30-Sep-2019)

GB7NR is now operational. MMDVM based repeater system completing the coverage of Brandmeister in the North of Nottingham city. This is a brand new system working along side RR, IN, DC & LR for a good coverage of the East Midlands. The repeater also includes D-Star. /M0VUB
(12-Sep-2019 to 27-Sep-2019)

I’m looking for a Icom ID-RP 2000V Dstar 2 meter module in good working order.
Ernie G4LUE 07984191873

(8-Sep-2019 to 19-Sep-2019)

I am pleased to advise that MB7IUE on 29.270 Mhz is now operational from Corsham Wiltshire. The CTCSS Code required is 118.8 Hz. Reports welcomed. 73s Jon G0IUE
(5-Sep-2019 to 19-Sep-2019)

GB3SH the South Hampshire based VHF FM repeater is now beaconing on 145.6625MHz, at licenced power, roughly every 14mins & 20 seconds. AC, DC & RF Cables need to be made for the correct lengths and fitted. The duplexers which are on loan to GB7IV need to be QSYed and brought to site. The GB3SH transmitter is connected to the aerial intended for GB3SU & GB7IV, which us a little smaller then the intended aerial. It is hoped the repeater will be in beacon mode for around 1 month. More info will appear on our web site:
Andy G4MYS keeper

(3-Sep-2019 to 18-Sep-2019)

GB7PO is now linked to GB7MT via a dedicated microwave link. Linking of the 2 repeaters is activated by selecting DG-ID 10 on a Fusion radio. If only using GB7PO or GB7MT then select DG-ID 00 to use a single repeater. /G7CHO
(3-Sep-2019 to 21-Sep-2019)

MB7IRD NOV cleared for it's 28Mhz port, I'm currently testing it at low power.
The 145Mhz port is 100% working and the 28Mhz port is carrying Allstar Hurricane Net during testing.
145.2375 @ 28.270
Paul /G4HDS

(1-Sep-2019 to 10-Sep-2019)

Monday 2nd September for GB3SH to be fitted into the rack. MT will be taken off air after 0930 and should be back on by 1530L Hopefully GB3SH will be in part fitted by then, and may well be able to Beacon it's callsign only, at full licenced power. More work during September will need to be done to enable GB3SH to function as a repeater. Andy G4MYS keeper
(1-Sep-2019 to 4-Sep-2019)

Since our last report on GB3NA, we have tested and renewed the leads from the repeater to the cavities, which are made to the correct lengths for the transmit and receive frequency’s. We have supplemented a new antenna and feeder cable. We are still having the same problems. Next week I will be taking the new cavities to be tested professionally. It’s looking like the cavities have been damaged in transit, they may have to go back to the manufactures for repair as if we attempt a repair the warranty will be void. Ernie G4LUE
(31-Aug-2019 to 12-Sep-2019)

by using a microwave link over 13 miles between Southampton and Portsmouth for our Fusion Repeaters. For users the use is transparent, as If the "DGID" is not set, or is set to "00" access is granted only to the local repeater, However by selecting 10 in "DGID" both repeaters are selected from either end. This has been a "both groups effort" and all involved are thanked for their efforts in proving the linking methodology works. For details on how each type of radio is programmed and more info go to our web sites and Facebook pages: GB7PO /G4MYS
(31-Aug-2019 to 13-Sep-2019)

We are pleased to announce we have secured a new site to host GB7WW. It will be moving just 3km NE to Melksham. /G0RMA
(28-Aug-2019 to 3-Sep-2019)

The SHRG have fitted a weather station alongside the aerials at the GB3SU & GB7MT repeater site, in Southampton. The weather station can be accessed by and typing in "isouth502" in the search locations bar top right. This facility gives the keeper an opportunity to monitor wind speeds on site, and potential aerial damage / possibility, but also provides a site of interest to the local hams who are always on about the weather ! A camera is planned later. /G4MYS
(27-Aug-2019 to 3-Sep-2019)

The NOV for MB7IUE has been issued today, 27 Aug 19. Hoping to have the new 10m Gateway on air in coming days. Reports always welcomed. /G0IUE
(27-Aug-2019 to 31-Aug-2019)

Repeater now operational, with limited cover around the Mansfield area. /G0RRZ
(26-Aug-2019 to 31-Aug-2019)

GB3EY was turned in BEACON mode at 16.00 hrs UTC 24/08/2019. It's running low power from a temporary mast with an Alford Slot at 6m AGL. The site is 155m ASL. Coverage is to the East of the Yorkshire Wolds only at the moment. /G4YTV
(24-Aug-2019 to 1-Sep-2019)

MB7IAD came active on Monday 12th August.On 145.2875 mhz. CTCSS 94.8 Coverage on 2m is good and is attracting interest locally.Link is normally connected to M0HOY All-star hub.
Coverage reports welcome to
73 Andy G6OHM running MB7IAD

(22-Aug-2019 to 31-Aug-2019)

Just to advise that a new FM Simplex Gateway MB7AMH on 430.025Mhz in Melksham Wiltshire became operational at 14:30 GMT today 17 Aug 19. Many thanks to Peter G7RPG who provided installation advice. The Gateway is connected to Hubnet on the Allstar Network. 73s de 2E0MHG
(17-Aug-2019 to 31-Aug-2019)

The Wyre forest Repeater Group is pleased to report that GB7WF is now a Quad-mode repeater following the issue of a new NoV to add NXDN. Access details and other information about the repeater can be found on the GB7WF QRZ web page Thanks to the ETCC & Ofcom for their efforts. /G1ZRN
(29-Jul-2019 to 13-Aug-2019)

Today we have received the NOV from Ofcom for GB3NA this was passed on by the previous repeater keeper only 1 week ago. The previous group dismantled GB3NA along with other repeaters and sold the equipment leaving most of South Yorkshire with very little coverage.
We now starting to source some used equipment to put GB3NA back on the air and we need help locating a set of cavities for the 2m band if anyone can help ?
We hope to have the Repeater fully operational within the next 8 to 10 weeks.
You will see myself and Chris G0URG at most local rallies with a large stand fundraising to purchase equipment for GB3NA.
For further information or if you can help please contact me Ernie G4LUE on 07984 191873

(24-Jul-2019 to 21-Aug-2019)

GB7MT has had a faulty duplexer cable replaced, which was causing about 20db of attenuation,the repeater can now be fully enjoyed, except for the blocking from GB3SU which we are working on to find a suitable answer one way or another. Andy G4MYS Keeper
(16-Jul-2019 to 31-Jul-2019)

GB3RAL 28.215 Mhz will be switched off on 17/7/2019 @ 08:00 until further notice. Relocation TBD. /G3ARO
(16-Jul-2019 to 31-Jul-2019)

GB3CC should be operational 17th July. With thanks to 2E0IAI, G0BVV and G4ZTQ. /G3UEQ
(15-Jul-2019 to 2-Aug-2019)

GB3RAL 28.215 Mhz will be switched off on 17/7/2019 @ 08:00 until further notice. Relocation TBD. /G3ARO
(15-Jul-2019 to 15-Jul-2019)

GB3 & 7 PE
The site owner where these two repeaters are located has taken the decision to demolish/remove the building that currently houses them. Another location on the same site will be used, however it will not have the same elevation. It may be up to six weeks before the repeater(s) are returned to service. Work has already started on the new "housing" dedicated for our kit. Further information will appear on the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group website as it is released. vy73, Rob, M0ZPU, Keeper
(13-Jul-2019 to 2-Aug-2019)

New Linux Gateway with Icom G3 DStar software now installed on GB7ZP. Ongoing config work should complete the upgrade shortly /G6JYB
(12-Jul-2019 to 24-Jul-2019)

GB7LD repeater now on air, will require some changes in the next few weeks to upgrade some parts as they arrive. Enjoy please send signal reports. /M0XRS
(11-Jul-2019 to 3-Aug-2019)

The South Hampshire Repeater Group is pleased to announce Its UHF Fusion repeater GB7MT has returned to air on the 51st anniversary of the end of Southern Steam. However, GB3SU which has annoyed users with behavioural problems, associated with the CWID has taken umbridge at MTs return, and has had to be shut down, there was not enough time to establish why it suddenly played up, so its off till we can have another go at it next week. We have erected the rack for use with GB3SH today, and hope to have that on air by the end of July. for news / information on all our repeaters and picys try /G4MYS
(9-Jul-2019 to 16-Jul-2019)

Many thanks to ETCC, RSGB and OFCOM for speedy response for site change. We hope to have repeater on air within 3 weeks. /G3UEQ
(1-Jul-2019 to 22-Jul-2019)

GB7MT has gone off site for its duplexer re-alignment due to the QSY to 439.6625MHz and the anti - GB3SU filter to be aligned. Thus GB3SU has been turned up to full licenced power on its intended aerial as it has nothing to interfere with!
GB7MT should return to site on the 9thJuly 2019, and hopefully GB3SU, aided by a rather tight filter won't jam MT.
We have constructed the 19" Rack for GB3SU & GB7IV to live in, and almost finished dressing the feeders.
Users of GB3SU note: dont double with the CWID, its only sent after an over, just when you want to transit the best work around is to be patient!- when in CWID mode your audio is replaced with the ident, we will look at curing this annoyance at a later date. /G4MYS

(24-Jun-2019 to 10-Jul-2019)

GB7MT the South Hampshire UHF Fusion Repeater will go off air on Monday 24th, late morning. This is so we can reprogram it, and re-aline the duplexers. Hopefully GB7MT will return to air one week later, on its new frequency of RV53 439.6625MHz. /G4MYS
(20-Jun-2019 to 24-Jun-2019)

GB3SU has finally returned to air Monday 17 June around 1300 Local, after 7 years, however it is blocking the front end of GB7MT when tested with the full licenced power. We are looking into how to reduce the problem and are seeking to try some bottle filters - should anyone have some to loan to us please! In the meantime we will be working toward getting GB3SH on air soonest.
Info comments to
73 Andy G4MYS keeper

(17-Jun-2019 to 8-Jul-2019)

Weather permitting the South Hampshire Repeater Group will attempt to bring its FM repeater GB3SU back on air on Monday 10th June, from its site 170 feet above the leafy suburbs of Hightown, Southampton. Work is weather dependent, thus it could be on air by mid Afternoon.
Were sorry to say that installing a new coaxial feeder, and fitting an aerial for GB3SU was beaten by the rain this morning. Thus next week we will, weather permitting fit the aerial, and if all goes well then return GB3SU to air.
More info and site photos are on GB3SH.CO.UK
Andy G4MYS keeper

(9-Jun-2019 to 17-Jun-2019)

We are looking for a Procom or similar UHF duplexer suitable for 7.6MHz shift to support GB3CM moving to single aerial working. Thanks Mark - GW8KCY. (keeper(at)
(30-May-2019 to 19-Jun-2019)

GB7MT the UHF Fusion repeater serving South and South west Hampshire is now on air as of 1558L Tue 28th May with grateful thanks to all those who have made this project possible, reports so far and from Braklesham Bay, Fareham, Sandown and the M3 at Winchester, we now look forward to GB7PO coming on air from Portsmouth On Friday. /G4MYS
(28-May-2019 to 12-Jun-2019)

GB7MT the Southampton UHF Fusion repeater should come on air Tuesday 28th May by late afternoon,... provided all goes to plan, the repeater will not be linked day one as we are yet to install the linking equipment, however we hope to have that done by early June. Reports are welcome go to GB3SH.CO.UK
Andy G4MYS Group Chairman

(27-May-2019 to 27-May-2019)

This DMR gateway as been closed down as I have moved location a few weeks ago. I have no antennas up on my new qth as no one can get in to the dmr hotspot MB6IDO Doncaster. I have closed MB6IDO station down as no one could get in to the hotspot link. from G1ILF Paul (Doncaster)
(26-May-2019 to 6-Jun-2019)

Looking for a VHF 6 Cavity Duplexer. Been needing a duplexer for GB3EI (Outer Hebrides) for the past year Self Funded projects cannot spend £1200+ on Factory New Duplexers If there is any one that can spare a duplexer please contact me. will to pay some funding available but not thousands. Thanks. Barry, GM8SAU
(26-May-2019 to 20-Jun-2019)

GB7PO we now have our site in Portsmouth its all taken quite sometime. We will crack on with the installing the equipment over the next 2-3 week, then it will be testing time and the switch on will be very soon after if all go's well. M0VMX & G7CHO
(23-May-2019 to 9-Jun-2019)

GB7MT the UHF Fusion Repeater of the South Hampshire Repeater Group, based in Southampton, will be on air by early June. Details for our other repeaters will follow in due course.
Andy G4MYS group chairman

(22-May-2019 to 27-May-2019)

The SHRG repeater group will soon receive its rental documentation, for signing. We will be able to get the UHF repeaters GB7MT & GB3SU on air in due course after that, it will take a little longer to get the fusion UHF repeater GB7MT internet linked, the VHF repeaters GB3SH & D star repeater GB7IV will follow in due course. Were sorry we cannot give dates as we don't have that information yet please regard this notice as soon and pending! de G4MYS
(16-May-2019 to 26-May-2019)

We have the enormous pleasure to announce that as of today, MB7PBC serving Brighton Central is now fully operational /G7TXU
(29-Apr-2019 to 9-May-2019)

MB7PH went live on 25th April 2019 after nearly 10 years of trying to get it through the system.
MB7PH is now the second 23cm Parrot in the UK.
Due to someone 'removing' our on-site ladder it was not possible to erect the aerial outside, so the Parrot is running with the AE indoors and thus has restricted coverage.
This will be corrected - soon!!! /G4GBW

(25-Apr-2019 to 13-May-2019)

Will be at the Blackpool Norbreck Rally this Sunday 28th of April on the SLRG stand, table 47 if any keeper or user needs to contact myself on ETCC matters in N England.
Regards, Bob, G3VVT

(25-Apr-2019 to 29-Apr-2019)

GB7MT the South Hampshire UHF dedicated Fusion repeater will be tested Wednesday 24th April 2019 in the Evening from ground level at the repeater site from around level 1830 to about 2100 BST. The purpose of the tests is to check the repeater behaviour, the repeater will be running from Batteries and 150 feet lower then licenced for. Come give it a go on 439.575MHz with a -9MHz split. Andy G4MYS keeper lots more info and pickys at GB3SH.CO.UK /G4MYS
(23-Apr-2019 to 10-May-2019)

I'm looking for VHF cavity filters for a new repeater project on 2m. If anyone can point me in the direction of any filters then please get in touch.
Darren Parker ( 07539-936944 /M0GYO

(21-Apr-2019 to 16-May-2019)

I'm looking for some VHF cavity filters to enable me to get GB3BB in Brecon South Wales back on air if anyone could help please contact ashley GW0UXJ at Thank you /GW0UXJ
(19-Apr-2019 to 14-May-2019)

DV gateway active from 17/4/19 after setting up and showing closedown operators mains switch. /2E0CUB
(17-Apr-2019 to 25-Apr-2019)

Both repeaters are expected on air soon likely on low power after negotiations with the landlord have concluded. In the meantime GB3SU is undergoing logic behavioural tests into a dummy load. Additionally the repeater group is holding a draw with a FT70 Fusion radio as the first prize for details go to under "News" Andy G4MYS
(7-Apr-2019 to 25-Apr-2019)

GB3XX (RU73) has recently been upgraded with new control logic, and enhanced receiver. First tests indicate a significant improvement in coverage and usability. Located in Daventry, it provides full system fusion capability with Wires-X access. A big public thank you to Western Power for their continuing support in providing our site, aerials and power. /G8KHF
(4-Apr-2019 to 25-Apr-2019)

We expect some distribution to the Gateway Service this weekend to enable upgrading of internet services. Estimated back on air 1800 31/3/19
(30-Mar-2019 to 1-Apr-2019)

Many thanks to Steve G8SFR for help with the MB6LE licence the gateway covers Leeds & Bradford. It will be undergoing testing for the next 7 days... So it will be on air from time to time whilst this work is completed.
Stuart (M0SGS)

(22-Mar-2019 to 11-Apr-2019)

GB3HE was taken off air due to abusive and offensive language. It will remain OFF for the foreseeable future.
GB7HE (DSTAR) will get a technical manicure and also swapped to the GB3HE main 4-stack antenna to improve coverage, whilst reducing GB3HE coverage (should it return). Work expected some time during the Easter School Hols /G8PUO

(22-Mar-2019 to 17-Apr-2019)

New Digital Voice repeater near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire commenced operation on 17th March
GB7AY is on DVU36 (439.45MHz) with 9MHz spacing. Keeper is RSGB Board Member, Len Paget, GM0ONX

(17-Mar-2019 to 29-Mar-2019)

In addition to being audio recorded and logged 24/7, GB3HE is also back on the web streaming service Radio Reference - so it can be monitored on a range of mobile phone apps or computers. In the event of any local intentional QRM, once notified, I will turn the repeater back off. /G8PUO
(5-Mar-2019 to 27-Mar-2019)

The CRG D-Star G3 repeater is currently working in local mode only as the gateway server has failed.
A replacement/repair is underway.

(22-Feb-2019 to 2-Mar-2019)

On 1st March 2019 the DV Scotland DMR Network of Repeaters will be moving from BrandMeister to DMR Plus. This decision, which has not been taken lightly, has arisen because of issues associated with the network and the inability to have these issues resolved. The repeaters affected are GB7AY, GB7DA, GB7DM, GB7FE, GB7GD, GB7GG, GB7KN, GB7LV and GB7SM. The service will be hosted on the DMR+_IPSC2-Scotland server and will be under the direct control of the DV Scotland admin team. This will make it much easier and faster to resolve any server issues. [more] /GM4AUP
(11-Feb-2019 to 6-Mar-2019)

MB7UHT APRS node located near Harrogate, North Yorkshire is now active. Reports to
73 Mark G4MEM

(10-Feb-2019 to 17-Feb-2019)

Work is being carried out on GB3ZN getting everything ready for the switch on please be patient and the n/east of England will soon have an internet repeater with allstar and echolink to enjoy,I will keep you all posted on progress .....m0omt
(4-Feb-2019 to 27-Feb-2019)

There is now a link between gb7sk and the East Midlands LR/RR/DC tg9 slot 1 network. TG23590 should now be on Slot 1 for GB7SK and linking to BM 23590. Program in 4 channels to your radio - LR,RR,DC on tg9 slot 1 on 3 of them and tg23590 slot 1 on SK and you will find they are all linked up. Greatest blessings to Dr Paul Fuller and Dr Jon Lee for making this conglomeration entwined. Arrivaderci! /M1FJB
(29-Jan-2019 to 6-Feb-2019)

Please remember to apply for renewal of your NoV before the expiry date, not after it has expired.
Remember you can apply for renewal of your NoV up to a month before your NoV expires.
Leave it too late and you might have to reapply from scratch!
Check when your NoV expires today.
Thank You,Steve G8SFR

(28-Jan-2019 to 21-Feb-2019)

Scunthorpe fusion gateway MB6IMM is now undergoing operational testing. My thanks to the ETCC and Ofcom for their speedy processing of the application and the issue of the NoV
Any reports to myself via the mb6imm facebook page will be appreciate.
73 de Mark M0ADH

(9-Jan-2019 to 31-Jan-2019)

Please note "Peter Moors" has no connection to GB7LR/SK. For people interested in the repeaters there is a beautiful Facebook page called "The official GB7SK and GB7LR page". This is full of information about the repeaters, not pictures of dead pigeons and wheelbarrows. The dead pigeons are not related to GB7LR/SK. No deaths of any animals are known to be connected to these repeaters and pigeons regularly happily sit on the GB7LR antennas without incident. /M1FJB
(30-Dec-2018 to 8-Jan-2019)

The Chairman and Members of the ETCC would like to wish all Amateurs a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
During 2018, we have processed Notices of Variation for more than 500 Repeaters, Gateways and Beacons and look forward to continuing to help Amateurs obtain them in 2019.
The Committee members deserve a bit of a rest over the festive period, so we plan to have a rest from processing new requests until January 2nd. /G8DOR

(21-Dec-2018 to 2-Jan-2019)

GB7DY, just south west of Dudley, is now fully operational and connected to Brandmeister and the Salop Cluster on Slot 1 / TG75.
This improves the Salop Cluster coverage across Dudley, Merry Hill, the Stour Valley and South Birmingham.
Merry Christmas!

(17-Dec-2018 to 4-Jan-2019)

The GB7XY DMR Repeater covering Newcastle upon Tyne and the Tyne Valley surrounding areas is now live and working.
Fill ya Boots Bonny Lads....
73s Ian G1HZI

(14-Dec-2018 to 31-Dec-2018)

Does your Gateway or Packet Radio NoV expire in January? Beat the rush and apply today for renewal and get your new NoV for Christmas!
There are a lot more NoV’s that expire in January than in any other month in the year. By applying now you will be helping reduce the workload of Steve G8SFR..
Thank you. /G8SFR

(8-Dec-2018 to 19-Dec-2018)

The RSGB ETCC has appointed Noel Matthews, G8GTZ as Vice Chairman, a post previously filled by Andrew Barrett, G8DOR prior to his succession to Chairman in February this year. Noel also continues as the TV Repeaters expert on the committee.
(6-Dec-2018 to 11-Dec-2018)

GB3TS has been switched back on 02/12/18 after abuse from non-licencees using Baofengs. The committee and users are monitoring the site for any further problems. Any further problems will result in the repeater off air till a solution can be found Ian G7MFN Repeater keeper of GB3TS /G7MFN
(2-Dec-2018 to 18-Dec-2018)

GB3TS 70 cms voice repeater in Sunderland has been switched off on 23rd Nov 2018 due to repeater abuse. The repeater keeper and committee are looking to resolve the problem. /G7MFN
(27-Nov-2018 to 2-Dec-2018)

70cms ICOM D4000 DSTAR Repeater.
For more details please contact Ernie, /G4YFF

(25-Nov-2018 to 10-Dec-2018)

A new 10 meter mast is now up with a Four Stacked Dipole array. So GB3GB should be a lot better in and around The City Of Birmingham. Test show that a mobile setup can use the Repeater through all of The Queensway Tunnels (A38) under the City. More details and reports can be found at 73s Noel G8NDT Keeper GB3GB
(24-Nov-2018 to 11-Dec-2018)

After a couple of false starts, the GB3BM antenna system was successfully rigged on 19th Nov.
The repeater hardware has been on bench-test for over two weeks and is working well so we are hoping to install and perform the final on-site tune-up on Monday 26th Nov.
Steve G8PYT and Noel G8NDT.

(20-Nov-2018 to 2-Dec-2018)

The gateway MB7IPO is now operational, bringing analogue Wires-X coverage to the lower Rhondda Valley in South Wales. Gateway will accept DTMF commands to change rooms and will revert to CQ-SOUTH-WALES after 15 minutes of no activity. /2W0YMS
(20-Nov-2018 to 10-Dec-2018)

The GB3BT mast has split about 4 feet off the ground, with the loan of a local hi ab to lift it ,we hope to have it back vertical within the couple of weeks weather permitting. /GM7LUN
(14-Nov-2018 to 29-Nov-2018)

We are hoping to rig the GB3BM antenna system on Monday 12/11/18, weather permitting. The base station is a Tait T800 Series II and is in the process of being integrated with the control system - just waiting for some connectors to arrive. Once this is done, bench testing on dummy load will take place for a few days. If all goes well, BM should be operational in a couple of weeks time.
Steve G8PYT and Noel G8NDT. /G8PYT

(7-Nov-2018 to 23-Nov-2018)

GB3EM NoV arrived.
Will commence low power operation on weekend of 3rd/4th November whilst final installation made ready. Final installation will be made in mid-December.
Rather than wait for final installation to be completed, it has been decided to install a temporary low power repeater so amateurs can enjoy it ASAP due to demand. /M1FJB

(30-Oct-2018 to 14-Nov-2018)

GB7NA is for fully functional and is fully working with the trust server.
I would like to thank the ETCC for advice and prompt processing and delivery of the NOV.
I would also thank Don Turner on is prompt delivery of the Icom G3 software and also is advise on installing the G3 software.
Ernie G4LUE

(25-Oct-2018 to 13-Nov-2018)

A site visit will take place tomorrow to investigate the aerial damage. /GM7LUN
(22-Oct-2018 to 24-Oct-2018)

The GB7NA Dell Power Edge R710 server as been configured with Icom G3 software. It is pending authorisation on the D-Star Gateway. The server as been configured using the standard EE Rooter and not a Class B router. Thanks to Chris G0URG and Bret for the assistance.
It will be running for the next week until the Server can be installed In my shack. Ernie G4LUE.

(20-Oct-2018 to 25-Oct-2018)

GB3KS is now operational Dual Mode, already some great reports. New website /M1CMN
(13-Oct-2018 to 31-Oct-2018)

Pleased to say that GB3VM is back up to full permitted power on transmit, the fault has been repaired.
Thanks to all users that told us of signal issues, living so close to the repeater makes it hard to identify issues!
On behalf of the Hope Bagot Repeater Group /G8XYJ

(12-Oct-2018 to 17-Oct-2018)

GB7SX FUsion repeater is temporarily shut down awaiting spares. it is expected to be back on air in 24 hours. /G0AFN
(10-Oct-2018 to 13-Oct-2018)

I have surplus 2x Motorola Maxtrac 60Watt radios, could be used for a repeater. Sensible offers will get a reply. /G1MAW
(6-Oct-2018 to 22-Oct-2018)

REPEATERKEEPER.NET is a new forum ("virtual pub") to facilitate repeater and link system operators/users. Please come join us. /M0ZAH
Please note this facility is not managed by the RSGB ETCC.

(6-Oct-2018 to 10-Oct-2018)

I have 2 x Alinco DR6 FM Tranceivers setup on a 19ins tray with a cat 250 controler, fully set up as a voice Repeater. This was GB3HF Barnsley.
The middle TX power position on both Tranceivers are set to the output of 25W ERP for Repeater use. Fully working and very little use. Price £350 Further information contact Ernie G4LUE

(30-Sep-2018 to 18-Oct-2018)

This is the last begging request -looking for suitable length of coax for a UHF repeater, 50ft minimum up to maybe 75ft (will take two lengths and join if needed). Commercial grade antenna Procom type, even X30 X50 type ?? as the tower is very exposed needing something that won't fall apart in a couple of months.
message with any help, offers or advice.
thanks,. /GB3TC

(29-Sep-2018 to 11-Oct-2018)

The GB7DE VHF repeater has had the first stage adjustments made to the Rx filtering to reduce the interference from the nearby paging transmitter. This involves a tight band pass filter on the Rx frequency and a fairly wide deep notch filter on the Pager signal Tx. This should make it more accessible to hand held users in the coverage patch. It’s currently running DMR on the BM network at the moment until coverage and receive sensitivity are functioning correctly. The repeater is unconnected by default at the moment but can be linked on Slot 2 TG-9 using your radio keypad. Set your radio for Rx 145.6375 MHz Tx Frequency: 145.0375 MHz Colour Code 1 on the Brandmeister Network. Listener reports can be emailed with the time location, radio and antenna type and comments on the audio quality through the repeater to

(27-Sep-2018 to 24-Oct-2018)

The DMR breakfast is an idea taken from my experience a good few years ago at the West Seattle radio club. My thoughts are that It might involve a get together at an informal venue for radio amateurs to socialise, and especially for amateurs new to DMR operation to ask questions and get advice on how to get the best out of the rapidly developing digital network. If there is a demand radio’s could be updated or reprogrammed, loan radio’s given out / returned and a short “how to do it “ presentation could be given on a subject of mutual interest.
Nothing has been decided yet but if you would like to be involved in the discussion drop an email to
/Allister, GM7RYR

(27-Sep-2018 to 3-Oct-2018)

GB3JC is now connected to the Allstar/Echolink networks. Thank you Peter G7RPG for hardware. Status page: /M0ZAH
(24-Sep-2018 to 1-Oct-2018)

GB3KB 6 meter repeater located in Bromley kent is now operational TX 50.740, RX 51.240 please use ctcss 103.5 for access. RF reports welcome. /G0WYG
(8-Sep-2018 to 28-Sep-2018)

Both GB3KU & MB7IUK will be offline until Friday the 7th September while some essential Shack and System Maintenance is carried out. /M0NCZ
(5-Sep-2018 to 8-Sep-2018)

I have a set of six brass cavities to suit 2m, sensible offers will get a reply. /G1MAW
(1-Sep-2018 to 6-Sep-2018)

There are a few items remaining for disposal/sale. 1 x Nokia BSR450L/Key KF450L,pre-programmed with all the 1.6MHz split repeater freqs, 1 x Zetron M38A control panel, thanks to the rest of the buyers. Serious offers will get a reply. /G1MAW
(24-Aug-2018 to 6-Sep-2018)

I'm happy to report the repeater unit for GB3NZ is ready to go. I'm actively looking for 2M duplexers, have any for sale? Please email /M0ZAH
(24-Aug-2018 to 4-Sep-2018)

ETCC have recently received their first POCSAG paging application. MB7PBR is currently going through the frequency clearance process. We are hopeful that it will receive clearance to use 439.9875 MHz Future applications will also use the MB7P+2 letter callsign series and are processed as packet radio applications using the normal full E1 on-line application form. If you require further details please contact Steve G8SFR
(16-Aug-2018 to 30-Aug-2018)

ECHOLINK and WIRES will once again be available on The Blandford Camp repeaters GB3DT & GB7CM from 15:00 hrs on the 2/8/18. The problem concerning the 4G supply has been remedied but the permanent solution will not be in place until mid August at the earliest. /G0ZEP
(2-Aug-2018 to 8-Aug-2018)

Now licence and in agreement with site owner, for GB3GQ 3GHz TV repeater to be on Bardon Hill in Leicestershire.
Waiting for primary user to supply power and antenna space.
Please note this TV repeater is NOT in service at this time.
Regards, Peter G8DKC

(31-Jul-2018 to 15-Aug-2018)

Linking to the Salop Cluster is NOW on Slot 1 TG75 for RF users and TG23575 for hotspots and RF users via the Brandmeister Network on other Brandmeister DMR repeaters. Reflector 4418 is enabled on slot 2 as default, other reflectors are user activated on Slot 2 TG9 via Private call. Slot 1 TG9 is still available for local QSO's without linking ..GB7GT still has a power outage and work is in progress to restore the mains supply. /G3PWJ
(25-Jul-2018 to 30-Aug-2018)

GB3TC Three Counties Repeater Group looking for any help donations (not necessarily money) of items of interest in a 70cms Analogue repeater.
Logic, industrial power supplies. ideas on remote switch off (GSM devices) Motorola radios GM340, GM300 plus associated linking plugs or interfaces. Antennas four stack omni.
with thanks /M5ADU

(23-Jul-2018 to 22-Aug-2018)

Until further notice 6M repeater GB3EC will have reduced rx performance due to other rigging work on site. Once complete I hope to improve EC's performance./ Jake G1YFF Keeper
(21-Jul-2018 to 31-Jul-2018)

The RSGB is pleased to report that two 23cm TV repeaters have been cleared for operation, the first 23cm clearances for quite some time.
They are GB3EY (1308MHz) in East Yorkshire and GB3FT on 1315MHz at Blackpool, both in the North of England.

(19-Jul-2018 to 15-Aug-2018)

The Barnsley and District Wireless Association are fundraising to restore a D-star repeater to the Barnsley area, The planned repeater we hope will be on 70cms and initially be a standalone unit only however we hope to install global gateway connectivity to the G3 network within a short time.
We can be contacted via our Facebook page or contact Ernie G4LUE on 07984191873 /G4LUE

(18-Jul-2018 to 30-Jul-2018)

All Clee repeaters are available for purchase, genuine offers will get a reply.
Tait Ex beeb 50 MHz kit, filters,jaybeam 7050 dipole, 29Mhz kit, control panels x 3, Key KF450L/Nokia BSR 50W unit, with all the old RB channels.GB3GT/GX/VD /G1MAW

(16-Jul-2018 to 31-Jul-2018)

GB7BH at Brighton is now plugged in and operational.
I am awaiting a firmware update from the original vendors in order to re-connect to the BrandMeister network. /G7TXU

(11-Jul-2018 to 22-Jul-2018)

GB7DD will be shut down permanently within the next 10 days. There are other DMR repeaters recently licensed in Dundee so hopefully local users will still be able to enjoy DMR through them.
I would thank those that have been supportive of GB7DD. /MM0DUN

(10-Jul-2018 to 21-Jul-2018)

GB7DM at Dundee now operational as of 5th July at 21:00 /MM0DRA
(6-Jul-2018 to 24-Jul-2018)

GB7FF is Offline for maintenance as off the 5th July 2018 /G0WDA
(5-Jul-2018 to 12-Jul-2018)

A revised UK DMR Guide has been published to help current users and those wanting to know more before joining the mode - it covers the networks, radios and programming to name a few items.
Visit dmrguideuk dot wordpress dot com /2E0UCW

(2-Jul-2018 to 23-Jul-2018)

The Gillingham, Kent, Digital Fusion Gateway, MB6IGK, will be changing frequency from 434.0375 to 433.6375 as of it's renewal date (30/06/18).
The Digital Fusion Gateway is licensed for attended operation only, so is mainly operational on weekends and weekday evenings. Please feel free to make use of the gateway. /2E0JTP

(30-Jun-2018 to 19-Jul-2018)

After a problematic start, GB3GW is awaiting new cavity filters to be fitted so that it's service can be returned. /MW0VTK
(30-Jun-2018 to 19-Jul-2018)

GB3YT Mirfield television repeater is now back on air following several upgrades to the existing equipment. As well as the original 23cm analogue and digital inputs, the repeater now has an added digital input on 70cm, with new control logic making it suitable for future expansion to include an input on 2m. /G8NZR
(27-Jun-2018 to 16-Jul-2018)

The 70cm (DVU57) DMR repeater located in Yeovil, Somerset, is now fully re-connected to the South West Cluster, after it's recent change in location. The in addition to GB7YS, the SWC now consists of GB7AA, GB7BS, GB7DR, GB7JB, GB7KT & GB7SD. Further info is available from
(11-Jun-2018 to 30-Jun-2018)

GB3PB the Parrot 2m repeater was switched on at 12 noon on Saturday 2nd June 2018. It is located in Poole, Dorset and on RV50. All reports welcome. 73 /G0FAJ
(4-Jun-2018 to 29-Jun-2018)

The Salop Cluster of DMR repeaters has now joined the Brandmeister network.
You can still use the Salop Cluster ‘channels’ without having to reprogram your radio; Slot 1 / TG9 is still local and Slot 2 / TG950 works across the whole cluster.
There are no fixed or ‘static’ talkgroups configured, all access to the wider Brandmeister network is via user activated ‘reflectors’ which are setup by placing private calls to specific ID's on Slot 2 / TG9 …
We hope the new features offered by Brandmeister will be of benefit to all the amateurs in our area. /G4VZO

(2-Jun-2018 to 28-Jun-2018)

GB3GQ a 3.408Ghz TV Repeater became operational on the 13th of May 2018.
The licenced location is temporary while waiting for a new location.
Go to repeater streamer for further information and updates.
batc dot org dot uk Streamer. /G8DKC

(1-Jun-2018 to 13-Jun-2018)

GB7BJ is now connected to Brandmeister network, linked to GB7WD on TG950 slot2 as per Salop Cluster. Slot 1 TG9 Local QSO's Slot 2 User activated 'reflectors'. Feedback via 'salop-repeater' website. /Bob G3PWJ.
(31-May-2018 to 2-Jun-2018)

I have a spare uhf Key KF450 repeater with short dc lead should any group need a spare or upgrade.
Details from dave.g7uzn[at]

(28-May-2018 to 12-Jun-2018)

GB7WD, the DMR repeater in Sedgley covering Wolverhampton & Dudley, is now testing on the Brandmeister network. /G4VZO
(26-May-2018 to 7-Jun-2018)

Please note that in accordance with new Data Protection regulations, we now have to seek permission from Closedown Operators (CDO's) to hold their data for the purpose of effecting an emergency closedown.
All new applications will require the ETCC vetting agent to contact CDO's to obtain this permission.
This has to be obtained before NoV's can be issued.
Thank you for your co-operation with this.

(25-May-2018 to 3-Jun-2018)

DMR Gateway MB6IYS is now on air in Yeovil.
Mainly between 17.30 and 9.00 week days and most weekends.
431.0875MHz CC3 slot 2. /G7OGG

(24-May-2018 to 31-May-2018)

GB3SP will be removed from service on Sat 26 May 2018 for essential maintenance and firmware upgrades. The work is estimated to take approx 14 days.
It is with sadness that I have to report that Tim Hordley G8BXQ has recently become SK. Tim was one of the founding members of the group and built GB3SP which was one of the first UHF repeaters in the UK in 1978. With the controller built on veroboard using discrete components and individual logic gates it was a testament to Tims skill and knowledge. No PIC contollers and the like in those days! We extend our codolonces to Tim's friends and family. /De GW4VRO

(24-May-2018 to 15-Jun-2018)

Your data security is really important to us. With data protection rules changing as part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May, we'd like to make sure you know about changes to the ETCC privacy policy.
The way we use your personal information hasn't changed, but our updated privacy policy now gives you a better, more comprehensive understanding of how we use and protect your data. [more]

(23-May-2018 to 28-May-2018)

The 70cm DMR repeater newly located to Wincanton, Somerset, is now fully operational and running at full power, 25 watts ERP. Slot 1 TG9 is set to stand alone mode, whilst slot 2 TG950 is connected to the South West Cluster. Colour Code is 1. Further info is available at: /G3ZXX
(9-May-2018 to 26-May-2018)

Came back on air, from it's new location in Wincanton, for the 1st time today, at approx., 5:15pm local. Running low power at the moment, 10 watts ERP, with a temporary antenna. Hope to have the permanent antenna installed over the coming week, and then up to the 14 dBw. GB7JB is part of the South West Cluster of 70cm DMR repeaters, and is fully functional on the cluster. Further info via
(3-May-2018 to 9-May-2018)

After discussions with Ofcom GB3TS has been switched back on Tuesday 01.05.18 for a week. If any abuse is heard we will be recording it, forward report to Aros and Ofcom and the repeater will once again be switched off. /Ian G7MFN NOV Holder for GB3TS
(2-May-2018 to 23-May-2018)

MB6BD DStar Gateway has changed frequency, as of 18th April 2018. Now on 144.8625Mhz, all other settings are the same. More info on the site. /G4WXN
(23-Apr-2018 to 10-May-2018)

GB7CC came into service today although we have a problem with the backhaul so slot 2 is currently standalone. Hopefully we’ll get this resolved very quickly so GB7CC can take its place in the SALOP cluster. /G8WVW
(18-Apr-2018 to 4-May-2018)

I have the greatest pleasure to announce that as of 14:00 GMT today MB6LR commenced service as the 144MHz DMR Gateway for Leicester on 144.8625 MHz. vy 73 de Adam Moss G0ORY Leicester DMR Users Group.
(16-Apr-2018 to 27-Apr-2018)

GB7BJ not connected to Phoenix network. Internet has failed reconnected into Salop Cluster again till further notice. /G3PWJ
(14-Apr-2018 to 30-Apr-2018)

Now removed from site for equipment overhaul. /GM7LUN
(14-Apr-2018 to 24-Apr-2018)

MB6IAA is now operational, after quick and excellent service from the ETCC and Ofcom /MW0POB
(13-Apr-2018 to 27-Apr-2018)

MB6IAA is now operational, after quick and excellent service from the ETCC and Ofcom. /MW0POB
(13-Apr-2018 to 14-Apr-2018)

I have had to close the GB3NT repeater at Newcastle down because there was abuse on the repeater for a couple of hours recently and it was impossible for amateurs to get on the air. This follows abuse from the same people over a couple of weeks, Reports hve been made and investigations are being carried out. Nancy Bone G7UUR NoV Holder 07990760920
(6-Apr-2018 to 11-Apr-2018)

This new DMR repeater, GB7DX for New Romney & the wider Romney Marsh area of Kent, was switched on today at 10:40 UTC. It is connected into the wider DMR Phoenix network across South Kent. It is going to really improve coverage for the region. Reports welcome. /G0GCQ
(2-Apr-2018 to 9-Apr-2018)

I am writing to let you know that I have been informed by fellow radio amateurs that there has been abuse including swearing on GB3NT by people, whom I think are not licensed, although I have not heard them myself. I advised everyone who contacted me that the best solution would be to go on the air and stop them transmitting, simply by keeping the airwaves occupied. I was prepared to close down the repeater, if this strategy did not work, but it has worked very well. More amateurs are using the repeater than ever before and the abuse has stopped. Kind regards and thanks to all amateurs who helped to keep GB3NT open Nancy Bone G7UUR
(31-Mar-2018 to 6-Apr-2018)

After almost 21 years at the Yeovil College site, GB3YS and GB7YS, are loosing the site. We expect them to go over the next couple of weeks. We are actively looking for a new site, but this is proving to be not that simple. If anyone has any suggestions for a site that would offer reasonable coverage in and around Yeovil, on 70cm, that feedback would be much appreciated.
(29-Mar-2018 to 18-Apr-2018)

APRS digipeater on air Millbrook near Ampthill Bedfordshire. /G4FKI
(27-Mar-2018 to 3-Apr-2018)

It is planned to remove GB3BT from site in early April for a complete overhaul. The logic board on the repeater is over 30 years old and we may look to replace it. CTCSS access would be added to the repeater before it goes back into service. /GM7LUN
(24-Mar-2018 to 11-Apr-2018)

DSTAR repeater GB7VO in Herefordshire, now able to connect to XLX 925 A (CQ UK Fusion Room) and XLX 925 B (Allstar UK Hub) as well as the standard DCS and REF reflectors! To access type in D925A for CQ UK And D925B for Allstar UK Hub After 15 mins the repeater defaults to DCS005M (Midlands) Thanks to the CQ UK team for their Fusion to DSTAR bridge and of course the team at DSTAR 101 for their informative pages on how to get the XLX reflectors into the software! /G8XYJ
(18-Mar-2018 to 12-Apr-2018)

GB3DM has now been enabled for Digital Wires-X but still runs as a local FM repeater. AMS has been activated and if a C4FM station access GB3DM they will be repeated out on C4FM and into the current connect Wires-x room. FM stations can still use the repeater locally and please enable CTCSS tone SQL if you don't want to hear the digital signal if you have a FM only radio tone is 103.5 /GM7GDE
(12-Mar-2018 to 2-Apr-2018)

GB7SJ will be connected to HUBNet (allstar network) in Fusion mode between 7pm and 11pm daily apart from Tuesdays as there is a club net for MIDCARS between 8-9pm every week. Analog use in these times may not be possible as HUBNet is a busy network and TX is almost constant. Please note that your overs must be under 3 mins and 4 seconds pauses between overs need to be left to allow this 100+ repeater network to reset all the gateways and repeaters. GB3SJ (VHF analog repeater co-sited is 24/7 connected to Hubnet) If users like or dislike this change please let me know. Kind regards Stuart M0WTX
(12-Mar-2018 to 31-Mar-2018)

I would like to proudly announce the new Peterborough City digital repeater GB3PC, the repeater is operating on wires-x with a number of rooms available to connect to, the repeater always defaults back to United-Kingdom-Net after 5 minutes of inactivity and United-Kingdom-Net can also be accessed via FCS004/60 reflector, please visit our website for full information. Many thanks Danny(M0RHG)
(8-Mar-2018 to 18-Mar-2018)

MB7IWW 2m simplex gateway in Ruthin is now active on 145.2875 ctcss 77. Will be connected to cq-uk room. /Paul, MW0IBS
(6-Mar-2018 to 16-Mar-2018)

The Admin team at CQ-UK are proud to announce to all digital & non digital users that the CQ-UK room now supports all three digital modes as well as FM analogue to communicate between each other... more info can seen via our website on how to link your radios. many thanks to Rickie MI5DAW & Ernie GM7KBK for their tireless efforts in getting all modes to cross-platform. Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS
(6-Mar-2018 to 20-Mar-2018)

MB7IHZ 2M Simplex Gateway at Penrith is now active 145.2875 - 103.5 CTCSS Connected to HubNET UK (Allstar) Reports are welcome 73 de G4PZN
(27-Feb-2018 to 14-Mar-2018)

GB7DA, Airdrie, is now running MMDVM software and is now operational on DStar and Yaesu System Fusion. Additionally operation on DMR using the DMR+ network is being trialed./GM4AUP
(25-Feb-2018 to 13-Mar-2018)

GB7BJ at Malvern is now linked to the Phoenix network. Before we decide to reconnect to the Salop Cluster as before, comments from users would be helpful re the possiblity of limited user demand access to the Phoenix Network. Reply to
(23-Feb-2018 to 13-Mar-2018)

The RSGB Board has announced that Andrew Barrett, G8DOR replaces John McCullagh GI4BWM as Chairman of their Emerging Technology Co-Ordination Committee (ETCC). Andrew steps up from his previous role as Vice-Chair.
"On behalf of the membership and the RSGB Board I have to thank John for the enormous level of work that he has put into the role of ETCC Chair over many years, particularly his work with Ofcom. We also thank Andrew for volunteering to take on the role of ETCC Chair, and hope that you will support him in his new role." / Stewart/G3YSX

(22-Feb-2018 to 8-Mar-2018)

The repeater has suffered a logic failure and is only accessible by tone burst for the foreseeable future.
(16-Feb-2018 to 19-Feb-2018)

GB3WT has suffered a logic failure and is only accessible by tone burst for the foreseeable future. /MI0MSO
(16-Feb-2018 to 26-Feb-2018)

Tenby Radio Repeater Group have a new unboxed but never used Icom 70cm repeater for sale by best offer. Contact Peter/2W0HOH []
(15-Feb-2018 to 2-Mar-2018)

The GB7BJ repeater is not connected to the Salop Cluster on Slot 2 TalkGroup 950 until further notice.. G3PWJ
(11-Feb-2018 to 28-Feb-2018)

GB7BF Blackpool Fylde is now operational DV BM DMR and DSTAR is now operational Slot one is connected to north west group of repeaters slot 2 ref 4400 /M0DKR
(9-Feb-2018 to 27-Feb-2018)

I am part of the group that have the NOV for the Poole and Bournemouth 2M repeater. Unfortunately the cavity filter we have is not suitable so we are looking for another one. If anyone can help us please contact me by email. Many thanks in advance. 73, Les G0FAJ[]
(7-Feb-2018 to 28-Feb-2018)

MB7IFC Blackpool VHF Gateway. Initial switch on, 13:00 4th Feb. the gateway is running in a test mode, planned to be on 24 hours from 5th Feb. not yet live on internet. Current tests on 145.2375 to check coverage locally / issues & radio equipment. Internet gateway hopefully to be fully operational shortly, Sig reports welcome, to Steve g6aos Regards Steve
(4-Feb-2018 to 20-Feb-2018)

Echolink will be off for the forseeable future as the repeater is not currently transmitting ctcss for some reason./GM7LUN [info]
(2-Feb-2018 to 26-Feb-2018)

HI just to let every one know that GB7SN DMR repeater is off air at this time, the antennas were damaged in high winds. We are hoping to get a break in the wx so we can get working on it sorry for any inconvenience to users at this time. /M1ERS
(1-Feb-2018 to 22-Feb-2018)

GB3SJ VHF repeater in Northwich is now on air. Big thanks to Peter G7RPG and everyone else that has helped to make this happen. This repeater will be connected most of the time to the largest linked system of analog repeaters in the UK (see for more info) Kind regards M0WTX Stuart
(29-Jan-2018 to 9-Feb-2018)

The Martello Tower Group based in north Essex have recently invested in three new TSF 2025 Simoco base stations to upgrade our 3 analogue voice repeaters GB3TE, GB3CL & GB3CE. We intend to move all 3 repeaters onto the same CTCSS tone & after discussion with the ETCC, CTCSS Tone A (67hz) has been agreed. We intend to have the 3 repeaters using the new CTCSS tone 67Hz on or before the 1st February 2018. Each repeater will automatically ID the new CTCSS group A during the CWID beacons & for our members that do not read CW, a voice announcement will hourly notify them of the Call sign & CTCSS. 73 Tony G0MBA repeater keeper
(23-Jan-2018 to 5-Feb-2018)

UPDATE - GB7WW is the SW DMR groups first MMDVM repeater, unfortunately it has presented us with some unexpected technical issues for which we are grateful to Tim G6FNY for his assistance. We have made progress and are again in a testing phase which will hopefully see us operational soon. We took the decision to focus on GB7WW which has delayed the implementation of MB6WW and GB7SW. If anyone is considering a MMDVM repeater we created a FB group to share knowledge search "MMDVM Repeater Keepers" I would like to thank our local supporters, never fear we are working hard to bring you a robust and stable repeater soon./G0RMA
(23-Jan-2018 to 6-Feb-2018)

On the 1st February, GB7FO/GB7FF/ GB7ESC will be off line while smart meters will be installed. (6 Hours). On the 7th February GB7FO/GB7FF/GB7ESC will be off line because Demon Uk are giving up part of their business to Vodafone, So there is a change over time and all IP's I software will need to be changed. (Up to 48 Hours) /G0WDA
(21-Jan-2018 to 8-Feb-2018)

Operational from 19/01/2018

(17-Jan-2018 to 21-Jan-2018)

Is your Packet Station Operational? Please check this list.
If there it only shows your entry as "Licensed" please send us a Status Update using this form.
Thank you /G8SFR

(5-Jan-2018 to 29-Jan-2018)

Is your Gateway Operational? Check this list: simplex gateway list. If there is no entry please send us a Status Update using this form: Status Update Form Thank you /G8SFR
(7-Dec-2017 to 23-Dec-2017)

Please note that the ETCC will not accept any repeater or gateway applications (including renewals) from midday on Friday 22 December until 9am on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.
Status updates in accordance with regulatory requirements will still be accepted, as will any news items submitted.

(7-Dec-2017 to 3-Jan-2018)

Our basic "Dummies Guide to DMR in the UK" is available for download via our website.
Please visit the "About DMR" menu on Admin Team /Chris, 2E0UCW

(4-Dec-2017 to 5-Dec-2017)

Apologies for the loss of service on this site earlier today, hopefully the problem has now been resolved.
(27-Nov-2017 to 28-Nov-2017)

Click [here] to see article from the RSGB regarding the Chairmanship of the ETCC
(25-Nov-2017 to 13-Dec-2017)

Click [here] to view article on RSGB News
(24-Nov-2017 to 8-Dec-2017)

GB7WS UHF DMR repeater is now operational and connected to the Phoenix network. Many thanks to all who offered encouragement and help to secure this repeater for the Bury St Edmunds and West Suffolk area. /James Large G7MLO
(18-Nov-2017 to 5-Dec-2017)

The 70cm TDMA DMR repeater, located at Andover, has been operational for some time but has issues with it's internet connection to the South West Cluster. With the assistance of TVBC staff, this has now been resolved and GB7KT is now fully operational. Slot 1 providing local coverage and Slot 2 connecting to the other clustered repeaters. Further information at: ktrepeaters(.)ORG(.)UK /G3ZXX
(15-Nov-2017 to 2-Dec-2017)

The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group would like to report that our 70cms voice analogue repeater GB3JS was pressed into service from its new site in Gt Yarmouth. This is really exciting news for the Radio Amateurs along the East Coast as we have just recently lost our site for GB3YL and GB3LO. Reports received so far are very good and I hope that the Amateurs on our East coast will make good use of it. I would like to thank Mervyn G4TAD and James M0JGX for all their hard work in getting the repeater on air. We welcome any signal reports. /M1TES
(13-Nov-2017 to 30-Nov-2017)

GB7YS, the newly activated Yeovil, 70cm TDMA DMR Repeater, is now connected to the South West Cluster, via Slot 2, TG950, CC1. As with other SWC repeaters, Slot 1, is stand-alone, providing local DMR coverage using TG9, CC1. Further information is available at: ysrepeaters(dot)org(dot)UK /G3ZXX
(3-Nov-2017 to 21-Nov-2017)

GB3KU is now fully working again. 24 hour soak test has been successful. Stuck Carrier was caused by FIFO overload in channel_USB driver buffer. /M0NCZ
(1-Nov-2017 to 9-Nov-2017)

GB3EC New 6M repeater Nr Bury St Edmunds is now on air the firstt QSO took place at 1427 on 1st Nov. Thanks to G8MLA,G60HM,G8XOR,MOZAH and G7UZN for your help with the project. Reports to the Keeper G1YFF at /G1YFF
(1-Nov-2017 to 13-Nov-2017)

Now operational on Yaesu System Fusion with the default reflector being SC Scotland. DMR still operational using the Brandmeister and DMR+ networks. /GM4AUP
(1-Nov-2017 to 22-Nov-2017)

The connectivity issues at the Corsham C4FM/Fusion 2m Gateway (144.8125) have been resolved and both it and the MB6IUE D-STAR Gateway (431.1375) are back on air. Believed to have been an ISP problem. /G0IUE
(31-Oct-2017 to 7-Nov-2017)

MB7IUK is now back on air. GB3KU has had the Allstar controller rebuilt and is currently under test to ensure no repeats of stuck Carrier. /M0NCZ
(30-Oct-2017 to 13-Nov-2017)

Dan M0HOW and Dave G8PUO went to site today for two main objectives. Put back the main GB3HE repeater (following a TX fault) and install the updated MB7UE APRS Digipeater. The APRS system install went well and all housed in its cabinet. Dan connected to the internet and all tested OK. GB3HE unfortunately did not go to plan. Whilst the original TAIT dry joints faults were investigated and remade, the repeater left on TX for a week plus various bench testing, when back on site the TX unfortunately failed again. After so much testing possibly the journey in the boot brought another fault to the fore. As such, the standby repeater was put back for the time being but has no preamp. GB3JT, D/ATV System was moved into the new cabinet in readiness for the 23cm Analogue and Digital receivers and updated logic, followed by a 5 GHz receiver/antenna install for local ATV testing (on top of the GB7HE four stack). It currently remains in 24/7 beacon mode. /G8PUO
(27-Oct-2017 to 3-Nov-2017)

After long negotiations with the landlord to keep both repeaters on site, which failed.They have asked us to remove GB3YL and GB3LO and equipment from site. GB3YL and GB3LO have been providing good coverage of The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth area for over 30 years so it is really sad news. The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group are currently in the process of finding another site in the Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth area. If anyone knows of a possible site. We are open to suggestions James M1TES Chairman of the Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group I can be contacted by email /M1TES
(23-Oct-2017 to 1-Nov-2017)

GB7PP is operational , currently on D-Star while construction of the multimode unit continues. This follows the issue of a new NoV to allow multimode digital operation. /G0FEA
(18-Oct-2017 to 27-Oct-2017)

GB3PF is now on air in Nelson, Lancashire. It is connected to the UK Allstar network HubNet but can be used standalone if required. Signal reports would be very welcome, my email is on my QRZ page /M0NFI
(16-Oct-2017 to 27-Oct-2017)

Due to a Allstar Controller fault causing the Repeater to be on constant TX on GB3KU and them both being linked to the same GSM Switch, Both GB3KU and MB7IUK will be off Air until at least 21/10/2017 when I will hopefully get chance to look at the issue. OFF AIR Since 15/10/2017 Expected resolution time 21/10/2017 /M0NCZ
(16-Oct-2017 to 26-Oct-2017)

GB7HN is currently on air and undergoing tests in FM Analogue only at the moment. Signal reports welcome. visit /M0HOY
(13-Oct-2017 to 31-Oct-2017)

According to the web site of the SYRG their repeaters are poised to shutdown. This includes GB3HF, GB3NA, GB3SY and GB7YD all located in South Yorkshire.
(13-Oct-2017 to 24-Oct-2017)

Weather permitting we will be mounting the antenna for GB3WM (South Birmingham) on 15-10-2017 and hope to start a low power trial to carry out our tests. If all is good we will be fully operational soon after, I would like to make a special mention of G8VIQ without whom we would not be able to commission the repeater so quickly. /M0JZT
(10-Oct-2017 to 18-Oct-2017)

Just a quick note to say that GB7VO (Leominster DSTAR Repeater) had q failure on it's Raspberry Pi and the SD card within. This meant that the RF part of the repeater was fine, but the networking was faulty. Pleased to say that with the help of the Wyre Forest Repeater Group (GB7WF) and in particular G8OXG and G1ZRN, GB7VO is now back on the DCS Network - Default linking to DCS-005M (Midlands). Repair was carried out on Friday 06/10/17 at the Hereford ARS monthly meeting, where the repeater is based. Many thanks Matt G8XYJ
(9-Oct-2017 to 23-Oct-2017)

Have been asked about GB3JT and I can confirm it was back on air on 31st August, following a PSU change. The DATV repeater is running a video loop and the 23cm Analogue and Digital receivers, plus updated logic, is due to go onsite within the next two weeks. We look forward to any signal reports please. Further details on our facebook group and website. RILGES Repeater Group | rilges org uk / G8PUO
(28-Sep-2017 to 18-Oct-2017)

Hi, GB7WX repeater in Tarvin Cheshire is now fully operational, a new duplexer has been fitted this morning (27 Sep) Follow @gb7wx on Twitter for all the latest information on the repeater. /G7NEH
(27-Sep-2017 to 9-Oct-2017)

GB7ES Paul M0LRE and Dave G8PUO went to the the repeater church site end of week to give the Icom DSTAR system an oil change and tightening of the fan belt. All looking good, working well and no issues to report. The repeater is now running DSTAR G3 and welcomes users to give it a try. RILGES Repeater Group rilges org uk /G8PUO
(24-Sep-2017 to 10-Oct-2017)

SW DMR Group are pleased to announce GB7WW is on air and ready for on air testing. /G0RMA
(21-Sep-2017 to 30-Sep-2017)

Exciting news for Northern Ireland. The RS-RP3C gateway software which is being rolled out across the globe has been installed on the Icom D-Star Repeater GB7DN. The new software has significant improvements over its previous version and will enable D-STAR users to operate the “Terminal ID” and “Access Point” features of the new ID-51EPlus2 and ID-4100E D-STAR radios. With the support of local operators this upgrade means GB7DN is now improved and ready for use, try it today and see how the system works. Many thanks to 2I0JIE, Joe for his time and effort with GB7DN as it was enhanced with hardware recently. /GI0AZB
(19-Sep-2017 to 9-Oct-2017)

GB3ZI repeater back on line 15.09.2017. Checks satisfactory, many thanks to the crew./G4YFF
(15-Sep-2017 to 19-Sep-2017)

GB7SX Wires X software updates have been successful and opens up more operator facilities. Users of the Wires X mode and their radio buttons at this time for GB7SX should use the repeater frequency settings for this service. /G0AFN
(7-Sep-2017 to 4-Oct-2017)

DSTAR repeater GB7AU was upgraded to use the Icom G3 software as of 13:00 today, 04-Sep-2017. It is hoped that this upgrade will provide a more robust service. /G0RDI
(4-Sep-2017 to 24-Sep-2017)

Just an update on the long overdue GB3NZ project. This linked system should be up in the next few months. Kind regards, James, M0ZAH
(1-Sep-2017 to 17-Sep-2017)

Onsite 31 Aug to exchange GB3HE Repeater (due to failed TX) and install the spare repeater. GB3JT TX and new PSU installed and on 24/7 DATV testing. Coverage Reports Welcomed. Follow on visit will be to add ATV RX and Logic. GB7HE (D-STAR) G2 is being upgraded to G3. MB7UE (APRS) being re-cased and upgraded. rilges org uk
(1-Sep-2017 to 20-Sep-2017)

For several years GB3XX has been providing very limited coverage. One of the original antennas failed some years ago and single antenna working resulted in providing coverage for the immediate locality only. We are now extremely pleased to report that, due to the generous support of Western Power and Beacon Comms, GB3XX has 2 shiny new 4-stack arrays each with a new run of LDF-450.This has allowed us to revert to separate Tx/Rx antenna working and increase RX sensitivity. XX is now a dual mode analogue/system fusion repeater on RU73 77Hz CTCSS. 77Hz CTCSS is also transmitted in analogue mode to allow suppression of the digital 'noise' for analogue only users. Signal reports would be greatly appreciated. If anyone in the area would like to get involved with the repeater and future projects the Daventry Amateur Radio Repeater Group meets the last Tuesday of every month at the Saracens Head in Daventry./G8KHF
(1-Sep-2017 to 28-Sep-2017)

Hi guys hope all are well, just to let you know MB6IPG 431.125 Gateway is now fully approved by ofcom and is operational. If possible could it's status in listings be updated to operational. Thanks for all help very much appreciated. /Owen 2E0OTM
(29-Aug-2017 to 13-Sep-2017)

Ernie G4LUE has retired from the South Yorkshire Repeater Group. Graham G8POK is taking over./ Ernie G4LUE.
(25-Aug-2017 to 1-Sep-2017)

The RSGB have been made aware that due to continuing and sustained repeater abuse, GB3DY at Wirksworth and GB3EE at Chesterfield have been required by Ofcom to close down for 14 days. The RSGB’s Amateur Radio Observation Service and the Emerging Technology Coordination Committee are working to formalise an agreed process for dealing with unfortunate situations like this and will be contacting all Repeater Keepers once this is finalised. The RSGB would emphasise that if a repeater is suffering abuse it is essential that users do no react or attempt to communicate with the abusers as doing so inevitably makes the situation worse. Guidance on combating abuse can be found on the ETCC website at
(21-Aug-2017 to 4-Sep-2017)

GB3WY 6 METRE Repeater in West Yorkshire now has a new antenna. All signal reports will be gratefully received. All correspondence to the keeper. Many Thanks to Michael G1XCC and Mick M0LEV for all their hard work. Regards Bob G4YLV
(12-Aug-2017 to 31-Aug-2017)

MB6BK, located in Bracknell is a DMR and C4FM gateway that covers most of Bracknell as well as Warfield and Western Ascot. The frequency is 144.8125, colour code 3 for DMR. It uses the mmdvm DMR gateway so can connect to Brandmeister, DMR+/Phoenix and XLX-950. Brandmeister is heard via TG9, Phoenix via TG8 and XLX-950 TG6. To connect to a BM reflector send a private call to the desired reflector. To connect to a Phoenix/DMR+ reflector add an 8 to the beginning of the reflector number. So for reflector 4400 on Brandmiester call 4400 and for DMR+ call 84400./G0NEF
(11-Aug-2017 to 4-Sep-2017)

USE OF 4400/TG235 ON DMR
As the NoV holder of a multimode public gateway I'd like to ensure that DMR users of reflector 4400 or TG235 on DMR are aware of the impact this has on the ability to offer a multi mode service. My gateway like many others are by default linked to DMR reflector 4400 as this is the UK wide DMR calling channel. When someone is using DMR 4400/TG235 my gateway and most other multimode repeaters and gateways are locked in to DMR mode as they can only offer one mode at a time. This means that C4FM, DStar, P25 or analog users cannot access the gateway or repeater. So please consider this if you choose to have an extended chat on 4400/TG235. Not only does this tie up the nationwide DMR calling channel across dozens of DMR repeaters but it also locks out users of other modes, that you will not be aware of, from dozens of multimode gateways and repeaters across the country. /G0NEF
(26-Jul-2017 to 16-Aug-2017)

Myself and Jeff 2E0VYV as been up to the site to investigate the the D-STAR 70cms port on GB7YD-B repeater. After several tests we found the output of the unit direct from the back of the repeater was 0.16 watts. The unit has been removed for further investigation. Ernie G4LUE.
(21-Jul-2017 to 25-Jul-2017)

Many Thanks to 2E0KVJ (Dave) and the TX factor team for all their hard work in promoting Amateur Radio, Episode 17 includes a feature on C4FM and the CQ-UK Room on Wires-X ID 27793.... Many Thanks to all concerned Stuart M0SGS best 73's
(16-Jul-2017 to 26-Jul-2017)

GB3NA now running Fusion, linked to CQ-UK Room ID 27793. Thanks to M0SGS for his assistance and our NA users for their patience. /Ernie G4LUE
(7-Jul-2017 to 21-Jul-2017)

DMR Gateway MB6IBK is now operational in Bracknell, Berkshire. The frequency is 434.4875, colour code 3, slot 2, 1w ERP. The gateway is connected to both the DMR+ and Brandmeister networks via the gateway built into the Pi-Star software used to run the node. The default connection is to DMR reflector 4400 which is the Brandmeister UK wide call channel but most Brandmeister and DMR+ reflectors should be accessible. To connect to a new reflector you must send a PRIVATE CALL to the reflector you want. For Brandmeister use the regular reflector number, so for Reflector 4400,use 4400. Brandmeister reflectors are returned to the Gateway on Talk Group 9. So you need to have TG9 in your recieve talk groups list. For DMR+ add a "8" infront of the reflector number. So for 4400 on DMR+ use 84400. DMR+ connections will come back to the gateway as Talk Group 8, so ensure you have TG8 in your receive group list for each channel. /G0NEF
(3-Jul-2017 to 31-Jul-2017)

On Monday 19th June I returned the GB3NA Fusion repeater and the HRI-200 and cables back to Yaesu UK for investigation these are on the rolling issues. It as the latest firmware 1.10q and the HRI-200 has the latest firmware A1.01 2015.... the HRI-200 has been checked by STUART M0SGS, and works fine both in analogue and digital with no issues. But when connected via the repeater on site if you try and set it up in digital, the on air light locks up and goes RED at which point nothing works and the software becomes locked out. I have put the Kendecom repeater back in to service. Thanks to Jeff 2E0VYV and Stuart M0MJS for their sterling work and time regarding this issue. Ernie G4LUE.
(19-Jun-2017 to 30-Jun-2017)

The Aerial system is down due to wind damage early on Monday the 5 June and Temp system will be put into use in the next few days. This effects GB3GB & GB7GB. /G8NDT
(6-Jun-2017 to 20-Jun-2017)

Would the keeper of the following repeater please contact ETCC: GB3AN
The email address domain you have registered against your repeater NoV is no longer valid. Thank you.

(31-May-2017 to 21-Dec-2017)

We believe that a number of email accounts are to be terminated from the end of May 2017 by service providers. If you are a repeater keeper with a contact email address containing the words "freeserve" or "fsmail" or "fsnet" please advise of an alternative so we can update the records. [more]
(30-May-2017 to 7-Jun-2017)

Jonathan Naylor G4KLX, Author of the Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM) will be giving a talk at the Hucknall Rolls-Royce Amateur Radio Club on Friday 2nd June at 8pm, The MMDVM is used by around 400 Repeaters Worldwide as well as almost 700 HotSpots running MMDVM softwareand hardware which allows it to operate any combination of D-Star, DMR, Yaesu System Fusion, and P25 Phase 1, The talk will cover the inspiration and development of the MMDV and an overview of how it operates internally, The Talk will be in the Leisure suite, Hucknall Rolls-Royce Leisure, Gate 1, Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 6EU ALL ARE WELCOME
(22-May-2017 to 3-Jun-2017)

GB3HD is now back on to WIRES-X internet connectivity. The link is active between 18:00 to 06:00 weekdays and 24 hours at the weekend (subject to change without notice). Thank you for your patience whale we sorted the technical problems out. /G0ISX
(16-May-2017 to 31-May-2017)

Check out LBAR.UK for analogue TECH-CHAT-HELP CQ-UK SAFETY WIRES-X C4FM NEWSFLASH FOR SALE YOUR DONATION DOWNLOADS VIDEO'S LINKING PROJECTS CQ-UK LIVE EVENTS LINKS BLOG STATUS Our Internet linking project between FM-C4FM-DMR and D-STAR is nearly complete we have our own TG 4409 CQ-UK Wires-X DMR link Supplied by DMRplus and appears to be working very well, many thanks again to them for all their help, the next stage is to set up our own D-STAR Reflector and connect this to CQ-UK on C4FM also. The reason for this is to allow each mode to be able communicate with each other in one place regardless of Repeater access or equipment owned. /M0SGS
(7-May-2017 to 24-May-2017)

GB3HD is now back to full dual mode operation (C4FM & analogue FM). The new repeater was installed on 7th May, WIRES-X internet connection will not be available this is now being worked on. Thanks, To Michael G1XCC for the lone of the temporary repeater. /G0ISX
(7-May-2017 to 15-May-2017)

The RS-RP3C gateway software for D-Star repeaters that is being rolled out across the globe is now available from Icom UK. The new software has significant improvements over its previous version. The software will be provided free of charge on CD to Repeater Keepers with Icom repeater hardware. For more information about D-Star, visit or for information on the software email

(5-May-2017 to 13-May-2017)

GB3HD is now back on. It is on a temporary repeater and is analogue only. This is a short term solution and it is hoped that the new fusion repeater will be arriving soon. Malcolm G0ISX keeper of GB3HD
(4-May-2017 to 7-May-2017)

Returned to Service, At 14:30 on 4th May after PA device been changed. More info and pictures on the GB7GB Facebook page. /G8NDT
(4-May-2017 to 9-May-2017)

Jonathan Naylor G4KLX, Author of the Multi-Mode Digital Voice Modem (MMDVM) will be giving a talk at the Hucknall Rolls-Royce Amateur Radio Club on Friday 2nd June at 8pm, The MMDVM is used by around 400 Repeaters Worldwide as well as almost 700 HotSpots running MMDVM software and hardware which allows it to operate any combination of D-Star, DMR, Yaesu System Fusion, and P25 Phase 1, The talk will cover the inspiration and development of the MMDV and an overview of how it operates internally, The Talk will be in the Leisure suite, Hucknall Rolls-Royce Leisure, Gate 1, Watnall Road, Hucknall, Nottingham, NG15 6EU ALL ARE WELCOME
(3-May-2017 to 3-May-2017)

Sorry to have to inform you all, but GB3HD is temporary off the air, I have ordered a new repeater and hopefully it will be back on by Wednesday. Unfortunately, the wiresX link will not be available, I am working on this. please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. Malcolm G0ISX Keeper of GB3HD & GB7HX
(1-May-2017 to 4-May-2017)

GB3EC is being tested on the Bench so far all is looking good. It's hoped to complete the aerial rigging work in the next few weeks and have GB3EC on for the end of May.
Thanks to CamCom Radio,G8XOR,G8MLA,M0ZAH and G6OHM for your help and support./ Jake G1YFF

(29-Apr-2017 to 19-May-2017)

RSGB club insurance and beacon and repeater insurance has now been renewed for the year to April 2018.
Club insurance certificates can be downloaded from the RSGB website, where your Membership Services login will be required.
Beacon and repeater insurance costs £10 and you may renew on the RSGB shop.
Please allow a couple of days after renewal for your certificate to be dispatched.
In both bases the RSGB has changed the brokers to CaSE Insurance.
Cover remains the same as in previous years but the insurer is now Aviva.

(28-Apr-2017 to 10-May-2017)

The SW DMR Group are considering making GB7KM a Dual Mode repeater by replacing the Motorola SLR5500 with a MMDVM solution, adding D-Star while maintaining DMR-Phoenix. We would be interested in hearing form any potential users especially Repeater keepers that are doing this, with their view on reliability and setup. /G0RMA

(20-Apr-2017 to 9-May-2017)

Over the next week GB3JC may be unavailable due to system upgrades. The work is needed to implement the new GB3NZ 2M repeater. The current repeater hardware will be placed on standby for backup. /M0ZAH
(20-Apr-2017 to 1-May-2017)

GB7KM Cotswold Airport DMR back online after firewall reset. /G0RMA
(10-Apr-2017 to 26-Apr-2017)

Will be at the Norbreck Rally on Sunday the 9th of April on the SLRG stand. Any queries from keepers, etc, in N England will be welcome there. Bob, G3VVT
(3-Apr-2017 to 10-Apr-2017)

New Yaesu Fusion Wires-X Gateway available and online in Bootle, Liverpool. Find it on the 2M band: 144.8375. Connected to CQ-UK where all the fun and action happens. /2E0OMO
(3-Apr-2017 to 11-Apr-2017)

There are few parts of the UK not covered by at least one 2 metre repeater EXCEPT for about 600 square km in the Western Isles of Scotland which have been uncovered since GB3IS relocated.
However that "gap" has now been filled by the new GB3EI repeater which brings an internet linked voice repeater to the area again and in time for the usual summer influx of visitors to the area.

(29-Mar-2017 to 18-Apr-2017)

As you will see from our 'countdown clock' we are in the last few days before those repeater NoVs that have not been renewed will become invalid and the associated repeater will have to shutdown. Please contact your local ETCC manager if you are having difficulties, we are aware that Ofcom are extremely busy at present so if you cannot get a copy of your Amateur licence do let us know. Repeaters that have not been renewed via this website will be removed from our listings on 31st March.
(27-Mar-2017 to 31-Mar-2017)

Apologies for a short outage affecting this evening at around 19:30.
It was due to a connectivity issue.

(23-Mar-2017 to 24-Mar-2017)

MB6IBO DV Gateway is now operational on DStar covering Cambridge and surrounding area. As an attended gateway, expected hours of operation are between 5pm and 9am weekdays, and 24hr operation at weekends./Simone M0BOX
(22-Mar-2017 to 11-Apr-2017)

Ofcom Spectrum Licensing is currently experiencing a high volume of calls about licensing issues.
Email enquiries can take up to four weeks and telephone answering can also be delayed at peak times.
Source- GB2RS

(17-Mar-2017 to 29-Mar-2017)

GB3AA, the 2M dual mode repeater in South Glos. is back in service after antenna and feeder upgrade. Reports are very welcome and may be submitted via the web site Regards, Tony G4CJZ
(16-Mar-2017 to 30-Mar-2017)

Just to advise that I will activate the MB6IUE 70cm (431.1375 Mhz) D-STAR Gateway in Corsham Wiltshire, tommorrow evening (15 March) from 19:00. 73s Jon G0IUE
(14-Mar-2017 to 27-Mar-2017)

Thanks to all those Repeater Keepers who have responded to invitations to renew their NoVs. To date 90% of NoVs have been renewed leaving around 45 repeaters still to renew before the deadline of 31 March. The process is very straightforward and we will do all we can to assist. If you are having any difficulties in renewing please do let us know immediately via the contacts tab at the top of this page. GI4BWM ETCC CHAIRMAN
(11-Mar-2017 to 18-Mar-2017)

When renewing your Repeater or Beacon NoV you will be asked to send a copy of your current amateur licence to demonstrate eligibility.
ETCC Member, Mark (GW7KDU) has produced some helpful slides to show where to download your licence from the Ofcom web site. [view here]

(8-Mar-2017 to 29-Mar-2017)

Will be on air Saturday 11th March. /GW0VFF
(6-Mar-2017 to 19-Mar-2017)

Please note that any repeater Keeper who is not in possession of a valid Variation to their amateur licence on 1st April 2017 MUST close their repeater or gateway down immediately as they will be operating outside the terms of their licence. If you allow your NoV to expire Ofcom have advised that a completely new application will be required.
The renewal process can be done on-line using the unique access code, or providing a copy of a current amateur radio licence to prove eligibility.
If you do not wish to continue operating your repeater please let us know so that the frequency can be released for others to use.

(28-Feb-2017 to 1-Apr-2017)

The CQ-UK Room Exists on the internet to provide a meeting place for all users of the Wires-X Wide Coverage Internet Repeater enhancement system...Whether they are Repeater, Gateway or Private nodes... We also have links to the YSF UK DVmega via M0AUT and FCS004/15 UK DVmini reflector provided by GB7RY & M0HOW each user who locates in the CQ-UK room are advised that they must adhere to their amateur licence rules. /M0SGS
(25-Feb-2017 to 14-Mar-2017)

GB7SJ Fusion/Analog repeater has had a new Yaesu DR1X repeater installed and coverage seem to be better than before. Feedback would be welcome and please note that at the moment the Yaesu DR1X is running without a repeater controller so K tones and other nice features are temporary not available. Testing will be done on the suspect repeater removed and hopefully a conclusion will be reach and posted here. Wishing all the Northwich Repeaters users a more reliable QSO on GB7SJ. Kind Regards Stuart /M0WTX
(23-Feb-2017 to 15-Mar-2017)

With the significant increase in numbers of 70cms digital voice repeaters which have inputs at the low end of the band the ETCC have been reminded to highlight the power restrictions which apply to 430 - 432 MHz. The maximum peak envelope power in this part of the band is 40W (16dBW) effective radiated power (ERP) for Full and Intermediate Licensees and 10W (10dBW) for Foundation Licensees. Given that many modern mobiles can run 50Watts power output to high gain collinears it is very easy to exceed these levels so please take care to keep your power to the minimum required and certainly never above the limits mandated in your licence.
(20-Feb-2017 to 27-Feb-2017)

DMR repeater in Stoke-on-Trent now has a ALLStar Node 43305 connected on Timeslot 1 Talkgroup 1. /G8NSS
(18-Feb-2017 to 28-Feb-2017)

Wondered if any has to give or sell some 2 metre repeater cavities? Band pass/reject and notch type filters. Looking to use a single antenna on 2 metres. Willing to pay good money if anyone can help? Kind regards Stuart (M0WTX)
(14-Feb-2017 to 2-Mar-2017)

Some testing was today was done on the new 10m Link in Northwich. Coverage seems to be increased coverage over the MB7ISJ 2m Link quite considerably. Look forward to hearing some new contacts on 10m mobile on 29.280Mhz 77Hz ctcss /M0WTX.
(7-Feb-2017 to 28-Feb-2017)

GB7ZP has updated to DPlus 2.2n to supports G2 and G3. All D-Star gateway admins still running G2 can run /dstar/tools/ and quickly update to the new version of DPlus right away. /G6JYB
(21-Jan-2017 to 8-Feb-2017)

MB7VX closed down when the previous keeper left the area and the NoV expired. Since passing my Advanced Exam at the RSGB convention last year, I've been able to acquire a new NoV and revive the station. It was switched on for testing at the weekend and appears to be working reliably. /MM0ROR
(18-Jan-2017 to 31-Jan-2017)

Free Coax!
Bill G3TZM has some lengths of Andrew LDF4-50 and other Heliax which he is making available to bona fide Repeater Groups. There is no charge but the coax must be collected. For further details contact Bill on email[at]
(16-Jan-2017 to 22-Jan-2017)

The Antenna's and mast are now back up and working sorry for inconvenience.... CQ-UK Wires Room ID 27793 is now the Chat and Help Desk room for UK Wires-X in association with YAESU SYSTEM FUSION UK OPERATORS Facebook Group information on the network and operation of C4FM Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS
(14-Jan-2017 to 26-Jan-2017)

Due to High winds, the Antenna Mast has been lowered.... whilst it is down today I will inspect and carry out routine maintenance on the Antennas... you can Still access the Wires-X system locally via GB3WF in Otley, GB3HD in Huddersfield or MB6IAB in south Leeds. Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS
(11-Jan-2017 to 14-Jan-2017)

GB7YD is now running the new ICOM G3 gateway, fully integrated with revised DPRS gateway software (AE5PL) and the latest dplus (AA4RC) addons. Support for the enhanced features of the ID-51 PLUS2 is native to the G3 gateway. Whilst the gateways are on test, please let us know if you encounter any problems. SYRG.
(9-Jan-2017 to 31-Jan-2017)

GB3HD is now in the CQ-UK Room 27793 run by M0SGS. Remember that you can always change the room, after you have finished GB3HD will return to the UK-CQ room. Malcolm G0ISX Keeper Kevin G1FYS Trustee
(7-Jan-2017 to 25-Jan-2017)

For information regarding all things Fusion/C4FM/the FCS network and Wires-X etc please consider looking at or joining "Yaesu System Fusion UK" Facebook group. Web sites, help, information and details about weekly nets. Please ask, if you need any help. Please contribute if you are so inclined./M0HOW
(7-Jan-2017 to 27-Jan-2017)

CQ-UK 27793
Hello the CQ-UK room Wires-X ID 27793 is setup for Wires-X Repeaters, Gateways & Nodes to connect from all over the UK & abroad providing a help desk and general chat room for Wires-X users...Hosted on a dedicated Intel i7 Quad core Computer with a stable Static IP internet connection at 200mbps Download and 16mbps upload... Located in West Yorkshire Kindest regards M0SGS (Stuart)
(6-Jan-2017 to 31-Jan-2017)

GB7SC (Bognor Regis) & GB7PK (Portsmouth) both part of the Phoenix DMR system are now linked together thro TG9 S2 giving greater coverage to this part of the coast. /G0AFN
(29-Dec-2016 to 12-Jan-2017)

GB7EK, GB7CK, GB7AS are all linked together on TG9 Slot 2 Local. /M1CMN
(29-Dec-2016 to 17-Jan-2017)

A Very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to everyone from all at the ETCC. Please note that we will not be processing any applications from Friday 23rd at 12.00 until Tuesday 3rd January.
(22-Dec-2016 to 3-Jan-2017)

Remember to check the expiry date on your NoV, they are only valid for 12 months. You can request renewal of your NoV up to 1 month before your NoV expires by going to this page:
Remember to submit a current PDF copy of your licence when requesting renewal. Please check your NoV today, there are a lot that expire in January. /G8SFR

(5-Dec-2016 to 5-Jan-2017)

The new 2m System Fusion Wires-X gateway MB6LG will be live 24/7 from 06/12/2016 serving SE London & NW Kent. /G0UJA
(5-Dec-2016 to 21-Dec-2016)

GB3AH is now back in service with new RX band pass filter and small 30w heater to keep it warm. Regards /G0LGJ
(2-Dec-2016 to 12-Dec-2016)

We are currently looking for replacement cavity filters, preferably Procom, to solve a desense issue on GB7FG. These need to be suitable for 7.6 MHz split, single aerial working. Please contact the Keeper, Mark GW8KCY, if you are able to help. Thank you.
(2-Dec-2016 to 30-Dec-2016)

It is becoming increasingly difficult especially in the South East area to find new frequency pairs to accommodate the burgeoning digital modes and networks. Prospective Keepers should bear this in mind and make sure there is no existing coverage before making application for any new 70cms repeaters.
(30-Nov-2016 to 12-Dec-2016)

MB6ISW new fusion DV wires x simplex gateway on 431.0750 for the Kings Lynn area.This gateway is attended use only so will not be available 24/7.All licensed users welcome./G8KOC
(25-Nov-2016 to 14-Dec-2016)

(19-Nov-2016 to 8-Dec-2016)

MB7ALC new gateway repeater on 430.0375 situated in Sheffield is now operational. It is an AllStar/Echolink internet gateway for all licenced amateurs.
(16-Nov-2016 to 5-Dec-2016)

Hi, On the 27th October the NOV for GB7WX was issued, the repeater is on low power undergoing a period of testing at present./G7NEH
(13-Nov-2016 to 30-Nov-2016)

Hello, Can anybody advise a supplier of blown (coded) eproms for a Tait 800 series UHF repeater. The Cwmbran Group are in need of a set for RB0 433.000, 434.600 and they have the previously enjoyed GB3VN RU74 unit. Thank you Dave /G4OYX
(8-Nov-2016 to 29-Nov-2016)

SIMPLEX DV (FUSION) GATEWAY MB6ISH (SHOTATTON, RUYTON XI TOWNS) NOW OPERATIONAL Following receipt of the NoV, Simplex DV (Fusion) Gateway MB6ISH is now operational on 70cm and is connected to the Wires-X network. Tx/Rx: 431.1125 Mhz Preset Search Frequency: 438.6125 Mhz Loc: IO82MT approx 2.5km WNW Ruyton XI Towns The RAFARS-ROOM (Royal Air Force Amateur Radio Society) associated with this gateway can be accessed via the Wires-X network and Wires-X enabled Fusion Repeater, gateway or node. Note: The gateway is ‘Attended Use Only’ so will not be available on a 24hr basis./G0DNI
(20-Oct-2016 to 4-Nov-2016)

It has been brought to our attention that there is an upcoming auction of surplus Ofcom test equipment which may be of interest to Repeater Keepers and Groups. Further information is available here.
(18-Oct-2016 to 25-Oct-2016)

The Antennas on GB3BC and GB3MG have finally been replaced. We hope to become fully operational with new logic within the next week. /GW6CUR
(6-Oct-2016 to 20-Oct-2016)

The GB3EK repeater received an upgrade this week and has been connected to both the AllStar and Echolink networks. There is also has a new dedicated website which lists how to access the repeater via local RF and the AllStar and Echolink node numbers.
(2-Oct-2016 to 19-Oct-2016)

GB3NT's hardware has been replaced to a Yaesu DR-1X repeater. It operates in dual mode and is now linked to WIRES-X. /M0MBA
(2-Oct-2016 to 20-Oct-2016)

GB7MK Has now moved to its permanent site and is giving great results.
(1-Oct-2016 to 18-Oct-2016)

On Sunday 18th September, GB7KH changed to an MMDVM-based repeater, enabling the use of DMR and YSF in addition to D-STAR formerly provided by the Icom G2 box. While some slight issues are to expected, the repeater appears to function well in both DMR and D-STAR with Fusion largely untested by users. /M1GEO
(19-Sep-2016 to 30-Sep-2016)

With approximately 500 Repeater Keepers Notices of Variation expiring at the end of March next year, neither the RSGB nor Ofcom are keen on having a deluge of applications to renew at that time, therefore agreement has been reached to phase renewals from now on with renewals for a further 3 year term. If you are invited to renew early please take the opportunity, and ensure you have an updated licence validation document (issued within the last 5 years by Ofcom) to prove your eligibility. The first few phased renewals have already been issued by the RSGB and we hope to drastically reduce the 500 to a much lower figure by March of next year.
(14-Sep-2016 to 5-Oct-2016)

Today has seen the addition of analogue receive on the input of GB3YT. Following many requests, the 23cm TV repeater in Mirfield has had this second receive mode added on the same input frequency of 1276MHz. The transmit output on 1316MHz, will remain digital only. Radio operators active on 2m are reminded that GB3YT also has an audio talkback facility on an input frequency of 144.750MHz. Full details and latest news on the repeater can be found on our dedicated GB3YT website.
(8-Sep-2016 to 29-Sep-2016)

Received both NoVs both online and working feel free to use. MB6NK D-Star MB7AOK wires-x analogue 2E0SGG and 2E0KSG
(5-Sep-2016 to 13-Sep-2016)

GB7DO Doncaster is now fully Operational. At its permanent site Doncaster. Thanks to all for there kind help. Dave M0AUT / Paul G1ILF
(3-Sep-2016 to 9-Sep-2016)

70cm DMR, Romsey, Hants, was switched on at approx. 4pm on 2nd Sept. It is operating in stand-alone mode at this time - Slot 1 = TG9, Slot 2 = TG950. Repeater TX = 439.6375, RX = 430.6375, CC = 5. When the internet connection becomes available it will join GB7AA, GB7BS, GB7CW, GB7DR, GB7JB, GB7KT, GB7SD, becoming another part of the South West DMR Cluster./ G3ZXX
(2-Sep-2016 to 19-Sep-2016)

mb6nk and mb7ink will be off until the nov's go through I've changed the nov for mb7aok over to the missus name as she's in more than me , it means it will be on more for people to use , I'm just waiting for the renewal for mb6nk to go through and it will go back on.. /Steve 2E0SGG
(31-Aug-2016 to 8-Sep-2016)

Please note there will once again be a demo Repeater just for the Show on the BrandMeister Network GB7HUK "Hamfest UK" on 70Cms DMR, Please call and see us on the BrandMeister UK stand just outside the Main Entrance for Demo's and information, there is now a link between BrandMeister DMR reflector 4420 UK & Wires-X Room 27753, for more info,please come and see us Steve G0LCG The East Midlands Repeater Team GB7IN, GB7RR, GB3IN
(31-Aug-2016 to 2-Oct-2016)

MB6LE gateway is operational again Many thanks to M1PAC for the help Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS
(28-Aug-2016 to 2-Sep-2016)

GB3GY is off the air now until the site change is complete hope to have new nov soon GB3GY ..
(27-Aug-2016 to 7-Sep-2016)

MB6LE down for maintenance on antenna back on air soon.... will report when operational. MB6ILE no issues
(22-Aug-2016 to 28-Aug-2016)

GB7DO near Doncaster is now on bench test and will be FULLY OPERATIONAL in the next few days. thanks to all for there help. Dave M0AUT / Paul G1ILF
(21-Aug-2016 to 29-Aug-2016)

Many UK radio amateurs will be aware that there have been problems with the new Ofcom licensing system. Following numerous complaints from members, RSGB Board members have been in almost daily contact with Ofcom senior staff. Unfortunately, we continue to receive complaints and the Society has become frustrated at the continued lack of progress. The RSGB Chairman has therefore written to the Chief Executive of Ofcom, highlighting multiple shortcomings in the new Ofcom licensing system, and seeking a meeting at the most senior level to help Ofcom resolve their problems. RSGB will continue to keep the amateur radio community informed of progress. /GB2RS
(19-Aug-2016 to 23-Aug-2016)

Welcome to the UKNH & the Wires-X network, the following Digital and analogue gateways MB6IBW in Burntwood, Staffs 2E0OWC thanks Stuart, MB7AOK in Hoo High Street thanks to Steve 2E0SGG, and MB6ISR in Surbiton thanks to Rex G8UBJ Stuart M0SGS
(18-Aug-2016 to 30-Aug-2016)

hello everyone that wants to use fusion but dont have a fusion radio , MB6IGK aka 2e0jtp's local gateway is set for digital fusion , mine will be setup for analog mb7aok , the box has been ordered and more details will follow once all online.. it will be on 70cms the freq will be announced once the nov has gone through. feel free to use.. the dmr node mb6ink will be taken offline and replaced with fusion analoge.. thanks steve gibbs email
(14-Aug-2016 to 18-Aug-2016)

GB7OZ (Oswestry) DMR repeater is temporarily off the air. Taking advantage of the good weather to complete some overdue antenna work. /G0DNI
(13-Aug-2016 to 21-Aug-2016)

ETCC TV Manager, Noel (G8GTZ) has available a so-called beer-barrel filter free of charge on the condition that user collects and that it is actually used or passed on FOC. filter_image
Please contact Noel if interested or to discuss further. [TV Manager page]

(11-Aug-2016 to 19-Aug-2016)

From the beginning of August we have commenced issuing MB7A?? callsigns to Attended Only Simplex Gateways. "A" for Attended. Previously these have used your own callsign. The new callsign series will be implemented on renewal for existing gateways and straight away for new applications. For more details please contact Steve G8SFR
(11-Aug-2016 to 31-Aug-2016)

When submitting a renewal request please ensure that: 1. You use the same email address that is on your NoV. 2. That you also submit a recent copy of your Ofcom Amateur Radio licence, the date of issue must be less that 4 years old. You can obtain an up to date copy on the Ofcom website. Your "Life Time Licence" has to be revalidated every 5 years. If you submit one that is out of date we will not be able to process your renewal. Thank you Steve G8SFR
(11-Aug-2016 to 31-Aug-2016)

More info on up and coming gateways and repeaters for the Wires-X system in the UK.. welcome to the following Gateways and repeaters soon to be seen in the UKNH GB7FC in Blackpool thanks to M0AUT Dave... MB6IAS in Ashford in Kent thanks to G0PHO Colin...MB7IGH Horncastle in Lincolnshire Thanks to G3ZPU Tony... if anybody else is requesting an NoV from Ofcom to operate a Wires-X gateway or Repeeater please drop me an email... Kindest Regards M0SGS
(6-Aug-2016 to 16-Aug-2016)

GB7JL is now OPERATIONAL again. Duplexer is now built in to the repeaters itself as one unit. Firmware up-grade and reprogrammed. all seems to be stable at this time. /Dave M0AUT
(6-Aug-2016 to 13-Aug-2016)

Aerial now installed at proper height. GB3HO coverage is not as good as predicted by tests and computer generated software. Further experiments will be carried out during August, weather permitting. /G4EFO
(2-Aug-2016 to 11-Aug-2016)

Following some configuration changes GB3BP is back on air and configured on the Wires-X network and in the UK-NET-HUB room by default./G0MGX
(30-Jul-2016 to 9-Aug-2016)

Mick Senior, G4EFO reports that GB3HO in West Sussex is now operational on RU71.
(28-Jul-2016 to 30-Jul-2016)

Hello, I run GB3DQ from home here in SE Cornwall. The repeater has run very successfully over the last six years or so. I use two Motorola GM380's for TX & RX on 70 Cm's with a 7.6 meg split. The radios are working fine, the problem I have is that over a period of time the duplexer/circulator has gone out of tune and was causing breakthrough. I took this to a friend locally, and he retuned it, but I'm afraid to say that the receive side of the repeater is now very poor. So what am I looking for, either somebody who has the ability to tune or repair said duplexer. The other option would be a different duplexer tuned to the repeater split. Any help would be most appreciated. Kind regards, John, G1YDQ.
(26-Jul-2016 to 6-Aug-2016)

Steve (2E0SGG) is still looking for any support for a Fusion (C4FM) repeater in the Rochester area of Kent. He is proposing changing mode from DMR to Fusion for MB6NK and MB6INK. He reports MB6NK getting use on D-Star but MB6INK is not being used.
(25-Jul-2016 to 2-Aug-2016)

Due to ongoing lockup issues GB3BP is off air for investigation. /G0MGX
(22-Jul-2016 to 30-Jul-2016)

Welcome to the -UK-NET-HUB- Congrats to the following 2M0ZOG (Jonathan) with MB6IPH IN Peterhead, G4PGO (David) with MB6ILI in Birkenhead and soon to be joining us Philip 2M0PJM we hope With MB6IMP in Ruthin and ADRIAN G7CST with MB6IUK in Walsall....enjoy the System... Kindest regards Stuart/M0SGS
(15-Jul-2016 to 29-Jul-2016)

Now up and running the UK's first Link/Bridge for Wires-x & DMR, New for Wires-X & DMR to Access the Link from Yaesu Wires-X you need to connect to Fusion-DMR-Link Room 27753 once connected you will heard on the Wires-x System and DMR,to Access from DMR you need to connect to the UK Reflector 4420 once connected you will be heard on DMR & Wires-x. Please note, currently this will only work on the BrandMeister Network who know's, maybe in the future this could also work on other Networks, Reports please to /Steve G0LCG
(12-Jul-2016 to 26-Jul-2016)

New Ipswich repeater GB7AL first switch on. Live and connected to Phoenix dmr /M1NIZ
(10-Jul-2016 to 27-Jul-2016)

Steve Gibbs, 2E0SGG reports that MB6NK is still up and running for D-STAR users on 144.825. If anyone in the Medway Kent area wants him to buy a C4FM node.. email him at , if there is enough interest he will set it up...
(9-Jul-2016 to 26-Jul-2016)

Hi All, Both GB3BS and GB7BS will be off air between 10:00 and 14:00 (03-06-16) to allow for antenna replacement work. The Commercial 4 stack (14 Months old) has mechanically failed and requires replacement. This is not the first failure of this type the group is aware of! Work should start and be completed well within this window, the repeaters will be back in service before the North Bristol Net (19:00-20:00) takes place tonight. (Follow us on Twitter #gb3bs @gb3bs for further updates)
(2-Jul-2016 to 4-Jul-2016)

Welcome to the -UK-NET-HUB- Congrats to the following M0AUT (DAVE) with MB6DR IN BLACKPOOL, GM0RML (ART) WITH MB6FU IN NAIRN AND M0KSP (KARL) WITH MB6ISF IN SHEFFIELD....enjoy the System... Kindest regards Stuart/M0SGS
(30-Jun-2016 to 7-Jul-2016)

MB6IAB will be off air between 14 June and 15 July 2016 due to an DXPedition to 3B8 Mauritius Island. I apologise for the inconvenience that will be caused to all the frequent local users of this gateway/ Robert M0RCX
(13-Jun-2016 to 16-Jul-2016)

GB3HA, GB3TJ are back in service. GB3TW is now linked digitally to WIRES-X, and the analogue side is linked to EchoLink. /M0MBA
(13-Jun-2016 to 16-Jun-2016)

Unfortunately it is sometimes necessary to change the site of a repeater. This is in effect a new application as the coverage will be different and most of the parameters will have changed. The correct application form therefore for a Change of Site is the standard Repeater Application Form, usually known as the e1 and accessed from the ukrepeaters site (Forms/Apply for Repeater....)
(10-Jun-2016 to 20-Jun-2016)

Following much hard work by Peter GW4JQP and Trevor GW4RVA yesterday, GB3FG is now full operational from its new site north of Carmarthen. /Mark GW8KCY
(9-Jun-2016 to 11-Jun-2016)

This repeater is Echolink enabled and working. Node No 401932. It is listed on the Echolink web site as GB3IW-R. I see the keeper has an RF link to GB3IW and the repeater is listed in the normal repeater list but not listed on the Echolink repeater list. Regards Vin G4JTR
(9-Jun-2016 to 30-Jun-2016)

There will be some interruption to service on GB3FG this afternoon during the move to the new repeater site. Mark GW8KCY
(8-Jun-2016 to 8-Jun-2016)

GB7GG located in Airdrie is now operational on the BrandMeister network. TX frequency is 439.625MHz with -9MHz shift. Reports welcome to GM4AUP
(7-Jun-2016 to 29-Jun-2016)

From Wednesday 8 June GB3TW, GB3HA and GB3TJ are going to be taken off the air, and will be sent to Yaesu for the firmware update. The outage will last a couple of days, please use GB3NT in the meantime. /M0MBA
(7-Jun-2016 to 13-Jun-2016)

GB7SJ is now running on the new frequencies on a 1.6 split. The new Sinclair cavities have been kindly tuned by Jon G4TSN Please see GB7SJ website for more info. Stuart Jackson (M0WTX) (Repeater Keeper)
(3-Jun-2016 to 29-Jun-2016)

GB7DJ DMR (MMDVM) Home brew repeater is now on the air. GB7DJ Covers Northwich and surrounding area. Please look at the GB7SJ website for further details. Big Thanks to Peter G7RPG and Jon G4TSN for all their help getting this repeater online. /Stuart M0WTX
(3-Jun-2016 to 30-Jun-2016)

Currently off air - cause yet to be diagnosed. Suspected controller failure. /Lindsay VIEWFAX MULT
(1-Jun-2016 to 1-Jun-2016)

The Yeovil 70cm FM repeater GB3YS has changed it's ctcss access tone, from 77 Hz to 88.5 Hz, with effect from the 1st June 2016. This was actioned as a result of GB3CH being co-channel but also using the same ctcss tone. Further info is available on the YSREPEATERS web site.
(1-Jun-2016 to 11-Jun-2016)

Brandmeister UK has now added Wires X connectivity to its server. This allows Fusion Wires X room operators the option to bridge traffic to and from the Brandmeister UK DMR network. Brandmeister is the worlds fastest growing, most flexible digital network for amateur radio. Visit the BM UK dashboard for more information search "BM UK DMR" /G4TSN
(22-May-2016 to 7-Jun-2016)

Northern DMR Cluster After months of development and much testing, a group of northern amateurs have put together a new network to interconnect/bridge DMR repeaters. This was in response to a number of keepers who wished to have something different to the offerings from the main networks in the UK, where they are in control, and because this is an original implementation, and not commercial software, can be tailored specifically to the group's requirements. Michael Lockwood (G1XCC) says "It's (the network) a good solution to a number of the issues that have been recently raised by our repeater users, and gives the keeper a lot more input into how and what conversations are carried between repeaters." For further info, please refer to the website
(18-May-2016 to 3-Jun-2016)

GB7AD, the D-Star repeater in South Glos. is operational once more. Users should note it has moved frequency to its new home on 430.7625/439.7625Mhz DVU61. Signal reports would be most welcome via the group web site.
(14-May-2016 to 3-Jun-2016)

Hello all, I'm looking for some 6M duplexers for the GB3JX repeater. If you have any for sale please send me an email. /M0ZAH
(5-May-2016 to 20-May-2016)

GB7IV (Itchen Valley) came on air over the early May bank holiday weekend, located in Chandlers Ford and serving the South Hampshire area including Eastleigh, Southampton and Winchester. /G4HCL
(2-May-2016 to 18-May-2016)

MB7UF Folkestone APRS Digi is now on test and working very well.
(29-Apr-2016 to 4-May-2016)

The RSGB-provided repeater insurance premium for the period from 30 April 2016 to 29 April 2017 will be £10 per repeater. You may renew online at the RSGB shop. A certificate will be sent by email once payment has been received, but please allow a couple of days for applications to be processed.
(28-Apr-2016 to 13-May-2016)

The GB3JT Digital ATV transmitter (Hastings) is shaping up well, pre-tested on bench. Antenna already up on mast. It will be running an endurance TX test for a few days, as once on site it will be in permanent TX, Beacon and RX mode, so need to ensure all running OK where possible. The plan is to get DATV Repeater operational for the SERF (Eastbourne Rally), event 4th/5th June, even in basic logic terms, then the second phase will be to add other functionality and further improvements as we learn more on coverage etc. /G8PUO
(27-Apr-2016 to 20-May-2016)

MMDVM Homebrew DMR Repeater GB7EB. Tests and tweaking now complete the repeater is now on full power. I look forward to reception reports. /James M0JGX
(27-Apr-2016 to 3-May-2016)

950 NET
After a series of experimental Nets on TG950 (Sunday 18:00- 19:00) The organisers conducted voting and feedback throughout March. As predicted the time/day of the net was not quite right. The feedback has lead to the net Moving to SATURDAY evenings between 19:00 & 20:00. This will be starting this Saturday 30th April. The net covers the whole of the current South West Cluster which continues to grow. Current linked and operational repeaters are. GB7AA, GB7BS, GB7CW, GB7DR, GB7JB, GB7KT, GB7SD and once connected to the internet GB7ED, GB7MJ and GB7YS will be joining us. Hope to hear you! /G7FBD
(25-Apr-2016 to 12-May-2016)

GB3WG Will soon be back on air but connected to the old aerial temporarily until we get the rigger to climb the mast. Channel RU70. /GW4FOI
(24-Apr-2016 to 27-Apr-2016)

It has been decided to permit the addition of pre-set search frequencies to DV Fusion NoV's. For 2 metre gateways the additional frequency will be 144.6125 MHz and for 70cms gateways the frequency will be 438.6125 MHz.
From 23-April 2016 all new applications and renewals for Fusion gateways will get these frequencies added to their NoV's by default. The parameters and conditions of use will be the same as the rest of the NoV. For stations with existing NoV's please wait at least 6 months from the issue date for your NoV before you request the change to your NoV. Ofcom will not permit us to change an NoV before six months has passed since the last issue.
The reason for two frequencies is simple, quite a few stations are using simple single band antennas. In addition, with the difference in propagation between the two bands you could possibly be hearing a station on one band that you can't hear on the other.
As these frequencies are the DV calling channels for each band, their use will be reviewed at intervals to ensure that Fusion Search Requests are not becoming too dominant.
If you have any questions please contact Steve G8SFR.

(23-Apr-2016 to 1-May-2016)

At 14:30 on 19th April GB7SK (Skeffington, Leics) was activated and connected to the Phoenix DMR network. Early indications are that coverage is excellent, and even "hard to reach" towns such as Melton Mowbray are workable from a modest mobile station. GB7SK is "dual-homed" which means that it has both TG830 (Midlands) and TG840 (Eastern England) as "always on". This will be reviewed once some meaningful usage statistics are to hand. Thanks are due to Sam, M1FJB for the site and paperwork, Rob, G6CKK for the repeater and Jon, G4MDC for modifications to the duplexer. Reciprocity of performance is under evaluation and some minor adjustments may be made in due course. /G0RDI
(20-Apr-2016 to 27-Apr-2016)

Welcome to the UK-NET-HUB the following Simplex Gateways MB6ICH in CHESTERFIELD MB6ITA in TAMWORTH MB6IFA in KETTERING MB6ITD TAMWORTH Many thanks and enjoy your Stay Stuart M0SGS/MB6ILE
(20-Apr-2016 to 24-Apr-2016)

We are still seeing and receiving reports of stations still operating APRS digipeaters and packet nodes that are using paperwork that is no longer valid.
As stated in the Ofcom notice if your callsign does not appear in the list on the ETCC site then your NoV will no longer be valid.
Club callsigns can no longer be used for unsupervised operation at remote sites, this part of the licence changed with the advent of the life time licence.
We therefore suggest to be able to continue to provide a service that you re-apply for your NoV using the on-line E1 form on this site.
If you have any questions about renewing your NoV and how to do it, please contact Steve Morton G8SFR, he will only be too happy to help you through this simple renewal process.

(15-Apr-2016 to 25-Apr-2016)

Welcome to the following Wires-X analogue gateways to the UK-NET-HUB. MB7IVU ST ALBANS 2m analogue, MB7IEL WATFORD 10m analogue, MB7ITQ PAIGNTON 2m analogue. We thank all those involved and hope they enjoy their stay with us. Truly a Fusion with the old and the new for Digital and Analogue users alike... Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS
(11-Apr-2016 to 24-Apr-2016)

The GB3HE repeater is now permanently connected to Echolink. Node number 71066 (Seven 1066). The installation of the Network bridge and configuration was completed today, so the RILGES Repeater Group Helenswood School Ridge site now has internet access. Many thanks to all involved. /G8PUO
(11-Apr-2016 to 22-Apr-2016)

GB7OZ (Oswestry) went live on Thursday 7th April 2016. OZ is part of the SALOP and Borders DMR Cluster currently consisting of GB7GT (Clee Hill), GB7BX (Much Wenlock), GB7HM (Hope Mountain) and now GB7OZ. GB7BJ (Bromyard) will be joining the Cluster in the near future. The Cluster uses 2 talkgroups, TG9 TS1 for Local repeater access and TG950 TS2 for Regional (linked) access. More details are available on the SALOP and Borders Cluster website. /G0DNI
(8-Apr-2016 to 20-Apr-2016)

GB7SH Fusion repeater in Sheffield is back on air after some repeater work was undertaken and a new set for duplexers fitted. The repeater is also connected to the wires system. /M1ERS
(8-Apr-2016 to 20-Apr-2016)

GB7LR is now on air, with many thanks to Jon G4TSN for interconnecting to Brandmeister access. It is designed primarily to cover Leicester and tests have shown it provides beautiful signals all over the city and beyond. It is free for ALL radio amateurs to use from ANY location, even if they are not in Leicester and are hundreds or thousands of furlongs away from the machine. Contacts have been reported from over 37km away using 1W indoor handportables. /M1FJB
(2-Apr-2016 to 15-Apr-2016)

GB7RY has been updated to version 1.10J. M0HOW would like to thank Yaesu for the very fast turn around. Usually connected to UK-NET-HUB and reflector FCS001/5 on a DV4Mini/respberry Pi.
(2-Apr-2016 to 11-Apr-2016)

The RILGES Repeater Group (who look after GB7HE, GB3HE & GB3JT) working party took advantage of the school holidays, and importantly good weather, to spend time up on the tower block roof in order to work on GB3HE, GB7HE and GB3JT. GB3HE new repeater was taken to site but a low level audio noise was noted from the Echolink PC hard-drive mixing in the radioreference bus [more]
(1-Apr-2016 to 20-Apr-2016)

GB7DC Established DStar repeater 439.4875 (DVU39) in Derby has now switched over to Dual Mode operation using the true Multi-Mode capabilities of the MMDVM Project. The repeater continues to serve Derby & surrounding areas with DStar/ircDDB but also offers DMR connectivity to the Brandmeister network. For DMR access please use CC1 (colour code). The software is still experimental and reports very welcome.
(30-Mar-2016 to 8-Apr-2016)

Many thanks to all the team involved with GB3NA and welcome to the -UK-NET-HUB- hope you enjoy /M0SGS
(25-Mar-2016 to 7-Apr-2016)

The Great Barr, North Birmingham. GB7GB DMR Repeater on 439.425 CC8 is now on it's correct antenna & power setting. With connection to the DMR network through the Phoenix Network. /G8NDT
(23-Mar-2016 to 11-Apr-2016)

GB7CF (Folkestone) has been on Wires-X now for a couple of weeks and working well. The repeater is often connected to UK-NET-HUB.
(20-Mar-2016 to 4-Apr-2016)

Colin G4MCF who Hosts both -UK-NET-HUB- and Yahoo group of the same name, invites all Fusion Enabled repeater keepers who are considering connecting the internet to their repeaters to contact him as he has a wealth of information to make the process a lot easier.... Kindest regards Stuart M0SGS
(16-Mar-2016 to 1-Apr-2016)

Welcome and nice to have you on board C4FM and Wires-X enabled Repeaters and gateways from the following Locations. GB7SX(BognorRegis), GB3HD(Huddesfield), MB6AN(KIRRIEMUIR), MB6IRH(Wakefield) /Stuart M0SGS
(13-Mar-2016 to 28-Mar-2016)

GB7SX a Yaesu Fusion repeater now has Wires-X installed and will be fully operational after set up is completed.
(12-Mar-2016 to 24-Mar-2016)

GB7KT, Andover, joined the South West Cluster of 70cm DMR repeaters on 10th March. It is now linked in, via slot 2, with GB7AA, GB7BS, GB7CW, GB7DR, GB7JB & GB7SD. /G3ZXX
(11-Mar-2016 to 29-Mar-2016)

Over the last few days DV-MEGA have introduced an update making DMR possible with the DV-MEGA hotspot adding to the connectivity options on BM UK. Hytera, Motorola, MMDVM Homebrew G4KLX, DV4mini and DV-MEGA Hotspots. All adding to the options to connect to the global digital DMR network of choice. /G4TSN
(9-Mar-2016 to 30-Mar-2016)

As of 8 March, the Phoenix UK DMR network now includes support for Hytera repeaters. GB7FU has been used to extensively test the features and functionality, and is joined today by GB7RE, which has now left the BrandMeister network. Other Hytera repeaters will join shortly. Work has now begun on the construction of a homebrew VHF DMR repeater to be connected to Phoenix and this will become operational as GB3IP in due course, adding useful additional DMR coverage to that already provided by GB7CT and GB3WE for those with VHF equipment. /G0RDI
(8-Mar-2016 to 30-Mar-2016)

GB7CS on 439.775MHz is now connected to Wires-X and the UK-NET-HUB
(7-Mar-2016 to 22-Mar-2016)

Fusion gateway MB6IFT just south of Ottery St.Mary in Devon that is WIRES-X linked mostly to the uk-net-hub on 70cm (431.100mhz)simplex, now fully operational /2E0KVJ
(7-Mar-2016 to 19-Mar-2016)

Welcome to the following repeaters & gateways to the WIRES-X internet linked -UK-Net-Hub- GB3BP GB3HD GB7TQ GB7RY GB7KW GB3TW MB6IRH MB6IEI MB6IXY MB6GX MB6IJR MB6IWD MB6WX MB6WA MB6IWH MB6IFT MB6IMF.... /Stuart, M0SGS
(6-Mar-2016 to 12-Mar-2016)

GB3BP is now back on air following a firmware upgrade by Yaesu. The repeater is running digital only and permanently connected to the Wires-X network. By default the repeater is a member of the UK-NET-HUB Wires-X Room.
(5-Mar-2016 to 10-Mar-2016)

Just to let people know that MB6IRH (wires-x) Located in Northwich,Cheshire went live on the 4/3/2016 More info E-mail
(4-Mar-2016 to 23-Mar-2016)

Openreach have finally visited site and upgraded the broadband. GB7BE is now connected 24/7 to the D-Star network.
(1-Mar-2016 to 4-Mar-2016)

DMR-UK.NET has been setup as an independent news source for the Phoenix UK DMR Network. It's run by users for the users and is done in collaboration with the Network Administrators and Repeater Keepers to give all users a central site for information on the network as well as providing other DMR related resources to help new and current users.
Website :
Twitter : @DMR_UK
Facebook :

(23-Feb-2016 to 12-Mar-2016)

After the recent success in migration of several UK Motorola repeaters to Brandmeister UK network over the weekend. We would like to extend a warm welcome to any other repeaters to join us on the system. Brandmeister is a global network for DMR repeaters which is vendor neutral and supports connnectivity from Hytera, Motorola as well as Homebrew repeater solutions like the MMDVM by G4KLX and Hotspots such as the DV4mini and Dv-mega This is the fastest growing feature packed network in the world designed for Amateur Radio DMR and built on a modern scalable design, if you would like to part of this exciting network. email /G4TSN
(23-Feb-2016 to 9-Mar-2016)

The node -UK-NET-HUB- room 27721 is currently being used as a UK central point of contact on Wires-X. A Yahoo Group has also been set up for this node, uk-net-hub We also have a Facebook page "Yaesu System Fusion UK", where you can post questions, ideas and have discussions about C4FM, System Fusion etc.
(23-Feb-2016 to 6-Mar-2016)

GB3BP has been returned to Yaesu for a firmware update to enable full Wires-X capabilities. Until returned the repeater will be Off-Air. /Mark G0MGX
(23-Feb-2016 to 3-Mar-2016)

Hi All, G1XCC As the founder of DMR in the UK just to let you all know that as of 20th Feb 2016 the following repeaters have moved over to the BrandMeister UK Network GB7DD,EE,EL,HS,HX,LE,MR,SR,TD and TP. All are operating as they were before the move bar no connection to the Phoenix network. You can add Reflectors and USA (Talkgroup 3) if you wish. This has taken a couple of weeks to organise between myself, the above repeater keepers, and Jon G4TSN from the BrandMeister Team a big thank you to all.
(22-Feb-2016 to 8-Mar-2016)

On 20th Feb 2016 GB7DD Dundee and GB7EE Edinburgh along with a number of other UK DMR Repeaters migrated to the BrandMeister Network from the UK DMR-MARC Network connection provided by Phoenix-UK. Talkgroups remain the same. Info available from GB7DD Website.
(21-Feb-2016 to 6-Mar-2016)

London 2M repeater GB3XP is currently off air.
Keeper, Neil (M0ZEY) reports that it will be investigated as soon as possible.

(20-Feb-2016 to 23-Feb-2016)

With the decision of the web and social media team to close down the Facebook group and the website there seems to be confusion regarding the future of the Phoenix UK DMR network. To be clear: Phoenix and have always been separate entities; the two groups worked closely together but one did not control the other. Phoenix, which is wholly owned, operated and managed by UK DMR repeater keepers continues to operate the UK's largest open DMR network infrastructure, along with the European CORE network infrastructure and the redundant worldwide talkgroup servers which peer with the DMR-MARC network in the USA while providing upstream/downstream services to many European partner c-Bridges. A new informational web site owned and operated by Phoenix will be available shortly. In the meantime, for questions or comments, please contact by Email. 73 de G0RDI
(17-Feb-2016 to 3-Mar-2016)

Stuart, 2M0ROT would like to announce that the latest West of Scotland 2M simplex gateway is now operational with callsign MB7IBM. Situated beside the River Clyde at Port Glasgow it should have good coverage along the Clyde valley from Gourock, over to Garelochead and up to Erskine Bridge, using the frequency 145.2875 and ctcss 103.5
(16-Feb-2016 to 22-Feb-2016)

GB7FO at Blackpool is now online and active via internet, DMR Phoenix, Admin G0WDA
(14-Feb-2016 to 21-Feb-2016)

Jim, GM7LUN would like to gauge from local users in the Scottish Borders their thoughts on conversion of GB3DU and/or GB3BE to digital only or dual-mode Digital/FM operation. Also a new digital mode repeater in the Galashiels area. Comments to thanks.
(13-Feb-2016 to 21-Feb-2016)

I'd like to announce that the latest West of Scotland 2m simplex gateway is now operational with callsign MB7IBM. Situated beside the river Clyde at Port Glasgow it should have good coverage along the Clyde valley from Gourock, over to Garelochead and up to Erskine bridge, using the frequency 145.2875 and ctcss 103.5
(12-Feb-2016 to 12-Feb-2016)

Stuart, 2M0ROT reports that the latest West of Scotland 2m simplex gateway is now operational with callsign MB7IBM. Situated beside the river Clyde at Port Glasgow it should have good coverage along the Clyde valley from Gourock, over to Garelochead and up to Erskine bridge, using the frequency 145.2875 and ctcss 103.5
(12-Feb-2016 to 28-Feb-2016)

The building housing GB3DU has had its roof damaged over the winter, water had entered the equipment causing a transmitter failure, it may be off for some time until building and equipment repairs are completed.
(10-Feb-2016 to 20-Feb-2016)

Andy (G4SZM) from the Weston Repeater Group reports being in the process of moving their antenna configuration to a single combined system and needs urgently a UHF circulator to complete the hybrid combiner setup. Anyone able to assist is invited to contact Andy via their group web site.
(8-Feb-2016 to 22-Feb-2016)

GB3AA the 2M repeater in South Glos. is now fully operational as dual mode nbfm and C4FM Fusion repeater in AMS mode. Reports welcome via the group web site. sgrepeaters dot /G4CJZ
(6-Feb-2016 to 16-Feb-2016)

MB6ILE Simplex Fusion DV gateway is now operational in Pudsey West Yorkshire. /Stuart,M0SGS
(5-Feb-2016 to 16-Feb-2016)

GB7UL the DMR repeater located near Carrickfergus is now on air covering the Greater Belfast area. The repeater is connected to the Phoenix UK core network and carries the standard talkgroups which are listed on Regional Talkgroup 880 will be of special interest to GI Amateurs as it interconnects all the DMR repeaters in the Province.
(4-Feb-2016 to 11-Feb-2016)

All the GB7 nodes that have renewed in the last year or two are now using MB7Nnn callsigns so there shouldn't be any GB7nn nodes on air. GB7nn indicates DV repeaters.
(4-Feb-2016 to 9-Feb-2016)

GB7DZ is now operational and it provides handheld coverage for Newcastle city centre. It's on the Brandmeister network, so Timeslot 2 Talk Group 9 is connected to the UK national reflector 4400.
Zoltan, M0MBA

(1-Feb-2016 to 21-Feb-2016)

Following a long period of negotiations GB3ES now has a new site, and will be returning to service in Feb 2016.
(29-Jan-2016 to 8-Feb-2016)

GB7SH fusion repeater will be off air for inspection of the repeater it will be back in service after the inspection is completed. Sorry for any upset to the service and users /Steve M1ERS (repeater keeper)
(25-Jan-2016 to 31-Jan-2016)

Emerging Technology from the UK Adding to the widely used D-Star Homebrew software repeaters by Jonathan Naylor G4KLX. Jonathan has added DMR to the list. It is now possible with a Arduino DUE based modem called the MMDVM to build a complete Homebrew DMR repeater for amateur radio use, connected to the world wide Brandmeister network. /G4TSN
(21-Jan-2016 to 10-Feb-2016)

Bob G7AVU Would like to know if you would use a 70cm digital input on GB3VL
Vote online

(10-Jan-2016 to 24-Jan-2016)

After 2 years of trouble free operation an improved version of the original GB3SQ digital ATV repeater is ready to install. This incorporates all of the add-on enhancements made to the original repeater over that time but with improved video and audio handling. No rf or aerial changes are to be made at this time. It will however require a complete removal of the small 19" rack mount cabinet with the receivers and power units, so it will take a few days to get the new equipment installed and commissioned at G8AJN before re-installing it at the nearby site. Daily progress reports and updates will be available on the repeater website and on the BATC-GB3SQ stream.
(9-Jan-2016 to 26-Jan-2016)

The Amateur Radio Observation Service, in conjunction with the ETCC, has noted a number of examples of UK amateurs operating internet linked nodes that are carrying third party traffic.
They would like to draw attention to the requirement for an NoV to the amateur’s licence under these circumstances.
Guidance for the use of personal hotspots, cross band repeaters or other similar installations can be found in Section 10 of the UK Amateur Licence.
[ from GB2RS]

(8-Jan-2016 to 28-Jan-2016)

GB7LY Londonderry is now on air and connected to the DMR UK Core Network. Reports welcome!
(7-Jan-2016 to 14-Jan-2016)

The GB3DW repeater is presently running on low power due to a fault. Unfortunately due to ground conditions on site access at this time is very difficult. We hope to attend site to assess the fault when weather and ground conditions permit. /Brian, GW4KAZ
(5-Jan-2016 to 19-Jan-2016)

GB7CL Point Clear (Clacton on Sea) is now on the air on DVU51.
(30-Dec-2015 to 7-Jan-2016)

Birmingham dual-mode and DMR repeater GB7GB has changed Color Code from 1 to 8 due to the other repeated on it frequency been on Color 1.
(30-Dec-2015 to 11-Jan-2016)

Sam Hunt reports having acquired 3 sets of Procom repeater duplexers suitable for 2M amateur repeaters (600kHz split). This is 12 cavities in total.
They are being offered to amateur groups tested, tuned and with 12 months warranty for 500GBP for a set of 4 cavities - 1 duplexer.
Anyone interested please contact Sam at sam[at]

(29-Dec-2015 to 8-Jan-2016)

Both these repeaters are linked and follow the S2 TG 950 for across the two and S1 TG 9 for localised use.
(23-Dec-2015 to 7-Jan-2016)

Thanks to a super RILGES working party, a lot of work has been completed on site. The new GB7HE repeater, controller and antenna/mast was installed, together with a temporary GB3HE back on the narrow frequency split (existing GB3HE taken away for reprogramming and alignment). New cavities/filters were also fitted to allow co-located 70cm repeaters on the site. Both repeaters appear to be operating well, reports welcomed. The MB7UE APRS system installed. GB3JT DATV Heliax and angled slot antenna taken to site but due to high winds we will have to install on another visit, A new rack cabinet was installed to mount the various FM, DSTAR, APRS and DATV equipment. Wireless link to be installed so we have internet access on site.

(21-Dec-2015 to 29-Dec-2015)

The Chairman and Committee Members of the ETCC would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We will be taking a break over the holiday period so we will not be processing any proposals or renewals from mid-day on 22nd December until 6th January.
Many thanks to Repeater Keepers and users for working with us to enhance and extend the various networks and to Ofcom for processing the many requests we send them!
Finally I would take this opportunity to thank my committee for all their hard work over the past year.
John McCullagh GI4BWM
ETCC Chairman

(21-Dec-2015 to 4-Jan-2016)

Please note that from mid-day Tuesday 22nd December all applications and renewals for Packet and Simplex Gateway renewals will not be processed until 6th Jan 2016. Thank you for your patience and co-operation. Happy Christmas Steve G8SFR
(20-Dec-2015 to 30-Dec-2015)

GB7KT located in Andover became operational on 17th December 2015. The 70cm (DVU40) DMR repeater is operational on both slots, however, it is currently operating in stand alone mode, as there is no internet connection. As is the case with other South West Cluster Repeaters, Slot 1 will be for local QSO's and will require TG9. Slot 2 will be networked with the SWC will require TG950. Both slots need Colour Code to be set to 1
(17-Dec-2015 to 23-Dec-2015)

Along with all the other DMRplus Repeaters in the UK are no longer on the DMRplus Network we are now all connected to the BrandMiester Network as from 6th Dec.2015 in the UK, this move was to enhance the infrastructure for a better system in the UK, the BrandMiester Network now to be called (BM Group UK) for URLs & links to the new System please see GB7RR for more info Thank you Steve G0LCG [more]
(9-Dec-2015 to 21-Dec-2015)

GB7SX, a Yaesu System Fusion 70 cm repeater is up and running from Bognor Regis on DVU62 which means the repeater will rx on 439.775 and tx on 430.7755. Analogue users require an 88.5 Hz tone for access. GB7SX will be running initially in its auto mode to show users its properties but will be turned over to its high speed data mode with Wires X which allows internet access to other modes.
(1-Dec-2015 to 17-Dec-2015)

APRS 144.800 MHZ
Can all APRS users on 144.800 MHz please ensure that their transmitters are set to narrow deviation, 2.5 kHz peak deviation. The 2M band plan as a whole is now a 12.5 kHz channel spacing band and 144.8125 MHz is assigned to DV Gateways. Using excessive deviation increases the potential of adjacent channel interference to these gateways and their users. Thank you/Steve, G8SFR
(30-Nov-2015 to 21-Dec-2015)

GB7MK is now live and on high power For more details South Anglia Repeater Group
Any questions or signal reports to M1NIZ Please include postcode or a rough location, mobile or home based. 

(26-Nov-2015 to 17-Dec-2015)

Ipswich DMR repeater GB7MK running tests with low power. Full power switch on 27/11/2015
(24-Nov-2015 to 25-Nov-2015)

The 70cm DMR repeater GB7HR at Heathrow Airport on DVU36 received a site-visit today almost exactly 4 weeks after switch on and was briefly off-air during tests. All appears well in general, timing and roaming parameters have been changed slightly in response to feedback from users. Any feedback from users would be appreciated to Also local intermittent interference on output frequency being monitored; OfCom already investigating interference issue on analogue trunk frequencies on site and likely to be same source. This may be cause of local roaming issues.
(22-Nov-2015 to 1-Dec-2015)

GB7JL Golborne/Wigan which is currently under test will be sited and OPERATIONAL as of 17:00hrs on Thursday 19th Nov. After this time reports would be most welcome via m0aut.
With thank to the DMRplus Team UK for all help and assistance they have given. 73's M0AUT (sysop) Dave.

(18-Nov-2015 to 21-Nov-2015)

Between Sunday 15 Nov and Monday 16th Nov 2015 the home of GB7HM and GB3CR was broken in to. Amongst other items, the main repeater and back ups were stolen.
1 x Motorola SLR UHF Repeater Serial Number 478IRJ0199 (Possible "N" socket has been damaged on rear), 3 x Motorola DR3000 UHF Repeaters S/N's: 484TPJ2905, 484TMQ4302, 484TMG3115.
If you have any information leading to the return of these units, please contact us as soon as possible.

(17-Nov-2015 to 30-Nov-2015)

Dave, G8PUO reports that GB3EB is now back on air and relocated to its new site in Easons Green, Uckfield.
Due to the dire weather conditions we were unfortunately not able to complete the antenna installation, so the repeater is currently operating on a temporary old antenna and much reduced TX power.
The antenna will eventually be situated on a 40' tower and based on the predicted coverage map, we should then have improved communications around the south downs from Brighton, Hove, Billingshurst, Horsham, Haywards Heath, Heathfield, Crowborough down towards Eastbourne, Battle, Bexhill and Hastings.
Many thanks to James G7VAE and Michael G7VAD

(15-Nov-2015 to 24-Nov-2015)

Blackpool 70cm repeater GB3FC (RU 68) has returned to full service. Now with a replacement Key repeater and voice announcement.
With Thanks To Tim G4WIM for his help with test and setup of radio & equipment. Additional Thanks to Bob (g3vvt) and Colin (gm8lbc) at ETCC for additional help with NoV issue. For more info, Please see
the web page Steve g6aos

(12-Nov-2015 to 17-Nov-2015)

The Dundee D Star Repeater is now on and under test on low power. Internet not connected at moment. [GB7DP]
(11-Nov-2015 to 17-Nov-2015)

GB7RE Retford is now fully operational as from 15.00hrs on the 11/11/2015. Thank you to all involved for getting the repeater on air.
David, M0AUT

(11-Nov-2015 to 15-Nov-2015)

NOV parameter change to 2M has been cleared for Bognor Regis repeater GB7SX. Waiting for band pass filters. Expect to be dual mode operational Dec 1st.
(9-Nov-2015 to 15-Nov-2015)

Bob G7AVU reports that the Lincoln 2 Metre Repeater GB3LM came on air at 10.00 am on 9th November in dual mode, FM and Yaesu Fusion. At present there is no Internet connection on site so the repeater is running in standalone mode until a network connection becomes available.
(9-Nov-2015 to 9-Nov-2015)

Bob G7AVU reports that the Lincoln 2 Metre Repeater GB3LM came on air at 10.00 am on 9th November in dual mode, FM and Yaesu Fusion. At present there is no Internet connection on site so the repeater is running in standalone mode until a network connection becomes available.
(9-Nov-2015 to 15-Nov-2015)

After delays getting to site following a fire last Dec, and with GB7ES finally making it to site in September. GB7ES, East Sussex's first DStar repeater went online on 6th Nov.
Thanks to Don 'TKR at IcomUK for help with the equipment, Paul 'DVA for help with the IT and Darren, Jim, and Brian at USTrust for their help make it all possible.
Paul, M0LRE

(6-Nov-2015 to 12-Nov-2015)

Hi All, GB3JX (50.830MHz) is now running full NoV power from its Norwich site. Reports welcomed:

(2-Nov-2015 to 11-Nov-2015)

The antenna for GB3XP has been moved by a few metres to a more open location and we expect to see signal strength improvements in most directions. The one remaining obstruction is a water tower causing weak signal towards New Malden & Kingston. M0ZEY
(30-Oct-2015 to 4-Nov-2015)

We would like to remind all our users that GB3XP is a 12.5kHz bandwidth repeater. Many users are regularly accessing XP with deviation that is far too wide. Not only does this produce very distorted audio through XP but could potentially cause interference on the input frequencies of our neighbours GB3KN, GB3VA, GB3RD & GB3ES. For the best user experience (and probably more replies to your calls!) please set your deviation to 'Narrow' (2.5khz) when using GB3XP. Thank you M0ZEY
(21-Oct-2015 to 4-Nov-2015)

Following an epiphany, GB3PX has been restored to it's high power setting. Reports are welcomed as RX performance appears to have been improved also.
Reports via the CRG website
vy73 Rob M0ZPU, Chairman The Cambridgeshire Repeater Group

(20-Oct-2015 to 29-Oct-2015)

Ofcom have published a notice advising that steps are now being taken to revoke all amateur radio licences that have not been revalidated as required by the terms of the licence. The first tranche of revocations will affect those licences due for revalidation between Sep.2012 and Jan.2013
If you have not revalidated your licence within the last 5 years, contact Ofcom by email to or phone 0207 981 3131 option 3
The full notice is available here.

(17-Oct-2015 to 2-Nov-2015)

Dual-Mode Fusion repeater GB3SJ is now not only dual mode digital Fusion and analogue but now Allstar linked. The node number for Allstar users to connect is 41360. Echolink users can still connect on M0WTX-L Kind
Regards, Stuart (M0WTX)

(10-Oct-2015 to 21-Oct-2015)

So that both modes can exist side by side some basic rules must be followed.
Yaesu Fusion radios: set the radio to AMS (automatic mode select) If the repeater is in use by someone on FM your radio will automatically switch to FM, and when using the repeater leave a gap between overs, this will allow people with FM only radios to call in.
Conventional FM radios: Set your radio to use CTCSS on transmit and receive, so that you do not hear the digital noise, when making a call, check to see if the repeater is in use, do this by observing the busy LED or the signal meter, if all is clear make your call, if the repeater is in use on digital and you wish to call in, wait for a gap and make your call, the repeater will switch to FM and also the Yaesu Fusion radios.

(2-Oct-2015 to 10-Oct-2015)

Please note that due to server maintenance application forms will not be available over the night time period 1st - 2nd Oct. Apologies if this is inconvenient.
(30-Sep-2015 to 2-Oct-2015)

GB7PT (439.7125MHz - input -9MHz) has returned to service. It currently supports C4FM, but once logic issues have been resolved, it will support 9K6 FSK as it previously did. Further modes may be added in future too, making GB7PT a multi-mode service. Reports welcomed.
(18-Sep-2015 to 30-Nov--0001)

GB7PT (439.7125MHz - input -9MHz) has returned to service. It currently supports C4FM, but once logic issues have been resolved, it will support 9K6 FSK as it previously did. Further modes may be added in future too, making GB7PT a multi-mode service. Reports welcomed.
(18-Sep-2015 to 30-Sep-2015)

With the increasing interest in DSTAR in Hastings area and coverage issues from our Eastbourne GB7ES DSTAR repeater towards Hastings (due to hill and woods), a new Hastings DSTAR repeater has been applied for. As such, we plan to co-locate the new proposed GB7HE on the same site as GB3HE. Further details on our RILGES Repeater Group website and forum.
(10-Sep-2015 to 5-Oct-2015)

As part of RILGES Repeater Group improvements to local repeater services, and various work that will commence on site on other new repeaters, the VHF APRS Digipeater has been permanently closed down.
(9-Sep-2015 to 30-Sep-2015)

GB7FC has now moved to it's new site. All is working very well, and coverage is somewhat better.
Test have shown that from as far Chorley, Leyland and Preston that with a handheld from the town centre, access is very good. All the enhancements DMR-plus brings including D-Star Bridge to DMR, on DCS005-F Reflectors, DV4mini Hotspots, GPS data, repeater to repeater linking and more. I would like to thank ALL that have help with Blackpool repeater.
Grateful thanks Dave M0AUT

(1-Sep-2015 to 6-Sep-2015)

The Martello Tower Group are pleased to report that the first D-Star 2m repeater in Essex went live on 17th July. All is working very well and generating lots of D-Star interest in North Essex. [info]
(30-Aug-2015 to 6-Sep-2015)

Ofcom have updated their advice on those who can hold Notices of Variation.   [info]
(22-Aug-2015 to 31-Aug-2015)

The GB7WI repeater has now moved to the DMR+ Network which also provides the use of GPS/APRS, reflectors and DMR Dongles/ hotspots.
See for more information.

(14-Aug-2015 to 9-Jan-2015)

With recent developments we can now offer Motorola repeaters as well as Hytera repeaters connectivity with the DMRplus network without any additional hardware a simple code plug change to the repeater. This will bring all the enhancements DMRplus brings including Reflectors, DV4mini Hotspots, GPS data, repeater to repeater linking and more. If any Motorola repeater keeper would like to connect their repeater contact
(14-Aug-2015 to 18-Sep-2015)

Amateurs in west central Scotland are to get access to a D-Star repeater years after the demise of the former GB7DG.
Thanks to former RSGB President, Ian Suart, GM4AUP a new station GB7DA is to commence operation this autumn on 2M and once frequency cleared on 70cm also.

(13-Aug-2015 to 30-Aug-2015)

GB7HUK is licensed just for the show & will be a demo DMR Repeater live at the Newark Hamfest on the DMRplus Network in which Hytera & Motorola Repeaters can connect together come & talk to us about this Emerging Technology see you there 25th / 26th Sept 2015 The UK DMRplus Team. [info]
(9-Aug-2015 to 27-Sep-2015)

Ofcom has published guidance on eligibility of amateur radio licensees to obtain Notices of Variation.

(21-Jul-2015 to 14-Aug-2015)

The Lincoln Repeater Group are asking the question. Would any one be interested in a voice repeater being sited in Newark?
To comment and to cast a vote please visit

(8-Jul-2015 to 31-Jul-2015)

Ernie, G4LUE has 8xLDF-750 about 4ft long which was once a set of cavities but need refurbishing to make a set of 6 metre cavities.
Also a Tait base station T336 xtal controlled repeater excluding the receiver, no logic. This equipment is open to realistic offers. It must be picked up from S72 area and paid for in cash (part of a clearout!)
For pictures, please email him or phone O7984(191873)

(6-Jul-2015 to 27-Jul-2015)

The Hope Bagot Repeater Group, based in Ludlow are pleased to announce that following the issue of the NoV on 20 June 2015 that from 25 June GB3VN is on the air with a new Yaesu Fusion DR1XE unit. Coverage should be identical to the outgoing Tait 800 series equipment. This brings to four the number of Fusion Units in the Welsh Marches and GB3VN joins GB3VM, GB3HC and GB3ZA with this new technology. The next one to watch for is GB3RT from Cwmbran. The HBRG extend their thanks to the ETCC team who processed the application and Ofcom for the NoV.
Dave Porter G4OYX RK for GB3VN

(25-Jun-2015 to 21-Jul-2015)

The CRG's DStar repeater GB7PI has been returned to service following a TX failure, with special thanks to G7LWT for the loan of a ID-RP4000V while our own one is repaired. Signal reports are welcome via the CRG Website (
Rob, M0ZPU

(12-Jun-2015 to 25-Jun-2015)

Gateway and Packet Renewals: When requesting renewal of your Gateway or Packet NoV's please ensure you use the email address shown on the current NoV. Failure to use the correct email address as recorded on our system from the last renewal will result in your renewal request being rejected by the system and no action will take place with regards renewing your NoV. Thank you G8SFR
(7-Jun-2015 to 27-Jun-2015)

The Hereford Amateur Radio Society are very pleased to announce that the 2 metre GB3ZA and the 70cms GB3HC repeaters are once again united at the same location and have both been converted to the Yaesu FUSION system. These were purchased in memory of Alan GM4GSN who bequeathed the Society equipment and money. It is hoped the repeaters will be developed further and linked to the other repeaters in the Welsh Marches. For further information , please contact Tim G0JWJ
(2-Jun-2015 to 30-Jun-2015)

We're currently crowd funding a DMR repeater in East Anglia to cover Beccles, Lowestoft, Gt Yarmouth, Southwold and the surrounding areas. We believe this is the first repeater to be funded using online crowdfunding. For more information please visit the East Coast Repeater Group
Thanks M0JGX

(27-May-2015 to 12-Jun-2015)

GB7FC in Blackpool now has the software bridge from DMR to D-Star and D-Star to DMR. ( Via D-Star use DCS005 F / dtmf: D506.) ( Via DMR use Multi S2-TG9 linked 4400 ) This system is only available on Hytera network system, and can also accessed world Wide. I would all like to offer my greatful thanks to Jon(G4TSN)for all his assistance and help for bring this fruition. 73 de Dave (M0AUT)
(22-May-2015 to 4-Jun-2015)

Norfolk Repeater Group Covering GB3NB, GB3AH, GB7NB and GB3NV AGM on the 27th May 2015 starting at 20:00 meeting held at the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club.
Regards, Mark (G0LGJ)

(19-May-2015 to 28-May-2015)

The Largest Repeater Group in Scotland the CSFMG will be holding their AGM on the 7th June at the Crofthead Farm Community Education Centre, Templar Rise, Livingston, EH54 6DG.
The meeting will take place after the Ham Convention.

(17-May-2015 to 7-Jun-2015)

Please note that once a NoV has been issued there must be no further CHANGES until at least six months have elapsed.
(4-May-2015 to 19-May-2015)

Steven, M1ERS reports that GB7SN DMR 70 CM DVU54 Repeater is fully operational and now on the Hytera System 439.6750.4306750 IO93GH Sheffield SK349811 DMR/3 53.3259 -14764 Steven wishes to thank the Team for their help and the support with the System and as the Repeater Keeper to say Thanks!
(1-May-2015 to 17-May-2015)

The Sussex Electronics and Radio Fair is getting close. The special event station will be GB6SRF and QSL cards will be provided to anyone who contacts the various stations.
To be held on Sat 6th June and located at the Eastbourne Sports Park. FREE stands are still available to any Clubs, Societies, Groups and Educational plus Trade and Personal stands/spaces are available.
If you’re interested in participating, please book now! [more]

(30-Apr-2015 to 7-Jun-2015)

New DStar repeater GB7GC located on the outskirts of Grimsby is now up and running, the gateway defaults to reflector DCS005M but, of course, is user selectable.
(21-Apr-2015 to 1-May-2015)

Blackpool 70cm DMR repeater is on air for testing. The repeater is on the Hytera DMR/Plus system.
(17-Apr-2015 to 1-May-2015)

See RSGB note on renewals for Beacon and Repeater Insurance.

(17-Apr-2015 to 5-May-2015)

The Hope Bagot Repeater Group based in Ludlow, Shropshire are pleased to announce that GB3VM, RV49 Woofferton is now operating as a Yaesu Fusion device. As yet it is not connected to the internet but has auto switching to recognise FM input or the different modes of C4FM input. It outputs exactly to the input mode and does not convert between modes at present The Yaesu internal control logic is rather primitive compared to the out-going G8CUL logic with no “Ks” or location info in Morse. So all that is present is the callsign in Morse of deGB3VM. CTCSS, power output, receive sensitivity, squelch setting and footprint are all unchanged. Users are advised to let the repeater's output carrier fall to zero before inputting signal and then the five minute timeout timer will reset. Beware that to tail-end the other op will eat into your five minutes!
(10-Apr-2015 to 21-Apr-2015)

MB7VV-10 (APRS DIGIPEATER) went live on Saturday 4th April at 16:22 from the site of GB7BS/GB3BS (IO81TK).
Also on the same site is a APRS iGATE receive only station, which is being evaluated.

(9-Apr-2015 to 17-Apr-2015)

As part of the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group plans our FSK Regenerative Repeater GB7PT has been taken off air for engineering work to change the base station equipment. It is hoped to return GB7PT to service within a few weeks, subject to other commitments.
(9-Apr-2015 to 26-Apr-2015)

Due to a duplexer fault, GB7PI has been reconfigured to operate with two-aerial working, and as such the TX aerial in use is the tri-band aerial used by GB3PX at a lower position on the same mast. Typically we're seeing around a 8-10dB reduction in received signal. RX performance remains as before. We hope to have it back to normal soon.
(9-Apr-2015 to 26-Apr-2015)

Stuart (M0WTX) reports this new dual-mode Fusion repeater became operational on 7th April at Northwich in Cheshire. GB7SJ operates on RU70. It will also be frequently linked to the UK ALLSTAR HUB
Please feel call the repeater keeper Stuart (M0WTX) with any question you may have about the repeater and future internet links.

(3-Apr-2015 to 9-Apr-2015)

Just in time for Easter, there have been the following repeaters cleared for operation:
GB3GR 70cm AV repeater at Grantham on RB11, GB3IW also 70cm (RB9) on the Isle of Wight, GB3RU near Reading on RB11
Digital repeaters include GB7CW DMR(3) at Bridgend in Sth.Wales, GB7HR also DMR(3) at Hounslow west of London, GB7SE on DVU38 at Sth.Ockendon also DMR(3), GB7SH DM Fusion repeater at Sheffield on RU77, and GB7SO D-Star repeater on DVU46 at Solihull.

(2-Apr-2015 to 10-Apr-2015)

Matt, G8XYJ is pleased to report that due to the hard work and support from the Wyre Forest Repeater Group (G8OXG Nigel and G1ZRN Mike) that the Hope Bagot Repeater Group now have GB7VO linked to the internet via a Raspberry Pi based system. The gateway is default linked to DCS005M giving excellent coverage around the Welsh Marches. Please can any signal reports be sent to Matt G8XYJ - Repeater Keeper for GB7VO
(1-Apr-2015 to 9-Apr-2015)

Dover 2M repeater now has Echolink enabled. Node 346463
More information at the Kent Repeater Group website.

(29-Mar-2015 to 9-Apr-2015)

The Hope Bagot Repeater Group are sorry to announce that RU74 GB3VN Ludlow 70cms is off air at present due to an electricity supply fault as the site host Chris, M0MTS had an issue with a JCB and the buried supply cable. He apologises profusely! Spares have been sourced and it is hoped to rejoin the cable in time for Easter. Dave Porter G4OYX, Repeater Keeper GB3VN
(26-Mar-2015 to 3-Apr-2015)

A further two 70cm DMR repeaters have been licensed for immediate operation.
GB7ED will cover the Exeter area and GB7SN is at Sheffield.
Both will be found on DVU54

(24-Mar-2015 to 2-Apr-2015)

We are in the process of assembling GB3XP a new 2m analogue repeater for South London and we are struggling to source the necessary cavities. If anyone out there has any surplus 2m cavities please could they get in touch.
(27-Feb-2015 to 11-Mar-2015)

Two new 10 Metre beacons have commenced testing from sites in Lancashire. Both were recently applied for and processed to licensing through this site and using similar vetting processes to repeaters and gateway.
They are GB3TEN at Fleetwood on 28.244, and GB3XMB near Clitheroe on 28.287MHz.

(26-Feb-2015 to 11-Mar-2015)

Neil Horton, M0ZEY is in the process of assembling GB3XP a new 2m analogue repeater for South London and struggling to source the necessary cavities. If anyone out there has any surplus 2m cavities please could they get in touch.
(25-Feb-2015 to 28-Feb-2015)

Following the installation of GB7RR the FIRST UK Hytera Repeater on the DMRplus Hytera network last week, saw another FIRST on 25th Feb in the UK with the addition of a DMR / D-Star Bridge between the GB7RR Repeater and the UK DCS005 Reflector Module V now DMR & D-Star users can communicate with each other the Bridge in both directions i.e. DMR To D-Star & D-Star To DMR, Number translation takes place within the Bridge, for further information on the Hytera DMRplus network including how you could link your Motorola Repeater to this developing network you can contact the Repeater Team at
(25-Feb-2015 to 19-Mar-2015)

New DMR repeater is now on the air and covering the Medway Towns.
GB7IK is part of the Regional Talk Group 8 linking it with the adjacent repeaters which should allow for almost total cover around the M25. The repeater should have similar coverage as GB3IK as they are share a single antenna.

(19-Feb-2015 to 25-Feb-2015)

Following the completion of filters for GB3PW/ZW we have 8 X 2.5 meter lengths of LCF158-50JA 49MM dia Dellflex free for a group wishing to build filters. Ours are as described by KF6YB. Collection will be by arrangement from near Welshpool. Powys. 73, Dave
(18-Feb-2015 to 26-Feb-2015)

GB3PY turns 40 years old in March 2015. To celebrate this event, that of the first ever UHF voice repeater in the UK being licensed, GB3PY will be using the callsign GB40PY for the rest of the year, with immediate effect. Ofcom have issued a "Special Event Station" NoV in the same way that they issued GB40PI to celebrate the first VHF Amateur Voice Repeater in the UK.
The Cambridgeshire Repeater Group will be running a number of events to commemorate the anniversary of PY's "birth". More details as they become available will be published on the CRG website -

(15-Feb-2015 to 30-Mar-2015)

Following the completion of filters for GB3PW/ZW we have 8 X 2.5 meter lengths of LCF158-50JA 49MM dia Dellflex free for a group wishing to build filters. Ours are as described by KF6YB.
Collection will be by arrangement from near Welshpool, Powys.
Dave Brown, GW4NQJ (

(10-Feb-2015 to 25-Feb-2015)

A necessary component of the new GB7WL (DMR) /GB7AU (DSTAR) platform was fully brought in to service on 8th Feb.
A custom hybrid antenna combiner / duplexer/splitter assembly has been manufactured and donated to the project by a group of local amateurs. This provides 5 dB of gain in the receive path to both systems as well as 95 dB of isolation between TX and RX ports.
Massive thanks are due to G4MDC, G4XRV, G0WTZ, G8SYD and G7LWT for their assistance with the new hardware.
Iain Philipps, G0RDI

(9-Feb-2015 to 25-Feb-2015)

A necessary component of the new GB7WL (DMR) /GB7AU (DSTAR) platform was fully brought in to service at 11:00 UTC today, 8th February.
A custom hybrid antenna combiner / duplexer/splitter assembly has been manufactured and donated to the project by a group of local amateurs. This provides 5 dB of gain in the receive path to both systems as well as 95 dB of isolation between TX and RX ports.
Massive thanks are due to G4MDC, G4XRV, G0WTZ, G8SYD and G7LWT for their assistance with the new hardware.
Iain Philipps, G0RDI

(8-Feb-2015 to 9-Feb-2015)

New 70cm DMR digital voice repeater GB7WL at Amersham now fully operational and connected to DMR-MARC network. TS2/TG8 London available for roaming.
Operates on DVU37 Reports/questions or comments welcome via Email to:

(7-Feb-2015 to 19-Feb-2015)

A regular contact from Portugal, João Costa (CT1FBF) updates the list of Portuguese repeaters and reports that the first dual-mode (System FUSION) repeater CQ0DSGO has been installed by the Associação de Radioamadores da Beira Alta (ARBA) as their first analog-digital (C4FM) repeater in Portugal. Located at Gondomar, near Porto (41.14333, -8.53444) it has a power of 25 watts.
(3-Feb-2015 to 7-Feb-2015)

DMRUK was founded by Michael, G1XCC who established the UK's first DMR/TDMA repeater GB7TD near Wakefield in W.Yorkshire.
The groups aim is to promote DMR throughout the UK, to provide technical advice and assistance and to provide co-ordination between the various international affiliates. [DMRUK]

(29-Jan-2015 to 15-Feb-2015)

The Sheffield 70cm D-Star node GB7SF-B is being replaced by a digital voice Yaesu FUSION repeater GB7SH on the same channel. This is part of a re-organisation of 70cm repeaters controlled by Stephen, M1ERS in the Sheffield area.
(28-Jan-2015 to 15-Feb-2015)

D-Star has been extended in Northern Ireland with the operation of a new 70cm repeater located near Dungiven in Co.Londonderry.
It is on 439.4125 MHz (DVU33)

(28-Jan-2015 to 8-Feb-2015)

John, GW4FOI reports that GB3WW/ GB3WG are back on air after a lighting strike, Still more work to do on WG, new logic has arrived and filter tuning still to be done. John offers thanks to Peter GW4JQP for his assistance.
(24-Jan-2015 to 7-Feb-2015)

The Wakefield & District Radio Society Simplex Internet Gateway MB7IWR is temporarily off the air due to collapse of the antenna system during the recent high winds. We hope to restore service within two weeks.
(18-Jan-2015 to 27-Jan-2015)

GB3WW & GB3WG is out of action due Lighting strike on 15 jan 2015 arrangements are in hand to rectify the problem as soon as possible.
(16-Jan-2015 to 18-Jan-2015)

Two further DV (DMR) 70cm repeaters have been cleared for operation.
GB7MB at Heysham on the Lancashire coast on DVU56 (439.7MHZ) and GB7WL at Amersham in Bucks on DVU37 (439.4625MHz)
Colour codes 1 and 3 respectively.

(9-Jan-2015 to 27-Jan-2015)

Using data files from the ukrepeaters web site, ICOM UK have produced UK specific memory file data for the 7100, 5100 and 51 D-STAR model radios, with data for the 31 to follow:
(1-Jan-2015 to 31-Jan-2015)

The ETCC Chairman and Committee would like to wish Repeater Keepers and Users everywhere a Very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. As always I would also like to thank my Committee Members for their hard work and time so willingly given in managing the network and dealing with the many difficult situations encountered. Like everyone else we too need a break so we will be closing for business at 12.00pm on Wednesday 24th December and will be back on 5th January. John McCullagh GI4BWM, Chairman ETCC.
(21-Dec-2014 to 2-Jan-2015)

Please note that whilst we are not accepting new repeater applications until January, STATUS updates are still accepted to allow compliance with your licence conditions, and any news items will also be considered.
(20-Dec-2014 to 31-Dec-2014)

The Caradon Hill Repeater Group are pleased to report that during a recent site visit, Matt G4RKY the repeater keeper performed a full maintenance and check on the 70cm repeater GB3CH and 2m repeater GB3JL. In addition to the normal checks and adjustments the latest firmware was applied to the groups RC210 repeater controller. Matt reports that both repeaters are performing well and any reports would be most welcome via the web site at or direct via email to the keeper.
(15-Dec-2014 to 19-Dec-2014)

The repeater GB3FJ was switched on and fully operational at 16:30 on the 11th December 2014. Located at Asgarby in Lincolnshire and operates on RU76. [more]
(15-Dec-2014 to 8-Jan-2015)

Paul, G6MNJ reports replacing their ageing repeater with a new Yaesu DR-1X and thus announcing the repeater is back operational once more from St Austell in Cornwall. 77Hz CTCSS no tone burst support. GB3HB
(13-Dec-2014 to 24-Dec-2014)

GB3WL at Wythall near Birmingham was officially switched on by Graham Coomber G0NBI, General Manager of the RSGB and went live, thanks to keeper Dave G3YXM, at around 1815 on Monday 8th December. Initial reports are very favourable and indicate that the coverage map is fairly accurate. [more]
(10-Dec-2014 to 1-Jan-2015)

See our Facebook page for the full list of a further sixteen repeaters cleared for operation. [details]
(8-Dec-2014 to 24-Dec-2014)

Ofcom's decisions following the recent Review of the Amateur Licence has been published and can be found on their web site [view]
(7-Dec-2014 to 22-Dec-2014)

GB3MT the new 70 cms Magherafelt repeater is now active on TX 430.900 RX 438.500 with CTCSS 110.9 Hz.
(4-Dec-2014 to 11-Dec-2014)

A 23cm DV port has been licensed for the Barnsley D-Star repeater on 1297.3MHz with RX on 1291.3MHz. [info]
(4-Dec-2014 to 13-Dec-2014)

A number of frequency clearances have been announced and these repeaters are licensed for immediate operation. [details]
(3-Dec-2014 to 10-Dec-2014)

See article on differences between DMR and dPMR [view]
(3-Dec-2014 to 17-Dec-2014)

We are seeing some on-line discussions about the renewal of Packet Radio NoV's as detailed in the Ofcom Notice of 10/10/2014
As stated in the Ofcom notice if your callsign does not appear in the list on the ETCC site then your NoV will no longer be valid. We therefore suggest to be able to continue to provide a service that you reapply for your NoV using the on-line E2 form on this site.
Another part of the discussion we have seen is about the close-down list, this requirement has not changed, in fact it has been slightly relaxed by Ofcom from what it was before as set by the Radiocommunications Agency.
If you have any questions about renewing your NoV and how to do it, please contact Steve Morton G8SFR, he will only be too happy to help you through this simple renewal process.

(22-Nov-2014 to 24-Mar-2015)

We are very well aware of the long lists of outstanding 70cms requests and are working with Ofcom to ensure that they are dealt with as soon as possible. When making proposals for wide spaced channels we are required to submit a choice of frequencies and because of the large number of outstanding requests have run out of choices in many areas. As a consequence until some of these requests are cleared proposals for new 70cms digital repeaters will be put on hold.
(5-Nov-2014 to 4-Dec-2014)

In past years, a number of variations were issued to individual Amateur Radio licensees via the RSGB, for various packet radio systems and some early beacons. Many of these systems have long since been decommissioned but they have left some uncertainty regarding their original "RSGB letters of authority" (including those "on behalf of the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry" etc) and also whether they are still in use.
Ofcom have issued a detailed web notice to place the matter beyond question that any authorisation still required and not clearly issued by the current spectrum regulator must now be replaced with a formal variation, issued by Ofcom (and can be applied for via this website)
If in doubt, only those listed on the ETCC website should be considered to be currently authorised under an appropriate Ofcom NoV.
The practical impact of this should be modest, but will enable both Ofcom and the Society to plan for the future.
The full Ofcom notice can be found:[here]

(4-Nov-2014 to 22-Nov-2014)

The latest DMR DV repeater has commenced service from a site between Weymouth and Dorchester on 439.4125MHz. GB7SD uses colour Code 1
Keeper is Geoff, G0EVW

(1-Nov-2014 to 20-Nov-2014)

With excellent weather and no wind up the top of the school tower, the failed UHF colinear has been replaced for a commercial 4-Stack Dipole Array on the Hastings 70cm repeater GB3HE, courtesy of Malcolm Trundle G3TCG. Coverage reports so far are looking very promising and encouraging both in the depths of Hastings and further afield. The dipole antenna on the Digipeater was also reconfigured and should provide an improved coverage area, together with change of callsign from MB7VS to MB7UVS. The iGate is not currently activated internet access is on site. The working party consisted of Dave G8PUO, Paul M0LRE, Shane M1BFH and Malcolm G3TCG, with Paul M6PWD providing a welcomed array of sausage rolls and press officer and chief cameraman, Vince G1FBH. Dave, G8PUO thanks all who assisted.
(30-Oct-2014 to 5-Nov-2014)

GB7NB (Norfolk D-STAR) is currently off air due to a Transmitter fault.
(25-Oct-2014 to 30-Oct-2014)

The RSGB has now provided guidance here to the Ofcom Consultation document which many found difficult to read and interpret. It is most important that there is a good response to the consultation which closes on 20th October. Time is of the essence so get your response in now!
(13-Oct-2014 to 20-Oct-2014)

Ofcom intends to review and update the terms and conditions of the UK amateur radio licence. The current form of the licence has been around for several years and Ofcom is keen to ensure that it continues to meet its regulatory needs. More information about the Licence Review, together with a commentary from the RSGB, and a link to the Ofcom response form can be found here. Please take time to read and respond, this will affect you! The consultation closes on 20th October.
(8-Oct-2014 to 20-Oct-2014)

On 21 September, Paul G1DVA Dave M0OBW & Mike G4VSS installed the Fusion Repeater, being the first operational Fusion repeater in the UK, it is operational in both FM and C4FM digital modes, the voice ID board has been installed. The time out is set at 3 mins, ctcss 82.5 Hz needed on FM only set receive squelch so as not to hear digital transmission.[UKFMGW] [Fusion]
(22-Sep-2014 to 14-Oct-2014)

Stoke on Trent repeaters GB3ST and GB3VT have been taken out of service.
(15-Sep-2014 to 12-Oct-2014)

On Tuesday, September 2, Joel Alderman G0URK and Gary Stevens 2E0ULA will be giving a talk and demonstration of the digital voice mode D-STAR to the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society (CARS). The meeting is open to all so come along and see D-STAR in operation and learn what it is all about. [more]
(30-Aug-2014 to 3-Sep-2014)

Applications that are received without a valid or working email address will be deleted from our system. If we have no means of contacting the applicant by email then the application will be removed.
(29-Aug-2014 to 17-Sep-2014)

Following a few days on local test, the MB7VS APRS Digipeater is now fully working on its site in Hastings (Same site as GB3HE) Although on a temporary antenna during on-site testing, all appears to be operating well. Feedback appreciated.
(28-Aug-2014 to 11-Sep-2014)

Barnsley area repeaters GB7YD (D-Star nodes) and GB3HF (6M) recently affected by a power failure have been restored though internet gateway is still down.
(26-Aug-2014 to 3-Sep-2014)

GB3XN is being disrupted by heavy abuse from the Doncaster area and may be off the air at random times. The authorities are investigating.
(5-Aug-2014 to 26-Aug-2014)

The radio tower used by the West Yorkshire Repeater Group is being replaced. Both repeaters will be off air from Sun evening (3rd Aug) for approx.1 week whilst the work on site takes place.
(30-Jul-2014 to 11-Aug-2014)

Following negotiations with the RSGB to minimise the impact on radio amateurs, Ofcom has announced that it will temporarily authorise up to four 25kHz channels, between 144.000MHz and 144.100MHz, for the period 22 July to 4 August 2014, to support the operation of the Commonwealth Games. The frequencies to be used specifically exclude 144.0500MHz (CW Calling Frequency). Usage of this spectrum by Commonwealth Games users will be in the vicinity of Glasgow games venues and will be limited to handheld equipment operating on a maximum of 5W ERP. Ofcom emphasises that use of Primary Amateur spectrum is only for the specified time period and does not constitute a change of usage. Ofcom are aware of the very short notice and will authorise this usage on a "non-interference, non-protection basis". Amateurs in the Glasgow area are requested to avoid these frequencies until 4th August.
(22-Jul-2014 to 5-Aug-2014)

Apologies the ukrepeaters web site was down this morning for 70 minutes between 07:40 and 08:50 due to connectivity issues which is under investigation.
(9-Jun-2014 to 9-Jun-2014)

GB7CT was brought in to service at 16:30 UK local time on 24th May 2014. The first (non-test) QSO took place shortly afterwards and was between G0RDI/M (hand portable) and G0OLX/M (M40, Stokenchurch) The group would like to thank everyone who made the UK's first VHF amateur DMR repeater possible.
(24-May-2014 to 10-Jun-2014)

Barnsley 6M repeater GB3HF is back in service after a complete overhall, comprising of a brand new set of 6m cavities and both new transmitter and receiver; reports are welcome. It is planned at a later date to install IRLP.
Reported by Ernie G4LUE

(9-May-2014 to 29-May-2014)

Due to certain operational difficulties, the keeper has decided to permanently close down GB7ML and return the equipment which has been on loan to the owner. In the spirit of moving forwards, a new DMR repeater - GB7CT - will replace GB7ML and the changeover is planned to take place on 24th May 2014; final testing and configuration are well under way. The 77Hz group continues its strong commitment to DStar worldwide with the provision of GB7AU, REF001, REF005 and REF015 services.
(7-May-2014 to 24-May-2014)

If you have recently applied for an Internet Gateway NoV or a renewal of your Gateway NoV and it is now shown as 'Licensed' on this site. Can you please check that you have received your NoV, and that the details on the NoV agree with what is shown on this page.
If you still haven't received your NoV more than 5 working days after the date shown, or the details are different on what you have received, please contact Steve G8SFR

(3-May-2014 to 15-May-2014)

Minor Ofcom delays
We are aware that some recent proposals and renewals are outstanding with Ofcom. Spectrum Licensing has promised to deal with as many of these as possible over the next two days. A slight backlog has built up because of the Bank Holiday but it is hoped to clear this very soon.
(24-Apr-2014 to 30-Apr-2014)

Following a consultation last year, Ofcom has decided to remove from the Amateur Radio Licence all frequencies in these bands which overlap with those planned for award (2350 to 2390 and 3410 to 3475 MHz) , giving amateurs at least twelve months’ notice of this intention.
Amateur users of the 2310 to 2350 MHz band are requested to register their use and provide contact details to Ofcom. [more]

(7-Apr-2014 to 6-May-2014)

By now repeater Keepers who applied to renew their licence variations should have received their replacement document. It can be pointed out that there are some differences, the main one being that connection to non amateur networks is now permitted meaning that repeaters can be connected on site to the Internet and the old OFW283 form is no longer required. Linking by RF still requires a separate NoV.
There are quite a few other changes including para 3(d) which is of interest in respect of long-term non operational repeaters, so-called "bed, or channel-blocking" and para 7(b) about keeping closedown info current.

(3-Apr-2014 to 30-Apr-2014)

GB3TW is now working properly again with repeater completely updated and an aerial in place to replace the one blown down recently. Negotiations are taking place with the site owners to put a second aerial in the Church tower to have a separation of aerials for tx and rx.
(3-Apr-2014 to 15-Apr-2014)

GB3JC is now connected to the EchoLink network. Node number: 974222 More information at
(2-Apr-2014 to 3-Apr-2014)

We have had many enquiries about why the renewal NoVs have not yet arrived. All completed documents have been forwarded to Ofcom. If you have requested a renewal and updated your closedown information then there is no need to take any further action unless you do not receive your documents by Thursday.
(1-Apr-2014 to 3-Apr-2014)

The RSGB Repeater & Beacon Insurance is due on 30th April 2014. The premium for 2014/15 has not been finalised yet but if you wish to renew and would like to be contacted when details are available, please e-mail
(31-Mar-2014 to 30-Apr-2014)

Ofcom have clarified the position on the issue of renewed Notices of Variation for repeaters as follows: "We will be issuing all renewed NoVs via email to licence holders on the 31 March 2014. The new document will replace the existing NoV which is due to expire at 23:59 hrs."
(30-Mar-2014 to 1-Apr-2014)

Many people are concerned that they have not as yet received their new NoVs. We can assure you that if your repeater's callsign appears on the Recent ETCC Clearances list then it has been forwarded to Ofcom for checking and onward transmission to you. This may take a little time as there are over 400 NoVs to be dealt with. We will check with Ofcom tomorrow on progress and post an update here when available. If you think you have renewed and your repeater does not appear on the list please contact us as soon as possible using the "Contact Us" tab at the top of this page.
(26-Mar-2014 to 1-Apr-2014)

We would like to remind everyone of the need to renew your Repeater and Beacon NoVs here by the end of March. Would those who have already applied to renew please also check and update your closedown operators details via the renewals gateway. Ofcom require that this information be updated in order to issue your replacement NoVs.
(25-Mar-2014 to 31-Mar-2014)

The RILGES Repeater Group working party gathered on the Helenswood Academy Site, on The Ridge in Hastings are pleased to announce that GB3HE is now operational once again, following a small period of outage during keeper/management changes. The repeater is currently running on a temporary transceiver and on reduced power (10W ERP). The receiver is at commercial spec and currently has no pre-amp installed during coverage initial testing and trials. Signal reports received so far are looking very encouraging and a credit to the team who enabled the repeater to get back on air. Further details and updates are on the RILGES Repeater Group website.
(24-Mar-2014 to 3-Apr-2014)

Due to the falling membership, the Leicestershire Repeater Group has taken the decision to limit the hours of operation of the repeaters GB3CF, GB3GV, GB3LE and GB3UM to conserve funds. As a result, the repeaters are now switched off overnight between 10pm and 5am. The beacons GB3LEX and GB3LES continue to operate 24 hours a day. [source GB2RS]
(21-Mar-2014 to 3-Apr-2014)

This site is now delighted to list UK amateur radiobeacons for the duration of the current renewals exercise. Beacon Keepers wishing to apply to renew their NoV until 2017 should enter the beacon callsign in the renewal gateway form.
(17-Mar-2014 to 5-Apr-2014)

Ofcom has published a web notice on renewals which you can read here. If you are a Keeper your attention is drawn particularly to the paragraph on ensuring that your licence is valid and also to the note that your list of closedown operators must be updated. Please note that ALL NoVs should be renewed including those recently issued with an expiry date of March 2015. Ofcom has asked that this be done to ensure a uniform expiry date of March 2017.
(10-Mar-2014 to 24-Mar-2014)

Although Beacon NoV's will be included in the current renewals exercise, the ETCC is awaiting an update of beacon data to incorporate into our renewal gateway system. Until this data is provided we cannot open the system to beacon renewals.
(10-Mar-2014 to 17-Mar-2014)

All Keepers requesting to renew their repeater NoV's will be aware that closedown operator lists have to be refreshed also. In some cases it is many years since these details were submitted and the opportunity now exists to update this important data.
For multiple repeater sites tell us and we can copy over data.

(9-Mar-2014 to 1-Apr-2014)

DMR Repeater GB7NS now on air and connected to The DMARC system allowing Local or International calls at the same time. Antenna system is same as GB3NS but both RF outputs will be 4DB down due to the use of a Hybrid combiner.
(7-Mar-2014 to 21-Mar-2014)

Please be aware that we will be unable to act on Change of Keeper requests until the current renewals process is completed.
Any requests will however be recorded and dealt with in due course.

(6-Mar-2014 to 31-Mar-2014)

Repeater & Beacon Keepers will shortly be receiving a letter from Ofcom inviting them to renew their NoVs. Please note that whilst applications to renew Repeaters are being accepted, we are not yet ready to accept Beacon renewal requests.
(3-Mar-2014 to 10-Mar-2014)

The South Glos. Repeater group are pleased to announce that GB7AA the DMR repeater in South Glos. is now operational running TDMA.
Initial checks and tests look good and additional testing will be done to check the full extent of the coverage area.
GB7AA is on 439.675MHz with a -9MHz split and colour code 1

(3-Mar-2014 to 21-Mar-2014)

GB7DD DMR TDMA repeater at Dundee is now operational and connected to the DMR-Dmarc NET. Colour Code 1 Reports please to the keeper, Martin, MM0DUN
(2-Mar-2014 to 10-Mar-2014)

GB7LP DMR TDMA repeater in Liverpool is now operational and connected to the DMR-Dmarc NET. Colour Code 1 Reports please to the keeper, Steve, M1SWB
(27-Feb-2014 to 7-Mar-2014)

Dave, G7UZN has a spare Philips PR1060 repeater that can be configured to your requirements.
If anyone needs a replacement or spare uhf repeater, please contact Dave using the Contact Us form.

(11-Feb-2014 to 1-Mar-2014)

After a long wait for approval Mike G8TIC reports that he has installed GB3WU at its new location on Sunday 9th February and placed it into service. Test transmissions were made from 12.06 UTC to 12.20 UTC. GB3WU became operational at 12.15 UTC.
(9-Feb-2014 to 16-Feb-2014)

We are very aware that many NoVs become due for renewal at the end of March 2014 and we have been receiving enquiries from Keepers about this.
A renewals gateway input form can be used for both repeater renewals and the ongoing renewal process for simplex gateways and newer packet/AX25 units.

(1-Feb-2014 to 7-Mar-2014)

Wullie, GM0MZB reports a success story in tracking down a recent QRM problem that had the repeater closed down for a time. Ofcom sprang into action and tracked down the source of the offending noise to a piece of cable that had blown onto an overhead cable shorting on to the pole. The power company was contacted and the offending piece of cable removed and this has cured the noise problems that were effecting both GB3FE and the HF/VHF Stations at GM6NX.
(1-Feb-2014 to 11-Feb-2014)

Some amateurs have expressed the desire for a Forum in the form of a Bulletin Board for use by repeater Keepers, builders and anyone involved in repeaters, including users. Let us know if you would like such a facility to be set up or if you think they already exist elsewhere for example. [comment]
(27-Jan-2014 to 28-Feb-2014)

Its always good news when interference can be tracked down and eliminated. In the case of one Welsh repeater whose frequency was being blocked turned out to be a survey company's differential GPS transmitter default frequency. When brought to their attention the frequency was changed and the problem solved!
(27-Jan-2014 to 31-Jan-2014)

A very big thanks to the ETCC, Ofcom, MOD, and Dave G7UZN. GB3JC in Norfolk (70CM)has been switched on. Users have expressed excitement and happiness with the new system. (James, M0ZAH)
(27-Jan-2014 to 3-Feb-2014)

Dave, G8PUO is pleased to confirm that the new site issue has now been resolved, fully cleared and with no frequency change required.
As such GB3EB is now fully operational at the permanent St Luke's Church Site (Eastbourne), on RV63 and now just awaiting the final clearance for the Internet Gateway NoV update to move from MB7IEB to GB3EB.
This is excellent news for the local radio amateurs and repeater group.

(26-Jan-2014 to 1-Feb-2014)

Over 20 repeaters on the 70cm band were cleared for operation in January, some of them having waited several months for their all-important NoV to arrive.
Whilst most have been eagerly waiting this moment and will switch on within days, nevertheless 3 months is permitted after which it would be necessary to re-apply.
Further information on renewals of NoV hopefully to follow.

(23-Jan-2014 to 28-Jan-2014)

Ofcom have approved a number of 70cm repeaters which are to operate using the DMR standard for digital voice.
They are GB7BS for Bristol,
GB7JB in Wiltshire,
GB7SD in South Dorset, and
GB7TP for Keighley in W.Yorkshire.
Ofcom have advised us that they are currently working through outstanding requests for frequency clearance and have now made further clearances (see this page)

(21-Jan-2014 to 11-Feb-2014)

NoV has been received for MB7PB, a 70 MHz simplex repeater, AKA "Parrot box" in South Shropshire and switched on. Quick turnaround from submission from ETCC to Ofcom issue, well done guys. 70.3875MHz is the freq for "Polly" 73 Adam G1MAW
(2-Jan-2014 to 24-Jan-2014)

The Chairman and Members of the ETCC would like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We do look forward to working with you all in 2014 but please note that we will be taking a break from processing proposals until 6th January.
(21-Dec-2013 to 5-Jan-2014)

No gateway NoV's will be processed from mid-day Friday 20th December for a period of two weeks due to Christmas and New Year holidays. This includes renewals, new applications or applications currently being vetted.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and I will process any applications on my return on 6 January 2014.
73, Steve G8SFR (Data Manager)

(19-Dec-2013 to 5-Jan-2014)

The DMR-MARC Worldwide Network is an all-digital network group of over 200 MOTOTRBO DMR amateur repeaters in 17 countries with over 3,000 users.
All repeaters on the network are connected all the time. TRBO radios have great voice quality, great coverage, and extended battery life all in LESS THAN 1/3 the channel bandwidth of a traditional analogue FM repeater with TWICE as many voice channels!  [more]

(27-Nov-2013 to 11-Dec-2013)

Following the successful application, the new Eastbourne 2M Repeater GB3EB is now complete and on-air.
The repeater is planned to be on Echolink and eventually replace MB7IEB, once GB3EB is fully tested and live.
Further information can be found at RILGES Repeater Group

(24-Nov-2013 to 17-Dec-2013)

On Friday 22nd Nov, GB3TA Tamworth 2M repeater was put back on the air, so far with excellent results, once the organisers are happy and the users are happy, it will be taken down for service, which will include a new Tait 800 unit and new aerial.
(24-Nov-2013 to 17-Dec-2013)

6 Metres
There are two Tait T300 Band I (47/52MHz) repeaters left that are easily modded for 50 MHz repeaters, the proceeds are going to a local charity (safety of life) serious offers please for this rare kit!
Contact ADAM WILLIS, G1MAW ( if interested.

(29-Oct-2013 to 14-Nov-2013)

An application for frequency clearance has just been submitted to Ofcom for what would become the second amateur digital voice repeater in the UK using the DMR standard.
With coverage similar to co-sited GB3NS is is proposed that GB7NS would provide a stand alone DMR base station with internet connection to the DMARC system allowing connections on slot 1 for World-wide whilst allowing local communications using slot 2.

(13-Oct-2013 to 13-Nov-2013)

ETCC Member, Noel Matthews, G8GTZ will be making a presentation on the role of the ETCC at 1400 on Sunday 13th at the RSGB Centenary Convention (Raleigh Room)
(12-Oct-2013 to 13-Oct-2013)

The data centre used to host ukrepeaters is having some routing issues this evening. Service liable to interruption.
(11-Oct-2013 to 12-Oct-2013)

Up until fairly recently D-Star was the only show in town for digital voice - that is until the entrance of DMR. For on Monday 24 June this year the UK's first DMR repeater was switched on by Keeper, Michael Lockwood, G1XCC at Flockton in West Yorkshire in the shadow of the iconic Emley Moor tower.
DMR uses Motorola's "MotoTRBO" technology allowing 2 virtual channels on a single repeater frequency - effectively two simultaneous QSO's become possible.
Following on from GB7TD interest is being shown in a further DMR repeater in Surrey (see above).
Further info see

(7-Oct-2013 to 13-Nov-2013)

Yaesu announces a Mixed Mode Repeater (FM/DV)
Thanks to G7LWT for that heads-up!

(21-Sep-2013 to 10-Oct-2013)

Norwich 6M repeater GB3JX is now connected to EchoLink.
Node: 848059
More info at

(18-Sep-2013 to 4-Oct-2013)

Latest Clearances
Amongst recently cleared repeaters are a 10GHz TV repeater GB3FY at Fleetwood in Lancashire, also two 3GHz TV output frequencies to existing repeaters GB3KM near Durham and GB3BH at Watford.
(13-Sep-2013 to 21-Sep-2013)

John, G0PRF has an 18 month old Icom DStar repeater for sale. It's the UHF voice repeater comprising ID-RP4000V & ID-RP2C. He is looking for 1000GBP
Contact John here to discuss/offers.

(10-Sep-2013 to 8-Oct-2013)

Martin, G0OXZ reports that he has activated the D-Star Gateway MB6EP-C in Epsom and Ewell area in North Surrey on 144.825MHz and would appreciate reports.
The technical details are 0.5W ERP, Raspberry Pi running G4KLX Gateway software and TAIT 2010 ex-PMR rig with DUTCH*Star node module.

(8-Sep-2013 to 26-Sep-2013)

As of 4 September 2013 GB3LD the 2m repeater at Lancaster on RV54 is running a one month trial on CTCSS only operation to try to resolve how many users are still using 1750Hz toneburst only. Please contact the Keeper Bob, G3VVT (details on or ukrepeaters) if you are affected. During this period without the use of CTCSS tone of 110.9Hz on your TX, the repeater will not be accessible.
(4-Sep-2013 to 4-Oct-2013)

The next AGM for the UKFM Group (Western) is to be held on 9 September 2013 at 8pm.
Location is Warrington ARC HQ, Grappenhall, Warrington.
Further information from UKFMGW

(27-Aug-2013 to 10-Sep-2013)

As part of the continuing improvements to committee vetting procedures, new and recently renewed/approved Packet Nodes/Mailboxes are now shown in listings and in the vetting summary lists on the ukrepeaters web site.
Integration of this data will mean that new and renewal applications will have to be submitted using the e2-online form and all subsequent NoV's will have a 1 year term (renewable on request)
This will assist in making an assessment of future spectrum requirements for Packet radio systems.

(24-Aug-2013 to 8-Sep-2013)

After some delay, a Digital Data (DD) frequency has been cleared for GB7YD-A in South Yorkshire and entered service on 8th August. Frequency is 1241.075 MHz.
Keeper is Ernie, G4LUE

(7-Aug-2013 to 2-Sep-2013)

Bob G7AVU the Keeper of GB3LS reports that after a successful trial period GB3LS is now CTCSS only access using 71.9Hz. The repeater had been suffering local interference from SRDs on the input frequency.
(6-Aug-2013 to 13-Aug-2013)

Clearance from Ofcom has been received for a new 2 Metre repeater serving Yorkshire Coastal areas from Hull north to Scarborough. GB3YC is being revived after a period of non service in the area and will be on RV60 (channel made available following the demise of the Mansfield repeater previously on that channel)
(22-Jul-2013 to 23-Aug-2013)

Just catching the 3 month limit after issue of NoV the Humberside 2 Metre repeater GB3HS has returned to service on RV52 from a site north of Hull. Keeper is Andy, G0VRM
(16-Jul-2013 to 12-Aug-2013)

A new 2 Metre repeater GB3AP commenced operation from Haverfordwest, W.Wales on RV49.
UPDATE : Broke within first week of operation!

(14-Jul-2013 to 5-Aug-2013)

Essex 2 Metre Repeater GB3DA now is accessed by CTCSS (H) 110.9Hz only (no toneburst) following recent refurbishment.
(13-Jul-2013 to 30-Jul-2013)

Friday 5th marks the Centenary of the RSGB. In the first minute of Friday, V series Notices of Variation – that’s GV, MV and 2V – become valid. To use this prefix you must first get a Notice of Variation, which is available free at Later on Friday, the official Centenary celebration takes place at Bletchley Park. Based around the RSGB National Radio Centre, the day will include a re-creation of the late Dud Charman’s famous ‘Aerial Circus’, talks, an ARDF event and a Buildathon. The RSGB hopes to feature photographs and write-ups in RadCom and on its website, and invites submissions to
(5-Jul-2013 to 8-Jul-2013)

A new 6 Metre repeater GB3ZW has entered service from Newtown, Powys on 50.81 MHz. Should be worked mobile and portable from Newtown, Llanidloes, Welshpool and favourable locations around Shrewsbury and Montgomery. Keeper is Dave, GW4NQJ
(3-Jul-2013 to 25-Jul-2013)

Dual-Mode 70cm repeater GB3NS has commenced operation from a site near Caterham in Surrey with TX 439.675 MHz and RX 430.675 MHz.
The keeper, Denis (G0OLX) would welcome reports to

(28-Jun-2013 to 20-Jul-2013)

Michael, G1XCC is proud to announce that on Monday 24 June at 11.20 GB7TD the UK's first DMR TDMA repeater was switched on. More details at the GB3YW web site and
Thanks to Karl G1YPQ for his help with equipment for the tests, Mick M0LEV for his help in getting the site ready and support and all who helped with the tests.

(25-Jun-2013 to 11-Jul-2013)

Isle of Man 70cm repeater GB3IM has returned to service on RB5 with a temporary antenna.

(22-Jun-2013 to 5-Jul-2013)

MB6ILP DV Hotspot on 430.0500 will be on line each evening between 20.00 and 22.00
Steve, M1SWB invites amateurs to give it a go saying it should cover most of Merseyside.

(19-Jun-2013 to 5-Jul-2013)

The primary user of 70cm cleared some outstanding frequency requests to permit NoV's to be issued for:
  1. GB3BB Site change central Wales
  2. GB3NS Dual-Mode site and freq change - Surrey
  3. GB3UI Site change Birmingham
  4. GB7BP Digital node at Bletchley Park
  5. GB7TD Digital node, Huddersfield.

(11-Jun-2013 to 25-Jun-2013)

Ofcom have granted a NoV to allow GB3OY in east London to commence operation on RU76 in 70cm.
Commenced operation Saturday 8 June.

(6-Jun-2013 to 19-Jun-2013)

The AGM of the Kent Repeater Group will take place at Canterbury Jennison Building, UKC on Friday 14th June 2013 at 2000hrs
Further information from KRG

(1-Jun-2013 to 15-Jun-2013)

GB7DD Gateway has been rebuilt & currently in test mode on REF001C on dummy load and awaiting NOV Clearance. Thanks to Darren G7LWT for assistance.
Status updates via

(21-May-2013 to 5-Jun-2013)

Ofcom have announced that as part of their spectrum release plans there will be changes to 2.3 & 3.4GHz amateur allocations that have a particular impact on 13cm & 9cm ATV repeaters.
See Ofcom announcement, also RSGB announcement.
Click here for those repeaters affected.

(19-May-2013 to 20-Jun-2013)

GB7PB Co.Durham is now back on the air though with reduced coverage. Jim, G7TFX reports it on a test antenna and once satisfied all is well will go back to its original and restore normal coverage.
DADARS is looking into a gateway connection via a wireless link to see if it is a viable connection.

(17-May-2013 to 23-May-2013)

Jim, GM7LUN reports that at the 2013 AGM,the accounts for 2012-13 show the group has lost over 300GBP during the year due to a drop in the number of paid up members and rises in site fees for GB3BT and GB3SB/HK. He says the situation cannot continue indefinitely as their funds would be depleted just paying out for normal running costs never mind repairs or new projects.
(10-May-2013 to 12-May-2013)

Adam Willis, G1MAW reports that there are a couple of 50MHz Tait repeaters left for sale or swap for those interested in setting up a 6 metre repeater or existing groups that may require a spare.
Contact Adam at G1MAW

(8-May-2013 to 28-May-2013)

João Costa, CT1FBF has kindly provided an updated list of Portuguese Repeaters. click here to view
(6-May-2013 to 16-May-2013)

GB7DD has been powered down and off as the local mains power at the current location is not reliable as there have been a number of power failures. Now the UPS Backup Power Supply Unit is showing signs of a fault. Also, the D-Star software on the Gateway Server is corrupted due to the continual loss of power. it is intended to relocate this to the same locus as MB6DD with a new NOV submitted.
(3-May-2013 to 19-May-2013)

The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Management Group`s AGM will take place on Thursday 9th May at the Lowestoft Railway Bowls and Social Club,Carlton Rd,NR33 0LZ to commence at 8:00pm.
The group manage GB3YL and GB3LO.
More info can be found here

(30-Apr-2013 to 10-May-2013)

The web site and associated services (forms, email etc) will be subject to interruption on Tuesday 30th April between 12:01am and 6am.
This is to allow for hardware and performance upgrades which should enhance the operation of the site.
Any email sent during the outage should be queued on the sending server until the server has come back online.

(29-Apr-2013 to 30-Apr-2013)

East Yorks Repeaters
The GB3HS and GB7HU repeaters in East Yorkshire will be liable to interruption this Sunday (28th April) from 1100 to 1400 local time.
The repeaters both cover East Yorkshire, the Humber and the Vale of York. Engineering work is being carried out by the East Yorkshire Repeater Group on the cavity filters, and an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) in being installed to ensure the repeaters are more resilient in an emergency.

(27-Apr-2013 to 29-Apr-2013)

The 2013 AGM of the Scottish Borders Repeater Group will be held at the Focus Centre, Livingston Place,Galashiels on Sunday 5th May at 2pm.
Subs for 2013/14 will be due at the meeting.

(22-Apr-2013 to 6-May-2013)

Amongst two repeaters cleared for operation are GB3AP a 2 Metre repeater near Haverfordwest in West Wales.
Also GB3JX a 6 Metre repeater for Norfolk.
GB3JX commenced operation on Sunday 14 April.

(15-Apr-2013 to 4-May-2013)

South Anglia RG
The South Anglia Repeater Group AGM will be held at the St John Ambulance HQ in Bramford, on Tuesday 23rd April 2013 at 7:30pm
Further Information from SARG

(14-Apr-2013 to 24-Apr-2013)

G3VVT will be at the Blackpool/Norbreck rally on Sunday, 7th of April on the SLRG stand 44 in the main hall if any keeper needs to contact him regarding repeaters in the North of England.
(5-Apr-2013 to 8-Apr-2013)

The Folkestone Repeater group have put together a handbook for GB3FK, how the repeater works and Echolink. Full details on the groups website
(1-Apr-2013 to 22-Apr-2013)

North-East of Scotland 2 Metre repeater GB3NG was closed down at 15:50 on 31 March as the Keeper has resigned his post and allowed his NoV to expire.
(1-Apr-2013 to 4-Apr-2013)

ETCC members
A couple of committee membership changes have been decided as Graham, G3VZV steps down from his long-standing role as TV Manager to be replaced by Noel, G8GTZ. Also, Darren, G7LWT takes on the role as "Digital Systems & Networking Manager".
(26-Mar-2013 to 14-Apr-2013)

The GB7WP D-Star node on Merseyside has been relicensed and has become operational from a site at Birkenhead on 439.9125 MHz.
Gateway installed, so routing and linking to/from the global D-STAR network is once again available across The Wirral and Merseyside.
Keeper is G4BKF

(24-Mar-2013 to 8-Apr-2013)

A new Six Metre Repeater has been licensed for operation at Newtown, Powys on 50.81 MHz.
GB3ZW has been cleared for operation and Keeper is GW4NQJ.

(24-Mar-2013 to 15-Apr-2013)

Digital node GB7MC has been licensed for Cornwall on a new frequency of 439.5375MHz.
Temporarily had been operating on RB15 but this channel can now revert to GB3HB in analogue voice mode.
Keeper is G3IGV.

(24-Mar-2013 to 17-Apr-2013)

Dorset 70cm repeater GB3DT will be out of operation until 23 March for essential site and equipment maintenance.
(18-Mar-2013 to 24-Mar-2013)

Stafford digital node GB7IQ has been reported operational.
Transmit on 439.6125 MHz with receive 430.6125 MHz.

(8-Mar-2013 to 20-Mar-2013)

We have been advised that Mansfield area repeaters GB3MD on 70cm and GB3MX on 2 metres will be non operational until a replacement site found and subsequent NoV can be issued.
(3-Mar-2013 to 26-Mar-2013)

Dave, G3ZXX the Keeper of GB3JB reports that it is off again .......
Upon inspection it was found that the batteries were effectively flat, below 10 volts each, and the dc/dc converter had switched off. Despite the windy conditions, the turbine was not charging and appeared to be having trouble spinning in the breeze.
It would appear that the main Turbine bearing has gone, yet AGAIN!!!

(27-Feb-2013 to 2-Mar-2013)

Existing Notices of Variation (NoVs) for Repeaters and Beacons are due to expire on 31 March 2013. If you are the keeper for one of these stations and hold a variation then you may apply for a temporary extension to the NoV that you already hold against your Full Licence. The RSGB, in conjunction with Ofcom, has set up a system to extend these NoVs online. For full details and to renew your NoV please visit the main RSGB site here.
(20-Feb-2013 to 31-Mar-2013)

A web site refresh is in prospect for this site as work progresses on a lighter, brighter look to the pages, and hopefully bringing it closer in looks to the parent RSGB web site which relaunches also.
The new look front page will have more useful information yet hopefully seem less cluttered with more use of drop-down menus.
However the ethos of the site developed over 10 years ago remains - NO advertising or sponsorship and NO requirement to register or login.

(10-Feb-2013 to 23-Feb-2013)

The GB3LV IRLP/Echolink node, located in Enfield, north London, is now powered by a tiny Raspberry Pi computer running a reduced version of Debian Linux and a version 3 IRLP interface. This reduces the energy and physical footprint of the node dramatically. This development, over the past 3 months, has only been possible because of a great deal of work done by Dave Cameron, VE7LTD
Info GB2RS

(9-Feb-2013 to 21-Feb-2013)

As previously mentioned most repeater NoVs are due for renewal on 31st March 2013. Ofcom is considering the renewal process and may decide to extend NoVs for a further period. No further action is required at this time if your repeater is on air and providing service. Those Keepers whose repeaters are listed on the Status page of this website as being off-air or not fully operational should contact their local ETCC manager to clarify when they intend putting them into service.
(29-Jan-2013 to 22-Feb-2013)

Chichester 70cm repeater GB3CC commenced service on 19 January.
Receiver reduced sensitivity due to cavity problem.
** Restored to normal 31 Jan **

(21-Jan-2013 to 1-Feb-2013)

GB3AC, the 70cm repeater at Berkeley in South Glos. became operational on Thursday 17th of January.
Initial tests show good correlation with predicted coverage.
Keeper, Tony (G4CJZ) wishes to thank Steve (G4ITD) for his assistance with the testing carried out shortly after switch-on.

(17-Jan-2013 to 4-Feb-2013)

Repeater NoV renewals
Repeater Keepers may be aware that Ofcom indicated in 2010 that all NoVs would require to be renewed in 2013. Please do not attempt to do so via our online system until the process is clarified with Ofcom. We will keep you informed on this news page.
(16-Jan-2013 to 31-Jan-2013)

GB7RB returned to service at it's new location in Llantrisant over the weekend 12-13 January and is operating on it's intended antenna but it is in a temporary position in the attic space due to adverse weather on day of installation. Plans are in place to restore it to it's intended location over the next few weeks.
Signal reports are welcome and more details at

(14-Jan-2013 to 31-Jan-2013)

Canterbury 70cm Repeater GB3SK is out of service as the complete repeater and antenna system is being refurbished.
(14-Jan-2013 to 21-Jan-2013)

Derby digital node repeater GB7DC has commenced operation, Keeper, Dominic G7NPW reports within an hour of receiving the NoV.
(27-Dec-2012 to 7-Jan-2013)

Ofcom have issued clearances for the following long standing applications:
GB3CC - changes to 70cm repeater at Chichester, Sussex.
GB3SI, a site change to 2 metre West Cornwall repeater.
Also new 70cm digital nodes:
All have just 3 months to get operational, though GB7DC is up and running already and GB7NU testing!

(27-Dec-2012 to 14-Jan-2013)

The ETCC Chairman and Committee would like to wish Repeater Keepers and Users everywhere a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. As you know we have been experiencing very long delays in repeater approvals but we have just had an early Christmas present in the form of frequency clearance for many outstanding 70cms proposals. We are working with Ofcom to get NoVs issued for these repeaters and thanks go to them for their efforts in gaining approval from the Primary Users. Work continues to gain clearance for other outstanding applications for ATV and 23cms repeaters. As always I would also thank my Committee Members for their hard work and time willingly given in managing the network and dealing with the many difficult situations encountered.
(14-Dec-2012 to 2-Jan-2013)

MSF Outage planned
The MSF 60kHz time and frequency signal broadcast from Anthorn Radio Station will be shut down on Thursday 13 December from 1000 to 1400UTC.
The interruption to the transmission is required to allow maintenance work to be carried out in safety.
The time signal is used by radio controlled clocks to set the time, so during this maintenance period such clocks may not function correctly.

(8-Dec-2012 to 14-Dec-2012)

There are regrettable occasions when Keepers are no longer able to keep their licenced repeaters or gateways on air, and no alternative person or site is available.
On these occasions it is necessary to apply for a Second NoV which reverses the special terms of the first which permitted the operation of the repeater, mailbox or gateway.
A form is now available on this site to help apply for a second NoV, which when accompanied by a copy of your Licence (for validation purposes) will be presented to Ofcom on your behalf.
This will free the callsign and frequency possibly to be used by others who may be able to make better use of the resource.

(25-Nov-2012 to 17-Dec-2012)

We have had some queries about changes to the vetting page on this site and the following should be noted. A new web based NoV processing facility has been developed by the ETCC Proposals Manager GM8LBC and is now in beta test mode. Following receipt of an on-line application and vetting being completed by the relevant ETCC manager a 'request for NoV' is displayed on the vetting page to indicate that the proposal has gone or is about to go to Ofcom. Where the proposals are in Primary User bands alternative frequencies are normally included in order to give the PU a choice rather than have to go back and forward with new frequencies each time one is rejected. Outstanding proposals were recently re-submitted en bloc to Ofcom at their request and do not all appear in the 'request for NoV column having been sent to us before the new processing system became available. We are waiting for Primary User response on these proposals and when received we will be initiating individual NoV requests which will then appear on the vetting page. In the case of long standing applications we may be requesting Keepers to resubmit their applications to ensure that we are sending the most up to date information to Ofcom and the Primary User when it is requested. Your local ETCC manager will be in contact with you to have your information updated as required.
(7-Nov-2012 to 14-Nov-2012)

New West Wales 2 Metre repeater GB3FG has commenced service on RV57.
(3-Nov-2012 to 30-Nov-2012)

New 6 Metre repeater for Devon and Cornwall, GB3GC is now on air.
(28-Oct-2012 to 12-Nov-2012)

To help boost the funds of the Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group. We have a G8CUL Repeater controller for sale (built).
The controller has been mounted in a 19inch rack case and includes the brown out/watch dog chip which has not been connected. The unit weighs just under 5kg.
I cannot find the programmable S/WARE but I am sure it can be obtained.
If you are interested and would like to make an offer please contact me at M1tesjames[at-symbol]

(27-Oct-2012 to 7-Nov-2012)

On 19 October, after some final checks, ETCC member Graham Shirville, G3VZV on behalf of AMSAT-UK handed over to Clyde Space Ltd of Glasgow the set of 3 PCBs that form the FUNcube-2 subsystem on the UKube-1 spacecraft.
FUNcube-2 on UKube-1 will provide a 435 to 145MHz linear transponder for amateur SSB and CW communications and telemetry for school students around the world.
The UKube-1 spacecraft is expected to be launched on a Soyuz-2 launcher from Baikonur in Kazakhstan in March 2013.

(26-Oct-2012 to 8-Nov-2012)

Just a reminder that clock GO BACK by 1 hour this weekend.
(26-Oct-2012 to 29-Oct-2012)

As a result of an insurance review the RSGB has placed the insurance cover for Clubs, Repeaters, Beacons & Packet Nodes with NIG.
This came into effect on 30 April 2012 and runs to 29 April 2013.
A new certificate and "To whom it concerns" letter for Clubs can be obtained from here.
Repeater, Beacon & Packet Node operators should contact Carlos Eavis, carlos.eavis[at] or call him on 01234 832715 to obtain a price and insurance documentation if not already done.

(20-Oct-2012 to 26-Oct-2012)

Since its appointment in 2011, the Interim Board of the RSGB has stabilised the finances of the Society and has consulted on a future strategy for the Society and consulted on new governance arrangements to help avoid the issues of the past.
Members are encouraged to vote on a set of proposals prior to an EGM to be held on 17 November. [more]

(20-Oct-2012 to 18-Nov-2012)

In an effort to improve the quality of data submitted in repeater and gateway applications, applicants are being given the means to make changes to their submission up until the vetting stage is completed.
Working with their ETCC regional or specialist managers this facility should allow corrections and other required changes to be made so that both applicant and ETCC managers are happy with what is being requested as a NoV.
Method is by selecting a unique access code (not callsigns!) that you use to gain access after the initial submission.

(19-Oct-2012 to 31-Oct-2012)

The 2012 Essex Repeater Group AGM will be held at Danbury Village Hall, near Chelmsford on Thursday evening October 18th (7:30 for 8pm)
Further information from ERG web site

(4-Oct-2012 to 19-Oct-2012)

The GB3NC two metre repeater in Mid Cornwall will be off the air from Monday 1 October.
There is a problem with the transmit filter which has to be removed for repair and realignment. It is hoped to resume the repeater service within a few days, but the timescale is dependent on the damage found. Further information from the group web site

(28-Sep-2012 to 7-Oct-2012)

Due to DNS problems with the main RSGB web site the data communications (DCC) site is currently unavailable.
RSGB HQ are aware of the problem and hope to restore the links to the DCC site within the next few days.
ukrepeaters is unaffected by this.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Update: service restored 27 Sept.

(26-Sep-2012 to 28-Sep-2012)

End of Olympic period
23 September sees the conclusion of the period of special radio restrictions imposed in the south-east of England. Special repeater GB3OY has ceased operation and GB3NS will cease using the temporary channel allocation. GB3EK will be able to restore normal power output.
(23-Sep-2012 to 25-Sep-2012)

50MHz equipment
Adam, G1MAW has a small quantity of Tait 50MHz ex broadcast repeaters becoming available from site clearances. This model is the type that is easily modified for amateur use. If anyone requires one as a spare or a new 50MHz project please email him at g1maw[at-symbol]
(23-Sep-2012 to 7-Oct-2012)

This weekend a chance to win one of seven radios (new Icom D-STAR ID-51 dual band HT)
Click here for further information.

(20-Sep-2012 to 24-Sep-2012)

We have been advised of the tragic death of Geoff Ingram M0AGI, Sysop of the MB7IEX Internet Gateway who died in a tragic accident at sea on his Exmouth-based trawler "Sarah Jane" on Tuesday 11th September 2012.
MB7IEX was switched off and remains off. See here for further details

(19-Sep-2012 to 23-Sep-2012)

GB7DE in Fife, Scotland has been without an Internet Connection since December 2010 with the result that the D-Star Repeater could not connect to any D-Star Reflectors or any other D-Star Systems. To this end Martin MM0DUN has teamed up with Andrew MM0DXE, John GM7HHB, and Danny GM6CMQ to form a new Admin Team so that GB7DE no longer has to rely on one individual to keep it up and running.
All equipment has been donated, and contributions via their web site would be appreciated.

(14-Sep-2012 to 10-Oct-2012)

Mark GW8KCY, Keeper of GB3FG, would like to thank all of those who took part in last Saturday's successful first on-air tests of GB3FG the new VHF repeater in SW Wales.
Many useful reports were obtained.
He would also like to thank all of those who turned up at the repeater site to participate in the mast hole digging party!
As a result, the permanent mast for GB3FG should soon be in place.

(19-Aug-2012 to 2-Sep-2012)

A page of information regarding repeater coverage, changes required and general information concerning repeaters and the London 2012 Games has been created and will be posted on this site until September
(10-Jul-2012 to 24-Sep-2012)

Simplex Gateway Frequency
AMSAT UK have recently made ETCC aware of the possibility of interference being caused to the International Space Station by Simplex Internet Gateways operating on 145.2125 MHz.
Although this channel has been in use for some considerable time, ETCC have agreed to not authorise any new applications on this frequency. Stations on this channel already will be moved at the time of the renewal of their NoV subject to frequency assignments being available in their area.
ETCC will facilitate the ability to change frequency of gateways on this frequency ahead of their renewal date if they so wish to do so.

(8-Jul-2012 to 5-Aug-2012)

Kent Group AGM
The Kent Repeater Group was formed in 1974 to co-ordinate the provision and maintenance of VHF and UHF repeaters in Kent.
The 2012 AGM will take place at The Electronics Lab, UKC on Friday 6 July 2012 at 2000hrs.
Further information from group web site

(24-Jun-2012 to 7-Jul-2012)

Changes to 2M data bandplan
Steve G8SFR our datacomms manager is seeing increased applications for digital gateways and as a consequence is proposing some changes to the 2M datacomms section 144.800MHz to 145.000MHz. Before any changes are implemented a 'Litmus Test' has been set up on the RSGB website here and comments are invited after registration.
(15-Jun-2012 to 6-Jul-2012)

Insurance reminder
The RSGB for some time has been able to provide annual Public Liability insurance for repeaters at 12.25GBP per repeater, but this year the renewals went out late due to having to re-negotiate a policy with a new company.
As of 12th June some 89 have not renewed!
This therefore is a reminder to those who may have forgotten as we don't want to see any group left high and dry in case they have a claim against them and they find they are not covered!

(12-Jun-2012 to 8-Jul-2012)

Dave, G3ZXX reports that GB3JB (2M Wiltshire) came back into operation on Sunday 27th May after being off air for nearly 5 months, as a result of a damaged antenna and mast, resulting from the Gales in January.
There was also damage to the turbine dumpload, which destroyed the batteries.
The antenna installation, is temporary, while final arrangements are made to get the 15m tower to the site, and get the thing installed. However, this may well take a couple of months to complete.

(27-May-2012 to 10-Jun-2012)

GB7ML is back on air, in the RF proving phase; coverage reports welcome.
Once the RF sub-system testing is complete, re-integration with the D-STAR network will be finalised.
Many thanks to EARS for the generous network hardware contribution to the project.
See also mast picture.
Info kindly provided by Darren, G7LWT

(25-May-2012 to 11-Jun-2012)

Scottish Borders RG
The AGM of the Scottish Borders Repeater Group will be held in the Focus Centre, Livingstone Place,Galashiels on Sunday 27th May at 2pm
(6-May-2012 to 28-May-2012)

GB7AD Gateway Operational
Tony G4CJZ the Keeper of G7AD is pleased to report that the Gateway is now fully operational. Following an appeal for help on this website, Martin MM0DUN quickly responded and gave freely of his time and expertise to resolve the problems and get the gateway back on line, many thanks Martin!
(20-Apr-2012 to 27-Apr-2012)

Ofcom Olympics restrictions
Ofcom have announced temporary operating restrictions in the 70cm, 2.3 and 3.4GHz bands for all UK amateurs as well as amateurs visiting the UK. The restrictions, which apply between 28th June and 23rd September 2012, are being put in place to release radio spectrum to support the Olympic and Paralympic Games. For full information visit the RSGB website here which provide links to the Ofcom statement. Repeater users should especially note the changes to be found in Annex C to the Ofcom statement.
(20-Apr-2012 to 8-May-2012)

Clearance has been given for a new 6 Metre repeater in Cornwall.
GB3GC with TX 50.73 and RX 51.23 MHz is cleared to go and should provide a useful 6 Metre repeater facility to Devon and Cornwall.

(19-Apr-2012 to 1-May-2012)

A new 2 Metre repeater has been cleared for operation in West Wales.
GB3FG in Carmarthenshire is to commence operation on RV57 as soon as possible.
Keeper is GW8KCY

(19-Apr-2012 to 1-May-2012)

RSGB insurance update
Renewal of Beacon & Repeater Public/Products Liability Insurance - Update from the RSGB.
Cover for this policy has been extended to 30th April. The insurers have been undertaking a review of our policies to ensure that adequate cover is being supplied which is why there has been a delay. However, please note that they have advised that at the end of the current extension of cover on 14 April 2012, the following clause will apply to the policy:-
Electromagnetic Force Exclusion Clause:
The indemnity will not apply to legal liability for Injury or loss of or damage to material property or nuisance of any kind directly or indirectly arising from caused by contributed to by or in connection with electromagnetic radiation. For the avoidance of doubt the Company will not pay or be responsible for any costs or expenses associated with the mitigation removal or reduction in electromagnetic radiation.

The RSGB apologise for the inconvenience caused but will get the relevant documentation out to you as soon as possible.

(16-Apr-2012 to 23-Apr-2012)

AGM Notice
The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group AGM is to be held at the Lowestoft Railway Bowls and Social Club on Wednesday 9th May. Meeting will commence at 20:00hrs
The venues location is:
123a Carlton Road, Lowestoft, Suffolk, NR33 0LZ
More info about our Group can be found at

(14-Apr-2012 to 10-May-2012)

IT assistance required
Tony G4CJZ the Keeper of GB7AD is having considerable difficulties in getting a Virgin Superhub router to work with the GB7AD gateway.
It is thought the problem may be connected with port forwarding which seems to be a known issue with this router.
If anyone has expertise in this area Tony would like to hear from you and he can be contacted via email at Tony(dot)

(12-Apr-2012 to 19-Apr-2012)

West Midlands 2 Metre repeater GB3BX is reported operational again with new Keeper, G0NIS
(11-Apr-2012 to 18-Apr-2012)

Kent Coast repeaters GB3KI on 2 metres and digital node GB7IC will be out of service until the afternoon of Tuesday 10th April for work on the tower to take place.
Info from Don, G4TKR

(4-Apr-2012 to 11-Apr-2012)

S.Yorkshire repeaters
Ernie, G4LUE reports that the Barnsley area repeaters GB3NA and GB3SY will be out of use from 27th March to 24th April for essential work on the tower.
(26-Mar-2012 to 25-Apr-2012)

NoV update from RSGB
The ETCC is very well aware that Repeater Keepers continue to be frustrated by the lack of progress on the issuing of some NoVs.
A background brief on the current position has now been published on the main RSGB website and can be found here.
You will note that continuing delays seem inevitable at this time.

(14-Mar-2012 to 26-Mar-2012)

Another site lost!
GB3UD the 23cm TV repeater near Stoke on Trent has been forced to close down.
Albert, G4DHO reports that electrical power has been disconnected as the last user has abandoned the site, the site owners wishing to avoid paying rates on the site.
Update 12/3 Agreement with new site owner in progress. Subject to approval the repeater will be back on air by end of March.

(9-Mar-2012 to 6-Apr-2012)

Brian, G8VPR reports that the D-Star node GB7ZI located at Cannock in Staffordshire has been closed down due to the loss of the site.
An alternative is being sought.

(8-Mar-2012 to 31-Mar-2012)

S Yorks D-Star
GB7YD ports B and C will be temp off air on Wed 29th February due to antenna work on the site.
This will start about 12.30 and should be completed within a few hours.
Info from Ernie, G4LUE

(28-Feb-2012 to 1-Mar-2012)

Jim, GM7LUN reports that the site owner has requested an increase of 500GBP in the annual site fees,as a consequence it is likely these repeaters will have to move or close unless other funding options currently being investigated prove unsuccessful.
(27-Feb-2012 to 17-Mar-2012)

Request for help
Mark GW8KCY, the GB3CM keeper, is looking for a repeater controller for a new 2m repeater project.
Any device considered especially if it has native support for CTCSS decode/encode and in-band DTMF remote control.
If anyone has such a unit available please contact Mark at keeper(at)

(23-Feb-2012 to 4-Mar-2012)

server information
The ukrepeaters web site will be subject to some down time tonight to allow upgrades that should increase the performance on the hosting servers and allow them to recover faster in case of failure.
(17-Feb-2012 to 18-Feb-2012)

Loss of D-Star
G4DAX reports that the relatively new D-Star repeater GB7RW in North Yorkshire is no longer operational from the site at Octon.
This is mainly due to a lack of finance to support the internet conection. Negotiations in progress for a new site which although not so good, should interface with neighbouring D-Star repeaters.
GB7RW replaced the under-used analogue repeater GB3YC. [more]

(14-Feb-2012 to 5-Mar-2012)

It is reported that Manchester area 2 Metre repeater GB3MB is NOT OPERATIONAL from 9th February 2012.
Darren, G7LWT reports that the repeater is off air due to equipment failure.
Tests for replacement hardware (TX/RX and duplexer) to commence shortly from keeper's QTH (IO83UN) also a change of mode to DV has been submitted.

(9-Feb-2012 to 29-Feb-2012)

Terry,G1LPS reports that GB3KM in the North England region was NOT OPERATIONAL
Kirk Merrington County Durham ATV Repeater. The 13cm tx and rx are off air for repairs due to a power supply failure following a power surge at the repeater site.
The quad video switching unit is also displaying problems and will be exchanged over the weekend when interuptions to 23cm input and 10ghz output will be experienced.
Terry reports service was resumed on Saturday 4th Feb.

(3-Feb-2012 to 8-Feb-2012)

RSGB-Ofcom Forum
Notes from the last RSGB-Ofcom Forum meeting including discussions on outstanding NoVs have been published here.
(27-Jan-2012 to 31-Jan-2012)

GB3CJ off for maintenance
DAVID G4SCJ, (Keeper) reports that GB3CJ in the Midlands and Lincs region is off air for approximately 2 weeks for maintenance.
(27-Jan-2012 to 5-Feb-2012)

GB3LP liable to interruption
Due to building and electrical work on site M1SWB reports that the GB3LP 6mtr repeater will be liable to periods of being off air.
(23-Jan-2012 to 30-Jan-2012)

Ofcom issue NoVs
Following representations to Ofcom, a significant number of repeater site changes and changes of keeper have been issued in the past few days. The site changes are generally for repeaters in 2M, response is still awaited to our proposals for shared bands.
(19-Jan-2012 to 30-Jan-2012)

Website & Scotland Region
Would anyone needing assistance from the Scotland region during the absence of GM8LBC please contact the ETCC Chairman whose details can be found here. Please also note that production of coverage prediction maps is suspended until further notice.
(18-Jan-2012 to 31-Jan-2012)

Outstanding datacomms NoVs
People that have applied in the last year for an NoV to run a Packet Node, Packet Internet Gateway or Repeater Internet Link, who as yet haven't received their NoV are requested to contact as soon as possible, please note that this address was given incorrectly in an earlier item so if your message bounced please try again with the corrected address.
(14-Jan-2012 to 28-Jan-2012)

GB3HM has been licensed
GB3HM a new 6 metre repeater at Holbrook Moor near Belper has just been licensed by Ofcom and is now running in beacon mode at reduced power and with a temporary antenna. Full operation will comence when cavities are completed and a permanent aerial erected. For the latest information please go to
(12-Jan-2012 to 28-Jan-2012)

GB3PP back on air
GB3PP the Preston 70cm repeater on 433.375MHz is back on the air although suffering from some local interference from co located services and operating at a reduced power level until this is resolved. The Keeper, Peter M0NED would be very interested if anyone has a set of UHF cavities that they are looking to sell, he can be contacted via admin(at)
(12-Jan-2012 to 19-Jan-2012)

Scottish & website enquiries
Would anyone needing assistance from the Scotland region during the absence of GM8LBC please contact the ETCC Chairman whose details can be found here. Please also note that production of coverage prediction maps is suspended until further notice.
(11-Jan-2012 to 18-Jan-2012)

New D-Star node now in service at Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset but with reduced service until site problems can be resolved.
GB7BD is on 439.45 MHz and Keeper is Matt, G4RKY

(3-Jan-2012 to 22-Jan-2012)

GB3GD antenna fault
David, GD4HOZ reports that Isle of Man 2 Metre repeater GB3GD has suffered severe antenna damage due to 105 knot winds.
Repairs scheduled for next reasonable weather window but not likely to be before the new year.

(23-Dec-2011 to 8-Jan-2012)

Seasons Greetings to all!
The ETCC Chairman and Committee would like to wish Repeater Keepers and Users everywhere a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. The job of a Repeater Keeper is invisible to the users and often quite thankless, so as Chairman of the ETCC I would wish to put on record my thanks to all who carry out this work on behalf of their fellow Amateurs. I would also thank my Committee Members for their hard work and time willingly given in managing the network and dealing with the many difficult situations encountered.
(17-Dec-2011 to 1-Jan-2012)

Power Amps available
Dave, G7UZN has a few spare 70cm 40 Watt power amplifiers..200mW in 40W out anailable.
These are for tx only and not a tx/rx device i.e. go in the tx path of the repeater. 12v dc working.
Contact Dave if interested.

(6-Dec-2011 to 20-Dec-2011)

South Yorkshire RG
The South Yorkshire Repeater Group annual general meeting will be held at the Three Horseshoes in Brierley on Thursday 8th December 2011 at 8pm.
More details from SYRG web site

(4-Dec-2011 to 9-Dec-2011)

D-Star in Cornwall
The Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group has obtained an NoV from Ofcom to operate an experimental D-Star repeater on the existing GB3HB repeater frequencies on RB15. It has the callsign GB7MC and is built around two Tait T2020 commercial radios connected together by a Dutch Star GMSK modem.
The existing GB3HB voice repeater has been removed for refurbishment and updating. The experimental D-Star repeater will continue to operate during 2012 until the new GB3HB voice repeater is ready.
For more information, or to send a report, go to the group's website at

(1-Dec-2011 to 8-Jan-2012)

GB3DS Operational
70cm repeater GB3DS located near Worksop in Nottinghamshire on RB13 is now operational following a site change.
(27-Nov-2011 to 11-Dec-2011)

GB3HM Coming Soon
GB3HM is a new 6m repeater located just north of Derby serving Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire it will fill the gap between SX, UM and XD.
Listen out for test transmissions in beacon mode on 50.82
Mark, G8IQP is looking for some cavities for the repeater so if anyone knows of any surplus to requirements please contact him with details on QRZ or web site

(21-Nov-2011 to 11-Dec-2011)

GB3NN 70cm repeater on the North Norfolk coast is operating on very much reduced power due to an antenna related problem.
Expected resolution in mid December.

(15-Nov-2011 to 16-Dec-2011)

GB3PE back on
The Cambridgeshire Repeater Group have returned GB3PE back to service from it's site at Thorney Toll near Peterborough.
Coverage is so far exceeding expectations, and reports are welcome to technical[at-symbol]
The CRG AGM is on Wednesday 23rd November at The Sun PH, Waterbeach, Cambs. 7-30pm for 8pm start. Members and non-members welcome.
More details on the CRG website -

(12-Nov-2011 to 24-Nov-2011)

win a D-Star UHF handheld
Icom Inc. is organising a weekend long D-STAR QSO Party for 2011 to be held between 0:00 on the 11th of November to 24:00 on the 13th of November (UTC)
Instead of competing for numbers of contacted call signs, the goal this year is to encourage D-STAR operators to communicate through as many D-STAR repeaters and with other D-STAR operators across the globe.
More information see ICOM article

(11-Nov-2011 to 14-Nov-2011)

GB7RB Operational
Dave Thomas,2W0RUH reports that GB7RB digital node in South Wales has finally commenced operation.
There are outstanding issues in relation to the internet provision and a connection point is imminent.
To get the repeater on air it is currently on a temporary antenna with further works to be scheduled over the next few weeks to complete the installation.
Thanks must go to the ETCC and Darren Storer of UK IT who has helped to maintain the server to date and has made the server set up and software install a breeze.
Dave GB7CD and GB7RB (Admin)

(2-Nov-2011 to 28-Nov-2011)

GB3LP Help required
Steve, M1SWB reports that the under-performing Liverpool 6 metre repeater GB3LP is suffering from a major desense problem.
He is requesting help in the form of a bandpass cavity to add to the rx.
If anyone can help please email him direct. Also requested are some tests from users around Merseyside and surrounding areas.

(28-Oct-2011 to 15-Nov-2011)

Belfast Repeaters update
GB3NI remains off air until antenna problems are resolved. It is hoped to have service restored within a few days weather permitting.
(27-Oct-2011 to 5-Nov-2011)

2 Metre channel consultation
Today is the last day to make your comments known to ETCC Chairman, GI4BWM on whether two proposed new repeater channels should be utilised in Britain, and if so how.
Thank you to those who have responded already, and please use the contact link available from this page if you wish to make your feelings known.

(21-Oct-2011 to 22-Oct-2011)

GB7DD the 70cms D-Star Repeater in Dundee has been shut-down by the keeper MM0DUN as an NOV Application has been submitted to relocate this system to Monikie.
MB6CM and MB6IMF are still on-air and providing a certain level of access to the D-Star Network.
Full details at

(10-Oct-2011 to 30-Oct-2011)

Essex RG
The Essex Repeater Group Annual General Meeting is to be held on Thursday 13th October at Danbury Village Hall.
(2-Oct-2011 to 14-Oct-2011)

National Hamfest
Although the RSGB ETCC will not have an official presence at the National HamFest at Newark, some of the committee members will be in attendance. Please ask at the RSGB stand if you wish to make contact with anyone from the ETCC.
(30-Sep-2011 to 2-Oct-2011)

The AGM of UK FM Group (Western) originally planned for 5 September is postponed until Monday 10 October, starting at 8pm, at Grappenhall Community Centre, Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall, Warrington.
For further information see:
UKFMGW web site

(29-Sep-2011 to 11-Oct-2011)

We were saddened to hear of the passing of Charles (Chas) MacKinnon, GM8LMA last week in Aberdeen. A great loss to the radio community both amateur and professional. Chas was a well known figure in North Scotland and beyond and provided much practical help and support to many repeaters and local groups. He also had extensive knowledge of the hilltop radio sites in the area and had climbed most of them. Our thoughts go out to his family and all those who knew him.
(26-Sep-2011 to 1-Oct-2011)

New Repeater Channels
As detailed in a previous news item, two new 2 Metre repeater channels have been added to the Region 1 band plan. It is intended to have a full discussion on this subject at the next Spectrum Forum meeting on 5th November. To assist in our decision making the ETCC would welcome comments from all on how, or indeed if, these frequencies could be allocated to ensure efficient and effective use of the spectrum.
Submissions may be made to the ETCC Chairman by 21st October using the contacts tab on this page.
If it is decided to adopt these frequencies for repeater use in the UK they will be included in the new bandplan due for issue in early 2012.

(23-Sep-2011 to 22-Oct-2011)

GB3CM needs your help
Mark GW8KCY the Repeater Keeper for GB3CM in Carmarthen has received notification of impending site loss from the site owners. Nothing is finalised yet and currently there is no timescale however the search for a new site has already started. Anyone in the area who may know of a suitable site is asked to contact Mark as soon as possible at keeper(at)
(6-Sep-2011 to 13-Sep-2011)

New VHF Repeater Allocations
Following the recent IARU conference in Sun City two new 2 Metre repeater channels have been added to the Region 1 band plan, the decision as recorded in the plenary minutes is as follows:
2 new repeater frequencies as follows (analogue and digital):
144.9750 MHz and 144.9875 MHz as inputs
145.5750 MHz and 145.5875 MHz as outputs
Proposed by SARL, seconded by HRS. Approved with twenty seven in favour, fourteen against and seven abstentions.
Once it is agreed that these frequencies will be included in the UK band plan the ETCC will be considering their most efficient and effective allocation in order to enhance and improve the UK repeater network. A further statement on the way ahead will be issued in due course and it should be noted that in the meantime proposals requesting the new channels will not be considered.
Repeater Keepers should also note that the Conference decided that the use of continuous CTCSS by all analogue voice repeaters has also been made a requirement from the end of 2014 together with the addition of 67Hz to the list of available tones.

(6-Sep-2011 to 30-Sep-2011)

POI file creation
ukrepeaters is looking for a new partner to provide useful and free SatNav POI files sourced from the data on this site.
Files should be compatible with the popular TomTom and Garmin products and should be updated regularly.
Please contact Colin, GM8LBC if you can provide this free facility or to discuss further.

(1-Sep-2011 to 11-Sep-2011)

Repeater controller for sale
Peter G3YXZ the Repeater Keeper for GB3HR has a Pacific Research PACRES RI-300 controller 19 inch rack adaptor programming software leads and User Manual for disposal.

(28-Aug-2011 to 3-Sep-2011)

GB3MH is on the air
Malcolm G3NZP the Keeper of GB3MH the newly licensed repeater at Turners Hill near Crawley reports that following receipt of the NoV on 25th August the repeater became fully operational at 17:30 on the 26th.
Congratulations to all concerned in getting on the air so quickly.

(26-Aug-2011 to 2-Sep-2011)

Ofcom issue NoVs
We are pleased to report that following continuing dialogue with Ofcom there is some movement at last on the processing of outstanding NoVs. Today approval was given for GB3AA and GB3AK in South Gloucester to go to dual mode working. Site changes were approved for GB3AH in East Dereham and GB3SW in Sidmouth. GB3MH a new 2M repeater at Turners Hill near Crawley was also given the go ahead. We are of course aware as stated in earlier news items that there are still many outstanding issues and we will continue to press Ofcom to get the backlog dealt with as soon as possible.
(25-Aug-2011 to 31-Aug-2011)

GB3AK fully operational
Tony G4CJZ reports that as of 2000 hrs on 25/08/2011 GB3AK the 23cms repeater in South Gloucester is back on air fully operational in analogue mode. Signal reports would be most welcome and may be sent to the Keeper tony(dot)
(25-Aug-2011 to 31-Aug-2011)

Ofcom NoV backlog
The RSGB is acutely aware of the prolonged delays being encountered by all and are pressing for action to be taken to clear the current backlog as soon as possible. Assistance and advice have been offered to the Spectrum Licensing Centre in an effort to get things moving.
(22-Aug-2011 to 29-Aug-2011)

GB3GS proposal refused
Due to lack of suitably clear spectrum a proposal for GB3GS a 2 Metre repeater in Shropshire has had to be turned down.
(22-Aug-2011 to 27-Aug-2011)

GB3UO site move approved
Following a long delay Ofcom has now given approval for the 70cms repeater GB3UO to move to a new site at Chirk.
(15-Aug-2011 to 22-Aug-2011)

GB3WB operational again
Andy G4SZM the Keeper reports that GB3WB is on the air following the replacement of faulty batteries. This repeater is powered by batteries which are charged by a wind turbine and solar panels.
(9-Aug-2011 to 14-Aug-2011)

GB3PL back on air
GB3PL repeater which has been off the air for approx 1 year has now been checked over and re-instated. The Keeper Angus G3TXL is handing keeper duties over to Dereck M0YDW and this will take place when all the paperwork is completed and approved by the authorities.
(7-Aug-2011 to 14-Aug-2011)

GB3AZ fully operational
GB3AZ the 70cms repeater on RB0 in South Glos. is now fully operational and does not cause de-sense to GB7AD repeater. Many thanks to Adam Willis G1MAW for his prompt assistance in sourcing additional cavities to complete the duplexer that replaced the one recently stolen from the GB3AZ site. Adam's help in locating the additional filters means that both GB3AZ and GB7AD can once more happily co-exist on the same mast without mutual interference. Many thanks Adam from Tony G4CJZ.
(6-Aug-2011 to 11-Aug-2011)

GB3AY is operational again
Gordom MM0YET reports that GB3AY which has been faulty for the past few days is fully operational again but without CTCSS.
(5-Aug-2011 to 10-Aug-2011)

GB7MM site change requested
A site change has been requested for GB7MM the GMSK repeater in the Poole area. It is hoped this move will provide significantly better coverage in the area.
(4-Aug-2011 to 11-Aug-2011)

GB3JB fully operational
Dave G3ZXX confirms that he put the repeater back on again at approximately 5:30 pm on Saturday evening 30th July. All the batteries had been taken back to home and after being recharged and cycled all appeared to be holding a charge. Since returning the repeater to operation on Saturday afternoon Dave visited the site both yesterday and this morning to check battery and system voltages and all appears to be OK. The system is operating at its nominal levels.
(1-Aug-2011 to 7-Aug-2011)

GW8ERA becomes SK
It is with regret that we have learnt of the passing of Mike Voss GW8ERA who until very recently was the Keeper and NoV holder for a number of repeaters in the South Wales area including GB3BC. We offer our sympathy to his family and friends at this sad time. His funeral will be held on Monday 1st August at 11.00 at Gwent Crematorium Cwmbran.
(25-Jul-2011 to 2-Aug-2011)

GB7HU Joins D-Star Network
Andy G0VRM reports that after working into the small hours Darren Storer (G7LWT) from the ETCC has installed the Icom Gateway Software onto the GB7HU Gateway PC - the system was approved by the Trust Server Team almost mmediately! Thanks go to Darren for configuring the system in record time and to Clive G3GJA for putting the wireless infrastructure in place to allow GB7HU to use his Internet connection from Anlaby at no additional cost to the group - something which is becoming an issue to the many D-Star repeaters around the UK.
(19-Jul-2011 to 26-Jul-2011)

Ofcom RSGB meeting
In its regular Forum meeting with Ofcom on licensing matters held on 6th July 2011 a number of issues concerning amateur radio in the UK were discussed. The meeting was attended by five from the RSGB and five from Ofcom. Some of the key points discussed included the way in which amateur radio NoVs are currently processed and Ofcom confirmed that they are seeking alternative ways of handling the administrative processes involved. The RSGB is considering its future role in this and will shortly respond to Ofcom. For a fuller report on the meeting please see the article on the main RSGB website
(15-Jul-2011 to 22-Jul-2011)

GB7RB licensed for operation
An NoV has just been issued for GB7RB a GMSK repeater in the Bridgend area. The repeater is not yet operational.
(7-Jul-2011 to 14-Jul-2011)

GB3HG fully operational
Brian G0RHI the Keeper reports that GB3HG near Thirsk is fully operational again following antenna replacement.
(4-Jul-2011 to 11-Jul-2011)

GB3JB off-air for repairs
GB3JB is back on the air following a short break to replace mast guys. Following a site visit the repeater keeper Dave G3ZXX had discovered that two of the three upper guys had snapped off from the top of the mast. These have now been replaced and the opportunity was taken to check power and VSWR which was all OK.
(2-Jul-2011 to 5-Jul-2011)

Duplexer still needed!
Tony G4CJZ the keeper of GB3AZ is still in urgent need of a cavity duplexer suitable for 1.6MHz split.
If anyone can help then please contact Tony via tony.g4cjz[at-symbol]

(15-Jun-2011 to 22-Jun-2011)

GB3HD becomes GB7HX
The West Yorkshire Repeater Group is going digital with their new repeater GB7HX going on air on 19 June. The group were hoping to run GB3HD in parallel but because of delays in new frequency allocations for GB7HX they have opted to put the new digital repeater on the old HD frequencies for now with a 1.6MHz split. This means that GB3HD will be temporarily off air but the group aims to re-instate it once a new frequency pair has been allocated for GB7HX.
(15-Jun-2011 to 26-Jun-2011)

GB3DS off air
Fred G3XXN the Keeper of GB3DS reports that the repeater is off air pending replacement equipment and duplexer realignment.
(15-Jun-2011 to 22-Jun-2011)

Northampton Repeater Group
After more than a year offline Keith G4YKE reports that the Northampton Repeater Group website is back with a new domain name
The Group is responsible for GB3CJ GB3MV GB3NH AND GB3NP.

(8-Jun-2011 to 15-Jun-2011)

GB3SW back on air
Dave G6XUV the new Keeper of GB3SW reports that the repeater is now back up and running following a site change and reports are welcomed via a temporary website
(7-Jun-2011 to 14-Jun-2011)

GB3AE back in service
Evan GW4AKZ the Keeper of GB3AE the Tenby 6 Metre repeater reports that following repairs to some corroded joints the repeater is back in full service.
(6-Jun-2011 to 11-Jun-2011)

GB3WS fully operational
Mick G4EFO the Keeper of GB3WS reports that following some repairs the repeater is now back in operation on full power and with good receive sensitivity.
(3-Jun-2011 to 9-Jun-2011)

Ofcom NoV backlog
Some NoV applications for repeaters and gateways in the 2 Metre band appear to have been cleared by Ofcom and so ETCC is now working to progress others held back pending resolution of the Ofcom issues. Resources in Amateur licensing are limited so some delays are still to be expected. Please be aware that Primary User difficulties are still preventing progress on all shared bands and the RSGB continue to work with Ofcom at high level to resolve this problem.
(30-May-2011 to 9-Jul-2011)

Evan, GW4AKZ the Keeper of GB3AE reports that this 6 Metre repeater in West Wales is currently not operational due to a suspect receiver fault.
(28-May-2011 to 4-Jun-2011)

GB3KA mast collapses
The recent prolonged and ongoing bad weather in Scotland has taken its toll, when Len, GM0ONX reports that the mast at GB3KA near Kilmarnock in Scotland has collapsed during recent gale force winds.
(26-May-2011 to 3-Jun-2011)

GB3AZ duplexer request
Due to a break in and theft of the radio and duplexer for GB3AZ, The keeper, Tony G4CJZ is in urgent need of a cavity duplexer suitable for 1.6MHz split.
GB3AZ is back on air with the aid of some BPF`s and 2 antenna working at present, but a "Proper" duplexer is urgently required.
If anyone has a defunct repeater and wish to dispose of the duplexer, then please contact Tony, G4CJZ via tony.g4cjz[at-symbol] if you can help.

(26-May-2011 to 12-Jun-2011)

Norfolk AGM
The Norfolk Repeater Group AGM will be held at the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club on the 25th May 2011 starting at 20:00
An agenda can be found at, minutes from the 2010 meeting can also be found on the website.
Info courtesy Mark, G0LGJ

(5-May-2011 to 26-May-2011)

Leicestershire AGM
The 37th Annual General Meeting of the Leicestershire Repeater Group will be held on Thursday 5th May 2011 at 8.00pm prompt.
Location is The Brant Inn, Overdale Avenue, Groby, Leicestershire, LE6 0DU
Further information here

(2-May-2011 to 6-May-2011)

GB3KT Closed Down
Chris, G8GHH, the Keeper of GB3KT a 23cm TV repeater in Kent reports that the repeater is to be permanently closed down.
He reports membership has rapidly declined over the last few years, leaving the few remaining with no alternative but to close down the repeater and vacate the site. The Kent Repeater Group will continue as a group and the repeater is in store.
Local activity could increase on other bands with a possible future 13cm and/or 10GHz repeater.

(26-Apr-2011 to 11-May-2011)

Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft
The Annual General Meeting of the Gt Yarmouth and Lowestoft Repeater Group, who manage GB3YL and GB3LO will take place on Thursday 12th May at the Lowestoft Railway bowls and Social Club 123A Carlton Rd, Lowestoft, Suffolk NR33 0LZ
Meeting will commence at 20:00 so please arrive early say 19:30
More info can be found here

(24-Apr-2011 to 13-May-2011)

D-Star Open Day
D-Star Northants and UK-IT are organising a D-Star Meet and Greet Day on Sunday 29th May. This will be held in Northampton at Tetra Communications, Bunting Road, Northampton, NN2 6EE.
The event will include help and advice from D-Star Northants and UK-IT.
Info from Stuart (G7HIF D-Star-Northants) and Gavin (M1BXF UK-IT)

(21-Apr-2011 to 30-May-2011)

Scottish Borders AGM
The Scottish Borders Repeater Group AGM will be held at the Focus Centre,Livingstone Place,Galashiels on Sunday 1st May at 1500.
Subs will be due for 2011-12 at the AGM.
Members can send items for the agenda to info[at-symbol]
Further info from

(16-Apr-2011 to 2-May-2011)

South Anglia AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the South Anglia Repeater Group will take place on Thursday 28th April, commencing at 19:30
The venue for the AGM is:
St John Ambulance (Suffolk) Headquarters, Priory House, Duckamere,Bramford,Ipswich IP8 4AJ
Directions and a map can be found at:

(11-Apr-2011 to 29-Apr-2011)

NoV Updates
Ofcom are catching up with the back log of NoV's that have been sent to them in the past week. Thank you for your patience.
Please note that if you do not renew your NoV within 12 weeks of the expiry date, it will be deleted from the system and renewal will not be possible. A new application will be required.
Operation of your gateway/DV Hotspot whilst your NoV has expired is against the terms and conditions of your licence.
Please put a reminder on your calendar or in your Filofax etc at least 4 weeks before the expiry date on your NoV.
The expiry date is printed clearly in the schedule to your NoV, which will surely be taking pride of place in your shack??!!

(6-Apr-2011 to 27-Apr-2011)

GB3DH off air
G7MKS the Keeper of GB3DH reports that the repeater is no longer operational due to site problems. A new site is being considered further information when available.
(5-Apr-2011 to 12-Apr-2011)

GB3HG back on air
GB3HG is back on air on reserve equipment while work continues on the main unit which suffered a blown PA and other damage. Power is slightly down and it is thought there may also be an aerial fault.
(2-Apr-2011 to 9-Apr-2011)

Ernie G4LUE reports that GB3NA and GB3SY are operating on a temporary antenna although it is hoped to have repairs completed by this weekend.
(30-Mar-2011 to 3-Apr-2011)

RSGB date changes
Due to unforeseen circumstances it has proved necessary to defer the RSGB AGM which had been planned for Saturday 16 April 2011. The AGM will now take place on Saturday 14 May 2011 in Derby. Also the RSGB announce a posting delay for the members magazine RadCom again due to circumstances beyond control, the posting of the April RadCom will go into the post on 21 March, for delivery around 25 March.
(21-Mar-2011 to 26-Mar-2011)

Central Scotland AGM
The Central Scotland FM Group AGM for 2011 will be held on Sunday April 3rd at the Bathgate Guide Hall, Mid Street, Bathgate, EH48 1QF.
Doors Open at 1300
AGM Starts 1415

(21-Mar-2011 to 4-Apr-2011)

Ofcom Licensing backlog
Ofcom have made the RSGB aware that they have a significant backlog of NoV licensing work and until it is cleared the ETCC suggests that no further proposals should be submitted. Further information will be posted when available.
(19-Mar-2011 to 10-Apr-2011)

Steve 2E0SPW has been appointed to read the GB2RS news via the GB3OK 70cms repeater on Sundays at 20.00 and also on 145.525 FM at 19.00. Steve G0TDJ has been appointed as the reserve newsreader.
(16-Mar-2011 to 28-Mar-2011)

GB3GT is on the air
Adam G1MAW the Keeper reports that GB3GT the 50mhz repeater on Clee Hill South Shropshire is now on the air.
(12-Mar-2011 to 19-Mar-2011)

GB7ZP in service
Murray G6JYB the Keeper of GB7ZP reports that the repeater has been back on the air for some time following internal Duplexer coax cable changes although it still remains in standalone mode
(11-Mar-2011 to 18-Mar-2011)

GB3UD back in service
Following rodent damge to some cables GB3UD has been restored to service. Report comes from the Keeper, Albert G4DHO.
(7-Mar-2011 to 14-Mar-2011)

GB7AD back on air
Tony G4CJZ the Keeper of GB7AD reports that the Alveston 70cms digital repeater is back on air but is in standalone mode and not currently connected to the network.
(7-Mar-2011 to 14-Mar-2011)

GB3FC fully operational
Stephen G6AOS the Keeper of GB3FC reports that the repeater is fully operational following repairs to an intermittent receiver.
(7-Mar-2011 to 14-Mar-2011)

Mode Change in Hull
Agreement has been reached for the East Yorkshire 70cm repeater GB3HU to change to digital mode of operation under callsign GB7HU and operate on the existing channel RB3 until agreement can be obtained to use a 9MHz split appropriate to other GMSK mode repeaters on the 70cm band.
Keeper, Andy G0VRM contacted the ETCC to try and get this special agreement when new applications on the 70cm band were not being progressed and to secure a funding source that was time limited.

(15-Feb-2011 to 7-Mar-2011)

Shropshire Repeaters
Adam, G1MAW reports that new Shropshire 6 and 10 Metre repeaters GB3GT and GB3GX are on the bench and will be on air shortly after a power upgrade on the tx site. Donations in the form of antennas, cabling, physical labour including a web page design have all been received with help from local amateurs. Special thanks to G0MJY, G4AIJ, G4OYX, 2E0XTL, G7RHF & M0DCM for their input so far.
(7-Feb-2011 to 28-Feb-2011)

London repeaters return.
Repeaters GB3NL and GB3LV, both located in north London, have been returned to service after a brief outage. The two repeaters, which are co-sited at Enfield Civic Centre, had been off air following a power outage in Enfield. IRLP node 5600 and Echolink node 155403, which both operate via GB3LV on 70cm, are also working again. Info from RSGB.
(2-Feb-2011 to 12-Feb-2011)

Which Form?
As there has been some confusion over which application form to use when applying for repeaters, nodes, gateways, attended and unattended, a useful guide has been created that simply tells applicants which form to use depending on the application callsign type. See which form?
(30-Jan-2011 to 27-Feb-2011)

DV Hotspot renewals.
NoV's for DV Hotspots do have an expiry date on them. Please ensure you have contacted before the expiry date.
If you do not renew your NoV then within 3 months of the expiry date it will be deemed to no longer be required any more and removed from the database, making that frequency available for reassignment in your area. (Info from G8SFR)

(22-Jan-2011 to 1-Mar-2011)

GB7ML update
Following the receipt of donations to support the Internet gateway costs, Darren,G7LWT reports that GB7ML will be back in operation as soon as site access can be arranged.
(20-Jan-2011 to 31-Jan-2011)

One of the first of the new season Repeater Group Annual General Meetings will be the South Yorkshire RG (SYRG) to be held on Thursday 3rd February in Rotherham. See their web site for full details. Please tell us if you want your group's meeting to be advertised.
(20-Jan-2011 to 4-Feb-2011)

The Durham 2 Metre repeater GB3CD will be liable to some down time due to refurbishment at the repeater site. Info from Matt M0LYI
(19-Jan-2011 to 25-Jan-2011)

2010 Clearances
The year 2010 saw the smallest number of repeater and digital voice node NoV's being issued in the last 10 years, with only 6 clearances on record.
Of these 6, sadly only 1 has actually become operational being the last minute clearance of South Yorkshire repeater GB3NA.
See Clearances 2010 for detail.

(19-Jan-2011 to 8-Feb-2011)

GB3EX to be closed.
Exeter 70cm Repeater GB3EX is to be closed down as the mast is to be dismantled. The Keeper is seeking a replacement site in the locality. Info from G8UWE
(11-Jan-2011 to 30-Jan-2011)

solar panel theft
We have been informed by Dave, G3ZXX of the theft of the 24 Volt solar panels that were used on the GB3JB Wiltshire 2 Metre repeater.
Whilst reported to the police, Dave asks to hear about anyone trying to sell what is a very expensive and physically large solar panel cheaply.
Dave G3ZXX
Repeater returned to service 6th Jan

(4-Jan-2011 to 18-Jan-2011)

GB3IP update
Jon, G7PFT reports that the Stafford 2 Metres repeater GB3IP is up to full power with a rebuild of the repeater (site) including new antenna, LDF4-50 feeder (thanks to Zycom!) plus base station re-alignment and tweaks. The antenna is now at final 30m AGL height.
(3-Jan-2011 to 23-Jan-2011)

News Items
Please use the on-line NEWS ITEMS form if you want your repeater or group news items to be posted here.
(2-Jan-2011 to 5-Mar-2011)

Status Reporting
Since STATUS reporting was introduced on this site last year, a timely reminder that outages should be reported using the on-line E-ZERO form and don't forget to report restoration times also!
(2-Jan-2011 to 22-Jan-2011)

GB3NA back on
In a last minute clearance of 2010 OFCOM issued the NoV to allow GB3NA to be resited at Barnsley on RV49
The D-Star repeater GB7YD remains at a site near Barnsley for the time being with the VHF node on RV54
Keeper is Ernie, G4LUE and more information from SYRG

(31-Dec-2010 to 22-Jan-2011)

GB3PF Ceases
The Keeper of the 70cm repeater near Blackburn in Lancashire GB3PF reports the repeater has been removed from service due to an increase in site fees to an unaffordable level.
(23-Dec-2010 to 7-Jan-2011)

GB3NH Temporary outage.
Keith, G4YKE reports that the GB3NH equipment has been removed for its annual overhaul.
Due to be returned to service around New Year or sooner if possible.

(20-Dec-2010 to 31-Dec-2010)

Thanks for the Status!
Since the STATUS reporting was introduced on this site, a big thank you to all Keepers and group committee members for reporting repeater outages so keeping this facility as accurate as possible and, of course, meeting your licence obligations!
(19-Dec-2010 to 1-Jan-2011)

Chairman's Seasonal Message
The ETCC Chairman and Committee would like to wish Repeater Keepers and Users everywhere a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year.
We would also like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we go through yet another period of delays to clearances. We do hope that this will be resolved soon.
At the end of another year the Chairman would also like to publicly express his thanks to the ETCC Committee Members and for all their hard work willingly given in managing the network and dealing with the many difficult situations encountered.
This year our special thanks must go to Rod G3TXA in Ofcom who will be retiring in the very near future. We wish him good health and a long and happy retirement.
Rod you will be greatly missed by the entire Amateur community who owe you a great debt of gratitude for your help so willingly given.

(17-Dec-2010 to 2-Jan-2011)

GB3PF to Close
GB3PF the 70cm voice repeater near Blackburn in Lancashire on channel RB0 will shortly be closing down.
It is with sadness that the North Western Repeater Group has had to make this decision. However, as the site owners, after many years of charging a nominal site fee for radio amateurs, suddenly decided to increase the site fee to more than 6000GBP per annum.
Funding continued operation from the same site is beyond the means of the small group of amateurs.
If a suitable alternative site can be found within a few kilometres of the existing site at NGR SD707313, a site move may be possible.
So, if you live on top of hill within a few kilometres of the Sunny Bower area of Blackburn and would not mind hosting a 70cm repeater, please contact Mark Walmsley, G0VOF (Info from RSGB)

(25-Nov-2010 to 20-Dec-2010)

Peterborough update
Rob, M0ZPU reports that the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group has lodged an application to re-instate GB3PE It had previously been reported that this repeater (and GB3PB) were to be permanently closed down.
(24-Nov-2010 to 13-Dec-2010)

Logic For Sale
The South Yorkshire Repeater Group have 2 used G8CUL repeater control logics for sale
These are in used condition and surplus to the groups requirements.
The group want 110GBP each plus 8GBP next day delivery.
If interested please contact Ernie, G4LUE

(17-Nov-2010 to 12-Dec-2010)

Interest in 6 Metres
With the near impossibility of getting licensing on 23 and 70cm currently, interest has continued on other bands, and a new proposal has been received for a 6 Metre voice repeater for Lincolnshire.
GB3XD has been proposed by Brian, G7AJP for a site near Louth on the Lincolnshire Wolds, and coverage should extend north to Hull, south to Peterborough, and west to Doncaster.
The application will request use of 50.730 MHz and CTCSS tone of 71.9 Hz.
It is hoped that it can be licenced presently.

(15-Nov-2010 to 9-Dec-2010)

South Yorkshire 2 Metres
A proposal has been submitted to re-instate GB3NA to be co-sited with GB3SY near Barnsley and replacing the previous GB3YR repeater located near Rotherham.
Keeper is Ernie, G4LUE

(9-Nov-2010 to 24-Nov-2010)

Barry, G8SAU, the Keeper of GB3NU is pleased to announce that the repeater is now Fully Operational with recently upgraded Internet linking using both Allstar and Echolink.
This gives greater connectivity to other repeaters worldwide.
It was included as a part of an extended maintenance and upgrade of the repeater completed during October 2010.
Allstar Node number = 2536
Echolink Node Number = 388653

(6-Nov-2010 to 25-Nov-2010)

Web Site Refresh will be getting a makeover with a refresh launch on 1st January 2011 including RSS and Twitter plus new database displays and new page layouts. Vetting information will be reformatted, and a new database search facility added. [more]
(15-Oct-2010 to 31-Dec-2010)

GB7DB  (15 Oct 2010)
Don, G3YQO reports that GB7DB is off the the air for about 2 weeks to try to establish the cause of constant dropping out.
They wish to record that they are grateful for the assistance of the Cambridgeshire Repeater Group in trying to resolve this problem.

GB7ML  (13 Oct 2010)
GB7ML is expected to return to service presently.
The ongoing cost of the ADSL/Internet line has been a problem, although site rental and repeater hardware costs have been covered for the foreseeable future.
Martin Lynch are hosting a PayPal "*Donate*" button on the: website
- hopefully some of the local users will be able to help contribute to the Internet costs, so GB7ML can continue to provide gateway services to the West of London and many of the Home Counties.

GB7DE  (3 Oct 2010)
Martin, MM0DUN reports that following a site visit to GB7DE there will be No Gateway connection.
This means that GB7DE Ports B and C will only work as RF Repeaters and not linkable either in or out via the Internet. DV Dongle users will Not be unable to connect.
As stated there is currently no indication as to when this facility will be re-instated.

New Keeper needed(30 Sept 2010)
Andy, GW6JSO has decided to step down as Keeper of GB3CM after six years. In that time he has arranged funding and sourced a new repeater.
Echolink was set up in 2004 and has run every day since.
Andy has asked the Carmarthen Amateur Radio Club to take over the repeater but so far nobody has stepped forward.
If a local amateur does not take over by 17 December, Andy will have to close the repeater down.
If you are interested, please contact Andy.
source RSGB acknowledged.

GB7MM (8 Sept 2010)
The Dorset D-Star repeater GB7MM is back on air from its location near Wimborne.
Currently it has limited receive range, as the duplexer cavities have not yet been retuned after their move.
The new repeater is a fully PC based solution using Jonathan G4KLX software.
Gateway support will be added when internet issues at the site have been resolved.

new 6 Metre repeaters (25 August 2010)
Not one but TWO applications for Six Metre analog repeaters have been received. GB3HF (formerly resident at Hastings) is to move to Barnsley where Ernie, G4LUE hopes to add it to the portfolio of the South Yorkshire Repeater Group.
GB3GT has been proposed for a rural site in Shropshire and Adam, G1MAW proposes to cover places such as Ludlow, Kidderminster, Bridgnorth, Droitwich, Worcester and Leominster.
The proposals have been submitted to the UK's radio licensing authority OFCOM.

Stirling Repeater (4 August 2010)
Wullie, GM0MZB reports that the antenna system at GB3FE near Stirling has been replaced and the repeater should be working to full potential now.

update (15 July 2010)
Ofcom appreciates the situation regarding the high number of outstanding applications and can confirm that currently there are discussions in place to seek a resolution to the prolonged administration delays.
These discussions involve both the Primary Users of the bands concerned and the RSGB.

Another request for help (15 July 2010)

6 Metre repeater closes for good
(12 July 2010)
Tony, G4KLF, the Keeper of the Hastings 6 Metre repeater has advised that he is applying to Ofcom for a second NoV to permanently close GB3HF due to re-siting problems and lack of use.

Clearances at last! (9 June 2010)
Ofcom has cleared three repeater applications, the first for several months, though sadly there is still no movement on shared bands such as 23cm and 70cm.
GB3WY (Wakefield) on the 6 Metre band will replace GB3HX (Huddersfield) and a GMSK repeater GB7ML on the 2 Metre band covering a large footprint from Tring in Hertfordshire has been licenced, though we understand operation may be slightly delayed to allow a key group member to recover from illness.
A clearance for a site changed Tyne and Wear
2 Metre repeater GB3TW was also agreed.

London Repeaters closed down
(29 April 2010)
At the request of the Keeper, Geoff Peterson, G8SUG, Ofcom have issued a 2nd NoV recognising the permanent closure of both GB3HL and GB3WL.

Applications for all Repeaters and Nodes on Shared Bands
(17 April 2010)
The long delays presently being experienced by NoV applicants for all types of repeaters (new and changes) designed to operate in bands on which we have only secondary status were again discussed at the most recent meeting of the RSGB Emerging Technology Coordination Committee (ETCC).

New Committee positions (17 Apr 2010)
Following the election of Iain Philipps G0RDI to the Board of the RSGB, the position of Vice Chair of the ETCC became vacant.
At the meeting held on 17th April long standing ETCC member Andrew Barrett, G8DOR was nominated for the post.
Andrew will additionally continue to represent the South-West of England region.
Also, Steve Morton, G8SFR takes on the role of Data Comms Manager taking over the duties previously undertaken by Iain, G0RDI.

GB3CO fully operational
(15 April 2010)
Paul, G1DIW reports that GB3CO at Corby, Northamptonshire is now fully operational as final installation has taken place with antennae at correct height as per NOV.
Paul says please use it and enjoy its coverage.

Jersey Repeater, Channel Islands
(24 March 2010)
The Jersey repeater GB3GJ in the Channel Islands could be on the air by the end of May.
The original site at Westmount fell through late in 2009 but a new site on the Jersey Electricity Companies building has been found. The repeater group is now putting together the ancillary items needed.
Anyone who can lend their time and assistance will be gratefully received. If you think you can help please e-mail
Info from GB2RS

Announcing the D-Star ScriptShop
(18 February 2010)
Brian, NJ6N and Darren, G7LWT have produced a number of enhanced scripting functions to make life easier for mobile D-Star users.
Examples include a command to quickly link to the last busy reflector and another to establish if/where a repeater is linked through to.
The first few scripts aim to help mobile users that don't have web access to check network activity via etc.

TV Repeater changes
On 4 February the Arfon Repeater Group's amateur TV repeater GB3TM located on the north coast of Anglesey in North Wales had modifications made to its transmission mode.
A digital transmitter was installed and is now operational on 1316MHz. It is planned that GB3TM will transmit on both analogue and digital modes, but not both at the same time.
The analogue mode will be the normal mode, with the digital system being called up by DTMF tones by the user.
Further information can be seen on the Arfon Repeater Group's website

GB7RW Operational (25 January 2010)
Dave, G4DAX confirms that GB7RW at Octon in East Yorkshire went on air on Saturday 24th January.
It replaces GB3YC which was shut down beforehand.
GB7RW is currently operating in a stand alone mode as the broadband connection refused to work when the router was connected and is under investigation.

GB3IN Dual-Mode (20 January 2010)
Jon, G4TSN reports that GB3IN is now full dual mode FM/d-star running the latest pcrepeatercontoller software by Jonathan G4KLX.
The repeater can now be accessed in either mode from cold, once in that mode it will stay there until a period of inactivity network or radio (preset) when the repeater returns to a state where it is accessible again by either mode ...full G2 routing and also connection using dplus to reflectors and other gateways is possible for digital users and analogue users have access to the echolink system.
Thanks to G4KLX dedication the project was brought to fruition in less than 9 months.

GB3YL Lowestoft (15 January 2010)
The GB3YL repeater at Lowestoft has finally gone to CTCSS (94.8) access as reported by James M1TES
The new repeater equipment consists of Motorola compact and custom logic built by Jake G1YFF.

23cm UK first
(14 January 2010)
In a first for D-Star in the UK, Ofcom has issued a repeater Notice of Variation (NoV) to allow the Glasgow GB7DG D-Star node to engage the -A (DD) port on the 23cm band.
The frequency agreed by the primary user is 1240.150 MHz

Taking stock (3 January 2010)
It is likely that strict criteria will be applied in the new year for new repeater applications.
Against the backdrop of low activity levels, and poorly performing repeaters, the need to justify new applications is likely to be enforced to a far greater extent.
Long term non operational repeaters, repeaters licenced but failing to commence service and repeaters nominally operational but widely reported as being either deaf or inaccessible for other reasons has become all too prevalent.
The recent interest in digital modes, in particular GMSK, has been a welcome boost to the repeater sector of the hobby, but challenges to amateur use of bands above 2 Metres is likely to require even greater proof that we "need" and value these bands to support our society in seeing off commercial interest in 70cm and above.
The focus on radio spectrum is going to intensify in the coming decade, radio amateurs have to be seen to have our house in order and make good use of the valuable bands at our disposal in the so called "sweet-spot" of the radio bands.

Jim G7TFX reports that the 2 Meter DStar Digital repeater GB7PB is currently powered up and working on its allotted frequency of 145.6625 from 27 November 2009 from Finchale Training College Durham.
The unit has been soaked test to a dummy load, then from a temporary mast to make sure all was working fine. Testing will carry on for a week or so until the equipment can be installed in its final operating position before Christmas.

GB3ZB operational (23 November 2009)
Matt, G4RKY reports that 70 cm analog voice repeater GB3ZB became fully operational at 18:30 local on Sunday 22nd November.
He reports some electrical downtilt on the antenna which is limiting distant coverage but this is not altogether a bad thing on such a prominent site as is Dundry outside Bristol.
Reports indicate coverage in the immediate surrounding area is excellent but tails off rapidly as you move out of the area.

ETCC is no longer accepting applications for analogue Simplex Voice Gateways on 2M frequencies in the 144 MHz band segment.
The intent is to re-align the 144.80-144.99 MHz segment with the IARU Region 1 Band Plan, and to allow possibilites for DIGITAL Simplex Voice Gateways in this part of the band.
No changes to existing analogue Simplex Voice Gateways on the affected frequencies will be permitted.

MB6AM 2M D-Star Simplex Node (20 November 2009)
After several weeks in testing, MB6AM went live on 20th November sharing the same mast as the 70cm GB3TU repeater.
MB6AM is located in Tring, North West of London and is well appointed to provide Digital Voice (DV) coverage across many of the Home Counties and parts of Oxfordshire.
It is the reincarnation of the old GB7AM packet node, using the same antenna and 2m frequency.
Chris, G0WTZ kindly donated his own Yaseu FT-7800R for the project and David, G4ULF provided custom software to link into the global D-Star network. G4ULF's software was developed with the full cooperation of the Trust Server team and has been fully tested for G2 compatibility, with support for G2 direct routing and dplus linking across to other D-Star repeaters, via the Internet.
MB6AM will be routinely connected to reflector REF013B which has been dubbed TechNet, a meeting place for repeater keepers, software developers and D-Star hardware hackers. User control of dplus linking and unlinking is enabled, so mobile users on the busy M1 and M40 motorways, can re-task the simplex node as required. When the dplus connection is left unlinked, a script will automatically reestablish contact with TechNet.
To access MB6AM, users should configure their radios in simplex mode on 144.8625 MHz, with no RPT settings required. If RPT settings are used, then the following settings must be programmed:
  2. RPT1: MB6AM^^C (^ = space)
  3. RPT2: MB6AM^^G
  4. Duplex Offset: +/- 0 MHz
D-Star users can make use of all the usual dplus and G2 routing commands, so they can link to other nodes or call directly around the D-Star network.
Iain, G0RDI the NoV holder for MB6AM, extends his personal gratitude to Rod Wilkinson (Ofcom), Chris (G0WTZ), David (G4ULF) and Darren (G7LWT) for their assistance with the implementation of this project.
MB6AM is the first simplex G2 gateway in the UK; radio amateurs wishing to apply for a Notice of Variation (NoV) to operate a simplex DV node, should complete the recently updated form type e1 from this site

Cross-band Repeater approved (3 November 2009)
Ofcom has approved for immediate operation a 6-to-10 Metre repeater to be located in South Wiltshire.
It will be co-sited with the 2m voice repeater GB3JB, at Willoughby Hedge, IO81VC
The system, when not being used as a repeater, will transmit a Beacon signal enabling those interested in propagation to directly compare signals, between 6M and 10M.
Both the 6 and 10 Metre systems will transmit with the same ERP, from the same dual-band omni-directional antenna system, thus enabling direct comparisons to be made.
The proposal for GB3WX, which received widespread support, will be the first of its kind in the UK and replaces a standalone 6 metre repeater in the same area and with the same callsign.
The group have 3 months in which to get it up and running.

GB7OK Gateway opens (28 October 2009)
The long a awaited D-Star gateway for GB7OK is now live.
Repeater Keeper Tony, G1HIG thanks all who have assisted with the project, Darren, G7LWT from the UK D-Star Interconnect Team for installing G2 Software also the technical support of Justin, G0KSC for installing and configuring Centos operating system on the server.

Committee change (7 October 2009)
As D-Star and digital voice communications continues to grow and develop it has become apparent that there is ever increasing reliance on the Trust Servers which comprise the network infrastructure.
The administration of this network within the UK is carried out by the UKIT team who came together voluntarily to take on this vital role.
The RSGB now wishes to build upon the excellent work done by the team giving it a more permanent structure and following discussions at the National Hamfest it has been agreed that they will become part of the ETCC.
Darren G7LWT will represent the UKIT on the ETCC while the other members will work on a corresponding basis.

72 hours (24 September 2009)
All Keepers are reminded of their obligations to report any changes to the operational status of their repeater no later than 72 hours after the event, then again immediately upon resumption of service.
In past times a postcard may have been sent in, or a phonecall made, but we make it easy now by use the new form from this web site. The form will notify all ETCC members and Ofcom's Licencing Centre of a change of status.
The new STATUS reporting facility on this site will refect the changes made for the benefit of everybody.
Keepers are also reminded that they only get 3 months upon receipt of their NoV to commence operation. There are now only a few outstanding long-term licenced but non-operational repeaters. The ETCC is to ask Ofcom to issue second NoV's which will allow valuable spectrum resources to be freed and allow other applicants to take up both callsign and channel of failed repeaters.

GB3IN D-Star tests (18 September 2009)
G4TSN reports the first tests using the G4KLX d-star repeater software have been carried out on GB3IN being the first live successful on air tests.
Once the GMSK deviation on the FX5000 was set, 4 stations G4TSN,G7NPW,G0LCG and M3SNY had a 4 way qso through the repeater for over an hour without problems.
This is a complete open source software solution discriminator audio is fed to the pc sound card line in and the line out provides the GMSK modulating signal with no CML modems or "Satoshi" interfaces required.
Currently there is a analogue controller which is virtually complete and the latest release a now a "proven" basic working d-star repeater in software.
G4KLX's plan is to also have a combined analogue digital to produce a proper integrated dual mode solution as well as analogue only or digital controllers and hopefully integrate the d-star networking capability in due course.

GB7MH Operational (10 September 2009)
The World's first non-Icom D-Star repeater GB7MH fully linked to the K5TIT G2 network and D-Plus, went live on the afternoon of 10 September.
Whilst waiting for the DSL line to be installed, the repeater is connected to the Internet via a 3G dongle from network operator "Three"
The system is built around Satoshi Yasuda's GMSK Node Adapter, a Mini-ITX system running CentOS 4, a Tait T800 repeater and G2 code written by G4ULF.
All the usual G2 features such as callsign routing, D-Plus linkage and DPRS via D-Star Monitor are supported.
Mews item received from David, G4ULF and further information from web site

GB7NE (8 September 2009)
Colin, G7RWC reports that digital node GB7NE became operational on Tuesday 8 September in stand alone mode, awaiting software and internet connection.
The site is at Lynemouth on the Northumberland coast and coverage includes Morpeth, Blyth, Bedlington, Ashington, Ponteland and north to Amble and Alnmouth.
Higher parts around Newcastle and Gateshead will also be within the coverage footprint. The -B node operates on the 70cm band.

GB7GL Operational (31 August 2009)
Simon, G4SGI reports that digital node GB7GL went live on Friday 28 August with partial connectivity, but as from Monday 31 August with full Internet connectivity.
The repeater is part of the MIDSTAR cluster, but users may connect to any national or international reflector at will in the normal way.
The RF performance over the next few weeks will be monitored and any decisions will decide if/when/how to improve TX/RX isolation.

frequency check stage (22 August 2009)
All new applications on bands where we have to seek clearance from the primary user (most notably 23 and 70cm) will now include a pre-submission check with the Keeper so any problems can be identified BEFORE the application is made.
As a choice of frequencies must be given to the primary user, and there is no guarantee which may be agreed, ETCC feels it is important to run the choices past the Keeper who may be able identify possibly unforseen problems with one or other of the choices, at least to be aware of what is being requested in his/her name.
The pre-PU check will be made by the Proposals Manager by email to the prospective Keeper, and a reply, including a nil response, will be required before the primary user frequency submission is made via Ofcom.
It was felt that this additional stage should enhance the user experience of the applicant and aim to avoid frequency choices which cannot later be changed.

The Rig Register fights theft (22 August 2009)
Hugh Golding, G7UOD has created a national database for stolen amateur radio equipment.
The Rig Register is a simple site that allows users to store their details and serial numbers of various equipment types.
These can then be marked as lost or stolen and checked by the participating shops and second-hand purchasers, as well as amateur radio clubs, etc.
Current shops and repairers checking the database include Martin Lynch & Sons. for further details.

What about non-operational repeaters? (7 August 2009)
What (if anything) should be done about repeaters that are licenced but long-term non-operational?
The subject will be discussed at a forthcoming ETCC meeting and we would like comments from the user community.

Tait UHF 850 (3 August 2009)
This message is from G4OYX to "pass the word" re the supply of EPROMS for the Tait UHF 850 series in versions 1 and 2 that has been sold recently by Radioswap on Ebay etc.
The freq eproms were removed as part of the sale and John reports that The Hope Bagot Repeater Group [GB3VN] have located a programmer and supplier in the name of John, G4HKT
They have offered to send him a little extra but he has sent the message enclosed. He offers an "at cost" service of EPROM supply and programming.
If other groups have Tait gear etc then this is well worth knowing.
Message by Dave G4OYX

Northampton repeater to go dual-mode (1 August 2009)
An application for dual-mode working has been received for the GB3TO repeater near Northampton on RV49 in the 2 Metre band. The site will be shared with the GB7JF D-Star node already licensed.
This is the best way that a 2 Metre digital node can be added in this congested area without closing the analog repeater facility.

Sheffield D-Star operational (24 July 2009)
Port B of the GB7SN digital node was switched into operation on Thursday 23 July as a basic digital regenerative node using full power.
No Gateway access at present - Internet connection to follow at a later date.
Thanks to John, M0ADS for the update.

Fermanagh 2 Metre Repeater now operational (4 July 2009)
The latest 2 Metre repeater to enter service is GB3CP located at Carnmore, South Fermanagh in Northern Ireland.

25th June - 70MHz store and forward unit has been installed at GB3NS (Banstead, Surrey) on 70.3875 MHz simplex, carrier access.
14th June - GB3CW Mid Wales 70cm repeater has QSY'd from RB6 to RB4

Birmingham D-Star now operational (25 June 2009)
GB7BM is co-sited with GB3CB and should provide much needed Dstar coverage for the Birmingham area.
The repeater is a Tait T850 series2 base station with a Satoshi DV node controller. It is currently in a standalone mode, but will be connected to the network when the software becomes available.

D-Star nodes open for use (23 June 2009)
Two 70cm D-Star nodes (port B) in Scotland have now been made available for use.
GB7DD at Dundee and GB7DK at Stranraer.

10th June - We are delighted to report that ETCC member, Dave M0OBW has been nominated by the RSGB as President-elect.
9th June - GB7DD currently only operating on Gateway as Duplexer is to be tuned in the next few days.
5th June - Ofcom have asked for no further repeater or node proposals to be submitted to them meantime due to pressure of work.

9 NoV's issued by Ofcom (5 June 2009)
On Friday 5 June (2009) Ofcom issued the following Keeper NoV's to allow immediate operation of the following repeaters/nodes
GB3NP 70cm analogue repeater for Towcester, Northants.
GB7BM 70cm digital voice node for Birmingham.
GB7DD 70cm digital voice node for Dundee.
GB7DK additional node for Stranraer D-Star node site.
GB7DW additional node for Fenwick, Ayrshire D-Star node site.
GB7GL new 70cm digital node for Gloucestershire.
GB7MH 70cm digital voice node for West Sussex.
GB7NB 70cm digital voice node for Norwich, Norfolk.
GB7NE new 70cm digital voice node for Lynemouth, Northumberland.
Thu 11 June the following was cleared:
GB3CW frequency change Mid Wales 70cm repeater.

The Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group (3 June 2009)
The Mid Cornwall Beacon and Repeater Group have just installed a new 2m antenna and Heliax cable on their new mast at Hensbarrow Downs
near St. Austell.
They will be testing the new antenna during the next couple of weeks on simplex channels to establish that there are no problems with any of the commercial transmissions from other masts on Hensbarrow Downs.
On Sunday 14 June, following the RSGB news between 10am and 4pm local time, they will be operating full coverage tests on 145.550MHz (or the nearest unoccupied channel) using the callsign G3MCD/A.
They would like people to report the difference between the current signal strength of the GB3NC transmission from the old mast and the simplex transmission from the new mast.
Both transmitters will be running the same power.
Info from RSGB NEWS

Wessex Cross-Band Proposal (12 May 2009)
WesseX Repeater Group is proposing that a 6m to 10m cross-band FM voice repeater be established in South Wiltshire, on the site currently occupied by GB3WX
GB3WX has a significant coverage area, on 6m, which stretches from the IOW to South Wales, with similar distances to the NE and SW. It is anticipated that the 10m coverage will be similar.
Of course the potential for Sporadic E's and MUF DX propagation should greatly improve with the increase in solar activity, as we move towards the solar maximum.
As this would be a significant and ground breaking project, since cross-band repeaters, 6m/10m, have not previously be allowed, the group would like to assess the level of support from the general Amateur community, prior to making the formal application.

70cm GMSK node frequencies approved (21 May 2009)
The Ayrshire and Stranraer D-Star node sites GB7DW and GB7DK respectively have had frequency approval to add nodes in the 70cm band.
Once the formal licensing process has been completed they can be switched on and thereby improve facilities to amateurs using the digital network.

GB7LF (18 May 2009)
Bob, G3VVT reports that GB7LF at Lancaster has now entered service in an initial stand alone repeater mode using a Satoshi GMSK node adapter with a modified UHF Tait T800 PMR repeater.
With initial testing the coverage area so far seems to agree with the coverage prediction map.
When Internet linking facilities can be provided at the hilltop site and means to identify the RF entry point using currently available software is possible, linking to other D-Star systems will be made available.
Not the first of the non Icom solutions to D-Star to be placed into service having been preceded by Andy, G4SZM with the Weston-Super-Mare group repeaters and work in Staffordshire by Jon, G7PFT.

Wessex Cross-Band Proposal (12 May 2009)
WesseX Repeater Group is proposing that a 6m to 10m cross-band FM voice repeater be established in South Wiltshire, on the site currently occupied by GB3WX
GB3WX has a significant coverage area, on 6m, which stretches from the IOW to South Wales, with similar distances to the NE and SW. It is anticipated that the 10m coverage will be similar.
Of course the potential for Sporadic E's and MUF DX propagation should greatly improve with the increase in solar activity, as we move towards the solar maximum.
As this would be a significant and ground breaking project, since cross-band repeaters, 6m/10m, have not previously be allowed, the group would like to assess the level of support from the general Amateur community, prior to making the formal application.

4th May - Londonderry 70cm repeater GB3DX has become operational.
1st May - Scotland's first 6 Metre repeater GB3SL switched on from near Kilsyth.
23th April - GB3LA Operational linking southern Scotland with Cumbria (see featured repeater below)

Guide to Repeater and Internet Gateway Licensing (1 May 2009)
After a considerable amount of preparation the RSGB is pleased to announce the publication of this 3 part Guide covering Repeaters, Gateways and Packet Radio.
The 60 page document is only available in electronic format and is available on this web site, and from Ofcom.
It gives details of the licencing process including specifications for the various bands, and provides examples of the various documentation that will be issued to licensees. Click here to view.

24th March - A proposal has been approved for a new 70cm repeater at Londonderry in Northern Ireland GB3DX (see featured repeater)
28th February - GB3WA The Keeper, David G3ZXX has decided to apply for a second NoV to permanently close down this 70cm repeater.

3 Cleared for operation (26 March 2009)
The following were cleared by Ofcom for immediate operation:
GB3MH 70 cm analog for Handcross, West Sussex
GB7ML 70cm digital for Central London
GB7LF 70cm digital for Lancaster area

70cm repeater for Sussex (16 March 2009)
A proposal has been submitted for a new 70cm repeater to be situated near Crawley in West Sussex.
GB3MH will provide useful. mobile and portable coverage to Burgess Hill, Horsham, Crawley, Haywards Heath and surrounding areas.
Keeper is G4ULF

D-Star for London (16 March 2009)
The GB7ML D-Star node previously situated at Chertsey in Surrey is to be moved to central London. Frequency clearance has been agreed for the 70cm band and the new location near London Bridge will provide coverage right out to the M25.
The node will appear on 439.4625 MHz and receiving 9 MHz below this. Keeper is ETCC Vice Chairman, Iain, G0RDI
(see featured repeater below)

2 repeaters return (19 February 2009)
Two former 2 Metre repeaters will be re-licensed in the near future after periods of being QRT.
Situated at St Saviour on Jersey GB3GJ will return after a long absence this time on RV51. Keeper is Peter GJ8PVL
Hundreds of miles north the Inverness repeater GB3BI is making a welcome return after a short absence due to site problems.
Keeper is Stephen, GM1VAD

GB3MD closes down (10 February 2009)
Mick, G0UYQ reports the loss of use of QTH for 70cm repeater GB3MD
at Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.
Equipment will be recovered on 11 Feb. and antenna shortly after.
Repeater group will consider re-locating or abandoning in due course.
Possible co-locating with GB3MX?

GB7JH commences operation (6 February 2009)
GB7JH 70cm D-Star repeater based in Worthing, West Sussex is now operating.
The repeater is operated by the Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club.

28th January - GB3CP new 2 Metre repeater for Co.Fermanagh, Northern Ireland cleared for operation.
24th January - GB7ML Chertsey D-Star node taken out of service until it can be relocated in central London.
16th January - GB7JF D-Star node near Northampton now in service.

GB3BD closes GB7DB opens (4 February 2009)
GB7DB went live at 12:30 on 4th February it is expected to have a Gateway connection within about two weeks.
GB3BD was decommissioned officially at 09:45 on the same day.
see featured repeater below

GB3SV closed down (27 January 2009)
Mike, G1ZRN has asked Ofcom to issue a second NoV for 70cm repeater GB3SV due to high running costs, lack of activity and dwindling local support, despite interest originally.
The repeater was closed down for good on 27th January 2009.

GB3BY signs off for good (26 January 2009)
Nigel, G8OXG reports that his 6 Metre repeater near Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, GB3BY was closed down permanently on Sunday 25th January 2009 due to what he describes as "ongoing unsolveable interference problems at site "

Manx 70cm repeater improvements cleared (20 January 2009)
A scheme to link two new on-channel repeaters and an existing repeater to improve 70cm repeater coverage on The Isle of Man has been approved by Ofcom.
The existing GB3IM site on Snaefell has not proved capable of covering the entire island, so the extention would see two new repeaters operating as a single entity to provide fill-in coverage.
The two new sites are at the Carnane radio site to the south of Douglas, and the second site is in the northern part of the island north of Ramsey.
The two new repeaters plus the previous unit on Snaefell would be linked together and improve amateur radio communications to this Crown Dependency which is not part of the United Kingdom.

GB3LK/GB3OK (7 January 2009)
Ofcom announced that some changes have been agreed affecting the 70cm repeater previously known as GB3LK south of London.
It has now been licenced as GB3OK and with the different CTCSS tone of (D) 82.5Hz
Keeper is Tony G1HIG.
Note that the 2 Metre analog repeater GB3OK has now been replaced on the same channels with GB7OK operating as a D-Star node.

GB7OK (3 January 2009)
Please note that the GB3OK 2 metre repeater has been replaced with GB7OK (D-Star) from 22 December 2008 operating on the same frequencies (see feature below)
Jeanette, G1UPT reports that they are to start a weekly net on GB7OK on a Wednesday evening starting on Wednesday 7th January at 8.00pm and every Wednesday after that.
The Wednesday Net is being established for all D-Star users to get to know each other and to promote the use of the D-Star and the many features it has to offer, also for all of us to gain further knowledge using this new mode. All D Star radios users are invited to participate.
If your own Amateur Radio Club meets on Wednesday your Club is more than welcome to join in.

GB7OK (22 December 2008)
Please note that the GB3OK 2 metre repeater has been replaced with GB7OK (D-Star) from 22 december 2008 operating on the same frequencies.

GB7ZI (18 December 2008)
The d-star repeater GB7ZI located sj91 Cannock Chase Staffordshire went live on Wednesday 17 Dec and is connected to the gateway.
Thanks to all at ETCC for there help and to Ian G0RDI for his encouragement.
Repeater group web site is at
many thanks from Brian G8VPR

GB7HD-B, Huddersfield's D-Star Node TX: 439.450 MHz RX: 430.450 MHz (7 December 2008)
GB7HD-B is now in testing with a live gateway to the worldwide D-Star network. Inital RF tests were successful with good quality audio from G3SMU (IO83SO), more than 30 miles from GB7HD, on the far side of the Pennines. Additional tests with the UK reflector, REF005A, have been performed with good reports received from around the country.
Many thanks to Iain Philipps, G0RDI, of the RSGB/ETCC and Rod Wilkinson from Ofcom, for assisting with the NoV application.
Also thanks to the local team who have put in many hours to get GB7HD on the air:
Steve 2E0BIJ, Martin M0EHL, Sandra M3RTP, Mike G4AHJ, Ernie G4LUE, Andrew 2E0BLF, Darren G7LWT, Jeff M3VYV.
Special thanks to LAM Communications for the donation of the power supply and antenna. Sunray Fascias, Huddersfield, also saved the day by loaning scaffolding so the team could safely erect the new Antenna.
Reports are welcome via
73 de David, G6OCD/UK FM Group Northern/Digital

ETCC Position statement on 2 Metre band GMSK Proposals (3 December 2008)
Amateurs who use the 144MHz band will be only too well aware of the congestion being experienced in this band especially in the Midlands and South East.
To enable the ETCC to make an informed decision on best use of the band in the future, a complete frequency re-planning exercise was carried out for England and Wales, using computer simulation and taking existing repeaters as the base model.
The output of this exercise was a new plan which re-assigned frequencies with a probability of less then 5% interference but with NO spare capacity. When additional repeaters were entered into the model, the interference level increased to unacceptable levels. This suggests that maximum use of available channels has already been reached in central and southern England.
As a consequence of this, the ETCC have agreed that proposals for GMSK nodes in this band can no longer be recommended to Ofcom unless the proposal incorporates a plan to either:
a) close down an existing repeater in the area, replacing it with a digital node at a location which retains the same general coverage characteristics.
b) or convert the repeater to dual mode working.
Dual mode working in this context means analogue and digital operation on the same site using the same frequency.

status information (2 December 2008)
Whilst the repeater lists published on this web site show the static details of the site and frequencies we would like to include details of operational status and access requirements.
An easy-use form has been created for Keepers and indeed users to update this details so we can display it for everyone's benefit.
Please let us know the operating and access state of any analog repeater or repeaters you are either responsible for or have knowledge of as a user or group member.

ETCC changes (30 November 2008)
Please note some changes to the ETCC regional member boundaries and representation.
click here for map and see also the contacts page.

Repeaters back on the air (23 November 2008)
GB3SH and GB3SU repeaters are back on the air, connected to the standby aerial. Replacement work on the aerials is weather dependant, although it should be completed soon.
Reports or comments can be sent via the GB3SH or GB3SU websites.

Manx improvements (16 November 2008)
A scheme to link two new on-channel repeaters and an existing repeater to improve 70cm repeater coverage on The Isle of Man has been submitted by GD4HOZ.
The existing GB3IM site on Snaefell has not proved capable of covering the entire island, so the extention would see two new repeaters operating as a single entity to provide fill-in coverage.
The two new sites are at the Carnane radio site to the south of Douglas, and the second site is in the northern part of the island north of Ramsey.
The two new repeaters plus the previous unit on Snaefell would be linked together and improve amateur radio communications to this Crown Dependency which is not part of the United Kingdom.

70cm cavities wanted (11 November 2008)
Steve, M1SWB has asked us for help in sourcing a suitable duplexer for 70cm repeater use.

GB3GJ (5 November 2008)
An application has been received to revive a 2 Metre repeater on Jersey, Channel Islands.
Subject to vetting and licensing the repeater should provide useful coverage in Jersey and parts of Guernsey.
Keeper is Peter, GJ8PVL

The scourge of the SRD (4 November 2008)
The 70cm band has been plagued with the presence of Short Range Devices (SRD) which operate between 433.05 and 434.79 MHz
Two repeater Keepers have recently successfully obtained alternative frequencies from the primary user as their original channels were rendered not fit for purpose because of SRD's
GB3ST at Stoke on Trent and GB3SK at Canterbury in Kent will be on the move presently to channels with a 7.6MHz split.
Keepers should note that migrating to replacement channels with the wider split should not be undertaken lightly. The availability of channels is limited and agreement for use by the primary user cannot be guaranteed.

ETCC Vacancies (3 November 2008)
Please note that due to ETCC committee vacancies in the North-East of England and West Midlands areas all applications and repeater queries should be directed to the ETCC Chairman until the regional structure is reviewed and any vacancies filled.
We wish to thank retiring members Michael, G0NEE and Mark, G4LCH for their sterling work on committee.

G3TZZ (28 October 2008)
It is with regret that we hear that the repeater Keeper for GB3NL and LV, John Jackson, G3TZZ became a silent key last Friday.
A sad loss to the area as he had been Mayor for the London Borough of Enfield on 2 occasions and was this years Deputy Mayor.
He was also a well respected Radio Amateur and effective Repeater Keeper.

dual-mode repeaters (28 October 2008)
There are now 2 dual mode (analog and digital) units providing service on a first-mode-come, first-mode-served basis.
These are as follows:
GB3MI at Manchester.
GB3WE at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

ETCC West Midlands (27 October 2008)
For personal reasons Mark G4LCH has stood down as the West Midlands ETCC manager.
Please contact the Chairman GI4BWM with any West Midlands matters until a replacement is found.

GB7AD (26 October 2008)
Darren G7LWT reports that on Sunday 26 October GB7AD (North East of Bristol) was connected to the global D-Star network.
The NoV holder, Tony G4CJZ, put the final touches to the system before successfully testing the link via Reflector 005A.
Coverage map and QRGs can be found here: GB7AD
Full synchronisation with the global D-Star network will be completed by early Sunday morning.
Here's a big welcome to the D-Star fun!

GB7WE (18 October 2008)
Andy, G4SZM reports that GB7WE Dual Mode Repeater became operational on Friday 17th October 2008 at 14.30
The repeater has been very busy, being used and tested equally by both FM and DV users so far.
The repeater automatically detects which mode the user is accessing in, switches and latches to that mode until the repeater returns to idle mode at the end of use. No one mode has priority over another, just first come, first serve and the repeater will not change mode during use. The repeater doesn't convert one mode to the other, analogue operators cannot hear digital users and digital users cannot hear analogue users. Simply the mode which initially accesses the repeater is the only mode which is output by the repeater until it closes down at the end of use.
If an operator tries to use the opposite mode than that which the repeater is locked in, then that signal will not pass through the repeater.
The repeater comprises solely of a single modified FX5000 and seems to preform very well, as the test equipment indicated it should.
The group would like to thank everyone concerned at Ofcom and the ETCC for this exciting opportunity to experiment with this project.
ETCC Footnote: This is a convenient way of avoiding the use of additional scarce frequencies! (see also GB7MI)

GB7WB (11 October 2008)
Andy, G4SZM reports that GB7WB DIGITAL VOICE NODE was turned on at 19.30 on Friday 10th October.
Reports of 10 stations testing the repeater already. Andy wishes to thank all for the help that the ETCC and Ofcom have given in getting this node licenced.

GB3GU (10 October 2008)
Despite only having been licenced since April last year, we hear from Keith GU6EFM that the Guernsey Repeater GB3GU is on its last legs!
He is looking for recommendations and advice on what is the best equipment route to take. If any repeater group or individual has any equipment that they wish to sell please contact Keith directly.

GB7MI (5 October 2008)
With all the software and hardware test now complete GB7MI will run echolink on digital from Sunday 12 October 2008.
Other echolink repeaters, nodes and computer users will be able to connect to GB7MI and hold a qso with digital/dstar, RF users, without any changes to their equipment.
Info from Kev, G0TOG

GB3EZ in operation (29 September 2008)
Jake, G1YFF reports that 70cm voice repeater in Suffolk GB3EZ is now on the Air. The South Anglia Repeater Group is looking for reports/comments via
Many thanks to all those who made it happen.

GB7ZP in operation (26 September 2008)
Murray, G6JYB reports that following receipt of the NoV issued on Fri Sept-12 for GB7ZP, the Essex Repeater Group (ERG) have moved quickly and at 10pm on Thu Sept-25 put GB7ZP on air using the as-supplied Icom hardware (kindly supplied via W&S)
He reports that it will take a little while to establish full performance but QSOs down to Swanley in Kent amongst other places (inc one crackly report from Eastbourne) suggest the antenna and location is doing its job!

Node frequency change (21 September 2008)
Please note the following frequency changes to GMSK node.
GB7FK 439.7375TX//430.7375RX Folkestone.

GB7DE (5 September 2008)
John, GM0OPS reports that the GB7DE D-star system now has an operational internet Gateway. This forms a major part of the GM D-Star network across the Central belt of Scotland.
The central belt network is made up of GB7DW (Ayrshire), GB7DG (Glasgow and Clyde Valley), GB7DE (Fife, Lothians)
For more information visit

application form (29 August 2008)
Please note that the repeater application form is updated on a regular basis and is available from this web site.
ETCC Regional Managers will only accept applications on the latest (or recent) versions of this form. Not only do recent versions have the latest fixes but they accommodate the current practices and procedures agreed for repeater licencing.
Therefore DO NOT use old versions of the form that may have been used for previous applications, as ETCC Managers have been instructed to return these to you.
Your co-operation in this is greatly appreciated.

Midlands changes (28 August 2008)
Proposals have been submitted for some changes to 2 metre coverage in the Midlands.
The Birmingham 2 Metre repeater GB3BM is to change channel to RV57 and a new low power repeater is to be built at Corby on RV53.
GB3CO will provide fill-in coverage around Corby and Kettering in Northamptonshire.

Node frequency changes (28 August 2008)
Please note the following frequency changes to GMSK nodes.
GB7AD 439.9125TX//430.9125RX South Gloucestershire
GB7ML 439.4625TX//430.4625RX Egham,Surrey
GB7NM 439.4625TX//430.4625RX Manchester
GB7PI 439.9125TX//430.9125RX Barkway
GB7WC 439.4875TX//430.4875RX Warrington
GB7WF 439.4875TX//430.4875RX Bewdley
GB7WP 439.9125TX//430.9125RX Wirral
GB7YD 439.5125TX//430.5125RX Barnsley

new repeater for Exeter (30 July 2008)
A new 2 metre commenced service on 27th July in Exeter, Devon.
GB3EW is on RV49 and will cover the city that has not had good 2 metre repeater coverage previously.
Keeper is John G8XQQ

improved coverage in Scotland (22 July 2008)
A new repeater has obtained approval to provide 2 Metre service for Stirling and the upper Forth valley in Scotland.
GB3FE will operate on RV53 from a site near Stirling, a town that has not had good 2 metre repeater coverage before.
An application has just been submitted for GB3LA to provide 2 metre coverage on roads such as the A76 and A74(M) which have previously been radio black areas and to provide a means for amateurs to make contact between west central Scotland and the Cumbria Coast and Dumfries.

GB7CD (20 July 2008)
As of Sunday 20 July GB7CD became operational from its site in Cardiff Bay.
Though some teathing problems were encountered with mounting the antenna, it is operating at temporarily half height for the time being.
Reports are welcome from this the first ever Dstar node in Wales.

2 latest clearances (18 July 2008)
A new 2 metre voice repeater at Exeter in Devon has been processed and cleared in almost record time by Ofcom.
GB3EW on RV49 will improve coverage for mobiles in the Exeter area and plug a long-standing gap in 2 Metre repeater coverage in the South-West.
A further digital voice node has been cleared for operation in Aberdeen. GB7GD located in the Garthdee area of southern Aberdeen will be Britain's most northerly D-Star node to date and a useful addition to be digital network.

Leicestershire Repeaters (16 July 2008)
Two Leicestershire Repeater Group units have returned to full service. After a period at a lower power level, GB3UM on 6 Metres has returned to full power.
23cm TV repeater GB3GV has returned to full service after repair of both the receiver and transmitter aerials.
There is a problem with radar interference that has only partially been solved by moving the receive aerial around the mast to provide some shielding.
Reports on both GV and UM will be welcomed via the LRG website,

GB3UK (3 July 2008)
Please note that the CTCSS frequency for the Gloucester 70cm repeater GB3UK has changed from J to G (103.5Hz)
This requirement has been made in an attempt to reduce adjacent channel problems in part of the coverage area.

GB7WP (3 July 2008)
Chris M1EEV reports that the Wirral D-STAR repeater GB7WP will be on test from Friday July 4 2008 until Monday July 7 2008
For more info please contact Chris m1eev[at-symbol]

GB3NU (2 July 2008)
A new voice repeater GB3NU is now operational operating from Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast.
Frequencies are (RU71) TX 430.8875 and RX 438.4875MHz (note incorrect details shown on RSGB and repeater group web sites!)

GB3ZY (2 July 2008)
A new 6 Metre repeater GB3ZY has been cleared for operation in the Bristol area.
Frequencies are (R50-9) TX 50.80 and RX 51.30MHz

GB3UK (27 June 2008)
Cheltenham 70cm repeater GB3UK was installed on 22nd June 2008. Initial indications are that coverage to the South and North are as expected, but coverage to the west may be a little patchy which may be due to shielding of the antenna by the masts and other structures on the site.
Info from Stewart G0LGS

3 cleared for operation (25 June 2008)
Two 70cm voice repeaters and one 2 metre (D-Star) node were cleared by the issuing of a NoV to the respective Keepers.
GB3EZ Co-sited with GB3EA at Wickhambrook in Suffolk on RU78
GB3NU Located at Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast on RU71
GB7MM 2 Metre GMSK node at Wimborne in Dorset on RV56

latest applications (25 June 2008)
Two applications were made for new repeaters:
GB3FE 2 Metre voice repeater for Stirling and upper Forth valley in Scotland on RV53
GB3ZY 6 Metre voice repeater for North Somerset including Bristol.

GB3WG (10 June 2008)
The GB3WG repeater GB3WG became operational on 14 May 2008.
It is located between Neath and Port Talbot overlooking the Bristol Channel from were the Devon coast line can be seen on a reasonable day.
Information from Gary GW2ABJ Repeater Keeper

GB3MG (10 June 2008)
The GB3MG repeater is operating on reduced power/coverage because of an aerial fault.
The aerial will be replaced ASAP.
Info from Mike, GW8ERA

latest clearances (5 June 2008)
The following were cleared for operation on Thursday 5th June:
GB3BU 70cm voice repeater at Brecon in Mid Wales
GB3ZX 70cm voice repeater at Eastbourne, East Sussex

latest clearances (30 May 2008)
The following were cleared for operation on Friday 30th May:
GB7DS 2 Metre node Herne Bay, Kent
GB3HL 70cm voice repeater, Hayes, Middx
GB7IC 70cm node, Herne Bay, Kent
GB3WB 70cm voice repeater, Weston-super-Mare

GB3KK (25 May 2008)
On Friday 23rd May 2008 the GB3KK repeater went live. RX 438.575, TX 430.975, CTCSS H (110.9Hz), 25KHz Wideband. Location - Ballycastle, Co. Antrim, N. Ireland.
Thanks go to John McCullagh GI4BWM for his support and assistance in commissioning this repeater.

GB7NM (25 May 2008)
After a period of integration testing the new North Manchester D-Star regenerative node. GB7NM is now fully operational on 439.7625MHz
(-9MHz input)  GB7NM provides International D-Star Gateway access to handheld users in the North of the Greater Manchester conurbation and to fixed/mobile users across the County.
Users of GB7NM can also access the *dplus* Reflector systems that facilitate D-Star amateur radio conferencing around the globe.
Thanks must go to Rod Wilkinson of Ofcom, Iain Philipps of the ETCC and the team from Icom UK for providing advice and support during the planning, application and implementation phases of GB7NM.

GB7AD (21 May 2008)
GB7AD the digital repeater for South Gloucestershire, become fully operational at 06:00hrs on 24th May.
Initial impressions are that coverage is very much in line with predictions.
Info from Keeper Tony G4CZJ

GB3WW (21 May 2008)
GW4HAT reports that the GB3WW repeater was commissioned at it's new site near Port Talbot on Saturday 17th May at 1330hrs.

GB3WL (20 May 2008)
Ofcom have given the go-ahead for the return to service of the West London 2 Metre Repeater GB3WL from a site at Hayes on RV50.
The repeater will initially be restricted to daytime operation as part of the agreement.

GB7DW (17 May 2008)
GB7DW Port C became operational on Friday 16th May 2008
The system is connected to the International D-Star Gateway network.
It is situated in Ayrshire, Scotland and managed by John, GM0OPS

2 repeaters cleared (14 May 2008)
The following have been cleared for operation by Ofcom:
GB3MC 23cm voice repeater near Bolton, Lancs.
GB3VI new 6 Metre repeater at Birmingham

Frequencies assigned (7 May 2008)
Thw following new and changed frequencies have been approved for GMSK (D-Star) nodes:
GB7DE-B 439.6000TX//430.6000RX
GB7DG-B 439.7000TX//430.7000RX
GB7NM-B 439.7625TX//430.7625RX
GB7WT-B 439.600TX//430.600RX

South Yorkshire repeaters (3 May 2008)
From 3rd May 22:30 GB7YD(C) is QRV on 2 metres, sharing 145.675MHz (RV54) with the FM repeater GB3NA.
With a little help from technical friends, GB7YD and GB3NA have now been been reconfigured to share the same cavities and antenna system. The hybrid configuration provides amateurs in Yorkshire the opportunity to quickly compare DV and FM propagation modes from the same site.
By default D-Star users have priority access but thanks to G1DVA's rapid implementation of a UK Interconnect Team design, analogue/DV priorities can now be set remotely, via the Icom G2 D-Star gateway server.
In a future update of the Remote Node Controller (RNC) software, there will be the ability to command the switching priorities, over the air, securely via a D-star radio; speech and text command acknowledgements will be sent back from the G2 gateway server.
The RNC system is also designed to monitor local inputs such as intruder alert and battery-working, alarms can then be raised via e-mail and announcements can be made over the air.
Info provided by Darren G7LWT

GB3JB (3 May 2008)
GB3JB the 2m repeater located at Willoughby Hedge in South Wiltshire, has changed its ctcss access tone to (E) 88.5Hz.
Apologies for the inconvenience caused to users.

Three repeaters cleared for operation (29 April 2008)
West Wales 70cm and 2 metres repeaters GB3WG and GB3WW respectively from a site near Port Talbot.
Also GB3UK on RU69 from Cleeve Common near Cheltenham.

GB3EA (27 April 2008)
The South Anglia Repeater Group is pleased to Announce that GB3EA was switched on at 15:30 Saturday 26th April 2008.
Info kindly submiited by Jake G1YFF

latest proposals (25 April 2008)
The following proposals have been submitted to Ofcom for licensing:
GB3BU new 70cm analog repeater at Brecon in mid Wales for operation on RU78
GB7DW new 2 Metre GMSK node for Fenwick in Ayrshire on RV49
GB3EM new 6 Metre repeater at Nottingham.

GB3DX (17 April 2008)
Ofcom have issued a second NoV to close the Birmingham 2 metre repeater GB3DX with immediate effect.
The repeater previously operated on RV57.

GB3BS (13 April 2008)
The Bristol 70cms Repeater GB3BS will be moving frequency from RB10 to RU68 on Saturday 19th April 2008.

latest proposals (10 April 2008)
Four proposals have been submitted to Ofcom for licensing:
GB3HZ new 70cm analog repeater for Tyne Valley in Northumberland.
GB3MC a re-submission of a 23cm voice repeater for Bolton in Lancashire with alternative frequencies.
GB3NA a site change for this 2 metre repeater to co-site with GB7YD near Barnsley in a sharing arrangement with the GMSK node.
GB3VI a new 6 Metre proposal located in central Birmingham and to cover the Midlands.

GB3JB (5 April 2008)
GB3JB has been upgraded and is now being powered by the addition of a further 100AH of batteries and a 160 watt solar panel. These additions support the existing 24 volt power system of 100AH of batteries and a 1Kw wind turbine.
Further info for any keepers, thinking of going GREEN, is available via

Help required (3 April 2008)
Robin, G3LBA is looking for a service manual for a Simoco 10-50 UHF and any information on programming.

GB3HZ (1 April 2008)
Iain, G0RDI has confirmed that agreement has been obtained to change the callsign of the Amersham 70cm voice repeater from GB3HZ to GB3AU This fits well with the GB7AU digital node co-sited.
Iain further offers use of the domain name paid up until end April 2009 if anyone wishes to take over the callsign.

GB3UK (1 April 2008)
A proposal has been received for a 70cm voice repeater near Cheltenham.
GB3UK will be on RU69 and have a footprint including Stratford upon Avon, Evesham, Malvern, Tewkesbury and Gloucester.
Keeper is Mike G4ZPE

GB3TC (26 March 2008)
The first 10GHz FM voice repeater in the United Kingdom came on the air on 14 March.
GB3TC is co-sited with GB3CS in Lanarkshire, is operated and funded by local radio amateurs with support from the Central Scotland FM Group and its technical team.
The repeater operates on a channel pair of 10371.1MHz in and 10471.1MHz out and requires a 103.5Hz sub audible or 1750Hz burst access tone. It transmits an FM beacon giving its call and locator every 60 seconds when not repeating.

GB3XL (19 March 2008)
The CTCSS tone for the new Bradford and Bingley 70cm voice repeater GB3XL will be changing from the previously advertised:
J (118.8Hz) to D (82.5Hz) at the request of the Keeper and agreed by Ofcom.

GMSK frequency changes (18 March 2008)
The ETCC has updated this web site with some amended, and additional frequencies for D-Star digital nodes on 70cm.
CallsignLocatorLocationTX FreqRX FreqNotes
GB7YDIO93hoBarnsley439.6000430.6000Previously 439.7000
GB7AUIO91qpAmersham439.7000430.7000Previously GB7BW

GB3LB Operational (17 March 2008)
GM7LUN is pleased to report that the new 2 metre (analog) voice repeater GB3LB on RV63 has commenced operation on Monday 17th March 2008.
The repeater provides a useful communications path between the Edinburgh area and the Borders and is currently on test to check no qrm caused to other users on the site so the repeater is liable to interruptions.

GB3VN Operational (16 March 2008)
G4OYX is pleased to report that the 70cms voice repeater GB3VN at Hope Bagot Shropshire, on RU74 has commenced operation on Sunday 16th March 2008.
It is expected that up to Tuesday 25th March, operations may be subject to interruption whilst final adjustments are made. It was originally proposed that this unit be powered by a wind generator but in the event it was found that wind at the site was just too unpredictable so after considerable engineering works to the green-field site it is now powered from the mains!

New D-Star for London area (14 March 2008)
The GB3OK repeater at Bromley in Kent (RV57) has applied to become GB7OK and convert to D-Star technology.
This is the latest application for this amateur digital mode which has been gathering considerable interest since last year.

GB3TF relocated (27 February 2008)
Martyn G3UKV reports that GB3TF became operational on Saturday 23 February from its new site in Little Wenlock, nr Telford.

GB7YD-C (25 February 2008)
Ernie G4LUE advises that GB7YD D-Star Digital Voice Repeater node -C (70cm) has been removed from service until an alternative frequency can be found.

GB3BM licensed (21 February 2008)
New Birmingham 2 metre repeater GB3BM has been cleared for operation by Ofcom.
The city centre location is co-sited with the GB3CB and will operate on RV53

another D-Star live in GM! (14 February 2008)
John, GM0OPS reports that GB7DE 2m D-Star repeater is now operational as of Tuesday 19th Feb 2008.
The first contact was made between GM0OPS/M and MM0HAY
Operational on RV51

GB7YD on 2 Metres (15 February 2008)
The 2 metre node of D-Star digital voice repeater GB7YD became operational on 15th February from the site near Barnsley in South Yorkshire.

D-Star live in GM! (14 February 2008)
It is with great pleasure that John, GM0OPS reports that GB7DG 2m and 70cm D-Star repeaters are now operational as of Thursday 14th Feb 2008.
The first contact on 2m was made between GM0OPS and MM1BJT (this is the first 2m D-Star operational Repeater in the UK)
The first contact on 70cm was made between GM0OPS and 2M0XXP.
Tests will be carried out over the next few days on coverage and any system tweaking.

GB3LR back on air (10 February 2008)
The GB3LR repeater at Newhaven in East Sussex re-commenced operation from a new site but temporarily on low power.
The repeater operates on the 70cm band on RB13
...and more good news the Scarborough repeater GB3NY has returned to service after several months.

more cleared to go (6 February 2008)
A further 2 repeaters were cleared for operation by Ofcom.
GB3EA near Wickhambrook in East Anglia on 2 metres (analogue) and GB7YD (D-Star digital) at Barnsley in South Yorkshire.

cleared to go (31 January 2008)
Amongst 3 repeaters cleared by Ofcom for immediate operation is a new 70cm analog voice repeater for Bradford and Bingley in West Yorkshire. GB3XL will operate on RU71 and serve a relatively small area including Shipley, parts of Bradford and Bingley.
Other 2 licenced at the same time are GB7DG (Glasgow-digital) and a channel change for GB3DU (Borders)

70cm repeater for Northern Ireland (30 January 2008)
A proposal has been lodged for a 70cm analog voice repeater at Ballycastle Forest on the North Antrim coast, Northern Ireland.
GB3KK will operate on RU78 and will cover an area surrounding Ballycastle, also extending across into Kintyre, Islay and parts of western Scotland.
Keeper is Marvi, MI0MRV

repeater abuse (27 January 2008)
The ETCC Chairman has provided new advice on tackling abuse of amateur radio repeaters which can be accessed here.

D-Star proposals for Scotland (20 January 2008)
The growing interest in digital voice repeater nodes has extended to Scotland, and the ETCC is vetting 2 Metre and 70 cm node applications for East and West central Scotland.
GB7DG has been proposed by John, GM0OPS for a location in south-west Glasgow near the M77 Motorway and should provide coverage on 2 Metres to much of the Glasgow area, and to a lesser extent on 70cm.
GB7DE for east Scotland is to be located in south Fife and should cover much of east central Scotland, including Edinburgh.

GB3WU (7 January 2008)
GB3WU (Worcester UHF) repeater commences operation at 0800Z on Thursday 10th Jan 2008 from a location in Fernhill Heath, Worcester.
Operating on RU66 (430.82500MHz Tx ) (438.42500MHz Rx) with a 7.6MHz wide split and using 118.8Hz (tone "J") CTCSS sub-tone, the repeater will provide coverage from south Bromsgrove through Droitwich, Worcester and surrounding areas.
Access is by way of 118.8Hz CTCSS (sub-tone) only - 1750Hz tone-burst is not supported.
Initially GB3WU will operate as a stand-alone repeater serving the local area, but developments are under way to provide linking to GB3TU (The Crong, Bucks) and GB3AI (Amersham, Bucks) via the Echolink system using the internet.
This is an interim measure as all three repeaters are expected to switch to using the AllStar linking system [part of the Asterisk(tm) VoIP PABX] which will see improved features, VoIP interconnect, and ultimately integration with D-Star digital operation and connection to further repeaters such as GB3PI and others...

DIGITAL BANDWAGON (3 December 2007)
The interest in Digital Voice Nodes (D-Star) has exceeded initial expectations with several applications and expressions of interest being received from as far north as Fife in Scotland to Kent on the south coast of England.
Applications for the 2 Metres band will have to be fitted in where possible with analog voice repeaters, as there is no spare spectrum in the band.
On the 70cm band the ETCC is assigning units in 439/433 using existing agreements for use of the band not currently used by voice units.

email problems (1 December 2007)
It has been brought to our attention that a number of messages sent from the web site in the last 2 weeks of November have failed. These messages were to the GI4BWM, G3VVT and G0NEE only.
The problem has been notified to the third party concerned and in the meantime a workaround has been put in place.
Normal service was resumed on 29 November. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

ANTENNA CHANGE(24 November 2007)
A single band antenna has replaced the previous antenna at the site of the GB3LK and the group would welcome reports.
Details at the group web site.

CHANNEL CHANGE GB3WO (20 November 2007)
The West Oxfordshire repeater GB3WO has finally changed channel to RB11 on Monday 19th November.

CHANNEL CHANGE GB3EK (18 November 2007)
The East Kent repeater GB3EK is expected to change channel to a wide spaced channel in the 70cm band because of interference problems.
An application has been submitted and it is expected the move would take place shortley after approval.

Browsealoud (12 November 2007)
The UK Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as clarified in Feb.2002 by a Code of Practice places obligations on web sites to provide accessibility for people with various disabilities. is pleased to announce that from Monday 12th November 2007 it is enabled with the Browsealoud system which reads web pages aloud for those who find it difficult to read online because of literacy or visual impairments. is also compliant to Priority 1 of the W3C conformance levels.

CHANNEL CHANGE (3 November 2007)
The Bristol 70cm repeater GB3BS is to change channel in order to overcome problems encountered.
Following the licensing process the repeater is to move to 430.850 (Repeater TX) and 438.450 (user TX) This is also known as RU68.

GB3ZE (24 November 2007)
John, G4LRS advises that the Bradford TV repeater GB3ZE will be taken out of service for 14 days from 27th October. This will allow for logic changes to be made.

NEW REPEATERS (6 November 2007)
New 2 Metre repeater has been cleared fo operation at Brecon in mid Wales
GB3BB will operate on RV56
Two D-Star digital voice nodes were licensed, being GB7PI at the Barkway site and GB7FK near Folkestone. It is expected they will be joined by a South yorkshire unit once administration has been completed.

NEW REPEATER (6 November 2007)
New 2 Metre repeater has been cleared fo operation at Brecon in mid Wales
GB3BB will operate on RV56
A new 70cm repeater has entered service:
GB3TU near Tring in Hertfordshire. Operating on channel RB9 coverage includes places such as Thame, Aylesbury, Leighton Buzzard and Chesham.
ETCC Vice Chairman, G0RDI would welcome reports.

LATEST CLEARANCES (28 September 2007)
Cleared for operation by Ofcom is the following:
GB3PD 6 metre site change - Portsmouth

LATEST CLEARANCES (3 September 2007)
Amongst repeaters cleared for operation by Ofcom were the following:
GB3SL new 6 metre voice repeater located at Kilsyth in Scotland.
GB3TU a new 70cm repeater near Tring in Hertfordshire.
GB3WO frequency change for 70cm repeater at Witney in Oxfordshire.

Welcome to West Midlands Member (26 August 2007)
Following consideration of a number of applications for the vacant West Midlands post created by the retirement of Bill Mahoney G3TZM, the ETCC Chairman is pleased to announce that Mark Gregory G4LCH has been invited to take up this appointment.

NFAP to end (22 August 2007)
Ofcom intends to end the National Frequency Assignment Panel (NFAP) frequency coordination at the end of this month.
When applying to use radio spectrum in the UK, applicants are currently required to complete NFAP frequency co-ordination operated by Ofcom on behalf of the Cabinet Office.
These processes were originally designed to ensure effective coordination between different users of the radio spectrum and to protect certain radio services such as government spectrum users. However, following a review of these processes, Ofcom will remove the requirement for applicants to complete them to reduce the regulatory burden on spectrum users.
Ofcom will continue to facilitate some clearance processes in order to protect against interference.
This change will be effective from 31 August 2007.

LATEST CLEARANCES (17 August 2007)
3 repeaters were cleared for operation by Ofcom, as follows:
GB3BK a 23cm voice repeater located at Bromley in Kent.
GB3JB a new 2 metre repeater near mere in Wiltshire on RV63
GB3ZI new 70cm repeater at stafford on RU78
also the GB3AI repeater has ceased operation on 2 Metres (RV55) and is now operational on RU66 from Amersham.

The Emerging Technology Co-Ordination Committee appears to have been formed at just the right time. Digital technology has become a hot topic with the D-Star open protocol for digital communications becoming established in the US and looking like it will make its entry into Europe in the near future.
This will provide us with plenty of challenges in both finding spectrum to accommodate this new mode and establishing policy for sharing existing frequencies.
Frequency re-use will be especially relevant in two metres where there is little if any spare spectrum.
Other interesting proposals include the addition of 3cm input frequencies to a 70cm repeater and a new proposal for a 10GHz voice repeater in central Scotland.

GB3AI (11 August 2007)
The GB3AI repeater ceased operation on 2 Metres (RV55) and is now operational on the 70cm band (RU66) from Amersham.

CHANGES ON 70CM (8 August 2007)
The 70cm repeater band in central and southern England will be a little different if current proposed changes take place.
A proposal has been received for the Oxfordshire repeater, GB3WO to change channel from the current RB10 to RB11, taking the opportunity to fill a space vacated on the channel.
A new repeater is scheduled to make an appearance from near Tring in Hertfordshire. GB3TU has been requested for RB9.
Also the Bristol repeater GB3BS is likely to move out of RB10 to a wide spaced channel if one is available. This move has been requested because of problems with keyfobs at their hospital site.
In Stafford the GB3ZI repeater may be making a reappearance on a wide spaced 70cm channel.

The following proposals have been received for processing:
GB3MC (revival of 23cm voice repeater near Bolton in Lancashire)
GB3SL (new 6 Metre repeater co-sited with GB3CS in central Scotland
GB3TC (new 10GHz voice repeater, central Scotland)
GB3TU (new 70cm RB9 Tring, Herts)
GB3WO (70cm channel change RB10 to RB11 Witney)
GB3ZI (revival 70cm Stafford RU78)



problems GB7IV, with thanks to "Windows" threw a silly fault over the last week. John 2E0 ZBE noted a strong frequent carrier on the output 24 hours a day,.. normally fusion will send the callsign of the station, but on this occasion there was none, plus the gurgle of data seemed to be the same each time, We also noted the " jamming " station was very stong and unrelentling 24 hours a day. With the help of Karl G7AFT, who worked out that Windows had done its favourite game of wanting to update, could not, and, and tock vengence on us by disconnecting to Southernfusion! The problem was corrected by a reset of the windows computer, and all is well, with Gratefull thanks to John 2E0ZBE for reporting the fault, and Karl G7AFT for sorting it out. /G4MYS

The new South West Cluster 2m DMR repeater GB7PC has been installed and commissioned at the Marconi Centre, Poldhu Cove, West Cornwall. First switch-on was 15:00 on 3rd April. GB7PC now is fully operational on the Cluster. For full details and coverage look at the GB7PC QRZ page. /G3XOU

MB7PM Has been removed from service for a 2/3 weeks to resolve squelch threshold issue. Saves me driving back and forth to site. /G4WLI
2-Apr-24 - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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