G1SLE Repeater LogicAn interesting repeater logic.
G8CUL Repeater LogicVery popular UK designed repeater logic available and used on several UK repeaters.
SCOM Repeater ProductsManufacturer of Amateur and Commercial Repeater Controllers, Autopatches, and Accessories.
PC Repeater Controller by G4KLXThis group is intended for people using or intending to use a PC to control their repeater. Initially the controller will be for an analogue repeater, but later versions will include a D-Star repeater, and eventually a mixed mode controller. The source code and support will be available via this group.
EMCO Portable Repeater ControllerThis microprocessor-based Portable Repeater Controller was designed to quickly build a fully functional repeater "in the field" in a very short time. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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