Totals and Statistics

Number of callsigns managed by ETCC:1624
Licensed Voice Repeaters: 781
10 Metres Voice Repeaters:6
6 Metres Voice Repeaters:20
2 Metres Voice Repeaters:189
2 Metres Analogue Voice:163
2 Metres Digital Voice:88
2 Metres Dual-Mode:64
70cm Voice Repeaters:542
70cm Analogue Voice:288
70cm Digital Voice:367
23cm Voice and TV Repeaters:36
23cm Voice Repeaters:13
23cm TV Repeaters:25
13cm TV Repeaters:2
3cm Repeaters:3
LicensedTV Repeaters:35
All Gateways:390
Simplex Analogue Gateways:170
Simplex DV Gateways:197
RF Gateway Links:23
Packet Nodes:1
Packet Mailboxes:0
Packet Re-Gen Nodes:0
Packet APRS:2
Northern Ireland Repeaters:22
Scotland Repeaters:96
North England Repeaters:162
Central England Repeaters:168
South-East England Repeaters:150
South-West England Repeaters:156
Wales and The Marches Repeaters:64
Total red state: 193
Total amber state: 33
Total green state: 1398
VETTING: new/unallocated:3
VETTING: current in vetting:4
VETTING: for frequency clearance:0
VETTING: complete:0
VETTING: TV repeaters:0
VETTING: North:1
VETTING: South-East:0
VETTING: Wales/Marches:0
VETTING: South-West:1
VETTING: Central England:1
VETTING: N.Ireland:0
VETTING: Scotland:0
VETTING: Gateways:0
VETTING: Packet:0 - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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