10 Metres

10 Metre Occupancy

6m Band

6 Metre Occupancy

4 Metres

4 Metre Occupancy

70cm Band

2 Metre Repeaters


70cm Repeaters

23cm Band

23cm Repeaters

No Coverage maps any more?

The "best-server" maps previously accessed from this page had become too congested with so many repeaters to display, plus the very time-intensive effort to produce them that the decision was taken to drop them from 2021 going forward.
Plus the fact that as many as 25% of repeater Keepers have opted for site privacy, in which cases we avoid showing coverage which might point to the repeater location.
The coverage maps have been replaced by pin maps with restricted zoom to overcome these issues, and in some cases the actual repeater location has been further generalised. Individual repeater coverage maps and band-occupancy maps are still supported where privacy concerns permit. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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