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GB3DMRU74 FUSION 430.925 438.525IO75RX  DUMBARTON NS407783 103.5Hz ANDREW HOOD, GM7GDE 55.9718,-4.553  OPERATIONAL
GB3FIRU74 DM/DMR 430.925 438.525IO81OH  CHEDDAR ST436557 DMR/3 webMATTHEW BEASANT, G4RKY 51.2978,-2.8097  NOT OPERATIONAL
GB3VNRU74 FUSION 430.925 438.525IO82QI  LUDLOW SO589735 103.5Hz DAVID PORTER, G4OYX 52.3583,-2.6041  LICENSED
GB3XNRU74 AV 430.925 438.525IO93KJ  WORKSOP SK587869 71.9Hz FRED PICKERSGILL, G3XXN 53.3765,-1.119  OPERATIONAL
GB7BRRU74 DMR 430.925 438.525IO74TI  RAMSEY IOM SC450988 DMR/3 webDAVID OSBORN, GD4HOZ 54.3614,-4.386  OPERATIONAL
GB7CARU74 DMR 430.925 438.525IO74SD  DOUGLAS SC371745 DMR/2 webDAVID OSBORN, GD4HOZ 54.1406,-4.4931  OPERATIONAL
GB7KKRU74 DMR 430.925 438.525IO65VE  BALLYCASTLE ID119395 DMR/1 webPAUL QUINN, MI0CRR 55.19,-6.2418  LICENSED
GB7PYRU74 DMR 430.925 438.525JO02AF  CAMBRIDGE TL392594 DMR/3 webROB COMPTON, M0ZPU 52.2154,0.0367  NOT OPERATIONAL

8 records found


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