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The Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC) assists Ofcom in the
processing of applications for Notices of Variation (NoVs) for repeaters,
internet gateways, beacons and mailboxes.

When connecting your Repeater or Gateway to some type of internet server, it is not unreasonable that the service provider might request proof of you having a valid Certificate to run the station to connect to their service. It is the responsibility of the licence holder to supply this information, not the ETCC.


GB7OR - GB7OR is now enabled for mixed mode on DMR and analogue FM. The ctcss tone frequency required for access on FM is 77 Hz. /GM4WMM

GB1GOA - With just under 2 weeks to the start of the Gateways On The Air (GOTA) Event between the 15th -23rd June, we are calling all UK Simplex Gateways to join us for the QSO Party on FreeSTAR Network for 9 days for increased RF Radio activity. /M0JKT

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Current Status Updates

MB7BW near HARROGATE reported by M0YDG as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 12th June [Keeper Update]
MB7NEB near EASTBOURNE reported by G6JME as OPERATIONAL from Tue 11th June
MB7NEB near EASTBOURNE reported by G6JME as OPERATIONAL from Tue 11th June
MB7NEB near EASTBOURNE reported by G6JME as OPERATIONAL from Tue 11th June
MB5KE near CHATHAM reported by 2E0SGG as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Mon 10th June [It's online and working...]
GB7BDH near BROAD HINTON reported by G4WQG as OPERATIONAL from Mon 10th June [Operational Reports welcomed]
GB7CNR near CRAMLINGTON reported by M0JQQ as OPERATIONAL from Sun 9th June
GB7CNR near CRAMLINGTON reported by M0JQQ as OPERATIONAL from Sun 9th June
GB7DI near IPSWICH reported by M0WRB as OPERATIONAL from Sat 8th June [Keeper Update]
GB3IC near WOLVERHAMPTON reported by G7CFC as OPERATIONAL from Fri 7th June
[GB3IC has been updated to include C4FM,utilising the Fusion system including Wires-X. With effect from 06/06/2024 15:00 Local. w]
GB7CU near MARYPORT reported by M0LLC as OPERATIONAL from Thu 6th June
[My First Ever Repeater Frequency is now back on the air on DMR only. CC1 Talk Group 6 is connected to Digital Network via XLX921. Enjoy. ]

Knowledge Sharing Forum

The ETCC has introduced a knowledge-sharing Forum using the open-access "Discord" Platform.
The Forum is intended to act as a place to come if you have questions to ask or can answer on many topics related to the work of the ETCC and has sections on low-power repeaters, gateways, items for sale, packet, and co-ordination in general.
If you are a Keeper, or actively involved in anything radio amateur that the ETCC manages, then you should join by clicking on the Discord image on the right.
We look forward to seeing you there!
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What's new!

MB7IHG near HARROGATE Simplex Gateway on 2M [145.2250 MHz]  on 12th June
GB7NA/P near BARNSLEY AV Repeater on 70CM [DVU36] [NEW] on 12th June
GB7BEX near BEXHILL-ON-SEA AX25 Packet data on 70CM [432.6750 MHz]  on 12th June
GM5AUG near NEWTON MEARNS AX25 Packet data on 70CM [439.9875 MHz] [NEW] on 12th June
GB7DT near ROCHE DV Repeater on 70CM [RU75] [NEW] on 12th June
MB7IWD near WEYMOUTH Simplex Gateway on 2M [145.2250 MHz]  on 12th June
M0NYW near SHIREMOOR  Packet APRS on 2M [144.8000 MHz]  on 11th June
GB7PKT near NORTH WALSHAM AX25 Packet data on 2M [144.9500 MHz]  on 11th June
MB7NEB near EASTBOURNE AX25 Packet data on 70CM [432.6750 MHz]  on 11th June

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