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The Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC) assists Ofcom
in the processing of applications for Notices of Variation (NoVs)
for repeaters, internet gateways, beacons and mailboxes.

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Is on air, at last, in its new format as a C4FM repeater based at Hightown, nr junction 8 of the M27, Southampton. IV will be a stand alone repeater for the time being as we sort out teething problems, We want to get it internet connected soonest. GB7IV uses a DR2 repeater from Yaesu, 4 of 8" filters, and a duplexer from Sinclair , the aerial is a colinear which is perched on top of the 4 stack UHF aerial of GB3SU some 170 ft above the leafy suburbs of Southampton. Website:

I’m currently in the process of putting a 2M repeater so air in Cwmbran South Wales GB3YA we have everything except a set of vhf cavity filters if anyone could help us out that would be excellent My email If you could send me make model and some pictures and the cost I can arrange collection anywhere in the uk 73s Ashley GW0UXJ /GW0UXJ

We have some 2m cavity filters for sale, if you are looking to put a 2m repeater on the air please get in touch. /M1CMN

Thank you to all our radio friends, supporters and users of GB3SP for all the signal reports and generous words of encouragement, during and following the reinstatement of the repeater; to include a new mast and aerial installation, carried out in the summer. We are encouraged and after a year of worry, which could have resulted in the demise of the repeater after 43 years of service. We must not forget the help from ETCC with the scrolling news, which is great. Thank you all, 73/88, Martin GW3XJQ and Barbara MW0RLD /GW3XJQ

We are busy updating our website over the next week or two. If any repeater or gateway keepers want their details and frequencies adding to the list of access points to North West Fusion or Allstar Group then please contact us on here or via the website. Thank you.

Allstar node number changed to 55338. /G3UEQ

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GB7FT (PORTSMOUTH, 439.712500 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 18 Oct 2021
Repeater is now fully operational

GB3CC (CHICHESTER, 430.962500 MHz) 
is reported NOT OPERATIONAL 16 Oct 2021
Updates to logic.

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Latest Status Updates

GB7FT near PORTSMOUTH reported by  as OPERATIONAL from Mon 18 Oct [Repeater is now fully operational]
GB3CC near CHICHESTER reported by G3UEQ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 16 Oct [Updates to logic.]
GB3BC near PONTYPRIDD reported by GW0UXJ  as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 16 Oct
[Electrical fault on site I will be attending by Tuesday next week GW0UXJ ]
MB6IPA near PRESTON reported by G7TRL as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Sat 16 Oct [Testing]
GB3KR near STOURPORT ON SEVERN reported by G7SAI as OPERATIONAL from Sun 14 Nov
[Advanced warning: GB3KR will be disconnected from echolink and operating stand-alone from about 09:00 on Sunday 14th November until mid-afternoon.]
GB3BY near BLACKPOOL reported by G0WDA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 14 Oct [Shutdown down due to high costs of electricity]
GB7FO near BLACKPOOL reported by G0WDA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 14 Oct [Shutdown Due to rising costs of electricity]
GB3TC near NOTTINGHAM reported by M5ADU as OPERATIONAL from Thu 14 Oct [Power reinstated repeater now back on air..]
GB7FO near BLACKPOOL reported by G0WDA as OPERATIONAL from Thu 14 Oct
[It appears that BG messed up my monthly bill after switching to a new tariff.]
GB3BY near BLACKPOOL reported by G0WDA as OPERATIONAL from Thu 14 Oct
[It appears that BG messed up my monthly bill after switching to a new tariff.]

Latest proposals received

GB3MD near LLANFAIR CAEREINION Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [NEW] on 18 Oct
MB7IKK near EPSOM Simplex Gateway on 2M [NEW] on 17 Oct
GB3DY near MANSFIELD AV Repeater on 70CM [NEW] on 15 Oct
GB3IX near SOUTHEND-ON-SEA AV Repeater on 2M [NEW] on 12 Oct
GB3EM near COLD ASHBY AV Repeater on 2M [Renewal] on 9 Oct
GB7WR near GREAT MALVERN DV Repeater on 70CM [NEW] on 7 Oct
GB3YL-L near LOWESTOFT Simplex Gateway on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 6 Oct
GB3RV near HASLINGDEN AV Repeater on 2M [NEW] on 27 Sep

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