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DV Scotland Multi-Mode Net. Live from 20:00 - 21:30 Using Group Call Sign GM5DVS. ( Digital Voice Scotland ) Available Via All DV Scotland Repeaters on TG23556 ( * Please Ensure Your Radio Is Set To Time Slot 2 * ) MB6AF ( Lumphanan ) On 144.8250 MHz ( Multi-Mode Gateway ) MB6ST ( Aberdeenshire ) On 144.8375 MHz ( ** D-STAR DIGITAL GATEWAY ONLY ** ) MB7ISM ( St Monans Fife ) On 144.9625 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz MB7IDD ( Dundee ) On 145.2375 MHz CTCSS 103.5 Hz DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network: Analogue : DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937 Digital : DV Scotland DMR Network - TG23556 DV Scotland XLX600D Reflector - D-Star, DMR, YSF DV Scotland - Fusion II Reflector FCS23584 DV Scotland YSF Reflector 00-A-DVScotland Other ways to connect to the DV Scotland Multi-Mode Network : Echo Link Node - MM1CXE / 672203 ( St Monans Fife Scotland ) PEANUT SYSTEM - DMR 23556 ** HAMSHACK HOTLINE NUMBER 94110 ** more details from /GM5DVS /GM5DVS

UHF Repeater for Sale
The Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group has a Nokia BSR450n base station repeater for sale.
This unit has been fitted with a matching ctcss module and G1YFF logic.
A new logic ship and be programmed with your repeaters Morse identity at the cost of postage.
The group would like £80.00 for this unit.
Kind regards, James M1TES
Chairman of the Lowestoft and Gt Yarmouth Repeater Group. /M1TES

GB7AU is now connecting to reflectors - we will keep a check on it over the next few days.

When connecting your Repeater or Gateway to some type of internet server, it is not unreasonable that the service provider might request proof of you having a valid NoV to run the station to connect to their service. It is the responsibility of the NoV holder to supply the information/proof requested, this is not something that ETCC would respond to without the permission of the NoV holder. Thank you.

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GB3FF  (UPPER LARGO, 145.600000 MHz) 
is reported NOT OPERATIONAL 25 Jun 2022
Shut down again due to noise on input.

GB3MY (ATHERTON, 433.275000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 24 Jun 2022
Back on air after having the cavity's recalibrated

GB3BC (PONTYPRIDD, 145.750000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 24 Jun 2022
Back in operation

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Latest Status Updates

GB3FF  near UPPER LARGO reported by GM7LUN as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 25 Jun [Shut down again due to noise on input.]
GB3MY near ATHERTON reported by G4YYB as OPERATIONAL from Fri 24 Jun [Back on air after having the cavity's recalibrated]
GB3BC near PONTYPRIDD reported by GW0UXJ  as OPERATIONAL from Fri 24 Jun [Back in operation ]
GB7MC near ST AUSTELL reported by M1DNS as OPERATIONAL from Mon 20 Jun
MB6IGS near LANCASTER reported by G7CDA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Jun
MB7ALV near LIVERPOOL reported by G7OEA as REDUCED OUTPUT from Thu 23 Jun
[Radio has failed and is producing to low an output to be measured. New radio of same make and model is on way. ]
MB7ILV near LIVERPOOL reported by G7OEA as OPERATIONAL from Thu 23 Jun
GB3DQ near POLPERRO reported by  as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Jun [Closed for maintenance ]
GB3BC near PONTYPRIDD reported by GW0UXJ  as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 22 Jun
[Equipment fault I will be attending site over the weekend ]
GB3MY near ATHERTON reported by G4YYB as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 20 Jun
[Off air for a few days having the cavity's recalibrated be back on air soon]

Latest proposals received

MB7NSB near GALASHIELS AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Renewal] on 25 Jun
MB7NLS near GALASHIELS AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Renewal] on 25 Jun
MB7NSK near SELKIRK AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Renewal] on 25 Jun
MB7IIG near DONINGTON Simplex Gateway on 2M [Renewal] on 25 Jun
MB7NLS near GALASHIELS AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Renewal] on 25 Jun
GB7CLR near LONGRIDGE Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [NEW] on 24 Jun
GB7CB near BATHGATE DV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 19 Jun
MB7PNE near GATESHEAD AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 15 Jun

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