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GB7AB is now C4FM and is working well around the Aberdeen Area. The DR-2XE connects to the YCS235 Server via the internet. At the moment it is locked to DG-ID 25 CQ-UK. You can also connect via YSF Reflector 23501 GB CQ-UK YCS235. Dmr users can also get in using TG 2351 Phoenix network. /GM7KBK

GB7AU has returned to service as a MMDVM repeater. It's currently on YSF (not linked to Wires-X) but is due to go dual mode with D-Star.
If anyone would like to donate to the Amersham and Tring repeaters and the costs associated with running these sites and providing 4G internet, please do so via www dot 77hz dot com

Site testing is now completed. The repeater is now dual mode on D-Star and YSF (not linked to Wires-X). /2E0UCW

Since upgrading GB7DS to MMDVM we no longer require our UHF DR3000. If anyone is interested in purchasing the unit please contact me. /M0ZAH

We are removing the -C from the end of GB7PD-C because GB7PD-B was never completed & the equipment sold and it’s therefore irrelevant. There was originally to be -C VHF Dstar and -B UHF Dstar. There were technical problems getting -B on the air and -B has now been abandoned. -C also causes confusion with the ctcss tone frequency. We still have VHF Dstar on site that will be switched over from time to time. The ID will read GB7PD - F for 94.8 tone in future. /GW4OZU /GW4OZU

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Incoming MB7SEB application near CHESTERFIELD on 2M received from G4SEB

Latest Status Updates

MB6IOH near OLDHAM reported by G1WYA as OPERATIONAL from Wed 28 Jul [PSU fixed.]
GB3DQ near POLPERRO reported by  as OPERATIONAL from Tue 27 Jul [Back up and running ]
GB3RU near READING reported by G8DOR as OPERATIONAL from Fri 23 Jul [Returned to service after PSU repair]
MB6IOH near OLDHAM reported by G1WYA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sun 25 Jul [system down.]
MB6IMK near MILTON KEYNES reported by 2E0KOA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Tue 27 Jul [Feeder replacement & PC change.]
MB7UGU near ST. PETER PORT reported by MU0WLV as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 24 Jul [will be down for the next 24 hours]
GB7NA-A near BARNSLEY reported by G4LUE  as OPERATIONAL from Wed 21 Jul [Work on tower now complete]
GB3DQ near POLPERRO reported by G1YDQ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 19 Jul [Down for maintenancee]

Latest proposals received

MB7SEB near CHESTERFIELD AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 2 Aug
GB7MSX near GREAT YARMOUTH AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 1 Aug
GB3MC near LEASOWE Dual-Modes Repeater on 2M [NEW] on 19 Jul

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