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The RILGES Hasting site is now back in operation as a new school (Flagship School’s new campus on the site of the former Ark Helenswood Upper School). This is great news. A special licence is underway to allow RILGES to re-install the repeaters (GB7HE, GB3JT, GB3HX), and re-erect the main mast on top of the tower block. Around two days work is required for this, so once we have a green light Dan M0HOW and myself can plan the works. This is currently in legal processing and we hope to get back very soon. /G8PUO

GB3CC returned to service at 11:45am 17/09. With grateful thanks to Jonathan 2E0SAJ, G4WTV and G0TJH. It is proposed all being well to implement AllStar at a future date. Because of this can users please turn off Tone Squelch so ident and changeover acknowledgement (K) can be heard. /G3UEQ

GB7VAX is now operational. The DXCluster has feeds from Canada, UK, Netherlands, Slovakia, Uruguay, Japan, Australia and South Africa. Software and system are running stable. Open for business!! /G0VAX

Users of Peter Kendall’s excellent G7RPG Allstar node should note to now connect to 53573 not 40338 for North West Allstar Group. Thanks /G0YLM

GB3SP is back on the air after a three month closedown and rebuild with new mast, single stacked array aerial, filtering and other technical modifications; which seem to have improved overall performance. Signal reports and comments on receive access, from all stations, near and far, would be much appreciated via the website:- or email to GW3XJQ (QRZ.COM) thank you all for your support and vy 73, Martin GW3XJQ

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MB7IDD (DUNDEE, 145.237500 MHz) 
is reported FIRST SWITCH-ON 22 Sep 2021
Gateway linked to DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937.

GB3NU (NOTTINGHAM, 439.325000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 4 Sep 2021

GB7KB (HEATHFIELD, 145.650000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 21 Sep 2021
Normal service has returned earlier than anticipated. Further aerial improvements are planned in the short term - updates to follow...

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Latest Status Updates

MB7IDD near DUNDEE reported by MM0TMG as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Wed 22 Sep [Gateway linked to DV Scotland Allstar HUB 53937.]
GB3NU near NOTTINGHAM reported by M0VUB as OPERATIONAL from Sat 4 Sep
GB7KB near HEATHFIELD reported by G1ERJ as OPERATIONAL from Tue 21 Sep
[Normal service has returned earlier than anticipated. Further aerial improvements are planned in the short term - updates to follow... ]
GB3CC near CHICHESTER reported by G3UEQ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 20 Sep
[Off air due to possible power surge taking out VXR-5000 psu. Hopefully return to service by 26th September.]
GB3MG near PONTYPRIDD reported by GW0UXJ  as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 20 Sep
[Fault on the TX currently off air will be attending site on Wednesday to hopefully fix the issue ]
GB3MG near PONTYPRIDD reported by GW0UXJ  as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 18 Sep [Awaiting NOV renewal ]
MB6ILC near LINCOLN reported by 2E0HGU as OPERATIONAL from Sun 19 Sep [Now functional.]
GB3BSS near BRISTOL reported by G4CJZ as OPERATIONAL from Sat 18 Sep [operational]
MB7VG near SOUTH NUTFIELD reported by M0ZAH as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Fri 17 Sep [Happy to report MB7VG is active from redhill aerodrome.]
GB3CC near CHICHESTER reported by G3UEQ as OPERATIONAL from Fri 17 Sep
[No CTCSS on ident and courtesy ack. Turn off TSQL to hear these.]

Latest proposals received

GB7FT near PORTSMOUTH DV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 22 Sep
MB6DN near BIDEFORD Simplex Gateway on 2M [Renewal] on 22 Sep
MB6ILN near LINCOLN Simplex Gateway on 70CM [NEW] on 22 Sep
MB6IRT near READING Simplex Gateway on 70CM [Renewal] on 22 Sep
GB3FK near FOLKESTONE Dual-Modes Repeater on 2M [SITE CHANGE] on 21 Sep
GB3TD near SWINDON AV Repeater on 70CM [FREQUENCY] on 21 Sep
GB7RJ near CHIRK DV Repeater on 70CM [Renewal] on 19 Sep
GB7MS near NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE DV Repeater on 2M [SITE CHANGE] on 18 Sep

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