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The Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee (ETCC) assists Ofcom
in the processing of applications for Notices of Variation (NoVs)
for repeaters, internet gateways, beacons and mailboxes.

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GB7WM in Astley, Lancs is back on the air. It is now running optimum power, so should have a small range improvement. Internet connections however will have to wait a while, due to site provider partial power failure. Expected back by 17th April. /G4WLI

What is the difference between a repeater and a gateway? Ian G0VGS of the North West Fusion Group explains the difference in his latest video on their YouTube channel. Check it out:

First Switch on and coverage tests. Tests will be carried out over the next week. /G1LBU

On air now - 2m Fusion DV gateway on 144.8875MHz
Situated on Cribden Hill above Rossendale with good take-off to the South. Overlooking the Rossendale Valley, Bury, Manchester and beyond.
Connected to North West Fusion Group.
Coverage reports welcome. /MB6RO

ETCC have agreed to reuse 4 channels in the 2 metre band for DV and FM gateways 144.8750 MHz DV gateway 144.8875 MHz DV gateway 144.9000 MHz Analogue gateway 144.9125 MHz Analogue gateway Preference initially is being given to applicants that have had their applications refused in the last few months because of the lack of spectrum in their area. It is hoped that these extra channels will help fill in some of the coverage gaps, although we realise that we will never be able to satisfy everyone's demands in areas of high amateur population. Please be considerate about applying if you already have access to a 2 metre/70cms repeater in your area. Thank you Steve G8SFR/F4VTF

Hosted by the North West Fusion Group. Steve G8SFR was interviewed by Ian G0VGS in to his work on the RSGB ETCC. See his presentation on how NoV's for Simplex Internet Gateways are processed and reveals the black magic behind frequency assignment and why some applications get refused on the grounds of the lack of available spectrum. "The radio spectrum is already packed and unfortunately they've stopped making any more of it"!!

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Latest Status Updates

MB7UOD near MILTON KEYNES reported by G7UOD as OPERATIONAL from Sat 10 Apr
GB7GP near HIGH WYCOMBE reported by M0GUY as OPERATIONAL from Sat 10 Apr [Fully operational]
GB7WX near TARVIN reported by G7NEH as OPERATIONAL from Sat 10 Apr
GB7CS near GLASGOW reported by GM7GDE as NOT OPERATIONAL from Fri 9 Apr
[Repeater off air for work in preparation to move to new site. ]
MB7ABY near BARNSLEY reported by M1LOU as OPERATIONAL from Thu 8 Apr
[After been fully tested the gateway is now operational on IRLP.]
GB3KR near STOURPORT ON SEVERN reported by G7SAI as OPERATIONAL from Thu 8 Apr
[Power supply issue resolved, permanent link to GB3KC & GB3KA re-established.]
MB7IAT near ALFRETON reported by G7TYP as OPERATIONAL from Thu 15 Apr [On air from 15 th April ]
MB7IAT near ALFRETON reported by G7TYP as OPERATIONAL from Thu 15 Apr [On air from 15 th April ]
GB7WM near ASTLEY reported by G4WLI as OPERATIONAL from Wed 7 Apr
[GB7WM has been repaired and is now operational. But internet power failure at site, so no wires X connection until 17th April]
GB3BE near DUNS reported by GM7LUN as OPERATIONAL from Sat 3 Apr

Latest proposals received

MB6IFR near PRESTON Simplex Gateway on 70CM [Renewal] on 11 Apr
MB6CF near ACCRINGTON Simplex Gateway on 2M [NEW] on 10 Apr
GB7EZ near ERDINGTON DV Repeater on 70CM [NEW] on 9 Apr
GB7VO near TENBURY WELLS DV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 7 Apr
GB7TT near LUDLOW DV Repeater on 70CM [NEW] on 7 Apr
MB7TR near NEWPORT AX25 Packet data on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 2 Apr
GB7GY near ST. PETER PORT DV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 29 Mar
GB3WG near PORT TALBOT Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [CHANGES] on 28 Mar

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