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Repeaters & Gateways are licensed by means of a "Notice of Variation" (NoV)
on an individual's radio licence. A Second NoV will CANCEL the effects of the
first if you decide you no longer want to be responsible for the repeater/gateway.

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Will be joining the GOTA Event. Also Wires X repeater GB7DM in the Lock Lomond area. /MM3DDQ

MB7IMB in Morecambe is now connected to Blind Veterans UK on a trial basis for the next 2 weeks. The gateway can still be moved to another room if needed. /G0YLM

I will be parking on WIRESX room 41729 for the duration of GOTA Gateways On The Air. Covering Northern Milton Keynes Area. /2E0KOA

MB7AAE Simplex Gateway will be connecting up to Gateways On the Air Event (GOTA) 12-20th June. /M0UKB

The FreeSTAR Wires X room is now live! connect via 41729. Thank you to CQ UK for hosting the room, just in time for the GOTA Gateways On The Air Event. / GM7KBK

We are pleased to be connecting GB3CD to the Gateway On The Air Event. /G7OCK

GB3NF & GB7NR will be taking part in the Gateways On The Air Event. GOTA. /M0VUB

MB7IZR Simplex Gateway will be connecting up to Gateways On the Air Event (GOTA) 12-20th June. /M0TZR

MB7IAE has confirmed its connection for the GOTA -Gateways On The Air event. 12-20th June. /M0UKB

MB7ISX will be connecting to "GOTA" Gateways On The Air Event (12th-20th June).

Dear ETCC, It would be great to talk to you about the inaugural Gateways On The Air Event (12th-20th June) that I have organised. The Main aim of GOTA is to increase RF communications and “Portable/Mobile activity” over a 8 day period though linked Analogue & Digital Simplex Gateways which are accessible to all licensed Amateur Radio Operators. More details can be found at . Anything you can do to help us would be greatly appreciated. I looking forward to hearing from you. /2E1HWE

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GB7SQ (DALKEITH, 439.675000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 16 Jun 2021
Repeater returned to service with new duplexer.

MB7RWV (SCARBOROUGH, 433.800000 MHz) 
is reported FIRST SWITCH-ON 15 Jun 2021
First switch on testing

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Incoming MB7VAR application near UPTON SCUDAMORE on 2M received from G0TRT

Latest Status Updates

GB7SQ near DALKEITH reported by MM1BJO as OPERATIONAL from Wed 16 Jun [Repeater returned to service with new duplexer. ]
MB7RWV near SCARBOROUGH reported by 2E0WWV as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Tue 15 Jun [First switch on testing ]
GB3YA near CWMBRAN reported by MW0YAC as REDUCED OUTPUT from Tue 15 Jun
MB7IOK near HOO reported by 2E0SGG as OPERATIONAL from Sat 12 Jun
[The gateway is working and currently connected to gota after gota has finished it will be connected to hubnet.. enjoy using it ]
MB7RCH near HOO reported by 2E0SGG as OPERATIONAL from Fri 1 Jan
[This is online and working well gets abit of desense but still works well... Currently still online and working ]
MB7IAE near ALLENDALE reported by M0UKB as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Sat 19 Jun [Initial switch on of MB7IAE (10m gateway)]
GB7HS near CLECKHEATON reported by G1XCC as OPERATIONAL from Sat 12 Jun
[Repeater replaced with spare. original requires new fans to be fitted. G1XCC]
MB7URP near ATTLEBOROUGH reported by G7URP as OPERATIONAL from Sun 13 Jun
MB7IGL near LANCASTER reported by G7CDA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sat 12 Jun [Currently off air]
MB7UJD near NORTH WALSHAM reported by M0UJD as OPERATIONAL from Sat 12 Jun

Latest proposals received

MB7UAS near UPTON SCUDAMORE AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 16 Jun
MB7AGF near OLDHAM Simplex Gateway on 70CM [Renewal] on 15 Jun
GB3SQ near BOURNEMOUTH TV Repeater on 23CM [SITE CHANGE] on 15 Jun
GB3TC near NOTTINGHAM AV Repeater on 70CM [Renewal] on 13 Jun
GB7BN near BOGNOR REGIS DV Repeater on 70CM [Renewal] on 11 Jun
GB7WH near WREXHAM Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 6 Jun
GB7AE near MARLBOROUGH DV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 24 May

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