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The south Hampshire Repeater group is pleased to announce that the long awaited weather camera which is co sited with GB7MT and almost under the aerial of GB3SU is now working, this offers excellent 720 quality pictures in colour of Southampton and of its current weather. The camera updates every 1 second! Traffic can be seen to move! Go to select LINKS then select WEATHER & SPACE WEATHER select MT WEATHER CAM LIVE and see for yourselves! Enjoy! 73 Andy the keeper /G4MYS

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GB7FO (BLACKPOOL, 430.2750 MHz) 
is reported NOT OPERATIONAL 23 Nov 2020
Due to a vandal cutting through some coax cables, GB7FO will be off line, until I can get some help.

GB3SN (ALTON HANTS, 145.7250 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 22 Nov 2020
Restored to service after PA fault fixed

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Latest Status Updates

GB7FO near BLACKPOOL reported by G0WDA as NOT OPERATIONAL from Mon 23 Nov
[Due to a vandal cutting through some coax cables, GB7FO will be off line, until I can get some help.]
GB3SN near ALTON HANTS reported by G4EPX as OPERATIONAL from Sun 22 Nov [Restored to service after PA fault fixed]
GB7PL near PLYMOUTH reported by G2JP as OPERATIONAL from Sat 21 Nov
[Repeater controller reinstalled, repeater now back online and on the air.]
GB3HB near ROCHE reported by G4WVD as NOT OPERATIONAL from Thu 19 Nov [Off air for antenna maintenance work .]
GB3AA near BRISTOL reported by G4CJZ as OPERATIONAL from Thu 19 Nov [Now back in service.]
MB7AZZ near LIVERPOOL reported by M0OAU as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Thu 19 Nov [First switch on and testing. ]
GB7AA near BRISTOL reported by G4CJZ as OPERATIONAL from Thu 19 Nov [GB7AA now back in service]
MB7RMS near LOUGHTON reported by 2E0EMO as OPERATIONAL from Thu 19 Nov
[RX Igate back online after solar failure and fibre break. Will be rebuilt back on to rack tray and racked back back in cab,]
GB7HZ near STRABANE reported by MI0HOZ as OPERATIONAL from Tue 17 Nov [Repeater is now operational again after repairs.]
GB7WF near BEWDLEY reported by G8OXG as OPERATIONAL from Mon 16 Nov [Back on, caused by an internet problem.]

Latest proposals received

GB3VW near THORPE ST ANDREW AV Repeater on 70CM [Freq.Clearance] on 15 Nov
GB3PQU near BRIDGEND Beacon on 2M [NEW] on 8 Nov
GB3VO near WREXHAM Dual-Modes Repeater on 2M [SITE CHANGE] on 3 Nov
GB3UO near WREXHAM Dual-Modes Repeater on 70CM [SITE CHANGE] on 3 Nov

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