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GB3ASRV48 A 145.600 145.000IO85MC  LANGHOLM NY405801 77.0Hz GM6LJE 55.1116,-2.9335  OPERATIONAL
GB3CF 2M ADFN 145.6000 145.0000IO92IQ  MARKFIELD LEICS SK406108 77.0Hz webG4AFJ 52.6928,-1.2824  OPERATIONAL
GB3CFRV48 AF 145.600 145.000IO92IQ  MARKFIELD SK4010 77.0Hz webG4AFJ 52.69,-1.28  OPERATIONAL
GB3ELRV48 A 145.600 145.000JO01AM  LONDON TQ416835 82.5Hz G4RZZ 51.5327,0.0408  OPERATIONAL
GB3FFRV48 A 145.600 145.000IO86GC  KELTY NT0892 103.5Hz webGM7LUN 56.12,-3.47  OPERATIONAL
GB3LYRV48 A 145.600 145.000IO65NC  LIMAVADY IC711296 110.9Hz MI1VOX 55.1084,-6.8872  LICENSED
GB3NZ 2M A 145.6000 145.0000JO02PP  CATTON TG224109 94.8Hz webM0ZAH 52.6501,1.2877  OPERATIONAL
GB3SSRV48 AF 145.600 145.000IO87MO  ELGIN MORAY NJ424582 67.0Hz GM4ILS 57.6101,-2.9656  OPERATIONAL
GB3WRRV48 AF 145.600 145.000IO81PH  CHEDDAR ST498568 94.8Hz webG4RKY 51.3081,-2.7215  OPERATIONAL
GB7MARV48 D 145.600 145.000IO83UO  BURY SD833133   webG7LWT 53.616,-2.2539  REDUCED OUTPUT
GB7RWRV48 AD 145.600 145.000IO94SO  WHITBY NZ932044 88.5Hz webG4EQS 54.4263,-0.5656  OPERATIONAL
GB7SBRV48 D 145.600 145.000IO90WT  BRIGHTON TQ328051   G0TJH 50.8311,-0.1145  OPERATIONAL

12 records found


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