176 FUSION DV Repeaters of which 91.5% are reported operational.


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What is System Fusion?

System Fusion is Yaesu's implementation of Digital Amateur Radio, utilizing C4FM 4-level FSK Technology to transmit digital voice and data over the Amateur radio bands.
In the early 2000's GMSK emerged in the Amateur radio market as the dominant digital mode, however in 2013 Yaesu introduced "System Fusion" which quickly became the dominating digital format in Amateur radio because of quality, reliability and enhanced performance in a wide range of environments.


WIRES-X (Wide-Coverage Internet Repeater Enhancement System) is a comprehensive and easy-to-use system for linking repeaters and/or home stations together, using Internet voice technology.
More information can be found by visiting the System Fusion Information Page

Random FUSION Repeater

Callsign: GB7PM
Keeper: Matt Beasant [G4RKY]
Channel: DVU35 (70CM)  
TX Freq: 439.4375 MHz   RX Freq: 430.4375 MHz
Mode(codes): F
TX antenna: DIPOLE
Locality: CHEDDAR
ETCC Region: SOUTH-WEST   RSGB Region: 11
Locator [QTHR]: IO81PH

FUSION OCCUPANCY PIN MAP - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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