211 DMR DV Repeaters of which 90% are reported operational.


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DMR Key Features

Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA) preserves full channel width and divides it into alternating time slots that can each carry an individual call.
Motorola maintains that two-slot 12.5 kHz TDMA-based systems (providing 6.25 kHz equivalency) is more efficient.
This means that two separate conversations can be handled by the one repeater, on the same frequency but on a different "channel".
TDMA technology for narrowband 12.5 KHz (6.25 equivalent-6.25e) provides advantages of:
  1. feature flexibility
  2. lower equipment costs
  3. longer battery life
  4. future-readiness
  5. spectrum efficiency

Random DMR Repeater

Callsign: GB7BR
Keeper: David Osborn [GD4HOZ]
Channel: RU74 (70CM)  
TX Freq: 430.9250 MHz   RX Freq: 438.5250 MHz
Mode(codes): M
TX antenna: TONNA 20901
Locality: RAMSEY IOM
Colour Code: 3  Connect: PHOENIX UK
ETCC Region: NORTH   RSGB Region: 3
Locator [QTHR]: IO74TI

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