131 D-STAR DV Repeaters of which 91.6% are reported operational.


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Using D-Star

  1. Most 70cm D-Star repeaters use 9MHz spacing
  2. Mode is "DV"
  3. YOUR default is "CQCQCQ" or station being called
  4. RPT1 (example) GB7DE**B (* = space)
  5. RPT2 (example) GB7DE**G (* = space)
  6. 2 spaces between callsign and port/mode in RPT1/2
  7. 2 Metre port is "C", 70cm is "B"
  8. "G" for Gateway allows your call to be heard using as dongle or a connected reflector
  9. MYCALL is your own callsign without P or M
  10. Polarisation is Vertical
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Random D-STAR Repeater

Callsign: GB7NA-C
Keeper: Ernie Bailey [G4LUE]
Channel: RV54 (2M)  
TX Freq: 145.6750 MHz   RX Freq: 145.0750 MHz
Mode(codes): D
TX antenna: DIAMOND X-3000
Locality: BARNSLEY
ETCC Region: NORTH   RSGB Region: 4
Locator [QTHR]: IO93HN

D-STAR OCCUPANCY PIN MAP - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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