Frequency Request for MB6SU

Applicant is PHIL BRIDGES, G6DLJ
This is a for a SIMPLEX DV GATEWAY on the 2M band.
Station to be located at IO90HU near SOUTHAMPTON

This SIMPLEX DV GATEWAY will NOT have ANALOGUE capability.
This SIMPLEX DV GATEWAY to have C4FM FUSION capability.

ETCC Region: South-West
ETCC Vetting Agent is: G8SFR who can be contacted at

Applicant web site:

Applicant comments:
As an active member of the South Hampshire Repeater Group this is an experiment on my part to evaluate the usefulness of Wires-X in the local area. Currently, our C4FM repeater (GB7MT) is NOT internet linked as we use a 5GHz to GB7PO (local council emergency planning contingency we've provided)

The applicant has given the following description of intended coverage:
I'm only 6M ASL so the target area is Southampton City Centre, east of the city, Marchwood and hopefully Totton. Looking further South Fawley Oil refinery will partially screen further down towards Blackfield, Fawley, Calshot &,,, Cowes (IOW) I susp

Date proposal submitted: 8 Apr 2021
NoV with Ofcom for Issue to Keeper: 11 Apr 2021

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