Proposal Summary: GB3PP

Applicant Name:  PETER KELLY, M0NED

Station Data: This is a multi-mode DIGITAL VOICE repeater application.
This repeater also to have ANALOGUE VOICE capability  [CTCSS tone  82.5 Hz]
This Digital Repeater to have DMR capability cc:10 Connectivity:  
This Digital Repeater to have C4FM/FUSION capability. 
70CM TX Frequency requested is: 433.3750MHz
NOTE: Frequency is provisional until clearance has been obtained. (SITE CHANGE ONLY)
Proposed location: 3 km ESE (112.5deg) of PRESTON   

ETCC Vetting Agent: G3VVT  Agent can be contacted by email: g3vvt [at]
Date proposal submitted: 17 Oct 2020

Coverage maps withdrawn due to a privacy request.
Applicants can request that the proposed repeater site remains secret. The RSGB is bound to accept such wishes and will not publish a detailed coverage map for the proposal, and will restrict information about this repeater that appears in various repeater listings. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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