Proposal Summary: GB3LL

Applicant Name:  ADAM WILLIS, GW0NIS

Station Data: This is an ANALOGUE VOICE REPEATER application [CTCSS tone is 94.8 Hz]
70CM TX Frequency requested is: 433.0000MHz
NOTE: Frequency is provisional until clearance has been obtained. (NEW APPLICATION)
Proposed location: 3 km S (180deg) of LLANGOLLEN   

ETCC Vetting Agent: GW7KDU  Agent can be contacted by email: gw7kdu [at]
Date proposal submitted: 2 Sep 2020

Coverage maps withdrawn due to a privacy request.
Applicants can request that the proposed repeater site remains secret. The RSGB is bound to accept such wishes and will not publish a detailed coverage map for the proposal, and will restrict information about this repeater that appears in various repeater listings.

Although no map will be provided, the applicant has stated coverage should include the following:
Handportable specifically for the busy town of Llangollen, but also for surrounding areas with vehicle radios. - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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