Request Summary: GB3DE

Applicant Name:   STEFAN ALLUM, G1NRL

Station Data:  This is a RF LINK GATEWAY TO A REPEATER application.
70CMTX Frequency requested is: 434.7750MHz
NOTE: Frequency is provisional until clearance has been obtained. (NEW APPLICATION)
Proposed location: 20 km NE (45deg) of IPSWICH    [VIEW Proposed location]
[Note: Locations may be shown to an approximation in some cases for security reasons]

Applicant comments:
Analogue RF LINK to GB3DE 70cm for allstar/echolink/irlp node use .(This application is to replace a now expired NOV )

ETCC Vetting Agent: G8SFR  Agent can be contacted by email: g8sfr [at]
Date proposal submitted: 13 Nov 2017
NoV with Ofcom for Issue to Keeper: 14 Nov 2017 - all about UK amateur radio repeaters
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