Beacon Summary Details for GB3GCT

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop:  DAVID AUSTEN, G1EHF

Location Details:
UK NGR: SU4991965043   Locator: IO91IJ
Near (town or area): NEWBURY
Lat/Lon (if known): 51.3822500  : -1.2840898

ETCC Region: SW (South-West England)
Database Entry: 16-Feb-2020
Date of NoV Issue: 24 Feb 2020 

Transmitter Details:

 Beacon 1Beacon 2Beacon 3Beacon 4Beacon 5Beacon 6Beacon 7Beacon 8
TX MHz10368.935MHz

Applicant comments:
The beacon will act as an ‘infill’ between existing 10GHz beacons GB3SEE to the East, GB3SCX to the South West and GB3CCX to the North West, being approximately equidistant from each. It will carry CW + PI4 ident, so promoting MGM and weak-signal monitoring.
The beacon will also enhance the facilities provided by NADARS on the site and expose their (>80) membership to microwave operation.

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