Beacon Summary Details for GB3SEV

Keeper/NoV holder/Sysop:  TRISTAN QUINEY, M0VXX

Location Details:
UK NGR: SO832694   Locator: IO82UI
Near (town or area): STOURPORT
Lat/Lon (if known): 52.322448 : -2.2472137

ETCC Region: WM (Wales and Marches)
Database Entry: 10-Aug-2019
Date of NoV Issue: 14 Feb 2020 

Transmitter Details:

 Beacon 1Beacon 2Beacon 3Beacon 4Beacon 5Beacon 6Beacon 7Beacon 8
TX MHz144.4620MHz

Applicant comments:
This site change has come about due to my Father G6EHG wanting to be more active on the band, it was allways my intention to move it to a better site once I had proven the hardware was 100%

Ideally I would like a freq change due to it being very close to GB3VHF and A beacon in Belgium. Ive had numerous people complain, perhaps we can look at an alternative.

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