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is reported OPERATIONAL 30 Oct 2020

MB6IPB (ROCHFORD, 434.5000 MHz) 
is reported OPERATIONAL 29 Oct 2020

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It's is the internet presence of the RSGB ETCC.

Latest Status Updates

MB6IMK near MILTON KEYNES reported by 2E0KOA as OPERATIONAL from Fri 30 Oct
MB6IPB near ROCHFORD reported by M0WER as OPERATIONAL from Thu 29 Oct
GB7DM near MONIFIETH reported by MM0DXE as OPERATIONAL from Sun 25 Oct [GB7DM back on air and is fully operational. ]
GB7DM near MONIFIETH reported by MM0DXE as NOT OPERATIONAL from Sun 25 Oct
[GB7DM is currently off the air due to antenna damage. The antenna will be swapped ASAP.]
GB3IM-C near DOUGLAS IOM reported by GD4HOZ as OPERATIONAL from Fri 23 Oct [Back on air but with a possible TX combiner fault.]
GB3IM-C near DOUGLAS IOM reported by GD4HOZ as NOT OPERATIONAL from Wed 21 Oct [No transmit from the repeater. Probable PA fault.]
GB7JM near LOUTH reported by M0AQC as OPERATIONAL from Thu 22 Oct [repeater now operating and working well]
MB7ULA near LANCASTER reported by G7CDA as OPERATIONAL from Mon 19 Oct [NOV received, now operational.]
GB3CV near COVENTRY reported by G4USP as OPERATIONAL from Sat 17 Oct
[New transmitter receiver & duplexer brought into service on RU65. Echolink node number 9863.]
GB7CQ near WORTHING reported by G4WTV as FIRST SWITCH-ON from Fri 16 Oct [Repeater now operational]

Latest proposals received

GB3NC-L near ST COLUMB Simplex Gateway on 2M [Renewal] on 30 Oct
MB7RVS near SWANSEA  AX25 Packet data on 2M [NEW] on 29 Oct
MB6DY near LONDONDERRY Simplex Gateway on 2M [NEW] on 29 Oct
GB3SJ near NORTHWICH AV Repeater on 2M [Renewal] on 28 Oct
MB7IKP near COMBER Simplex Gateway on 2M [Renewal] on 28 Oct
MB7IWW near  LLANDYSUL Simplex Gateway on 10M [NEW] on 27 Oct
MB6IPO near PORTH Simplex Gateway on 70CM [Renewal] on 26 Oct
MB7ITW near SHEFFIELD Simplex Gateway on 6M [Renewal] on 26 Oct

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